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: Miscellaneous Jdrama/Kdrama Fanworks Recs - Usually, if a jdrama is popular enough to get fic for it, it gets at least a decent handful of fics and I can justify giving it its own section. But, the further I get into jdramas, the more there are those one-off series/fics that I really adored, but there just isn't anything more. This will probably always be a really small section, for the most part, jdramas get their own section (ditto tokusatsu shows), but bit by bit, maybe. Only a couple of links for now, though.

: Coffee Prince Fanworks Recs - When this drama first started coming out, I couldn't get past the first episode. But I made a trade to watch the entire series, so I sat down to properly watch all of it... and about four or five episodes in, I was hooked on it like everyone else. *__* There's not really a big fandom for it, the ending of the drama was satisfactory as it was, but occasionally I still want a little more Han Kyul/Eun Chan or maybe Han Sung/Yoo Joo. I expect this section to always be small, though. (And I know this is kdrama, not jdrama, but. It's just easier to stick it here.)

: Gokusen Fanworks Recs - For a long time I didn't really know why I had a Gokusen section, I'd only watched about half of the anime, I'd just barely started on the manga, and I'd hardly touched the drama. But I was draw to the Shinkumi pairing pretty hard almost immediately and, as time goes by (and now that I'm more familiar with the anime and manga), I'm all over this series. It's not a big fandom and it's pretty exclusively Shinkumi, but that is exactly what I want. ♥ The majority of this section will be focused on the manga since that's what I'm familiar with, but I think you could be a drama-only fan and read the fic just fine (as well as several people writing drama-based fic!), hence putting this in both sections.

: Hana Yori Dango - Admittedly, I watched the drama first and tended to skew towards that version, but I've read a fair amount of the manga and genuinely like it, so I'll read manga fic because I'm at the point where I can take the canons seperately, each for their own merits. (Hence being linked both on the manga and drama indices.) Most of the Hanadan fic I'll rec will actually be mangaverse, but you could probably be a fan of the drama and still read it just fine, I think. I OTP the hell out of Tsukasa/Tsukushi and 90% of the fic I read will be about them, either apart or together. Occasionally, I'll read Soujirou/Yuuki or Soujirou/Akira and I still pine for one good pre-series Rui/Tsukasa, but for the most part... yeah, Doumyouji/Makino Forever. ♥

: Mei-chan no Shitsuji - Mei-chan no Shitsuji wasn't a drama I expected to like much, I'm not usually that big on the ikemen buffet style shows and I wasn't expecting to really get invested in the cracked out drama of the season. But I was watching because it had Mizushima Hiro in it and he was a butler, I am totally okay with my kinks. And then somehow I kind of actually fell in love with the characters and the relationship. I'm very much about the Rihito/Mei OTP, but I'll also read fic for just about any of the lady/butlers pairings as well. It's a tiny fandom, but I'm determined to scour it thoroughly. ♥

: Nirvana in Fire - [ * * * ]

: Nobuta wo Produce - Nobuta was one of those series that got me back into jdrama and the JE/jpop scene again. It was a genuinely good drama and there's a reason that it's one of those that baits a lot of fans who've never watched jdrama before into the whole genre. While there's not a ton of fanfic for the series, there are a handful of really, truly excellent stories to be found. I lean towards Akira/Shuuji fic, so I'll seek that out a lot more, but I will also happily read gen and this section is going to be a mix of the two.

: Nodame Cantabile - Like Hanadan, most of the fic I will be able to find will be manga (or anime) based and I like both versions well enough and find them similar enough to be satisfying. I still include them in the jdrama section, though, because that's the way I lean myself and figure there may be other people like me out there. I doubt I would branch out much beyond Chiaki/Nodame (who are so very OTP for me), but if authors wanted to write some Mine/Kiyora, I would also be all over that.

