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- Naruto AMV - REAL NINJAS - [ listing is here.] Okay, this one was cute at first. Then I got about a minute into it, to the part with Gaara and I LOST IT. And then there was Orochimaru and I was, once again, pressing a fist against my mouth so as not to howl with laughter and make other people wonder what the hell was wrong with me. The video just kept on like that, until I was practically wheezing with laughter and utterly incoherent about how much I loved the whole thing. I seriously can't pinpoint a favorite part of this, not even the part with Gai, because then there was the Hamtaro thing and I just... too, too brilliantly creative and funny. A lot of times, when you have serious clips overlaid with a funny audio track, it just seems weird, but this one? Totally, totally worked. It just added to the hilarity that the lip synching matched up

- Naruto AMV - Naruto & The Chocolate Factory?! - I tend to get wary of Chocolate Factory vids, since it's so easy to make them fall flat, but... Kakashi as Willy Wonka! I had to click! And the video's actually pretty well put together, it's fast paced enough to match the feel of the trailer (that I watched way, way too many times), the scenes fit with the audio pretty well, and the little touches were totally there, right down to the ending or the reactionary expressions of the other characters. Plus, omg, Kakashi is totally an awesome choice

- Naruto AMV - Konoha's Pervert Ninjas (Jiraiya and Ebisu) - alsdflakjsdfljasd, quite possibly the best use of the Pretty Fly for a White Guy song I've seen yet! It makes awesome use of the footage of Jiraiya and Ebisu and SexynoJutsu!Naruto to synch everything up, but! It also does some cool effects to make the video match the beat and it just... it actually looks like a music video, you know? Also, I keep losing it at the lyrics "if you don't rate, just overcompensate" and Jiraiya summoning Boss Gama, that's just awesome right there. XDDD The video is all-around awesome, the artist obviously put a lot of time into it and it shows and just... AHAHAHAHA, BEAUTIFUL.

- Naruto AMV - Orochimaru's Young Mutant Criminal Association - You know how sometimes I have to bite my fingers to keep from laughing too hard at an AMV? That totally happened this time, too. I think this is the single most beautiful AMV that I have ever seen. The editing of this thing is just utterly beautiful to behold, the concept is genius, and it's just flawless all the way around. The concept is so insanely great and 1/3rd of the way into this I just lost it. The forming of the letters... holy shit, so, so beautiful. I know I probably shouldn't build it up too much but when I was still crying with laughter five minutes later, I am ready to declare it Best AMV Just About Ever. ♥

- Naruto AMV - King Naruto - Okay. Naruto with a song from the Lion King shouldn't be this awesome, but, holy shit, the synching is fabulous, the clips chosen are fabulous (Naruto wearing the Hokage's hat early on is just so damn perfect), and the lyrics actually fit with the series! The artist chose really good clips, brightly colored ones that fit so well with the lighter tone of the song and, yet, it doesn't feel weird or jarring for that, considering how dark Naruto can get at times. This was just so slick and cool and, omg, so much love. XD

- Naruto AMV - Let's fighting love - I don't know how funny this AMV will be to people who haven't seen the South Park episode it's based on, but I was giggling the whole way through, so what the hell. The song is... certainly special (and you can find the lyrics and translation to it here) and the artist chose brilliant clips to go with the utterly on-crack song. It looks/sounds so serious... and then you look closer and it's just the most cracktastic thing ever. I loved it. XD

- Naruto AMV - Tribute To Hyuuga Hinata - I admit, I probably stuck with this one longer than I might have because it used a lot of clips from the fight between Neji and Hinata in the Chuunin Exam and I still love watching that fight. But I also stuck around because the artist really put together a lovely tribute to Hinata, the song works and they used the footage from the recent filler really well... to the point that I almost want to watch the crappy filler arcs! :O! Anyway, yes. Very lovely video, I really liked the song choice, it was soft and pretty but still intense and tough when it needed to be, much like Hinata herself of course.

- Naruto AMV - War is Arising - Videos with music like "Liberi Fatali" can either be really boring or really moving... while this one isn't perfect, it certainly leans more towards being really moving. The scenes from Orochimaru's attack on Konoha set to the classical music somehow makes it look... not quite like a movie trailer, but something close to it and it's really cool. It makes the whole arc seem exciting again, makes me want to rewatch it because it just looks so damn cool here. And I love the scenes chosen to go with the rise and fall of the music, everything fits together so well here.

- Naruto AMV - Narutowned - I'm often wary of collection AMVs, it seems like a perfect format for those just getting started, but too often the whole thing seems half-assed. But this? This was gorgeous. Seven minutes of a bunch of great parodies that I was totally digging... but then at about 6 minutes in? Sasuke vs Naruto with "Anything you can do"? Awesome. But also. Sasuke singing Backstreet Boys. Orochimaru with the "Tra La La" song? Kiba, Akamaru, and the song choice for them? (I don't want to spoil, since the surprise might be the amusing part.) Gai, Lee, and "Men in Tights"? Sasuke with "Can't Touch This"? asdlkfjalsdjf, so much amusement packed into this one. ♥ Seriously, those Sasuke AMVs would be awesome if they were expanded.

- Naruto AMV - Can't Touch Kakashi - I've seen the all-around Naruto version of this (with the Family Guy version of "Can't Touch Me"), but I'd never seen the Kakashi version until now. The first ten or twenty seconds of this one had me choking on my Dr. Pepper because it was somehow brilliantly time and you can't almost sort of imagine Kakashi talking just like that. The rest of the video is fun and I've watched it a couple of times now... I still laugh out loud at the beginning thirty seconds (shut up) because the artist did a great job with the video.

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