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- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Hero - I admit, it sort of scares me that this AMV is well-done and that there are some weird implications in it (though, I don't mind the Riku/Sora, of course), but... it's actually really solidly done, the clips match the lyrics, nothing lingers too long, and you can tell the artist has had a lot of practice at this. It'll probably appeal more to those who are fans of the game, rather than anyone happening to wander by, but I liked it a lot?

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - La Resistance - [Note: There are both spoilers and graphic language in this AMV. It is not safe for work or if you're avoiding images from the end of the game.] I am sort of at a loss as to how to describe the brilliance of this. The editing is just fantastic, speeding up/slowing down the movements of the cut scenes to match the lyrics is just amazingly done. But. But. It's so much more than that. It's an astoundingly awesome execution of a brilliant premise. I spent the first thirty seconds going, "I know this song... I know this song... I know this---....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!" After that, the rest of the AMV was spent rolling around and clutching my sides and kicking my feet while trying to process the pure awesomeness. The clip choices are AWESOME and the editing is AWESOME and I DEFY you to get to Donald's part and not die of laughter. ♥

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Haunted - [Note: There are possibly some spoilers for KHII in this AMV.] I often tend to shy away from Evanescence music used in AMVs, because they often tend to end up badly. Not that there's anything wrong with the music, but I find the videos that accompany them are rarely good. This one, however? This one is the reason I still click on them now and again. The clips match the feel of the music, the dark blues and blacks of the beautiful of the World That Never Was, the gorgeous and incredibly powerful fight between Riku and Roxas fits with the dramatic music of the song. It LOOKS like a music video, it's paced like one, and I really enjoyed watching this.

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Kryptonite - [Note: There are possibly some spoilers for KHII in this AMV.] A really decent, solid KH AMV and what I liked about it was that the clips matched the feel of the song's pace, so it looked like a music video. It helps that I like the song well enough and parts of it fit with the KH friendships/relationships very nicely and while the AMV could have used a little more clips put in there (some lingered a few too seconds long for my taste, if I'm going to be picky), but overall? Totally solid and I got through the entire thing without being bored once. That's actually something of an accomplishment. (And don't let me fool you, it's quite well-done.)

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Axel's Hips Don't Lie - [Note: There may be some spoilers for KHII in this AMV. Nothing ultra-major, but if you don't want to know anything, skip this one for now.] measuringlife pointed this AMV out to me tonight and asldfkja;sldjfalsdjf the sheer awesome of it! Axel lip synching to Shakira's words and the little 'dances' he does and the words actually match up to all the 'singers' and asldfja;lsdfjalskjdf, it's awesome. There are moments when it totally looks like Axel really is dancing and it's beautifully put together/edited and I'm just going to go have happy squeeful amused fits now. XD

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - KH2 amv Hell-esque - I almost, almost gave this one a pass because the clips had potential, but almost seemed a little too random. And, I admit, I started fast forwarding a lot, but... then around the 2:05 mark there was this Xemnas part to the AMV. I watched and wondered what song it was and about ten seconds later, I stared in shock, then burst out laughing like a lunatic. Just. LOL. Though, I suspect it's one of those things you have to see at 4:30am to find it funny like I did. >_>a It slows down again after that. But. Then the Cloud and Sephiroth stuff came back and I started finding it the most hilarious thing ever. It's just. as;dljfalksjdflaskjd. Fantastic.

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - My Humps - measuringlife pointed this AMV out to me the other night. And, yes, my initial reaction was probably about the same was anyone who's reading this rec right now. Kingdom Hearts. My Humps. Together. asldfjalsdlkjasd, ow. But the more I watched it, the more fun it was, the more the clips were chosen rather brilliantly, the more I loosened up and thought it was kind of a completely awesome AMV. There are certain moments in it that are hilarious in addition to the fantastic lip synching.

- Kingdome Hearts AMV - Coconuts - Dian linked me to this AMV and it's just... god, the song will get stuck in your head something terrible. Which is part of the reason I'm recommending it, but it's also just sort of fun because it's actually well-put together (some of the expressions/body language/lip synching fits surprisingly well) and I dare you not to laugh at least once.

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - I touch Myself - After the previous AMV, I had to get that song out of my head any way I could. So, I saw a link for this video with an Axel/Roxas pairing and I totally clicked on it (and shoved the link at Dian, too) and it's just... it's not necessarily perfectly done, but the concept alone sends me into fits of delighted amusement and moments here and there are just grand. Totally, totally worth watching. >:D

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Listen to your Heart - There's something about the footage of Deep Dive that goes so very, very well with the "Listen to Your Heart" song so that even if there wasn't much editing, I sat and watched this whole video all the way through. Maybe I haven't watched the footage enough times to be sick of it, maybe I'm just easy to please, but something about this AMV was just... really good, a lot better than so many of the KH AMVs I've seen. It was a fantastic fit together.

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Saix Will Survive - It doesn't have to entirely make sense, okay? Sometimes you can just have Saix singing I Will Survive because it's funny, dammit. The artist of the AMV chose some great clips for this, so there are moments when I totally giggled out loud, especially when the song and expressions on his face matched up with the lyrics. God, I love this fandom sometimes.

- Kingdom Hearts AMV - Do I Creep You Out? - [Note: The video doesn't have too many real spoilers for KHII, not if you've played at least five or six hours of the game, but those who've never seen anything from it....] Omg, this was a beautiful AMV for Roxas/Axel and Roxas/Namine. Well. More like the two of them stalking him and it's just... this thing is brilliant all the way around. From the editing aspect of ripping the footage and editing out the subtitles and putting new ones in. To clip choices that are seriously fantastic choices so that it makes it feel like it actually matches the content. To just the whole entire concept that had me laughing and laughing even while I appreciated the technical merits. This is what more humor AMVs should aspire to be. It's great.

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