: RH+ - I probably shouldn't be giving RH+ its own section, but... I really want there to be more of a fandom for this one! It's a quiet little show (based on a BL manga, though, the drama wasn't as explicit about it, it was more just really, really slashy and kind of pre-slash? idk) that somehow just completely charmed me and then there was a fandom for it! I'll go with pretty much anything because the fandom is so small, but I'll admit to a severe fondness for Ageha. But pretty much anything with the main characters goes. <3

: TricK - Oh, man, this series took me a few episodes to get into, it's kind of very cheesy, but the two main leads have so much chemistry that it is ridiculous. You just want to lock them in a room until they start making out, that's how much I loved the way they interacted and how incredibly hot their bitching at each other was. There's not a huge fandom for this series, but what's here is really good and delights me with how they keep the bitching between them even after they get together and asdflkjasdlkj I need more, okay?

: VOICE - This is another drama I watched just for the actor that was going to be in it (Satou Tomohito/Yuuki/whatever) but then actually sort of fell in love with the cast. The fandom is tiny and probably isn't going to grow much, but there were a handful of utterly amazing fics that really got me. I was all about the Hanei/Teppei/Ryousuke threesome or pretty much any permutation of it with those characters, so that's what I tended to look for most.

: Yamada Tarou Monogatari - Not too much longer after I got into Arashi, Sho and Nino did the Yamada Tarou Monogatari drama together and it was a pretty big hit and their characters were kind of seriously gay for each other. While fandom didn't write much (nor did they seem to get with the Sho/Nino program, either), I still live in hope that there will be a little more Mimura/Tarou fic out there someday. Most of these fics (if not all) will be based on the jdrama, rather than the manga series, since most people were watching for the actors instead of the story. (And, man, were they delightfully gay about it. ♥)

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

: Engine Sentai Go-Onger - Go-Onger I pretty much started watching just because it was this year's sentai, but then I actually sort of fell in love with it. It's adorable and it's totally feel-good and a;lskdjfa;lksj holy crap do I love Sousuke. He continues the trend of me falling for the Reds in sentai and I will ship him with pretty much EVERYONE. EVERYONE. I have a fondness for Sousuke/Gunpei, but I kind of seriously think Sousuke sees the entire cast as his girlfriends and I love him for it. I'll also read pretty much any other mix of the Go-Ongers or the Go-On Wings, because I'm not really fussy. Fandom seems to not really have developed any OTPs, so I'll read a fairly wide variety of things. Whatever happens to get written, pretty much.

: GoGo Sentai Boukenger - Because of capncosmo, who liked this series a lot, I decided to branch out from just the Kamen Rider series and start watching some sentai. And while Boukenger didn't capture me as hard as I would have liked, I adored the characters and a lot of my frustration with the series is that I shipped Akashi/Masumi super, super hard in the first dozen episodes, which the show kind of totally dropped after awhile. It made it difficult to get through the rest of the episodes when I was pouting over losing my OTP. XD And Masumi is my favorite, so I'll ship him with a lot of people, but I actually don't read that much fic for him. I read some, but I also read a lot of pairings like Souta/Natsuki and Souta/Sakura and Sakura/Natsuki and I would seriously read at least one Eiji/Masumi fic. So this is probably going to be a mix of a bunch of things.

: Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger - Oh, man. I'm not even sure why I started Gekiranger, probably only because it was aired in 2007 and thus somewhat recent and I wanted to try another series. And the first half of this series was the SENTAI OF MY HEART. It changed up the formula of the fights, it had an actual villain that had a story to him, and I had a hardcore OTP with Jan/Retsu. Once the second half got more into the formulaic/episodic nature and focused on other things besides the original trio (I liked that it wasn't a five-person team like every other sentai I'd tried, though, I was cool with Gou joining because as;dlkfjasl;kj he was so inappropriate at his baby brother that it was fantastic) and they dropped a lot of the Jan/Retsu, so my interested ebbed as well. I went along with pretty much whatever fandom put out, which was mostly Jan/Retsu and Gou/Rio, but I was also fine with gen stuff and Rio/Mele grew on me a lot. Also, I had a strong love of Gou/Retsu because as;ldkfjalks that shower scene omg.

