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Note about many pages on this site: As with any section on my site, I'd probably suggest starting with the most recent pages and working backwards, rather than starting from the beginning. Sometimes a fandom starts slow and I'm desperate for fic or I'm just not that sure of my take on the characters yet, so I'm open to a wider range of things, and as time goes on, I often get more and more focused on what I'm really looking for. And I assume that if you find this site to be of any use, your tastes mesh with my own and will probably enjoy the later stuff more on average than you do the early stuff.

Warning about fanart links: If you're just hitting my site now, after a few years of it being up, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of broken links to Japanese fanart sites. Often times, when the Japenese fen are burnt out on a series, they take their sites down after a small period and the site disappears completely or they'll move hosts and the old link expires. It's far too much effort to constantly check these, so I leave the pages as they are and give a heads up warning instead.

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