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- Saiyuki AMV - Genjo Sanzo: Dare You to Move - Okay, so, I nearly bailed out of this one because it used that episode from RELOAD that made me swear off the horrible, horrible Saiyuki anime forever. It was only because I'd already shoved the link at Noel and she kept watching that I went back to finish watching it. Aside from my issues about the source material, this is actually a really well-done AMV for Sanzo, the song fits really well for Sanzo, the editing is really solid and smooth, the scenes picked for the song lyrics match up well, especially all the flashbacks, and the whole thing is just... really solid and really packs a punch.

- Saiyuki AMV - Go West - ....I shouldn't find this funny. Especially since it only half matches up most of the time, but... there's something about this particular song plus Saiyuki that just makes me giggle like a loon. It's just. The Village People? Plus Saiyuki? It makes me want to kick my feet and roll around with laughter. The AMV uses a lot of opening/ending credit footage, which makes it easier to watch and actually helps with the concept of the video, since the footage is all about them fighting or looking dramatic or travelling west.

- Saiyuki AMV - I Think I'm Sanzo Now - [ listing is here.] It really is hard for me to look for Saiyuki AMVs because of my issues with the anime (ie, asldfalsflasdjflas, rage!!11 and lots of keyboard mashing at how bad it is), but then stuff like this happens. Weird Al's "I Think I'm a Clone Now" with footage from the doppleganger episode. It's not a perfect match, but the sheer concept is just too grand to pass up. It's certainly entirely watchable and I laughed the entire way through it. ♥

- Saiyuki AMV - Runaway Train - This is another song that seems like it should almost be too light or pop-ish to work with a series like Saiyuki... and maybe it's because it's the anime or because the lyrics fit surprisingly well with the Saiyuki characters that I go so easy on it. It's just... I like the sense of everything being so messed up, that everything is running off the track and, to borrow a lyric, drowning in the rain. Not that Saiyuki is ultimately about that, but sometimes it feels like everything is... you know what? I don't have any more horrible metaphors in me. Just. I liked this one?

- Saiyuki AMV - Mary Sue Mambo - OKAY. DYING NOW, THX. *wipes tears of laughter away* Saiyuki. Mambo Number 5. Brilliant clip choices. Sanzo lip synched with the lyrics. Oh. Oh, god. Too funny. Can't stop laughing. And then Gojyo, god, and the various pretty girls that wander through the series matched up to the various girls from the song and I'm rolling around and trying not to die of laughter again. It's so sparkly and cracktastic and brilliant that I cannot find the proper words for it. Favorite Saiyuki AMV, hands down. It totally hit me exactly right and now I must have a copy of this of my very own!

- Saiyuki AMV - Witch Doctor - Okay, usually I dislike AMVs that are only made up of image slide shows, I'd rather have animation if I'm watching a music video, but... I dunno. There's something about the promise of Saiyuki plus Witch Doctor that struck me as particularily funny. And the AMV is actually pretty amusing, there's a TON of Hakkai images cycled through at a rapid pace to match the beat and it's just... I dunno. Saiyuki and Witch Doctor. It makes me laugh and I honestly enjoyed this. And, okay. I totally LOL'd at the ending. Perfect.

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