: Kamen Rider Kabuto - You know. I never expected this. I thought I'd just watch a little tokusatsu with Meg to make her happy as she was writing an Arashi tokusatsu fic and because I was curious about what she was so excited over. So I watched. And-- and oh my god. Kagami/Tendou ate me so hard and I spent the two weeks after marathoning the series in a Kabuto-induced daze while I scoured the fandom and tried to make everyone I knew write fic because I didn't want to have to do it myself. The fandom is practically tiny, though, but damn if I'm not going to keep looking. *___* It's-- it's become one of those series that I just can't quite let go of, not just for the OTP (which was an epic OTP that I haven't seen in a long time, not just epic and totally gay, but actually good and truly satisfying), but because I love the whole thing. The fic will be mostly centered on the OTP, but if the other pairings get some fic, I'll probably be happy to branch out. <3

: Kamen Rider Den-O - If I never expected Kabuto to happen, I never really expected to have another experience anything like it at all, even a little bit, again. And Kabuto will always be the sentai of my heart, but Den-O has Yuuto. And I love Yuuto and his grumpy faces with all my fangirl heart. The fandom is pretty quiet on the English side of things (and I'm not going to rec j-fanart because they lock it down really hard and don't seem to want it publicized, but holy crap is there a ton of it if you know where to look) but there are a handful of awesome Ryoutarou/Yuuto fics. And eventually I am going to read/rec them all. ♥ Though, occasionally there might be some gen? Idk.

: Kamen Rider Kiva - The problem with me and the Kiva fandom is that I have an OTP and that's pretty much all I want. I fell hard for Nago/Wataru early on--and the early 30s only reinforced it, despite that it had been awhile--with occasional fondness for Jirou/Yuri and Otoya/Maya and eventually Otoya/Yuri. Admittedly, the mid-to-late-30s all the way to the end kind of destroyed it and then gave me the SUPER OTP of Taiga/Wataru, but that's even more rare in fandom. I like the occasional bit of gen as well, but mostly. My OTPs are what my heart really wants. And fandom is so quiet and hardly anyone writes much of anything, much less my OTP. But I shall keep hoping and working on it! XD

: Kamen Rider Decade - Decade is a surprisingly small fandom for how popular it seems to be, how much potential there is with the characters. But it's also partly that Kamen Rider fandoms are always kind of terribly small and I'm really mostly interested Tsukasa/Natsumi, which seems to be even quieter than usual? Of course I go for the het pairing to the exclusion of everything else and shoot myself in the foot with it. orz But it'd be so awesome! :Db

: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - There's not a ton of PGSM-based fic, but I continue to hope that maybe someday there will be. For now, there are just a small handful of little fics that I really enjoyed and are very much worth reading. I lean towards Mamoru/Usagi (omg, they made me fall in love with the UsaMamo pairing all over again ♥) and the Dark Kings, I would love to see an author's take on the possibility of Kunzite/Zoisite in this universe. I'm pretty open to everything, it all depends on what fandom decides to produce.

: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger - The thing that really attracts me to Dekaranger is, of course, the pairing of Ban/Hoji, which seemed to be really popular in fandom. (Also, capncosmo loves the series a lot.) And I'm slowly starting to perk up in interest with the other characters and maybe some of the other pairings, because the cast is delightful and awesome, but I suspect that Ban/Hoji will be forever my OTP. Ban is... well, with every sentai I watch, I have this tendency to fall pretty hardcore for the Reds. Not that I don't love the other characters a lot (Hoji is so totally my type and Sen-chan is super awesome and I want to be Jasmine when I grow up and Umeko is brilliantly done and I love her) but there's just. Something I adore about the Reds. So, combine my two favorite things with Red/Blue? Yes plz. It helps that fandom ships them hardcore and the show is kind of, um. Really gay with them.

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