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- Miscellaneous - Doujinshi Recs - Sometimes I give a series its own page because I'm hoping that there'll be more. Other times I'm astounded that a fandom even got one doujinshi put up for it. This is where those will go--fandoms like Okami, Harry Potter (well, since I only read Sirius/Remus doujinshi most of the time), Soul Eater, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc.--because they're just not big enough for other sections. I doubt it'll ever be huge, but maybe there'll be something you like here.


- Bleach - Doujinshi Recs - I don't seek out a lot of Bleach doujinshi, but it's surprising how much manages to fall into my lap anyway. Mostly I look at Renji/Rukia or Hitsugaya/Matsumoto or Aizen/Gin just because that's what's available, but I'd probably look at anything that I came across that's on my pairings list. Some of the stuff out there is really gorgeous, there are a couple of circles doing amazing things that I just had to recommend. This section won't be huge, but it'll give you a fix at least.

- D.Gray-man - Doujinshi Recs - You know, for as much as I was really passionate about certain pairings in the DGM fandom, I haven't really managed to run across a lot of doujinshi that's caught my attention. So this will be a small section probably for a long time, because I'm mostly interested in Rinali pairings these days and those tend not to get scanned as often. But I'd probably still totally cave to Kanda/Allen doujinshi if someone was to be so kind and I happened to stumble over it. I'll keep an eye out, at the very least.

- Fullmetal Alchemist - Doujinshi Recs - By the time I started doing doujinshi recs, I'd largely slid away from the fandom, which means I only occasionally go back when something happens to stumble across my path. But I do still like to read Roy/Ed doujinshi every so often, especially when it might have some really gorgeous art to it and I've got a craving for them. I might also sometimes try to find some odder pairings or some really cute gen stuff, but... yeah, at this point, it's either gotta be Havoc/Hawkeye or Roy/Ed for me to go back, wry.

- Gintama - Doujinshi Recs - For the most part, this'll probably be purely Hijikata/Okita doujinshi, simply because that's what fandom produces the most of. (Of the pairings I read.) I'm determined to find more GinZura doujinshi someday, though! In the meantime, I like to read stuff that's in the vein of the original cracked out parody manga, but... well, I'm also weak to anything pretty.

- Gundam 00 - Doujinshi Recs - When I first started looking into fandom for Gundam 00 doujinshi, I didn't find a whole lot, which surprised me because there was so much j-fanart, so I knew the doujin had to exist! But I couldn't find it! But, as time goes on, slowly there are a handful more and more, and I'm finding a bunch that I really like. I go almost exclusively for Tieria doujinshi (Lockon/Tieria is what I'll go for first and foremost) but only because there isn't more Setsuna/Marina doujinshi in existence. ...enh, who am I kidding, even then I'd go for the Tieria doujinshi because I am totally easy for him.

- Initial D - Doujinshi Recs - This section will be pretty much purely Ryousuke/Takumi, which isn't as popular as a pairing as I'd like, but there's a nicely dedicated little corner and a handful of doujin by a pretty artist that you can find. I'm not sure if there are other pairing doujin out there, but this is one of the rare fandoms I'm kind of fussy on, I think. It's not a series I would have thought I'd be able to give a section to, but, hey, I'm not exactly complaining! o/ This section will be small, but, again, it'll get you started at least, I hope. I suspect this'll be purely scanslated doujin recommended here, but as always it'll be marked either way.

- Junjou Romantica - Doujinshi Recs - There's even less doujinshi available than there is fanart (and, I suppose, the driving need really isn't there, since you get porn with the original manga itself) but a) there were a couple that I managed to hunt down and b) I live in hope! I'll include Nakamura's doujinshi here as well, but I'm aiming to focus more on fan-type stuff. If it exists and especially if it's Egoist!

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Gen & Other Doujinshi Recs - Admittedly, there's not a whole lot of gen doujinshi in the REBORN! fandom and this will probably end up being more of a catch-all for the various other pairings I'll read that aren't big enough for their own sections (Mukuro/Hibari or Mukuro/Tsuna or Byakuran/Shouichi or Yamamoto/Hibari) and... well, okay, I'm really into REBORN! doujinshi for the D18, but sometimes I like other stuff and eventually this'll be a decent sized section. XD Also, unless it's a super-rare pairing, this will probably be mostly scanslations.

