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DC Comics

- DCU Fanfic recs - [ page one - page two ] - I think one of the reasons I tend to be more of a DC fan is because, once upon a time, there was a great and enthusiastic fandom for the characters that I enjoyed immensely. While I'm not as involved anymore, I still get into occasional moods where I go trolling for fic, resulting in a decent selection here. The majority of it will be based around the Bat-family because that's where my interests lie (especially if it's about Nightwing, then I'm probably going to be pretty easy) and there may be some canon pairings in the background, but the focus won't be on that aspect.

For preferences, I tend to err on the side of action and smart dialogue or dealing with the family issues, but as long as it's well written, I'll give it a shot. I love a great number of characters and I love solo pieces, but I suspect the group action is where my heart really lies. ...well, and anything that deals with the complicated father/son stuff I am all over, as that's my #1 bullet-proof kink.

- DCU Dick/Babs Fanfic recs - I absolutely adore these two--while I often dabble in other pairings involving the characters (I tend towards an even mix of OTP and OTC, so I'll cheat sometimes), my heart will always belong with them at the end of the day. They're so wonderful when done right, intelligent, clever, touching, funny, sparkling, and able to be so many things. They can drive each other crazy, they can make each other melt, they can save each other's lives, they can be fluffy, they can be just about anything and I love that in a pairing. *hearts* I fell in love with them in canon and then I fell in love with them in fic, they get some of the most wonderful stories written about them. ♥

- DCU Bruce/Diana Fanfic recs - This is a more recent phenomonon that I've really grown to love. These two are strong, intelligent, fierce characters who are among the very few in the world who could be equal with each other, neither of them getting steam-rolled over by the other character. When done right, they're amazing together. I blame Adrian Tullberg. He started it. Then JL:TAS started hinting at it in the first season. And then The Obsidian Age started playing with it. I fell hard. The cartoons started giving it to me in a steady fix. I became a die-hard fan somewhere along the way. I'm never shutting up about them now. <3 (Both TAS and comics included.)

- Titans Fanfic recs - Originally, I didn't think I'd be able to find enough Titans-centric fic to warrent a catagory for just them, but as I go along, I find more and more and they're really damned good. It took me awhile to warm up to them, but these days, I absolutely adore the Titans together--they're friends first and foremost. So while the Justice League has the archetypical characters and bigger storylines, I'm actually more fond of the Titans some days, because they seem so much more human. And, of course, those are the really fun characters to play around with in fic. ^_^v (Note: Since the recent re-organization of the DCU teams, the "Titans" are now a different group of characters, but they'll never really be the Titans for me. When I refer to the Titans, I refer to Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Starfire, and the rest. Tim and the others will always be Young Justice for me.)

- DCU Tim/Cass Fanfic recs - Another catagory I wasn't originally going to add (particularily because I didn't think there'd be enough fic for them), but as time goes on, I like the idea of a Tim/Cassandra pairing more and more. I adore both characters by themselves and with each other--they're so damn cute! I like that they'd each keep the other on their toes, they both understand what it's like to live the life they do and where they have to put their priorities, but at the same time, they can have fun together. .....*sigh* Yeah, I'm gonna like them for quite awhile now. >_>

- DCU Dick/Roy Fanfic recs - I know, I know. I'm a Dick/Babs 'shipper at heart. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the hell out of this pairing. There's something about Roy that I just positively adore, and it's so much fun to watch these two actually have fun together. And, you know. It's also very, very pretty. ^_~

Not much else to say. Dunno why I glomped onto this pairing of all the slash pairings available... but I suppose it's really the only one that truly makes any sort of sense to me, that might actually happen. Dick and Roy have a certain chemistry that makes me able to see it... ...if I squint and tilt my head 90 degrees to the side and pretend real hard.

- DCU Slash Fanfic recs - Originally, I wasn't going to make seperate slash catagories, but I decided to after all. Hell, if I'm going to have Dick/Babs and Remy/Rogue sections, I might as well have these, too. (So many catagories... I worry about interrupting the flow of the archive. ....anyway.) Nightwing/Arsenal gets its own section because they're my favorite DC slash pairing, but occasionally I read other stuff, too. So... yeah. Goes here. Only Bat-verse/Super-verse stuff, anything else is in the Misc. sections. (Like Young Heroes in Love.) But it'll probably only be random oneshots that I don't hate or the Tim/Kon pairing, since I kinda like that one. >___>a (And I swear that someday this section shall actually have some recs, dammit.)

