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- Final Fantasy VIII - Into the Storm - Noel sent me this video tonight because I'm such a Squall/Rinoa fan and because this video was just beautiful. Not that that's the only point of the video, just that those who like the pairing might geek out on it. The real reason to watch the video is that it's just gorgeous, that the clips chosen match the tempo of the song amazingly well, whether fast or slow, everything felt brilliantly paced. There was no point where I felt like the scenes didn't match the music perfectly... to the point that this really could have been used as a trailer for the game. That's how perfect it felt.

- Final Fantasy VIII - My Heart Will Go On - NOEL'S FAULT. TOTALLY NOEL'S FAULT. SERIOUSLY. I scoffed at her for the Titanic song and Squinoa vid, but she made me watch anyway and do you know how embarassing it is to get all wibbly over a Celine Dion song? It's just. I'm so disgustingly shippy for those two, the song was so perfect, it used the FMV footage so beautifully, that it really looked like a Squinoa version of the music video. *sigh* By the time I got to Squall and Rinoa flying into each others' arms, I think I was a horrible mess of goo on the floor. We shall never speak of this again. (But, really, the AMV is gorgeously done, it's one of the best I've seen.)

- Final Fantasy VIII AMV - FFVIII AMV - One of the perils of poking around for FF AMVs is that the same footage is used over and over and over again, so it has to take a little something extra to get your attention with AMVs after awhile. But there's something about the way these clips are strung together to make a trailer for the game that's just really kinda neat. The music is well chosen, the clips match the tempo of the song, it's actually enticing without giving away too many spoilers, it's just... well-done. I liked it a lot.

- Final Fantasy VIII AMV - Listen to Your Heart - This song is one of those that I really wanted to see a FFVIII music video for, especially a Squall/Rinoa one because it just... felt like a song that would fit the couple. The artist of this AMV does a lovely job with it, too, the clips feel a little fresh again, the choices to match to the lyrics were good, and the whole thing just... okay. I know I'm a dippy Squall/Rinoa fangirl. But this is the kind of AMV that totally plays into that, it celebrates how much they love each other, how desperately they fell in love with each other, it fits the tone of the relationship. Which is exactly what I wanted. Also, that final scene where Squall smiles at her from the end of the game? The real smile that he finally was able to give her? Makes me melt into a giant pile of goo every time.

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