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- One Piece AMV - Life's Gonna Suck - Noel was the one to find this AMV and, omfg, I love it more than words can say, it just... I wouldn't have thought Denis Leary would have worked with a series like One Piece, but the clips chosen are awesome and somehow the entire thing just feels right. I love that it's about all of the nakama, not just one or two characters getting favoritism, so watching Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, and Usopp all get into those heart-wrenching moments and hearing the lyrics... again, you wouldn't think it works, but somehow it's just beautiful. *rewatches* ....and, omfg, how could I have forgotten about the clips chosen for "big bird isn't funny" or "santa claus does not exist" or "you're gonna end up hooked on crack"? *rolls around in glee*

- One Piece AMV - Life! - My one criticism of this AMV is that it could have used a little more tightening up in the middle, it lingered on some shots a little too long. But the beginning and end? Homg, so cool! If you'd told me that it was going to be a One Piece video set to the "Ready Steady Go" song from Fullmetal Alchemist, I probably would have gone, "...." at you, but I swear this thing actually works! The artist used a lot of fast-paced clips, a lot from the credits or exciting moments from the series, and it's all coming at you one after another and it just... works.

- One Piece AMV - Zoro Song - Oh, man, this is why I browse through YouTube sometimes, because you get brilliant little gems like this. It's a great concept to use the Zorro song and the artist found fantastic clips to go with them and put it all together in a way that actually looks like it should. And just. Man, there's not nearly enough OP AMVs, much less ones that are genuinely creative like this one. ♥

- One Piece AMV - Sanji Tribute - Doo Bi Di Boy - Hmm, I'm not sure why I liked this one, just that... while I was watching, the way the clips of various Sanji fights were edited into the middle, it gave me this sudden sharp pain of longing for the series again because I love Sanji's character just so much. I want fic or anime or something now and any AMV that can trigger that with me certainly did something right. I mean, so much that I'd even rec a video that's Sanji/Nami-friendly. ^_~ *ducks and runs*

One Piece Fanvid - Just Lose It - So, I was looking at Avatar vids earlier and one of them was for a pirate-themed vid and I thought, oh, I wonder if One Piece has a vid with that song... and that pretty much kicked off a spree of OP fanvid searching. Which is really not easy... or else I'm just really fussy. Either is entirely possible. BUT. I found this one and a;sldkfjasl;kj god I love Sanji. The editing/clip choice for this was really pretty great, the lyrics matched up with the lip synching just enough to be cool without taking the focus away from the overall flow of it and there were some great moments and I just practically grinned with glee the entire way through the video and now I want to pick up the anime again instead of just reading the manga and a;lksdjfalskj I love Sanji and, oh, yeah, LOL.

One Piece Fanvid - Caramelldansen - You know, I wasn't even looking for a Caramelldansen for OP, I just happened to see the link on YouTube and clicked on it. And a;sdlkfjasl;kjslkj I don't think I stopped grinning the whole way through becuase it was just so damn cute and fun. I wish there'd been a little more variety to it, especially since it was three minutes long, but I loved what was here, totally fantastic and every fandom should have one of these.

One Piece Fanvid - Caramelldansen - I don't see a lot of videos for this song that aren't drawings dancing back and forth, but I was curious how this would work, so I clicked. And a;lskdjfalskj it was so much fun, it was an upbeat song and a ton of fast-paced clips where everyone was usually running full-tilt somewhere or flying through the air or just being a bunch of SUPER DORKS and it really, really worked well for me. It was some great clip choices and really captured the sense of fun of OP and, shit, now I really do want to go catch up on OP again.

One Piece - What Have You Done - I'm kind of in love with this song, after seeing an amazing Avatar video to it and now an amazing One Piece video for it. It centers on the Enies Lobby arc, which is one of my favorites and I haven't seen the anime for this arc (I switched to the manga during Skypiea) so a lot of this was fresh to me, but I remember it from the manga and just. Watching Robin run from Spandam, watching her finally admitting that she doesn't want to die, watching her claw her way away from him tooth and nail, watching the last few remains of Merry, watching the way the artist put together these clips, the music over the top of them... it gets to me all over again. A beautifully done vid. ;__;♥

One Piece Fanvid - Phenomenon - Another OP vid that shows off the action sequences and some of the total fucking epic that is OP and I liked the balance between using special effects (some of which were pretty cool) and just letting the clips + music do their thing on their own, it worked really well for me. It was a fast-paced and intense song again, the clips chosen where some of the more intense fights or moments of anger/pain and it really does make me want to pick up the anime version of Water 7 and Enies Lobby. There's also a nice balance of all the characters and how badass all of them are.

One Piece Fanvid - Bad Boy - I'm not sure how well the song really fits the characters or the themes of One Piece (considering that it's all about friendships and being there for each other and in each other's lives), but in other ways it does fit, like with the focus on Robin, Nami, and Vivi to the men of One Piece. But mostly I'm recommending this video because it was very well put together, the clips are fantastic, they're emotional when they need to be and fast/action-oriented when they need to be, they were chosen well and don't repeat and they just looked really totally awesome together. It was a beautifully looking vid. <3

One Piece Fanvid - Can't Help Falling in Love - Well, it was only a matter of time before I found a Luffy/Nami fanvid that I liked. For some reason, I am extremely picky about the fanvids I watch (which is a rare thing, I know >__>) when it comes to pairings, either I have to be in just the right mood or it has to be an absolutely perfect song or... I don't know, it just has to hit me right. There are a few things I'd have changed about this one (less of the added text and cut the fanart use in half at least), but it was also the first one I've found that I actually really liked, too. And it's just about the only fanvid that I can think of where I actually liked the use of fanart/still frames in an animated video (at least in the first half), plus the song was cute and sweet and just. The whole video was upbeat and light-hearted and fun, which is what a Luffy/Nami fanvid should totally be. I really liked this one. (Luffy/Nami.)

One Piece Fanvid - Listen to Your Heart - Oh, shit, I think this fanvid got me somewhat on the verge of tearing up. Jesus, you know Oda's a fucking genius when he makes you care this much about a freaking ship. And I do think this video would have hit harder if it had used the original, slower version of the song, instead of this remix, but it still worked amazingly well already and just. Totally sucker punched me when I wasn't expecting it, the clip choices and the flashback clip choices and the matching up to the lyrics and just... as;ldkfjaslkj it can still get to me.

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