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Video Games

: Miscellaneous Games Fanworks Recs - For the most part, if I've played a game and I want to dip into the fandom for it, I'll just go ahead and give it its own catagory. But occasionally I'll be just familiar enough with a game that I can look at fanart for it or it'll be a crossover with a game I want to eventually play or I know it'll be a one-time thing. And thus I finally gave a miscellaneous games section. It'll probably be pretty small, I either go all in or all out with game fandoms.

: Dragon Age Fanworks Recs - I've had the DA games for awhile, just never quite sat down with them, but then got pulled into the Iron Bull/Dorian pairing and just sort of quietly read a lot of fic for awhile as a side pairing, because I needed a new fandom for a bit. And, well. I'm weak to their dynamic and I also have porn needs, so here we go. \:D/

: Dragon Quest IV Fanworks Recs - Tammaiya had mentioned this game a time or two, just enough to rouse my curiosity about it. She actually told me to go play other games first, but I knew Arashi's Ninomiya loved this series of games, so I couldn't resist getting sucked into it. To my surprise, I found a game I actually really kind of liked! It was simple, but that was part of the charm, I could pick it up and put it down pretty easily, it was a satisfying 30-40 hours, but not a huge timesink. And I really, really adored the characters! ....and may have shipped Alena/Kiryl, like, super hard.

: Dragon Quest V Fanworks Recs - So, after DQIV, I was pretty fond of the DQ games as a whole, which made me want another fairly light-to-play game in the same vein. Tammaiya mentioned that she knew people who really loved this game as their favorite DQ ever. I was curious. And... it's a cute game for the first half. But once you're introduced to the potential brides, it becomes one of the best games just about ever because the makers really went the extra mile to make this one fun. I don't know about the other two women, but Deborah was my choice and she was AWESOME in all her snarky glory and surprisingly depthful characterization. She just sparkled, she made this game come alive for me, and took what would have been a fun game into a several week long fascination for me. Fandom tends to focus more on hero/Bianca, but I keep looking. (I do more hero/Deborah recommending over in the pixiv section, to be honest.)

: El Shaddai Fanworks Recs - I had a couple of absolutely whirlwind weekends with this game where I poured over Pixiv to look for every bit of Lucifel/Enoch that I could find. Sadly, most of the art I stumbled over was from artists that only had one or two illustrations in their gallery and I made myself only recommend artists with at least four in their gallery, which meant not as many recs as I'd have liked, since it was so new at the time. But this will get you started, especially if you like pairing Lucifel and Enoch, as there was some really lovely art in this fandom and I hope to someday get back to it.

: Final Fantasy III Fanworks Recs - You know, I never really intended to get into DS games, despite that I'd been eying the Phoenix Wright fandom for some time. But Noel got me a DS for my birthday and I promised to buy at least one game for it (which was actually FFXII: Revenant Wings because I'm an XII nerd) and somehow I also wound up with FFIII because I was curious. I started playing and was pretty immediately sucked in, playing the game pretty much within a week and then hitting up the fandom so hard. I don't know that there'll be much fic to find, but there'll be a solid chunk of fanart. I generally lean towards gen, but I'll happily look at pairings, too, I'm really easy with this game. My fondness is for Ingus/Sara the most, but I wouldn't say no to Luneth/Arc or maybe Desch/Refia and j-fanart has made me a little weak to the idea of Luneth/Refia. (Though, I'll ship Refia with just about anyone.) Still, I expect mostly gen cuteness.

: Final Fantasy IV Fanworks Recs - Between Meg and Tammaiya, I probably didn't stand much of a chance when it came to this game, especially since they promised a lot of gay from the game. And boy was Kain ever gay for Cecil. Which is the way I lean with this fandom, I like Cecil/Kain as the OTP, but I also ♥ Rydia something fierce and someday, someone will write me Rosa/Rydia fic! With fanart, I go wherever the pretty stuff is, so it'll mostly be Cecil/Kain and Edge/Rydia and a lot of gen sites, but if it's pretty, I'm open to it. I doubt it'll ever be a terribly big fandom, though.

: Final Fantasy VII Fanworks Recs - Once upon a time, my FFVII section was pitiful. I really only read Cid/Vincent fanfic because a favorite author of mine had moved into writing it and I toddled along behind. I didn't read much, I wasn't even familiar with the world very much. Then Advent Children hit and I watched the movie and it was shiny and then I started to play the game and it ate me and now this section is growing constantly bigger. I'm all over the place, but my true love is Sephiroth x Cloud. With Zack x Aerith as a close secondary OTP, and then stuff like Sephiroth/Zack, Rufus/Reno, Cid/Vincent, Cloud/Tifa, and more trailing along behind. I concentrate on fanart a lot, but I'm slowly building up fic recs bit by bit. One day, I full plan for this section to be disgustingly huge. ♥

: Final Fantasy VIII Fanworks Recs - And this one, I blame squarely on Noel, because she's such a fan of the game and has been trying to get me into it. So, I read the occasional fic that she shoves at me or is written by my favorite authors or when I happen to stumble over the occasional pretty fanart or just whatever have you. It's not growing as fast as I'd like, because it seems like it takes me ages to get through the super long epics the fandom puts out, but eventually this section will be big. Oh, yeah. And I like Squall/Rinoa. You can all shoot me know. (But I also like Seifer/Zell as my primary favored pairing and Squall/Zell on the side.)

