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- Arashi - Nomad [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - DO YOU KNOW WHAT THERE IS? ARASHI FANART. I was sort of hesitant to wander too far into this site at first, since it's Sho/Ohno, but I also have no real objection to the pairing, so I started clicking. And this is quite possibly one of the most adorable sites I have ever come across, the pairing is so incredibly cute here in this artist's hands. She draws them in adorable poses with these bright, shiny, cute colors and puts them in adorable clothes that totally capture the spirit of Arashi and I just want to scoop them up and snuggle them endlessly. It makes me want to go hunt down, like, every episode of MMA or the other shows that they've ever done because it fills me with such happy, fluffy love for them. I love the artist's style, she captures them really well, but also makes them even more impossibly cute. Plus, she even has a handful of Jun illustrations, which makes me just that much happier, too. ♥ (Sho/Ohno.)

- Arashi - R*R [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Right from the top illustration, which was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life, I knew I was going to like this site. It's the kind of art that fills me with warmth and happiness because it's just so adorable and almost like little sketches, except more polished and there are all these shiny clothes and cute Ohnos in various clothing and these soft colors that I adore so much and just... yeah. Yeah, a lot of cuteness here, the kind that makes me make the XD XD XD face a lot. I really do love the attention to the little details, it seems like such an... almost simple style at first, but it's really not. Very pretty. ♥ (Nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It still utterly delights me that there are Arashi fanartists out there, especially ones who are drawing such lovely stuff like this. This artist obviously has great affection for Ohno, you can see it in the way she draws him, but she's also so good at it. She puts in a lot of strong detail and clean lines (even when they're still sketches, they somehow look very clean and neat) and uses color sparingly but effectively often times. Plus, she often uses that softener filter I like so much, but isn't too over the top about it for me. She also draws the rest of Arashi occasionally (which always makes me happy) and her Ohmiya is just lovely. I was so happy to find this site. ♥ (Lots of Ohmiya, a lot of gen/other.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yeah, okay, it took all of two illustrations into this site before I knew I was going to totally cave on it. The artist drew this really cute, fun group image that was just so... well, fun, I guess. Then the second illustration was one of Jun with his Gokusen hair, doing one of those ridiculous poses that they so often do in magazines and I made XDDDD faces and was pretty much immediately sunk. I mean! He's pretty! He really is! The art is very nice! I still laugh! And I think I may have been here before, but it was likely early on in my Arashi fannish days, so I wonder if maybe it wouldn't appeal to new fans, but as someone who's a bit more established... I love the dorky group antics, I love the watercolor of Nino with stars in his hair, I love A no Arashi!Aiba with the magnifying glass and adorable :9 expression, I love the oekaki of Hanadan!Jun with Oguri Shun in the background, I love Ohno and Sho from their Super Soul dorkery, I love all of it and how the artist obviously loves all of the boys very much, too. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - pin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Eeeee, the adorable group antics on this site! So cute! So cute I can hardly stand it! It's one of those sites where the artist's style is just so damn cute and full of love and so freaking adorable that it immediately touched me and I had to force myself not to rush through the gallery because I wanted to see what she'd do next. Maybe it's not going to be the style for everyone, but when it comes to Arashi, I am ridiculously delighted by the cuteness, especially when in a group setting like this. 'Cause I love pairings as much as the next fangirl, but my heart really wants the group dorkery, which this artist provides in such a delightful way. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings that I'm going to count.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a little while to be won over by this artist's style, but I actually wound up really appreciating it. It's not something I would have considered much, the artist often has a very CG/anime-cel-esque style to her art, which I might have blinked at applying to real people, but... I kinda liked it after awhile. I actually like her cel-style images more than her doujinshi-style images, I think? They're both well drawn, you can see she has a lot of talent, but maybe I just feel like the images with color are easier to associate with the people I recognize. But mostly it's just really fun to see another artist's take on Ohno, whom you can tell is her favorite, she draws him in all sorts of fun, adorable poses/concepts. XD (A lot of Ohno standalone, but a lot of Ohmiya, too.)

