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: Harry Potter Fanworks Recs - Yes, yes, Harry Potter, who can resist the lure of the huge fandom? I tend to mostly favor Sirius/Remus or Japanese fanart--partially because I just don't have the attention span for much fic, partially because I just like the J-fanart more than anything, and partially because there are EIGHT THOUSAND other HP fic rec places out there, so there's little need for me to do it, too. Still, I'm hardly immune to the lure of such talented writers and occasionally, there's a story or two that'll grab me by the throat and not let me go until its done. I am very much in denial, I favor Divergent Timeline sort of AUs, I have mad love for the Marauders era stuff, and I'm very much the Sirius/Remus fangirl. I'll read post-PoA stuff, but it often tends to make me depressed, so I focus on happier stuff. I don't mind angst, I just need that light at the end of the tunnel. Which can be tough to find fic for, so I tend to update the fanart section the most.

: Howl's Moving Castle Fanworks Recs - I'd heard of Howl's Moving Castle before the Ghibli movie came out, but I'd never really read the book or knew much about the series until I finally sat down to watch the movie, as I was in a very Ghibli mood one weekend. I really quite liked it, took a fancy to Howl's character, and decided to read the book. After which I further fell in love with the character and the Howl/Sophie relationship and immediately began to seek out fic and art. This section probably won't ever be that big, the fandom's not that large even after the movie, but there'll be an even mix between fic and Japanese fanart, I would say. Almost all of it will be Howl/Sophie, what with the giant OTP they are and all.

: Lord of the Rings Fanworks Recs - I debated about whether to put this page in the live action section or the books section (eventually deciding on both >_>), because, well, yes, the series started with the books, but most of the stuff I rec is usually based on the movies. And, yeah, yeah, be quiet, I like Aragorn/Legolas, so that's what the occasional fic rec will be about, but with fanart, I'm generally all over the place. As long as it's pretty, I'll shove it up here. ^_^v This section is tiny and probably always will be because... I like the movies, I like the characters, but the drive just isn't there for me with this fandom.

: Bruno & Boots Fanworks Recs - I am not a big rereader (or rewatcher) of much of anything, it's just... I like the newness of something too much to often reread something I've already read. There are always some exceptions, of course, but on the whole.... However, the Bruno & Boots series were probably the most signifigant books of my childhood and I must have reread each book a good five times or so, because I adored these characters and the sense of... mischief, but good-heartedness that was genuinely clever but just... good, clean fun, but in such a way that it was never eye-roll inducing or over the top. I love these books with all of my heart. Now, if I had my druthers, I would dearly, dearly, dearly love some Bruno/Diane or Cathy/Boots (and we all know it'd be in that order, too >D), but the fandom doesn't seem likely to swing that way, so I'll carefully poke at the Bruno/Boots stories being written, too. ^_~ (Note: Will also contain other Gordon Korman series, since it's easiest to put them in with B&B fic.)

: Good Omens Recs - Good Omens is not a huge fandom, but there's a surprising amount of really, really good fic for it and I've been devouring as much of it as I can lately. I'm just impressed as all hell with this fandom and the brilliant writing for these characters that they do--which will mostly be focused on Crowley and Aziraphale, of course. And while I do my best to note when the relationship crosses into slash territory, I tend to see them as a pairing as a default, so I may not always register hints. If C/A slash bothers you, I'd suggest treading carefully here? That said, jeez, it is such a struggle not to squee and flail over Crowley/Aziraphale. I probably don't succeed at that much.

: Chrestomanci series Recs - I'd never actually read the Chrestomanci books as a child, it wasn't until adulthood that I was finally convinced to pick them up and, well, I fell pretty fast and hard for Chrestomanci himself. He's that sort of enigamtic, mysterious character that I like so well and, naturally, the books themselves weren't nearly enough. There's not a whole lot of Chrestomanci fic around (which is too bad, really), but there are a handful of authors and fics that are really quite clever and I'm slowly poking my way through the fandom. Obviously this called for a special section just for Chrestomanci fics. ♥

: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Recs - I've been on the fringes of ASOIAF fandom since the TV show started, but it's only more recently that I finally started falling into reading a lot of the fic, because I greatly enjoy fix it/canon divergent fic where everything gets a happier ending. Which usually means going all the way back to Rhaegar to fix things, so there's a lot of focus on Rhaegar Wins AUs or just anything where the R+L=J revelation plays out!

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