: Final Fantasy X Fanworks Recs - In all honesty? This section is all about the fanart. All. About. The. Fanart. It started because there was a lot of FFX/FFX-2 fanart on the FFVII and FFVIII sites I was visiting and I slowly became slightly aquainted with the characters and started poking at the FMVs and the plot of the game and just... somewhere along the line, I started seeking out art for it by itself. I have no pairing preferences, I have no real attachment to the game, I've never played, I'll probably never read fic, but I really like the beautiful fanart it gets. Sometimes that's all I really want and, hey, it could always be useful to those who have played the game and want a place to get started when poking at j-fanart. Of course, this means I'm going to be all over the place, as I have zero pairing preferences... aside from maybe fondness for Tidus/Yuna.

: Final Fantasy XII Fanworks Recs - So. I played FFXII feverishly for about a week straight (and getting about 3/4ths of the way through the game's plot, I think) and then couldn't take it anymore so I dove into the fandom. I've since gone back to finish playing the game properly (after buying the damn thing because I couldn't resist) but I'm also happily tearing through fandom. I wound up shipping almost exclusively het pairings in this fandom, but I'm also greatly interested in gen, so this section will be a mixture of the two. For now, it's mostly fic with a handful of art tossed in (there'll be a higher yaoi concentration there, mind), focusing on Balthier/Fran and Bashe/Ashe and gen fic. I'm still at the point, though, that if it's well-written and about the main cast, I'm likely to be completely onboard.

: Final Fantasy XIII Fanworks Recs - I played FFXIII because it was a FF game and I'd been waiting forever for it, but I didn't expect to actually get that attached to it? And maybe it'll never be FFXII or even VII or VIII for me, but I genuinely liked the game and found it had some fantastic characters. And then I completely fell head over heels for the Hope/Lightning interaction and wanted to ship them rather desperately when they were older--which fandom seemed to agree nicely on! There is some excellent fanart and there's a few fics here and there, which I occasionally poke at. Sometimes there's gen things, too, but mostly I'm here for the Hope/Lightning stuff.

: Final Fantasy Dissidia Fanworks Recs - I tried to resist Dissidia. But then came the fanart and so much of it was so awesome. It often times gets a little confusing because some of the sites maybe should be tucked into other catagories (especially VII or VIII) but get dumped here because it's all about the interaction between the characters. This will probably be almost purely j-fanart sites because they do the prettiest stuff, but maybe that'll change when it's more easily playable in English? Idk. But I do have a weakness for the Squall/Bartz/Zidane thing Japan seems to love and, of course, I'm all over Cloud on any of the sites and there's some amazing Warrior of Light stuff and just. Well, whatever comes up, I'm open to it.

: Final Fantasy [Other] Fanworks Recs - I briefly debated on whether to just put these recs in a miscellaneous games section or if I should give them all their own catagories or what, but eventually decided, well, FF has a bajillion spinoff games, might as well just make a catch-all section for them. Mostly this will be made up of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles art sites/fic, I suspect, because those fandoms tend to be tiny, yet I seek out as much as I can after I've caught up on one of them. This is also where recs will go for the FF games I haven't yet played but had a site that was too gorgeous for me to resist. I'm weak, okay.

: Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance Fanworks Recs - This one is all measuringlife's fault. She's a huge fan of the game and I got curious enough to pick it up for her and got deeply enough into it that I started poking around fandom. Ike/Soren is the OTP of the fandom as far as I can tell, but I also liked characters like Oscar and Reyson and Naesala, so I'll focus on those as much as I can, too. a;lsdkjfal;sjk this game was such a bitch to play, especially in the early levels, where I'd spend 45 minutes playing one level only for one character to die that I was going to want later and so I had to fucking restart the whole thing and this is why I never finished, you goddamned game. *hiss* ....a-anyway. This'll at least be a decent-sized section, enough to get you started, because I really did like the characters/world.