- ARASHI - [ English Fanart Site ] - [Note: The artist's devART account isn't always updated as often as her vox account, where you can find a lot more of her art, there's usually an image in every post.] I don't even know where to begin with this artist. She draws these cute little chibi/sprite-esque fanart images that are really cute and brightly colored and very adorable. But it's so much more than that. She is, absolutely hands down and no question, my favorite Arashi fanartist because she obviously has this tremendous love for all of the boys and shows how much they all care about each other in these really hilarious ways. She gets why they're such dorks and teases them about their various vices/traits (Aiba's love for animals, Jun's love for fashion, Ohno's amazing dancing, Sho's degree, Nino's evil fuckery, etc.) in such a way that reminds me intensely of why I love each and everyone of them. Her art is awesome because I always, always have the biggest smile on my face after going through her galleries and her "love" series (where she drew several strips to show why each one of Arashi was loved) were just so fantastic that I want to link to each and every one of them to point out how awesome they were. Just. asdlfkjalsklkajs I had the worst time not just shrieking and flailing with love here. And, you know. Not writing a rec that was three times as long as this one. I explode with love. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - [ English Fanart Site ] - [Note: I'm not sure how often the artist updates her devART account, but you can also find her art posted to her livejournal, if you want to check there as well.] As much as I'm surprised that there are j-fanartists for Arashi, I'm even more surprised that there are English artists for Arashi! Especially ones with such cute art! You can totally tell how much the artist really loves Ohno and Ohmiya, how much she really enjoys drawing them and asdlfkjaslkdslkj they are SO FREAKING CUTE. Not that she only draws Ohmiya, she also has the occasional cute Matsujun image or adorable Yamatarou image or... well, okay. If I had to pick a favorite? It would totally be Cardcaptor Sakurai. I crack up every time I come across it again. Or possibly the one where they try to give Nino his gifts. I LOL again. She has a lot of really super-cute art and I love that you can still totally tell who's who even in her chibi-esque style. ♥ (A lot of Ohmiya, some gen, too.)

- ARASHI - 00MAIDEN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was seriously only two illustrations into this site when I got to SHO AND OHNO AS UTENA AND ANTHY FROM SHOUJO KAKUMEI UTENA. I was kind of pissy about all the j-fanart I'd been forced to intake over the last couple of weeks which was making my brain melt and I was pissy because I'd finally stumbled onto all the JE search engines (which meant even more fanart), but then I saw that and... I tried valiently not to glee at the sheer awesome of that, but I could not resist it. SHO AND OHNO AS UTENA AND ANTHY. SO SO HILARIOUSLY AWESOME. There's also the most ridiculously cute Halloween illustration with them as chibis and beautiful bright colors and adorable basic lineart and, you know. Jun breathing fire to light his own birthday candles. It's not a perfect site, but it's-- Well. Between everything being cute and the utter lol on some of the pages, I just love this site ridiculous amounts. ♥ (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The very first illustration I saw when I came to this site (at the time I wrote this recommendation), it was one of Nino in his Yamada Tarou maid outfit (which is never not hilarious in and of itself) with the wig falling off while Sho is deeply amused in the background. And it looked great even just for the way I could totally tell it was them and it was actually pretty. There's not a ton of art elsewhere on the site and you have to poke around a fair amount, but it's cute, solidly done stuff with pretty colors and there is Aiba/Nino fanart. I love Aiba/Nino fanart! ♥ There's even fanart from the Happiness PV where Aiba is totally chewing on Nino's head. And there was even a Jun/Nino sketch! I almost never see art of Jun and Nino, this was very nearly worth the site alone right there. And there's art from the Shukudai-kun cosplay episode and the Odoroki SP3 and--! So much really fantastic Nino art here. ♥♥♥ (It's... sort of half-gen, half-potential slash? It's a little all over the place, but the most prominent would probably be Aiba/Nino or Sho/Nino.)

