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- Host Club AMV - Boys - I was wandering around looking for shiny new Hamster Dance AMVs (shut up, it's an addiction, I need help, I swear) and found this wonderful, wonderful gem. Host Club! AMV! With upbeat music and the rapid pace of the clips totally match both the frantic feel of the series (without being too frantic) and the song choice is great and I was entranced the entire time I watched it. God, this just fills me with even more lost for Host Club, I tell you. And if this is the artist's first video? Wow, I want more from them! :O!

- Host Club AMV - Wannabe - So I found the previous Host Club AMV. Well, naturally, I had to type in "host club amv" into YouTube and see what else I could find! I watched this one and then promptly had to hit the pause button because I was laughing too hard inside of thirty seconds. Host Club. Spice Girls. Wannabe. Beautiful lip synching and fast-paced clips and fantastic choices. AWESOME. It just does not let up with the brilliant perfection of it throughout the entire thing and, god, it's another one of those AMVs where I suddenly absolutely crave more of the series, more episodes, more fic, more art, more manga, whatever! It's just so... perfect.

- Host Club AMV - Tamaki = Love Fool - I was amused by the cute AMV for awhile, not the kind that would make me swirl around the room with heart-shaped eyes, but solid. But then. Oh, god, then. In the lyrics, it gets to the part with "Mama told me not to bother~~" (referring to trying to win over the love) with a shot of Kyouya being cool and Tamaki flailing in the background and I died. That one moment alone makes it fabulous. But the rest of it is adorable, too, some good clip choises, a really nice use of the sparkles and spinning roses to match the fluffy lyrics, all that. ♥

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Lifestyles Of The Ouran Host Club - Admittedly, there's a lot about this video that could have been better, pacing and clip selection are especially... not bad, but not great, either. I'm recommending it anyway because it shows a lot of promise (and I'd like for the artist to make more <3) and because the concept just tickles me somehow. The song choice is a good one and it's a very watchable AMV, I managed to get all the way through it, which happens with about only half of the AMVs I watch. Plus, it's fun to watch Tamaki spaz to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and utterly NOT GET that he's so different. XD

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Tamaki Feels Pretty - One of the interesting things about not watching the Host Club anime is that the footage is almost always new to me or not overwhelmed with the original context, so when I watch an AMV like this, it's even more neat. And just. Hahahahaha, brilliant song choice for Tamaki, some great clips (it occasionally falters, but there are other times where it's just perfect, so it all balances out), and overall it's FUN and NEAT, just like you'd want a Host Club AMV to be. Especially great because I can totally see Tamaki singing this and, you know, I went <3 <3 <3 a lot at the ending. ♥

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Tamaki and Haruhi's Flying Car Dilemma - So, you wouldn't think that conversation from the Clerks movie, the one about the flying car, would be a good fit with a series like Host Club, but this was kind of awesome. The lip synching is really solid and the expressions/body language fit well with the tone of the voices, so you can almost imagine they actually are having this conversation. But it's the little touches that really make the video, the little pictures of cars or the world that they insert at the right time so that I ended up having to very, very carefully not roll around on the floor in fits of laughter.

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Host Club Boom Boom - This is one of those AMVs that had a few moments where it wasn't perfect, but the rest of it was somehow just beautiful. A little bit crack parody, a little bit seriousness, just like the mix of a Host Club AMV should be. It's upbeat, it's fun, it's got some great lip synching moments, certain moments in the video are fantastic, it uses the broad, sweeping clips of the series really well, the credits usage to match the beat of the song is fantastic, and it makes me fall in love with every single character all over again. It's one of those that's a great blend of song choice and artist's execution of the concept, the kind that pumps me up for the series all over again. Just. Just. Flailing and love, man.

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Honey's True Nature - .....LOL. I have a great love of Hunny's true nature (I love that he totally eggs the rest of the club on through cute antics, that he's totally not serious half of the time) and so this AMV came along at just the right time, in just the right way that it made me laugh like a loon. The clip/song choices are great, especially contrasted against each other as they are. It's just. Oh, god. So funny. When the second song kicks in and Hunny goes into his dark mood, it's just brilliant. The image of Hunny "singing" those lyrics... asd;ljalsd;fjals, hahahahahaha *rolls around*

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Boys and Girls - There's just something about Host Club that goes so well with Aqua music, which is totally making my morning here because I love Aqua music. (To probably a bizarre degree.) This is a really solid AMV, it's got a few of those quiet little moments that make me squee, like Mori/Haruhi scenes during the "I think you could use a little smile" lyrics, which is just totally appropriate. Or tons of Tamaki being dramatic during the more fast-paced parts of the songs, lots of uses of the sparklies and roses in the animation and it's just... really fun.

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Can't Touch This - You know, I'm not really that fond of this song, much less constantly hearing the Family Guy version over and over (yet I have a sickness in that I keep deliberately looking for them), but the clips chosen for this one are awesome. Tamaki's goofy antics, whether he's doing the "worm" or the "Peter Griffin bump" or parking in other people's spots (well, you know what I mean), this has some of the most appropriate clips I've seen. I really wound up enjoying this one a lot more than I expected to! :D

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Uptown Girl(s) - I admit, I was a little wary to click on this AMV since it's not my pairing, but... I also have to say that I laughed the entire way through the video. (Also, there really wasn't any other way to cast the whole thing.) It's just. Tamaki. Tamaki as the Uptown Girl and the clips chosen are solid enough that I got several laughs out of this one. The text across the screen is just somehow so damn funny, too--it helps that the artist didn't push the text too often, so instead it was funny the whole way through.