: Kingdom Hearts Fanworks Recs - Obviously, I never meant to fall for yet another game fandom, especially as I am emphatically not a gamer. No, really. T___T I still deny that I'm a gamer! I'm not! ....but the Roxas/Axel lured me in and then I actually played KHII and downloaded the beginnings of those fan-movies for KHI and then actually started playing KHI and I have CoM sitting right here and... yeah. Eventually I found I liked the whole KH world instead of just the one pairing and I branched out. I like a mix of Roxas/Axel, Riku/Sora, KH!Sephiroth/Cloud, random pairings, and a smattering of gen when I can find it. I don't have huge plans for this section (especially since I'm staying away from j-fanart, though, you can find tons of KH e-fanart on the artbits page), but it'll at least get you started with fandom.

: Odin Sphere Fanworks Recs - I played this game a couple of times on the recommendation of a friend, almost instantly being captivated by the stunningly beautiful graphics. As of the time I write this, I still haven't finished the game (I'm on Cornelius' epilogue), so I'm still avoiding spoilers, but I also know enough of the storyline to know that I would like to see more from fandom. For now, I mostly gravitate towards the fanart, it's such a visually stunning game that I want more of that aspect, but if good fic is written, I'm not exactly going to turn that away either. For now, I am most intrigued by Oswald and Gwendolyn, but the more I play, who knows?

: Okami Fanworks Recs - Okami is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, a surprisingly moving plot underneath the gorgeous graphics, and it's a ton of fun to play, I just... I can't recommend it highly enough. As soon as I finished playing it, I immediately headed for the fanart, which is amazing, amazing stuff. I definitely have a fondness for Waka/Amaterasu (at least in a potential human form, shut up, she totally could have one!) and there'll be a lot of Oki/Kai as well. There probably won't be much fic, it's a hard game to fic for, given that there's no real "voice" for Amaterasu, even if it's not impossible.

Note: There are going to be a lot of spoilers for the end of the game, since that's when a lot of the fanart takes place (post-game, that is), so I wouldn't advise getting into the fandom until you've played the game all the way through at least once.

: Phoenix Wright Fanworks Recs - ....look, it's not like I'm writing the fic, okay? Mostly, I've just sucked up enough of the games through fannish osmosis that I've started reading a little bit of fic. I've played about half an hour or so of the game (and it's on my list, as soon as I finish FFIII and FFXII:RW), but in the meantime I just wanted to create the section. I'll probably ship Edgeworth/Phoenix and maybe a little Klavier/Apollo (because I'm sure that this is somehow Tammaiya's fault) and... well, we'll see when I actually play the game. Until then, I don't plan to read/rec all that much fic.

: Pokemon Fanworks Recs - ....yeah, I don't know, either. Part of it is that I like games that are easy to pick up and I don't need to really give much thought to them, so Pokemon was kind of perfect for me right now. And if I'm playing something and it has really cute little animals in it and there's a crapload of fanart for those cute little animals, well, who am I to resist. :| So, this is pretty much purely all about the shiny, shiny fanart. I'm mostly Diamond/Pearl/Platinum-based, but if it's got cute little critters on it, I'm probably weak to it. :|b Surprisingly, this section will be fairly substantial, but probably not comprehensive. The j-fanart fandom is kind of ridiculously huge!

: Professor Layton Fanworks Recs - I played this game on a whim because Noel suggested that it looked kind of cool. A rather feverish ten hours later, I was finishing up the game and kind of totally in love with it and clawing at the walls for the second game to be released in English. It's this really charming, quirky little series that was an utter delight to play without being too much of a timesink and the characters were adorable and the plot was actually just light enough to be fun, but still intriguing enough to make me want fic. I'm pretty firmly gen with this series, but I'm also really hungry for stuff, so whatever fandom produces, that's probably where I'll go.

: Suikoden Tierkreis Fanworks Recs - I only picked this game up because I had friends who played it and I wanted just a little bit of Suikoden game experience, even if it was only the DS version and not really that much like Suikoden proper. I didn't expect to spend about 50 to 60 hours playing the game, I didn't expect to fall in love with the characters, I didn't expect for there to be a crapload of amazing art out there. But all of these things happened and I, um. May have gone a bit overboard with the art recommending. I'll be all over the place, whatever's pretty, I want to see it! I have my favorites, but if Japan has drawn it, I'm probably all over it.

: Tales of the Abyss Fanworks Recs - Originally, I played Tales of the Abyss just to get a smidge of experience with a non-Squeenix RPG game and become at least passingly familiar with the characters that seemed to be popping up everywhere in fandom. To my surprise, I fell rather genuinely in love with the game and its characters and immediately dove into fandom. The fandom isn't as big as it first seemed when I was first poking at it, but there's enough j-fanart to at least give me a fix. The main focus of my recs will probably be there, simply because that's where the bulk of fanworks are. I will likely be fairly evenly split between het and yaoi, I lean towards het OTPs myself, but I'm open to a lot of pairings so long as they're well-done. I'm weak to fanart, okay?