Marvel Comics

- Marvelverse Fanfic recs - This section isn't meant to be solely about the X-Men, I have interests outside of the mutant half of Marvel's universe, it's just that they tend to be the ones that get written about the most. I'll have an eclectic little list here, I don't read nearly as much fic as I should, since I tend to go for characters who rarely have a lot of good fic written for them or are just obscure. There'll be a heavy Gambit bias here, but I also have a thing for Northstar gen (C'mon, he's arrogant, he's snobby, he's sarcastic, he's almost always cranky, he's half-elf, and he's French-Canadian. How could I not love Jean-Paul?), and the random bit of solo character stuff. I can always been tempted in with a good team story or a cute humorfic, though. And, hell, pretty much anything else that catches my attention also goes here.

- Magneto Family Fanfic recs - I've long had a strong fondess for this dysfunctional family; sure, it started with Evo because they made Quicksilver a far more prominent and noteable character than I was used to. But my interest quickly bled over into the comics themselves because my greatest fannish weakness is father/son issues, the exact kind that Magneto and Pietro have in spades. I was also fascinated by his drive to protect Wanda, the closeness of the twins, the whole 'us against the world' vibe they frequently had. (Ultimate so didn't help there.) Then Lorna started popping up more and more, I picked up X-Factor issues from v1 and they were in the most brilliant sibling dynamic. Right about then (which was just after the ending of House of M cracked me into a thousand little pieces) I was officially completely gone on the entire Magneto family.

- Cable Related recs - I've had a vague idea about Cable for a lot of years. I'd even read the occasional humorfic about his confusing relationship with Scott and Jean. (Which usually managed to make my head hurt every time I tried to grasp the whole backstory for him.) Then Cable & Deadpool came along and it was just such delightful fun while Nicieza still managed to make Cable a fascinating messiah-complex character. And then Domino showed up. And I was gone on the whole package, just completely gone. So, while this section will be half Cable-only and half Cable/Domino, since I have no desire to pair either of them with anyone else. Not even Nathan/Irene is working for me in the way Nathan/Domino managed to smack me in the face.

- Remy/Rogue Fanfic recs - I refuse to apologize for being a Remy/Rogue 'shipper. <3 I fell out of favor with the pairing for awhile, because they were being treated so horribly in the books and it just hurt to watch characters I loved being written like that. But under Claremont's hand, they've become who I've bitched and bitched and bitched for them to be--especially Rogue. Even if only for a moment, she was a capable young woman who controls her own damn life and she's sure of who she is. She doesn't whine and cry about wanting something, she goes for it, and I adore her for that. Remy settled down and started to have a little faith in himself and not hate himself quite so much. He calmed down and became more stable. Thank god, it's about freaking time. So... yeah. I adore these two. So very, very much. Plus, in pretty much any incarnation of the characters, these two steal my heart again and again... it's hard for me to NOT be a fan of them.

- Scott/Jean Fanfic recs - I've always liked Scott/Jean, which was mostly a product of liking Jean and she loved Scott. So there you go. Then X-Men: Evolution came along and I started to actually get Scott and started to like him. And the pairing was just fabulous, absolute and utter love. Then Marvel tried to convince me that Scott/Jean was no longer the OTP and my rebellious streak kicked in. I don't care if it's "hip" or "edgey" or whatever, I like the married couples. (Also, the movieverse may have contributed to this, as Scott/Jean was burning hot there.) A lot of the Scott/Jean I rec will be in the movieverse or the Evoverse, but I'm going to try to find comicfic as well.

- Jean-Paul/Bobby Fanfic recs - It's all too easy to hate Austen for the horrible crap his writing descended into, but... part of me will never be able to entirely dislike him because I honestly enjoyed his first few issues. And I loved that he brought Northstar onto the team and his feelings for Bobby were like a brick to the face with how awesome and wonderful and sweet and surprisingly dorky and adorable they made him. Somehow, it made perfect sense that OF COURSE the snobby, arrogant, wound-too-tight French-Canadian one would fall completely head over heels for someone exactly like Bobby. I doubt they'd ever go there in canon with Bobby, but that doesn't stop me from trying to hunt down every last fic I can with them and sort of believing that if they would go down that path at all, that they'd go for Jean-Paul/Bobby. Honestly, it only took, like, three fics before I was all, "Okay, yes. OTP now and forever." FOREVER.

