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- Final Fantasy AMV - Final Fantasy Numa by KuramasSweetheart - So, Noel told me to go watch this video tonight and I did, because she manages to find the best videos. This one is no exception--right from the beginning, the FFX-2 footage is used beautifully with the music and all the different FF series just blend so amazingly well together and it's actually really kind of exciting. Like how promo videos for the games are exciting, because the music is high octane, because the clips are full of action, because they match so well, and it makes you want to play! Or at least hunt down everything you can about the games, because they look so beautiful and the clips are so well-chosen and, okay, I admit I like the song. It's fun and I love that they used footage from FFVI, FFVII, FFVII:AC, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, KH, KHII, and probably more. ♥ In a lot of ways, this could almost have been a promotional video for Square because it uses all these different games and it actually works together, the video usees all these dramatic moments from the games so well. And, god, I love the moments they chose for the little "Hello"s in the video. XD (No warnings.)

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Cloud and Sephiroth: Wings of a Butterfly - I admit, I was attracted to this one because of the whole Sephiroth/Cloud thing, but if you're not a fan of the pairing, don't let that deterr you too much, since it's not really a shippy video so much. What I really like about this one is the same with a lot of the artist's videos is that it's a really solid, really good video, there's a certain impact/punch to it that doesn't let up the entire time, like you can tell the artist spent a lot of time making videos or really planned this out well. I love the tone of the song, I love that it used footage from the game, from AC, from LO, but it didn't feel weird or jarring to me, everything blended really well. I think it probably helps if you're a fan of the dynamic between these two, but it's also just a really good video all on its own.

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Rumors - So, apparently, I'm going to watch just about every AMV by this artist pretty much ever. But they're such good videos and this one is no exception. There are two things I really loved about this one--one, there are a zillion clips and cuts in this AMV, so everything feels incredibly fast-paced and it matches the music beautifully. I loved that I could watch the whole thing and it just felt like everything was zooming around, in a really good way. Two, the song choice is BRILLIANT. For multiple reasons. ♥

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Sexy Advent Children - YES. I KNEW IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE I FOUND IT. Advent Children AMV + Right Said Fred = Way, way, funnier than it should be. But I totally clapped my hands in glee over it because the video had a certain sort of charm to it. Maybe it's just that I wanted to be in love with this video, so I grew more comfortable with it as it went along (there are moments when it's fairly obvious the artist was only doing this for fun) and by the end I enjoyed the hell out of it? Because, c'mong. Kadaj and Sephiroth and Yazoo and Vincent and Reno? So totally asking for this song. And, yet, I think my favorite may have been Barret. Or maybe Rude. ♥ Totally worth the time it takes to watch. XDDDD And I love the ending.

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - FF7 Advent Children Captain Planet Parody! - I have no idea if other people are going to find this as funny as I did, but there's something about the simple genius of the editing that gets me every time. It's not perfect, it's just that the concept sent me into fits the first time I saw it and it actually holds up pretty well on rewatching it later. The ending gets me every time, seriously. XD

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Eden - Wow, this is beautifully done AMV, the game graphics are used really well without being repetitive, the scenes match the song and there's this gorgeous weighty feeling to everything. I wouldn't necessarily call it "sad" per se, but there's a certain something about it that's just... it fits with the themes and tones of FFVII. The song is beautiful, the editing is lovely, and everything is... melancholy, yes. Very, very pretty AMV, probably one of the best FFVII ones I've seen, certainly one of the best I've seen with game graphics. ♥

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Hamster Dance - So, Cam posts about this AMV in her journal, I'm curious (along with an extreme weakness to the Hamster Dance song) and play it... and promptly starting rolling around on the floor and giggling way harder than is probably necessary. I dunno what it is about this one, whether it's the sped up clips to match the pace of the song or the particular clips chosen or the little "Woo!" things that are synchronized beautifully... something about this one had me putting a hand against my mouth yet again to stop the giggling. *goes to rewatch*

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Tra la la - I know I shouldn't enjoy this one as much as I did, but there's something about the opening lyrics over a shot of Reno that cracked me the hell up. But it's also that it's genuinely well put together, the clips match the pace of the song, everything looks really smooth and polished. There's even lip synching and god if that didn't crack me the hell up even more. The Cloud/Tifa and then Cloud/Kadaj and then Sephiroth/Cloud cracked me up even more after that, despite that it actually could almost be a serious AMV, it's pretty enough and well put together enough, it's just... really, really funny, too. Beautiful.

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Sephiroth As Tarzan, Cloud As Jane - There is something about me that enjoys the off-the-wall AMVs probably even more than the serious ones. I mean. Tarzan!Sephiroth? Jane!Cloud? I clicked that sucker as fast as I could. Then promptly spent the entire video laughing my ass off and going, "Dude, that would have made the Tarzan world, like, a BILLION TIMES BETTER! I WANT THAT now!" The video is just. It's somehow timed beautifully so that it's great, the concept is beautiful in that cracktastic way, and I just... oh, I love it. It fills me with glee.

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Imaginary - There's something entirely appropriate about an Evanescence song used for Sephiroth and Cloud, all the overly dramatic, dark, but still so beautiful and sweeping music, the kind that... okay, yeah, as much as I like lighter stuff sometimes, I also like videos like this that totally play on the angst of the relationship. The video is well done, the fight scenes are used really, really well, it gets across Cloud's emotions nicely and makes me love the character even more than I did before. Not just as half of a pair, but that I love Cloud by himself.

- Final Fantasy VII AMV - Lonely Sephiroth - I admit that part of my fondness for this AMV is that it appeals to me as a sometimes Sephiroth/Zack fan, the beginning of this AMV totally made me want to go out and look for fic. Part of it that I just like Sephiroth a lot and I really liked the Last Order animation and I just... yeah, I kinda liked the concept of this AMV. The song might have worked better for Cloud, but I still like it for Sephiroth, it put the idea of "shadow's the only one who walks beside me" = JENOVA. (Not that the video implied it, but I thought it would be cool.) And, honestly, the video was VERY well put together considering the lack of material, there was only one OAV to use, not that much time of Sephiroth fighting against Zack or Cloud, but the video used it pretty damn well. I really liked this one.

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