: Tales of Destiny Fanworks Recs - ....I would so play this game if the remake were available in English (it looks really cute!) just for Tammaiya, because this is her baby and I'm curious about it. I've read a large chunk of the manga, so I at least know the characters pretty well and I've absorbed a lot from her talk of it. But mostly this is just because I've looked at so many Abyss sites that I've seen a crapload of Destiny fanart and some of it is beautiful. I couldn't resist starting to properly rec it. Mostly it'll be a lot of Leon fanart (since he's so hugely popular) but I might branch out once in awhile.

: Tales of Vesperia Fanworks Recs - I've had this game for about a month now and haven't properly started it, but... I'm still really weak to fanart. It really got started because I was looking for Abyss art and a lot of the sites would also have Vesperia art, so I'd take a look around, and eventually I found myself even seeking out Vesperia sites just for their own sake. It's a gorgeous game and it has a fantastic fandom, some really amazing pieces in it. I'm pretty easy when it comes to fanart, but Yuri/Estelle is going to be where my heart lies, I suspect. I also look up a lot of Yuri/Flynn and occasionally some other pairings, but I'll probably stick with the main ones, at least until I get further into the game.

: Vagrant Story Fanworks Recs - So. I am not a gamer. (Or at least I wasn't until recently.) I have never played this game and I doubt I'll ever get the chance to (since it's so difficult to get one's hands on), despite wanting to. I'm hardly going to let that stop me from enjoying the series, given how much information/cut scenes are available on-line, including the complete script. It's a small fandom, so I doubt I'll be terribly fussy, but I like Sydney and while I prefer Sydney/Ashley, I'm hardly against Sydney/Hardin. Whatever happens to come along, really, I think.

Note: Vagrant Story recs may contain some spoilers. I'll try to watch it, but they'll occasionally leak through. I may also not always remember to warn for spoilers, so I would suggest avoiding this section if you're trying to remain unspoiled.

Dating Games

: Harukanaru Toki no Nakade Fanworks Recs - Wow, did this series ever eat my life for a few months. Tomomasa/Takamichi is still one of my favorite pairings (hence the "tomomichi" of my LJ mirror) but I'm wildly in love with the entire cast. I've spent a whole lot of time combing over the j-fanart sites looking for art, so there'll be a lot of recs here--though, a lot of the older sites (because I've been recommending for this series for awhile now) have probably disappeared by now. I keep adding more every so often, though! Sadly, there's never really been much of an English following (the anime was too boring to catch on much and the games aren't really available for English speakers), so there's not much fic. The sections will be fairly evenly split between het and yaoi and gen--I ship more yaoi pairings, but there's more het available and I've tried to seek out all the major Tenma/Akane sites. Also included are the Harutoki2 and Harutoki3 (which gets some truly stunning art) and eventually Harutoki4 art sites.

For now, pairings will be sorted into the same catagories. (Ie, Tenma/Akane, Katsuzane/Karin, and Kurou/Nozomi will all be on the same page.) It's just easier for me.

BL (Boys Love) Games

: Apocripha/0 Fanworks Recs - I really wish I had more time to devote to this series, because I really like the characters and the character designs and the game seems very fun. I know I *heart* the seiyuu involved with it and the drama CDs (to be honest, the manga didn't really grab me) and I think I could get into this series. There's a little art here, will hopefully expand in the future. Given that it's a yaoi game, I would hope that you'd go into it expecting that.

: Gakuen Heaven Fanworks Recs - measuringlife totally sucker punched me with this series and the anime was actually sort of not taking itself too seriously while still being really pretty and then there was this King/Queen pairing that I got all hyped up on and... I was gone. I'm not much of a fic reader for the series because most of the pairings I want (Niwa/Kaoru-chan) aren't written a lot and I'm not quite there for gen yet. But there's a lot of fanart for the game out there and I've been deteremindly hunting down tons of it. It's spread out pretty well among the Everyone/Keita pairings (my favorites being Naruse/Keita and Kazuki/Keita), with a little bit of the rest of the cast being paired up with each other. I already ♥ this dorky game.

: Togainu no Chi Fanworks Recs - I'd seen this game around for ages, always intrigued by the gorgeous quality of the art, always vaguely curious about the characters. I'm not sure what got me to finally look into it more thoroughly, maybe it was just happening upon the right corner of the j-fanart population. Whatever the reason, I was hooked on these characters and especially the gorgeous, gorgeous fanart. Shiki/Akira is my pairing of choice and it tends to get most of the art in the fandom. But I also have a soft spot for Gunzi/Akira and there's a lot of other pairings floating around, basically if it happened in the game, I'm sure to find art for it in the fandom. A lot of art for it.

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