- Marvelverse - Other Het Fanfic recs - I have a strange tendency to like bizarre het pairings when it comes to Marvel. ....okay, a lot of that is really just that I'll ship Remy with anything in a skirt and I gotta have some place to chuck those stories. The major ones will probably be Remy/Ororo (which I like as friends, but I'm not opposed to romance at all), Logan/Ororo (which isn't quite an OTP but probably the only Logan pairing I actively like), Alex/Lorna (I want fic so badly, please), any Pietro/Crystal fic I can find, Remy/Jean (I... I just... I have this thing for them, okay?), Remy/Jubilee (which I didn't want to ship-ship, but then there was this fic....), Bobby/Emma, and all the other pairings that tend to come as a package deal on fic I read for other reasons. It'll be an ecclectic selection and probably not all that big compared to the other sections. Or so I tell myself.

- Marvelverse Slash Fanfic recs - Once upon a time, I read quite a bit of Remy/Bobby stuff and there's some incredible stories for them out there. I also like Northstar, so most of the stuff with him gets put in this section as well. (Meaning, Northstar doesn't automatically go into the slash section unless he's actually paired up with someone--Jean-Paul/Bobby tends to be my favorite so it gets its own section, but I'll read just about anything with him in it.)

So, yeah. Basically any slash I read in the Marvelverse (that's focused on the slash, not just lurking in the background), goes here. (Note: Young Avengers' Teddy/Billy will be in the YA section since they're full-on canon.)

- Young Avengers Fanfic recs - I never expected to like this book, I only read it because it was highly recommended by friends and the first few issues looked pretty. But somewhere in those first six issues, I got attached to the characters because they were just so likeable, a set of teenagers I didn't want to smack! And then the Eli/Kate tension/arguing was hot enough to burn your face off and Teddy/Billy was the sweetest thing ever and... yeah, I was sunk. I'll branch out from those pairings once in awhile (Vision/Cassie is cute, too), but the majority will be focused on them simply because that's what fandom writes the most. And my "other pairings" are kind of, um. Batshit.

- Ultimates/Ultimate X-Men recs - I go back and forth on the whole Ultimate thing. I like the idea and there are aspects of it that I like. I just tend to really not like anything Millar's had his hands on, he's more about tossing random shit out there than he is about keeping the spirit of the characters. So, for a long time, I swore I wasn't going to read. Then Noel made me a trade, Ultimate for Avatar. After that, I was kinda sunk. And there are a few aspects of the world I like (Colossus!) and there have been a few good fics. (Also, it's not just me, they really do seem to be implying something with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, right...? In any case, I'm hardly opposed, but I'll try to warn for that.)

- Thor/Journey into Mystery recs - I've tried a few times to get into the Thor side of Marvel, to branch out from my beloved mutants and my occasional dalliances with the Avengers (well, okay, the Maximoffs, lbr). I remember trying when JMS took on the title and a couple of other times and it just... never stuck with me, I could never come to care about the characters. Then I watched the Thor movie and it was really fun! But still no go. Then along came The Avengers, my sudden intense feelings for Loki and Thor&Loki and the fandom absolutely loves bb!Loki and it all just sort of... came together. I don't read a lot of fic for the 616 versions of the characters, but I love Lady Loki (well, the idea of Lady Loki, rather than the 616 execution of it, because, you know, stealing Sif's body was super gross) and I forever want more Thor/Sif makeouts and mutal killing things together and all the adorable bb!Loki fic I can find.

Other (& Animated Tie-ins)

- Wildstorm/Authority Fanfic recs - I recently stumbled into the Authority fandom, and have been absolutely devouring fanfic--the majority of which seems to be rather high calibre~! Yes, there's going to be a high amount of focus on Apollo and Midnighter here, but, then, that's what the fandom is focused on. (And, truth be told, I prefer it that way. :D) However, I don't limit myself to just them, I'll give anything a shot--I'm especially fond of Jack fics. And good Jenny-fic would be so good to see more of. And, ooh, Jack/Angie would rock my happy little world, too.