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Dino/Hibari Doujinshi Recs - [ page one - page two ] - As is probably pretty obvious, D18 is the real reason I'm into REBORN! doujinshi so heavily, because fic and fanart are just not enough, I need more more more. Also, I need porn for them and doujinshi is the best way to go with that. I've been overall pretty impressed with the fandom's output, Hibari has remained relatively in character with most of them and there are some seriously smoking hot artists for both of the characters. There is so much gorgeous stuff out there that I just can't resist any of it, which is why this section will be a mix of scanslated and raw doujinshi, because they get some awesome scanslations but that's just not enough. XD This section will easily, easily be the biggest doujinshi page I have, too. XD

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Yamamoto/Hibari Doujinshi Recs - It was actually doujinshi that really warmed me up to this pairing and probably where I'm focus will stay when it comes to them. I've recommended a bit of fanart for them, I'm pretty easy when it comes to visual stuff with Hibari ( put it mildly) but I really developed a taste for these two in doujinshi. It's often not as plentiful or as well done as other pairings, but there's some really hot stuff out there and it totally fills a need in fandom that I have. There's a decent following for it as well, in that we'll occasionally get some scanslated stuff, too! Also, seriously. Hibari is totally my fandom bicycle, but he's really hot with Yamamoto. *__*

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Tsuna/Gokudera Doujinshi Recs - Generally, I go mostly just for the scanslated stuff with this pairing because it works better for me, because I enjoy it more. But occasionally a particularly interesting doujinshi or an especially pretty one will catch my eye or maybe it'll be 2759 instead of 5927 and I'll have to pounce on it. So, I figure this section will slanted more towards scanslated doujinshi with Tsuna and Gokudera, but you'll be able to find both. They may not be as plentiful as D18 or what have you, but. I fully intend to be obsessive about them, too. *__*

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Xanxus/Squalo Doujinshi Recs - I never really planned on giving this pairing it's own doujinshi section, but as time went on, I found myself really looking forward to doujinshi with them, even deliberately seeking them out, rather than letting them come to me. There's a certain quality about them that lends themselves to the doujinshika of this fandom so very well and they grow to be more of an OTP every time I read something new. Not that I still won't easily cheat on them with other pairings (Bel/Squalo! Yamamoto/Squalo! I crave them!) but I find that I keep coming back to this one. There might not be an uber-ton of it, but there's some very nice stuff here and this corner of fandom isn't too shabby, honestly.

- Kingdom Hearts Doujinshi Recs - Given that KH doujinshi is generally pretty underground thanks to Disney Japan, there won't be a ton to find out there, but occasionally some sneak through. A lot of times it's cutesy stuff, but every so often there's a really gorgeous one that I totally pounce on! I'll focus mostly on Riku/Sora, since that's my pairing of choice in the fandom (art-wise, that is) after I've settled and, thankfully, it's probably the most popular pairing available.

- Naruto - Kakashi/Iruka Doujinshi Recs - I gave thought to breaking this page into separate sections, organized by pairings, but then realized that at this late date in the fandom, I'm probably only going to be recommending Kakashi/Iruka doujinshi. That may change in the future, I may start working my way towards other pairings or raw doujinshi, but for now... pretty much purely scanslated doujin. Unfortunately, I'm starting this long after my main time in the fandom, so it's somewhat slow going, but... well, it's going to be big enough as it is already!

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Gen & Other - For as much as I started this section for the Zoro/Sanji doujinshi, for as much as I like ZoSan in all of my OP fangirling, I am still a gen fangirl at heart, too. And occasionally fandom rewards me with this! Not that there's a lot of doujinshi scanned or scanslated for group interaction, but I'll eventually find it. As well as I'll put all the miscellaneous pairings in here (stuff like Zoro/Nami or Sanji/Robin or Zoro/Robin or Luffy/Sanji, since none of them are really big enough to warrant their own section yet) and it should be somewhat decently sized. ♥

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Luffy x Nami - You know, I sort of expected to find maybe one or two doujinshi for this pairing, I knew I'd seen a few floating around before. I did not expect to find a somewhat decent sized collection for them! Which is fantastic, because I grow to be more and more in love with them every time I delve into the Luffy/Nami fandom. I'll recommend both scanslated and raw doujinshi here, because they're a smallish pairing (well, everything is compared to ZoSan, I suppose XD) and because I'm really hungry for more of them. But there'll be a decent amount to find!

