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- Fruits Basket AMV - Old McAkito - Another video Noel pointed me towards and I just utterly, utterly fell in love with it. I mean, it was cute at first, but when it got to the "chicken" part, I just lost it, it was some how so quietly such a perfect thing to do for the video. It helps that the video was also just well-done on a technical level, the artist didn't skimp on putting in new clips for the "with a moo-moo here, a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo" parts, so it really felt that much more professional for it. I just... I can watch the whole thing again and again, I love it so much. ♥

- Fruits Basket AMV - A Song For Everyone - Yet another AMV that Noel found and pointed out. <3 Holy shit, I love this AMV! Furuba often has the most insanely retarded videos you'll ever see in fandom, but every so often, there is one that's just gold. I enjoyed the first two segments of this one, I love the songs they chose for Tohru and Kyou, the synching and choice of clips was really great. Then it got to Yuki and I lost it. I totally would have choked on my soda if I'd been drinking at the time, it was just so perfectly chosen and timed and... AHAHAHAHAHA, GENIUS. Also, Shigure is just pure, simple GENIUS as well. And, finally, Ayame's is probably the only time I've actually been impressed when that song was used. The whole AMV is just all-over GRAND. ♥

- Fruits Basket AMV - Listen to your heart - I am such a sucker for the softer songs with Fruits Basket, especially when they're lovely little Kyouru videos that just make me go, "....ow." There's this beautiful sense to the video, everything is done in these soft colors and the music fits together with the visuals and the Kyou/Tohru pairing, especially the last few episodes of the anime. I mean, part of it is that the video is well-done on a technical level, there's no subtitles, there's not much mouth movement that jars against the lyrics, the clips chosen have expressions that hit home with the words. But it's also... this video strikes right at my heart in much the same way episode 26 of the anime did, the way my heart just aches for the characters. For that, it's beautifully done.

- Fruits Basket AMV - The joy of Fruits Basket - I admit, in some ways, this video felt sort of... I don't know. Random, I guess. But because I enjoyed the song, I found myself tapping my foot to the fast beat, and I really liked the fast-pace of the clips that actually matched the beat! Sometimes I really like something for a technical aspect and the artist often chose a lot of really great clips and just... yeah, it's fun. :D

- Fruits Basket AMV - Ayame is too sexy!! - This AMV isn't perfect, but it's solid enough that it stands out from the gazillion other AMVs that use the I'm Too Sexy song... plus, it's great because it's Ayame. There are some slow parts to the video, but every so often, you can tell the artist really spent some time with it and there'll be a series of rapid-fire clips or a particularily perfectly timed bit and I'll be all, "....heeheehee, I ♥ this video again!" over it. High-school!Ayame flashbacks were particularily well used, hee. XD

- Fruits Basket AMV - The FUN Song! - asdkfjla;sdjflakjsdflaksj. Fruits Basket. Spongebob Squarepants. The FUN Song. These things should not go together if you're, you know, sane, but this was beautiful. The choices of Momiji for Spongebob and Kyou for Plankton are just... asdflkjasldfjkalsdkf, beautiful. And the way the video dealt with the last third of the song... I break out laughing every single time. This is one of those where the execution just sort of wins.

- Fruits Basket AMV - Ayame Ballet - Somehow, I keep thinking this concept shouldn't work, especially since there are no words to the music, it's just soft, classic music... with Ayame footage. And yet. The artist chose some really great clips (the opening thirty seconds or so have some especially great moments) and manages to capture the absolute insanity of the Furuba series through this AMV. And, god, the choices for the dramatic parts of the song, just past halfway through, are fabulous, they suck me into this AMV every time I go to rewatch it. Which I think is the charm of it, really, the more you watch, the more it sort of... builds and builds and pulls you in somehow.

- Fruits Basket AMV - Who Let Shigure Out - This song has been used a bunch of times with Furuba/Shigure AMVs I'm sure, but most of the time they just somehow don't quite fit... this one, on the other hand, had some really great clip choices and some really solid editing so that the video was actually fun to watch. The opening is especially strong, the first thirty seconds or so are just about perfect and set the tone of the video, I think. It's certainly not perfect, but it's got a solid flow to it and I could actually watch it without getting antsy and wanting to close the video. Which doesn't happen that often with this song, honestly. *sheepish*

- Fruits Basket AMV - Numa Numa Aya - aslflakjsdflakjsdfljk, awesome. I mean, the editing wasn't perfect and there was a lot of tiny little flaws (obvious freezing/stuttering of certain scenes, but just for a small moment, etc.), but there's so much I love about this one. The choice of Ayame is fantastic, the high-paced clips are grand and well-chosen, and I really love the opening/ending sequences with the original dialogue that frame the video perfectly. Seriously one of the best uses of the Numa Numa song yet. ♥

- Fruits Basket AMV - Why Don't You Get a Job - Despite that Kyou/Kagura isn't my pairing, the humor and fantastic editing of this and my love for Offspring music wins over it. XD Plus, it really wouldn't work with Tohru or most of the other pairings, so I suppose I'll have to forgive it. ^_~ The clips chosen for this song are really solid, the lip synching isn't at the expense of the flow of the rest of the video (some of the scenes were really, really well done, too), and the whole thing winds up being just great. Once again, Furuba AMVs win for humor and sheer crack. XD

- Fruits Basket AMV - Pretty Little Baby - There's something about this song that goes amazingly well with the Fruits Basket style, probably because it's so shoujo and the light hearted, bright melody go well together. Even when the AMV uses some of the more depressing footage from the anime, it's still just... cute. Or maybe I just really like the song? ♥ It's not a perfect AMV, but it's definitely cute and worth a watch.

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