- ARASHI - indigo garden [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me kind of an embarassingly long time to figure out to click on the "love" section rather than the regular gallery, so that I could find the Arashi fanart (since "love" usually so often refers to a link page and there was a gallery page right there and... it was confusing for a minute or two, okay?), but it was totally worth it, the art here is lovely. The artist uses the kind of coloring I love, the lush, rich shades that practically just glow. Her group illustrations are fabulous, the chibis she so often uses are adorable but they are also SUPER CUTE. The one of them playing in a field is nearly physically painful with how much I love it. And summer!Aiba? Yes, plz, omg. ♥ Or the one where they're practically dogpiling onto Jun in those red TIME concert outfits and the cake goes flying? That is what I love about fanart. (Nothing I'd really warn for, maybe some Aiba/Nino.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is definitely not going to be for everyone, the early art is kind of shakey and the artist does improve, but it's still not going to be for everyone. However, I fucking loved this site. Right from the top illustration (at the time I wrote this rec, of course), it was of Arashi dressed up in Power Ranger-like outfits with them looking so freaking cute as chibis... and Jun being SO FUCKING CUTE in his little pink out fit and PINK FUCKING SKIRT AND MY LOVE FOR THIS SITE EXPLODED RIGHT THEN, right before I ever even stepped foot into the gallery proper. Most of the rest of the site is more tame, there are a lot of chibi-esque illustrations and I didn't get really into the site again until about halfway through, but occasionally there's a really cool illustration of Ohno in traditional clothing or the group dressed up in animal costumes or Jun with his pretty pretty princess curls or princess!Jun bitching out the rest of the group for annoying the crap out of him on his birthday or the oekaki of Jun with a bazooka and I just... this site had so much of the spirit of what I love about Arashi. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Strawberry Strawberry [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I fell in love with this site almost instantly, the soft and pretty colored-pencil-esque style is just lovely with this artist's work, she has the strength in her basic art to pull it off. It doesn't hurt that she draws some of the cutest (without being too terribly over the top fluffy so as to be ridiculous) Aiba/Nino I've seen all day. The kind that just makes me melt into a puddle because they are so adorable. Also, Aiba is suitably hot even when being a dork, always a plus. :Dv There's a decent amount of art on the site as well, even the oekaki illustrations are fun to look at. ♥ (Aiba/Nino, some gen.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out a little shakey and it's never quite perfect, but I loved this site with squeeing abandon. It's actually quite adorable and often pretty art, but the real delight of the site is in the spirit of it, the way Jun is all long-legged and gorgeous in a waiter's uniform or super-cute in his rhinestone-studded boots or how there is SHO/JUN FANART YOU GUYS I DID NOT THINK I WOULD SEE THE DAY ♥♥♥ or Sho in a doctor's outfit or Jun in pretty traditional female Chinese clothing or super-adorable group illustrations (the Halloween one is so damn adorable!) or Ohno + Jun doing that goldfish catching game with the little paper catchers and Jun has wrecked his so he is all D:< about it and I-- I love this site a lot, okay? Like, it fills my heart with rainbow happiness. (Some Sho/Jun, but it's mostly a gen site.)

- ARASHI - acorn [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to warm up to this site and perhaps I wouldn't have given it the extra effort, but it was Arashi and the current top page illustration on the site is of Jun with his shirt unbutton and surrounded by roses. I couldn't help but be charmed by this. The site also has one or two Aiba/Jun illustrations and I rather like her take on Aiba (he's so pretty, omg) and the artist does some really sweet group illustrations. I think that's what won me over more than anything else, really. Her style is much like watercolors and this often makes for some really interesting looking pictures. ....and it doesn't hurt that the artist does seem most fond of Aiba and Jun. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JE/Takki & Tsubasa - GAZEBO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So. I was looking for Arashi fanart. That's all I was supposed to be doing this afternoon. Just. Arashi. Fanart. And then I discovered the hell that is the Johnny's search engine and I was morbidly curious about clicking through the NEWS links. Which led me to... a bunch of T&T sites. And I didn't want to be looking at T&T art sites, but I couldn't quite look away, not until I could see if there was at least one good one. And then I found this site. And the art is so goddamned cute and the colors are so shiny and pretty and there's a couple really beautiful ones of Tsubasa especially and then a couple of really hot T&T doubles illustrations (if you accept that this is fanart so they don't precisely look like themselves all the time, though, the artist is pretty solid at Tsubasa ♥) and just... as;fdkljasdl;alskj I'm in JE fandom hell right now and I'm never getting out. ;__;♥ (....nothing I would warn for.)