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Zoro x Sanji - Ahhh, the ZoSan doujinshi. Pretty much the reason I started this section in the first place and... okay. When I read the manga or when I look at fic or even sometimes when I go trawling for art, I'll slip away from this pairing somewhat. But when I go look at doujinshi? Nobody nails the canon style like the ZoSan artists and that's what really keeps me addicted to the OP doujinshi. This section will probably be almost purely scanslated because fandom has totally spoiled me on that, because there are enough to just focus on the scanslated ones instead of going to the raws. XD And yet this'll still easily be the biggest page of the doujin section. Easily. XD

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Doujinshi Recs - This section pretty much started because there were one or two really incredibly Kyouya/Tamaki doujinshi that I just had to recommend and I doubt it'll ever expand much beyond that. It's not a series that really got a lot of fanart or doujin from Japan, so there's not much to find out there, especially since the series is getting a bit long in the tooth. But I love the series and I kind of pine for doujinshi of certain pairings and I wanted this page just in case I ever found more, raw or scanslated. And I imagine it'll be a small page, but, hey, at least it exists!

- Prince of Tennis - Tezuka/Fuji Doujinshi Recs - During the last couple of months of 2008, I was working extra hard to meet my goal and I had the thought that, well. Doujinshi is totally a type of fanwork, right? And once I started recommending doujinshi, it pretty well immediately occurred to me to go hit up the Tenipuri doujinshi links because there's some gorgeous stuff for this fandom and it actually got scanslated a lot! Naturally, Tezuka/Fuji is going to be my big thing, partly because it gets the most attention, but mostly because it is and always will be my great love with this fandom. I'm pretty easy when it comes to doujinshi, what I like isn't always going to be what everyone thinks is the best stuff, but even when I love something because it's so silly or I'm enjoying it in an ironic way or I'm laughing my ass off because it's so delightful OOC, my affection for it is still very genuine. I like more serious works, too, I'm generally pretty easy for art (unless the characterization is meant to be serious and yet is so OOC that I want to vomit, then no amount of pretty art can save it) but I also love crack. I try to give a good description of what mindset I was in when I recommend something, though, so you should be able to pick out what you like based on that. I'll rec both scanslated and raw doujin.

- Prince of Tennis - Other Doujinshi Recs - Tezuka/Fuji takes up the majority of what I look for in the fandom, most of the other pairings I like are fairly rare. Unfortunately, by this time (so many years after my time in fandom) I'm not as active as I once was or as willing to look around outside of my fairly firmly established pairings, but there are enough of them to give them their own section, at least! Sometimes they'll be mostly sensible (Tezuka/Atobe is my baby or sometimes Momo/Ryoma or maybe a Shishido/Ohtori doujin that I liked) or sometimes they'll be on complete crack (I blame Japan for my thing for Jiroh/Oshitari), whatever I feel like or whatever fandom manages to put out. I'll also stick in the multi-pairing ones (TezuFuji + GP + MomoRyo + InuKai, etc) here, even if the main focus is on TezuFuji. I don't expect this to be huge, but it should at least be fun. I'll rec both scanslated and raw doujin.

Video Games

- Final Fantasy VII - Doujinshi Recs - Awhile back, I got it in my head that, aside from just reading fic and looking at fanart, I'd always enjoyed doujinshi (scanslated or raw) and often linked to download posts in the notes of my recs journal posts, so... why not do proper recs for doujinshi? I know it's something I'd want whenever I wandered into someone else's recs. So, FFVII is one of the first series that I headed for because it gets some fantastic doujinshi for it and I'll mostly stick to Sephiroth/Cloud or Cloud/Tifa (because there's not a lot of Zack/Aerith, no matter how much I pine) and my usual pairings, but occasionally I'll branch out if something is pretty.

- Final Fantasy VIII - Doujinshi Recs - I wouldn't have thought that I'd be able to find much FFVIII doujinshi in fandom simply because the pairings I like aren't focused on that much, at least not in this particular corner of fandom. But then I remembered, oh, right, there's that series of Crushers Seifer/Zell that I need to hunt down and recommend again. And an occasional Squall/Zell doujinshi, if I can find them! And maybe someday there'll be Squall/Rinoa doujinshi! I can hope? Those will be the majority of my focus--mostly Seifer/Zell--and this section will probably always be small.

- Tales of the Abyss - Doujinshi Recs - I dearly wish there were more TOA doujinshi that I could find, because I love this game so damn much. But occasionally there's at least a little something! I tend to go for the het pairings or whatever gets scanslated by the Tales groups--my favorite is Asch/Natalia and they're probably what will get the most recs from me. But I also really like Luke/Tear and I would not say no to Ion/Anise or Sync/Arietta. I'm not sure I believe that anyone will give me Jade/Dist anymore, though, boo. Still, it won't be a bad section, considering the size of the fandom.

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