- Ouran Koukou Host Club AMV - Tamaki man of love - asdlkfjalsd;al;ksflkj, holy shit, those were some beautifully chosen clips for this song. I mean. The song itself is just egocentric enough that I laughed and laughed at Tamaki singing it, but it's the way the artist managed to either lip synch just enough clips or make clips that were previously mostly innocent into horribly dirty, dirty things. It's beautiful, really. Note: Some not work-safe content in this video, both in terms of the way the footage was manipulated and the lyrics.

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - If I Were Gay - Another link from disordered-mess and wow. I think this might be the best If I Were Gay amv I have seen yet. The clip choices were kind of fantastic, there was just enough lip synching to make it amusing, but the actual expressions on Kyouya and Tamaki's faces were a great match as well. I laughed the whole way through this one. XD (Sort of Kyouya and Tamaki, sort of not.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - Glitter and be Gay - Another from disordered-mess and this is one of the best Tamaki vids I've seen pretty much ever, both for content and the way it was put together. The song is a terrific fit (and makes me lol for being a classical soprano song) but it's also the clip choice and editing, it's so smooth and the synching is fantastic. And most of it just. Makes me explode with love for Tamaki all over again, he is seriously one of those people you just. Explode with love for.

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - Kyouya the Unicorn - You... you don't know how hard I laughed during this vid. Ouran Koukou Host Club. Kyouya. Charlie the Unicorn. Candy Mountain. And it's just. It uses liberally from the episode where they drag Kyouya to the mall and the clips match the voices hilariously and some of the expressions Kyouya makes and just. LOL. It's not perfect, but it's a great parody and kept just the right tone to the whole thing. Seriously, if you don't even crack a smile, I don't know you. :|

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - That Don't Impress Me Much - This is another cute little vid that I couldn't help being charmed by. It helps that I don't mind the song and it's upbeat enough to keep me watching, but I really liked the clip choices and the whole concept is funny, because it fits Haruhi so well. The flatly unimpressed reactions she has to Kyouya, Tamaki, and the twins are used really well in the vid and I really liked the way it stayed consistent the whole way through.

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - Kiss the Girl - Crying. Just. Crying during this whole vid. The concept is hilarious--the song from The Little Mermaid set to all of these scenes with Kyouya and Tamaki--and the artist pulls it off really well, which is impressive given that it's a BL pairing. (On the other hand, it's Kyouya/Tamaki, you've got material to work with even in the anime.) There were some really inspired moments, I think there must have been at least three times that I literally went LOL and nearly had to pause the video before continuing. And every time the twins were singing Sebation's background/chorus stuff, I also lost it. Beautiful. ♥ (Kyouya/Tamaki.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - I Think I Love You - This is another one that's not perfect but... idk, I really liked the song choice for this pairing, because they are so much about the love obviously being there, but trying to hold back for whatever reason. Especially Kyouya who would of course be wary of falling so deeply that he could never get back out of love with Tamaki. And what I liked about this one (aside from the song being a fun choice) is that the content of the clips often matches up really well with the lyrics, the looks Kyouya keeps giving Tamaki and vice versa. The quiet but deep fond looks Kyouya would give Tamaki are my favorite moments in this vid, they're the ones that really made it work for me. (Kyouya/Tamaki.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - Girlfriend - Okay, a couple of things. This vid takes awhile to get going (including the thirty second intro that's not part of the fanvid proper, which confused me at first) and it's not perfect, but what it does is... it touches on three things that make it kind of super great for me. It uses Tamaki's grand gestures and the sparkles and shoujo backgrounds to great effect, especially during the chorus. It also uses some great Haruhi expressions as Kyouya's "girlfriend", which made me lol, often because it looked like she was just as unimpressed as anyone being stuck with that label. And the clip choices were often really good--Kyouya's fond looks and Tamaki knows that Kyouya likes him. (Kyouya/Tamaki.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - Reasons why Tamaki is so annoying - You know, I would not have thought that you could make a good anime music video out of a Scrubs song, but. The artist really did kind of a great job picking scenes to fit the tone/lyrics and having a few inspired reaction shots and the song certainly fit better than I was expecting. I also thought the twins as the Janitor's part of the song was kind of really well done. XDb

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - the bad touch - Oh god. Another vid where I cannot tell you how many times I just about totally lost it while watching. It's kind of really impressive just how much is crammed into this video, I don't think there was much of any repeated footage, but instead a constant stream of various people getting all up in Haruhi's personal space or hilarious moments that were so great. Every time there was a dirty line synched up with Kyouya's scary face while Haruhi shrunk away in fear, I laughed so hard. And god the twins, every time they showed up, it was non-stop lol, too.

Ouran Koukou Host Club Fanvid - The Internet is for Porn - I imagine there are probably a bunch of other Host Club videos that use this same song, but I'm kind of instantly partial to this one because asdl;kfjasl;jk AHAHAHA yes that's exactly how it would go. I love the casting choices for this, especially Haruhi any time she popped up or got a lip synching part. This wasn't a perfect vid, it could have been more polished, but the concept was great and there were enough moments that were brilliant or just completely on that I totally loved this.

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