- ARASHI - Stone Seeker [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to figure out how to navigate this site (since it's a lot harder to surf through jpop fansites) but it was totally worth it because there is some fantastic art here. It's kind of stylized, so it's not going to be for everyone, but I really loved the bright colors and really clean lines and just how much fun everything was here. I was enjoying the whole site (there were some really pretty Ohno illustrations) but when I got to the Nino page with the quick sketch of him in the pompom hat and holding the DS with that expression on his face, I knew I was definitely sunk. Just. a sd;flkajslkj HEE, SO CUTE. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - garret [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that's not going to be for everyone but somehow quickly won me over. Maybe it was the super-adorable Tensei Kunpu (I think?) art of Ohno. Maybe it was the ridiculously cute Sho/Ohno chibis. Whatever it was, I just kind of... really liked the art style, it's very cute and fun and light-hearted and adorable. I mean, there's Aiba/Nino dressed up in cute little costumes! How could I resist it?? There's not a lot of art here, but it's a fun little site, I enjoyed it a lot. ♥ (A little Sho/Ohno, a little Aiba/Nino.)

- ARASHI - Airspace [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The more I look at this site, the more I was really kind of charmed by it--there's not a lot of art here, at the time of this rec, there were only about 20 blog entries total (and I don't think all of them had art), but... there were a couple of things that stood out. One, her art is really very nicely detailed, there's a lot going on in them and I can recognize who they're supposed to be. Her b&w style is really nice and kind of reminds me of a manga-ish style almost. Two, NINO/JUN ART YES PLZ. ♥ Mostly it's Nino or Jun by themselves (a;sldfkja the image of Nino from Himitsu no Arashi-chan is great) but a couple of them are together. DO YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I FIND NINO/JUN ART? LIKE NEVER. Much less art I really like! So, this was a wonderful little find for me. ♥ (Mostly gen, maybe little a Nino/Jun?)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, randomly, I got this urge to go look for more Arashi fanart, I'm not sure why. But this was one of the first sites I stumbled over and, at the time, it had this really bright, vividly colored Kokuritsu illustration as the top image that was chibi-esque and I just fell in love with it. There was a surprising amount of art on the site and a lot of it is chibi or stylized, but that's my favorite kind with Arashi. ♥ Everything has this really shiny, glossy feel to it that I love and the group illustrations are darling and the Ohmiya halloween one was kind of gorgeous and the artist did a really lovely Maou illustration and just. It set the exact right tone for the evening for me. ♥ (Some potential pairings, but it's a fairly even mix.)

- ARASHI - Secret More [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There was one illustration on this site that kind of made me really cave to spending the night doing a search for fanart. BABY SATOSHI OH MY GOD THE LEVEL OF CUTE IS PAINFUL. Not that there's not a lot of cute here, the artist has a really nice, clean style and the CG works well and she does a really darling Ohno especially. And there's some really neat looking Ohmiya, more of that pretty, soft colors, often pastels that somehow work for the site, and I loved pretty much everything. But. Baby Satoshi. Oh, god, my ovaries were gone. ♥ (Some Nino/Ohno, a smidge of Aiba/Sho, but a fair amount of gen, too.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. This site may not be for everyone, but. Well, it's a lot of chibi art and I'm weak to that when it comes to Arashi. The main gallery has some cute stuff, a lot of really adorable group chibi images, and that softened me up a lot, even if it wasn't my usual style of chibi. And Arashi fanart sites are rare enough that I wanted to keep going. And well. The site has an illustration of Arashi as Dragon Quest style characters, oh, how I lolled. Or chibi Arashi on a deserted island or chibi chicken!Arashi while Jun is trying to cook or chibi Arashi all sleeping in a pile on the floor. Super cute stuff. But what really won me over was the series of duos the artist did, each of them doing activities that were fun for the two. Ohno and Nino were playing games, Aiba and Jun were cooking, Aiba and Nino were on the swings, Jun and Sho (I think) were drunk, etc. And then I got to the Jun and Nino one. And asl;dkjfa;lskjalskj oh my god it was just so adorable and ~*fabulous*~ to see them reading in the bath together in the girliest way possible that I loved it with all my heart. So this site was fun! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Everyday Experience [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I am also weak against this art style, all right. Sketchy lines and soft, airy colors and so much cuteness that it's ridiculous. It's another site where you can tell that Ohno is the artist's favorite and I'm all for that, this art is kind of seriously putting me in an Ohno mood lately! The one of him holding the meat bun while wearing a warm winter coat is just. a;sdlkfja;lskjalskj how so adorable, Oh-chan? Even the little b&w sketches are adorable! And there's also Maou fanart! Pretty Maou fanart! I totally loved this site. ♥ (Maybe some pairings, but it's mostly gen, I'd say.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's a lot of sketchy art on this site, but I kinda liked the style. It's almost sort of simple in places, but it's happy and it's adorable and it captures the spirit of Arashi really well, especially when there's a group illustration or when they're in the middle of just moving (like during concerts or just jumping around) and I kind of loved it. If it had been any other series/band, maybe I wouldn't have felt the same connection, but if you're as much of a flaily Arashi fan as I am, I think you'd like this site. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Libre [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what another of my favorite things about Arashi fanart from j-fen is? The way they clearly love their dramas as much as western fen do--there's a lot of Maou fanart, but also the occasional doodle of Jun from Gokusen or Ohno's stage plays or their characters from the Believe PV, all mixed in with the group illustrations. Also, SENTAI ARASHI ILLUSTRATIONS. A series of adorable little chibi Arashi Rangers and seriously. Seriously. Japan has my heart forever. Especially since Jun was the Pink Ranger. And has the most adorable skirt ever. I love it. This site just. Was adorable. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Anxi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....again, this site isn't going to be for everyone. Arashi fanart is a small fandom (compared to some of the ones I usually find myself haunting) and so what I'm looking for here isn't what I'm looking for elsewhere. But I really kind of loved this site for the chibis and then the mid-concert poses illustrations and French maid Sho and Ohno and Nino and then adorable group art where they're covered in paint as they "help" Ohno paint something and just. It's not perfect, but it made me smile genuinely and that's what Arashi fanart should do. <3 (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

