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: Original Fiction & Art Recs - Every so often, I wander through a site that has original art that just utterly stuns me or I'll happen to wander into someone's original writing and it was well-done enough to captivate me. I don't have as much time for these things as I wish I could have, but I have enough that I felt a section was warranted. From here on out, it'll probably be mostly original art recs, since they're faster/take less time and I often times stumble over a fanart site that has an original section that's worth noting, so up it goes.

: Webcomics Recs - There are a handful of webcomics that I'll keep up with or that I tore through because I liked the art or the storyline well enough to be engaged by it. I tend to be really fussy about what clicks with me and so probably most of the ones I really like are already well-known, but... well, at least it might provide a starting point? ;;;;; (Will probably be rarely updated, as I tend to go in very long cycles of ebb/flow with webcomics. They have archives, so it's often worth the wait for me to let them pile up for awhile.)

: Honeydew Syndrome Fanwork Recs - I followed the link to this comic one day on a whim and spent an hour or two reading through the whole entire thing and just being delightfully charmed by it. It was cute and it had boys kissing and it was just a really fun read. And then there was fanfic and some of it is really, really excellent and brilliant to read after marathoning the comic. So. Webcomic fanfic. That's a new one for me. But I'm delighted that there's a fandom for it! ♥ Mostly I read pretty much only Josh/Metis, but some background pairings will pop up once in awhile, too.

: VOCALOID Fanwork Recs - Yeah, I don't get it, either. There's no real canon, there's no personalities to get attached to, there's nothing really there to latch onto in terms of source material, aside from the songs and the character images. Yet, it's one of the most insanely huge fandoms (and it exploded in such a relatively short timeframe, too) that I've ever seen. I can't explain it, I can't explain why it's so addicting, why it's so much fun, other than to say that the art is often downright stunning and there's always more of it. It's hard not to get addicted. (I tend to focus more on VOCALOID art on pixiv, but I'm slowly branching out into fanart sites proper.)

: Other Fic - Okay, see. This section was created mostly because there was an RPF fic that I read that was utterly brilliant and I had no idea where to put it on the site, because it didn't fit any of the other catagories. So I had to make a new one and tuck it away in this section. I'm not sure what else would possibly go up here (as I already have an original section and I'm not much of a reader of RPF), but I suppose I at least needed to have the section.

: Ficlets and Drabbles - I decided to start something new recently, because I always passed over recommending drabbles and ficlets, since they were too short to write a proper rec for, but I always pouted a little as some of them were really good or just really funny. With all those "100" comms starting up lately, I've been reading in large doses to get my fill of fic (if you read 10 of them, you get 1,000 words and that's almost like a regular fic? XD) and I wanted a way to share that. So, what I'm going to do is write just a line or two about why I liked it or what it's about and then let the ficlet speak for itself. Arranged by series and pairing, of course, will probably be working the kinks out of this section for awhile.

: Artbits and Sketches - Much in the same way I started rec'ing shortfics/drabbles, I've taken to rec'ing individual art illustrations because I've been ravenous for a few series lately. And there just aren't a lot of LOVELESS or Trinity Blood sites that are in English, but some deviantART or LJ members may have one or two illustrations in their account that I really liked and eventually it can start to add up. I will not be deep-linking to any j-fanartists, because they generally really, really don't like that, but I consider anything on deviantART or LiveJournal (or any other art hosting sites) to be fair game. They'll be arranged by series and pairings/lack of pairings will likely be all over the map.

: LiveJournal Posts - Sometimes I think there are some really interesting discussions or funny little skits or conversations that made me just about blow soda out my nose and I wanted a way to gather some of those links up to shove at people. Mostly because I appreciate it when people link me to that kind of thing as well, but also just because I want to share when I find something that makes me laugh. Or make me start thinking or make me coo in general because something was just so cool or it was just a really interesting resource for the fandom. They'll be very fandom-related, though, so I'll ease up on the meta for this section. ....I think.

: Anime Music Videos - Originally, I linked these just off the anime page, since I didn't really anticipate it growing much or even beyond anime stuff. But then I discovered which allowed me to load the videos without having to download them and I went nuts with it because Noel kept egging me on and it was so easy to watch all of them. Plus, omg, there are some great videos out there! I also, um, sort of have this bizarre addiction to the cheesy songs--anything with I'm Too Sexy or The Hamster Dance or anything by Aqua, I tended to be all over it. Also, you will not believe how many Furuba AMVs there are. ._____.

: Doujinshi - I'm not sure why it took me as long as it did to start recommending doujinshi (mostly probably because I wasn't sure how I'd organize it in the posts/on the site) but eventually I did and it's kind of amazing how much is out there. I'll mostly stick to the big name fandoms just because that's where the doujinshi is (like Naruto and One Piece and Prince of Tennis) and it's easier to find what I'm looking for, but occasionally I branch out. I recommend both scanslated and raw, but I'll always mark which is which for those who only want one or the other.

: Cosplay Recs - Ack! I can't believe I forgot to link the cosplay section for this long! Not that there's a ton on here, I don't go looking for cosplay that often, but once in awhile.... Mostly, it started with one really awesome Death Note cosplay site, then one or two FMA ones that really tickled my fancy, one or two for rare series that I was delighted just to see any fanworks for then... sorta branched out and there were enough that I felt I could make a page for it. ....or at least that's sort of how it went in my mind, given that the two sites are multiple-series, even those there are only two on this page. ....err, someday I'll expand. Maybe.

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