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First off, I would like to say a great big thank you to Hana for hosting me on, which she graciously offered me when I was complaining about Brinkster continually going over my bandwith limit. She is wonderful, amazing, and thoroughly responsible for taking my fondness for Tenipuri and turning it into a full-blown obsession. *sparkles* I don't know what I'd do without her.

So the site is now hosted at

          The bio for tomomichi explains this better and in more detail, but I'll write a condensed version here. This is a recs site and a personal one at that--meaning, everything here is what I liked. I'm going to be recommending fanworks stuff that I enjoyed for whatever reason and think that other people (who have the same tastes that I do) will enjoy them as well. This is not a reviews site despite my occasional mentions of when something didn't work for me. No matter what else I say if it's listed here, I liked it.

What You'll Find Here:
          Depending on the series, I may stick with just fic or just art (some series don't seem to have a J-fandom, some don't seem to have an E-fandom), but there will be about an even mix of the two across the entire site. Meaning that some days I'm all about the pretty art, some days I'm all about the hot written smut pretty words on the screen.
          You will generally be able to pick up what kind of preferences I have in a series (with certain characters or pairings or types of fic) and what I don't care for--I won't bash anything here, but neither will I read something I don't like. If you're looking for something else, I'm sure there are other recs places out there. ^_^v
          I figure it's also obvious if you've poked around much, but it doesn't hurt to say it plainly--I like yaoi. I also like het. I also have cravings for gen sometimes. I am across the board and while the yaoi usually gets the most attention from me, if het makes your skin crawl or gen bores you stupid, perhaps you should flee now? ^_~

Broken Links Policy:
          I'm aware that there are a lot of broken links on the site, but... to be honest, the site is huge at this point and I really don't have the time or energy to weed them out. If you can provide me with the page the rec is on and a new link for it, I can go fix it up real quick, but if not... well, you Googling for it is just as fast as me Googling for it. Which is why I leave the recs up, in case the story has simply moved and you still want to find it, rather than just erasing all mention of the fic from the site. ^_^v

Anime/Manga Series ::
          Fleeting Fancies is primarily an anime/manga recs site--while other sections may grow as time goes on, these sections will always be the largest and most consistently updated. What's growing the fastest depends on my current fascinations/obsessions and some will always be small (so many series simply don't have the time to develop a fandom before the next series is upon us), but there is also a healthy selection to choose from here. Will encompass just about everything--from the uber-shoujo to the regular shoujo to the regular shounen to the uber-shounen and everything in between. I tend to be fairly easy to please when it comes to anime/manga I like.

Video/PC Games Series ::
          For the most part, this section will focus on the various Square Enix RPG games, since they're the reason I started playing games and delving into the fandoms. Primarly the Final Fantasy series (VII and XII are my favorites, with a very strong dose of VIII) and Kingdom Hearts, I occasionally also branch out into games like Okami. This will also be where I put the dating sim games (Harukanaru Toki no Nakade) and the BL games (Gakuen Heaven or Togainu no Chi).

J-Drama Series ::
          I originally didn't plan for this section, because most of the dramas I watch are based on anime/manga series, so the fics would go into those sections. But as jdramas get more and more popular, there are fics based solely on them or sometimes I just watch a drama without having read/liked the original. For the most part this will include dramas like Hana Yori Dango, Nobuta wo Produce, Nodame Cantabile, TricK, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Comic Book Series ::
          Unfortunately, I started doing the recs thing after I had largely slid away from comic book fans, which means I only rec stuff when I wander back occasionally and have yet to find the time to sit down and really go through all the archives and whatnot to find some old favorites. However, this section is slowly being built up with a decent selection, because no matter what, I'll always love those comic book characters and some of the fantastic fic written about them.

Books Series ::
          Yeah, yeah, stupid Harry Potter, I am hardly immune to its charms, not with all that pretty Sirius/Remus floating out around there. *___* I would like to eventually branch this section out, but it's going to be awhile before I manage to pull myself away from the pretty animated boys. (Plus, there's little motivation--there are eight thousand HP recs places out there already.) But I have a nicely developing DWJ section (WRITE MORE CHRESTOMANCI FIC, PEOPLE) and, you know, maybe someday I'll actually read the Dark is Rising series.

Cartoons Series ::
          I like X-Men: Evolution. I like Evo fic. Occasionally, I find some that's actually worth reading. Huzzah! Occasionally, I find interesting Daria fic or I come across good ReBoot fic (which I would dearly like more of, please), too, but not so much as X:EVO. There're also the occasional art sites (Who knew J-fanart for Powerpuff Girls existed? And that they'd be kind of cool?) and whatever else catches my fancy.

Real Person Fiction Series ::
          I resisted for a very long time, but eventually the Japanese pop scene managed to win me over. I doubt I'll branch too much into Western RPF, simply because I feel jpop bands tend to actively encourage the fans, but you never know. For now, I'm primarily a fan of the band Arashi, but I occasionally deign to read KAT-TUN/NEWS fic. Occasionally. (Ie, I like Pin fic. Shush.)

Live Action (TV & movies) Series ::
          I am not into TV fandoms as much as I was once upon a time and I have never been a movie fan... but occasionally a good series comes along and I go nuts over it. Usually, it's a couple of weeks of tearing through fics or just occasionally picking one up now and again. (House and Doctor Who tend to be like this.) Not a large section, but it'll get you started.

/Other Junk/ Series ::
          Anything that doesn't fit into one of the other sections. Ranting sections (which has largely been abandoned since I got a journal >_>), webcomics recs, origific/art recs, a handful of reviews, and so on. Every site needs a good "misc" section and this is mine. ^_~

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