- The Animated Series(es) Fanfic recs - I wanted to seperate the TAS-based fanfics into a seperate catagory because sometimes I'm more in the mood for them rather than the comics. Sadly, there isn't as much high-quality TAS fic out there as in the comics, but every so often, some incredible fic comes along to make me a very, very happy fangirl. ^_^ (Also, I started this recs thing after I'd read the majority of the TAS-based fics I like, so it's always a sort of... trying to go back and find them again, reread to remember exactly why I liked them, so I don't just write a "Duurrrr, this wuz gud!" rec, which I am horribly slow at doing.) A lot of the fics I read are often times difficult to place--they might be TAS or they might be comics and when it doubt... they get chucked into the regular DCU section.

- Justice League: The Animated Series(es) Fanfic recs - I'm not sure why I'm starting this section, I've becoming increasingly disillusioned with JL:TAS the longer it goes on and yet... well, I guess a lot of it is that there are a handful of authors who are really good at writing in the TAS universes and they're pretty vastly different (in some ways) from the comics versions, so I figured it'd be good to seperate them out. As for what you'll find... well, mostly all I care about is top-notch writing/characterization and a (hopefully) lack of John Stewart. Other than that, I'm probably open.

- DC Animated Series Tie-Ins Fanfic recs - I never really planned for this section and probably wouldn't even be doing this much if not for thinking The Batman season 4 has been absolutely charming. But, hell, why not throw the Teen Titans cartoon in there as well, given that I could actually see The Batman's Dick being the same Dick from the Teen Titans. Maybe. If I squint. But that's a hell of a lot closer than I was before! (I have, um, issues with the Teen Titans cartoon.) I want to eventually start poking around into the fandoms for them because, hey, I'm always up for fic with any incarnation of Dick Grayson in it. [not up yet]

- DC Movieverse(s) Fanfic recs - Again, I originally wasn't going to make this catagory, I don't really read much fic based on any of the DC movies. Once upon a time I read a lot of Batman Forever-based fic (I wasn't a fan of the comics at the time, so I didn't know any better, okay?) and some day I really do want to watch/read fic for both Batman Begins and Superman Returns, since they have some stories I'm interested in. (I really want a BBverse take on Dick Grayson's first appearance omg. ♥) It'll be anemic for awhile, but I have high hopes for it. [not up yet]

- Smallville Fanfic recs - [Note: this section is linked from the TV page, but since it's technically a comic book adaptation....] I watched Smallville back in the first two seasons and the show really did nothing for me. I didn't hate it, but it didn't catch me, either. I had a vague interest in Lex/Lana because they actually had some great chemistry, but I didn't expect anything of it. Along came season six a few years later and I have to watch because of Green Arrow/Ollie Queen and, hey, wait, what? Lex and Lana are kinda sorta dating? Well. I had to stick around for that. Which means, clearly, I had to start poking around for fic. Of course I go for the obscure het. Sigh.

- X-Men: Evolution Fanfic recs - With Evo, I originally tended to gravitated towards the side of the Maximoff-Lehnsherr family again, because the vast majority of Evo fic seems to be written by thirteen year old girls, and I have no desire to read about who wants whose boyfriends and notes being passed in study hall. (I'd feel badly about being so bitchy at the Evo fandom, but it really is that bad.) At least with the Maximoff-Lehnsherr family, I can grit my teeth and suffer through it. But I eventually expanded the page a bit and the show introduced Gambit and I'm such a huge Remy fangirl (not that you'd know it by my comics pages, no really) that I started getting into the 'shippy stuff. Mostly Remy/Rogue, but the occasional Scott/Jean or Lance/Kitty makes its way through. And I dream that someday I'll find a decent amount of Evo genfic.

- X-Men Movieverse Fanfic recs - For a long time I was cranky at the movieverse for changing characters at random and for Marvel trying to make the comics fit with the movie in really bad ways and I just... yeah, lots of irritation. Cut to several years later when I finally sit down to watch the second movie and realize, wow, I kinda really like Scott/Jean in this universe. I always had, James Mardsen and Famke Jansen as Scott and Jean were always okay choices with me. But was that one moment in X2 where Scott begs Jean not to do this and you can see how much he loves her and... yeah, I was sunk right about then. As you can tell, that's going to be the pairing I spend the majority of my time focusing on, but with a healthy side of gen antics since I like cast fic, too. AND THEN CAME FIRST CLASS, which was a fun new take on things and then DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and my beloved Magnus Family Fuckery had a new universe to play in and you can about guess what I zipped RIGHT ON OVER to. ♥

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