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Star Trek XI Fanvid - We Go Together - [Note: Go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the vid and this rec.] I rarely download fanvids because they're more fun to stream and it's easier to skim for the ones I like, but I got about halfway through this one and just. What it did for me was capture that feeling of glee and excitement and something that, yes, I'm going to use the word effervescent to describe. The artist is kind of genius for making this song work with the movie and yet it seems like such a natural fit, there's something that just really works about it. It's entirely fabulous and I love it with all my heart.

Star Trek XI Fanvid - Star Trek (in 47 seconds) - [Note: There are spoilers in the video and this rec.] In the same vein as the Wolverine one, this was more hilarity in summing up the movie in a truly succinct way that had me pretty much crying from laughter. Seriously, I can't pick a favorite moment from this thing because I was doing that silent shaking laughter the entire time. And asl;dkjfasl;kj the ending. Crying.

Star Trek XI Fanvid: ... on the dance floor - [Note: Go ahead and assume there are spoilers in the video and this rec.] There is something about STXI that attracts me to videos like this, I don't think I've hardly watched any serious, straight up fanvids, I'm always going for the lollarious stuff. And this one is indeed hilarious. The Flight of the Conchords song is a great one to set this about not enough women/an overabundance of men in the movie, making a point without losing the humor. The clip choice is hilarious and somehow just fits with the song and just. asl;dkjfa;lskjal basically it's the latest most awesome thing ever.

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