- ARASHI - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me precisely two clicks into this site's gallery to know I was going to love it. Pretty Jun art, followed up by pretty Sho/Nino art? Yes plz. The Ohmiya art is ridiculously adorable and there's some really adorable group art, too and just-- adorable adorable adorable! Solid lines that get progressively better and soft, pretty colors that I love and a really great style for Sho. And a Nino so cute that you could just scoop him up and take him home and keep him forever. ♥ I had great fun on this site. <3 Plus, there's even more on the log pages, making this a decent sized site. :Dv Including one of Nino doing the laundry. Worth it for the site right there. (No real warnings/pairings that I'd mention.)

- ARASHI - [ English Fanart Post ] - Okay, there are only six images here but a;sldkjfasl;kj omfg the cute is kind of killing me. Seriously, Arashi as adorable little animals! (Or insects or UFOs or whatever.) And the art is that SUPER ADORABLE CHIBIS kind that I love, yet everyone is recognizable and asdl;fkjasl;jk that last one is totally my favorite, it captures the spirit of Aiba and Jun so well. (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

  - ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - You know what I'm always super weak to with Arashi artists? Group images and the all-too-rare Aiba/Jun art. But also I like Ohmiya and adorable trios, too! Basically, the artist had a lot of super fun and super cute art that made it a pleasure to stumble over their work. I'm always surprised at Arashi fandom having a surprisingly decent amount of fanart and some of it being really pretty darling! (Nothing consistent enough to warn for.)

  - ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - There are only seven submissions from this artist, but! There are chibis! And Nino with gorgeous colors! And heart-warming group images in t-shirts! And Hello Goodbye with Aiba's awesome concert outfit! So, it's another artists where I just had a lot of fun looking at the art and they used some of the prettiest colors at times and I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside after viewing the art again. (No real warnings/pairings.)

  - ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - One of the things I'm often weak to with fanart is the kind of art where the colors almost seem to have depth, especially in the eyes. Or when artists draw awesome clothes! Or when artists draw all five Arashi members! The artist definitely tends to favor Ohno, but I'm totally down for that and I just really enjoyed all of this art, especially when the artist drew references to various Ohno roles or just really cute images or heart-warming group images, which are all things that just... win me over. It was just a really fun account to go through! (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

  - ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - Speaking of things I'm weak towards! I often see this in ARASHI fandom, this kind of warmly colored and sort of cutely stylized look that took awhile for me to warm up to initially, but I've long since become fond of it by this point. I mean, just look at these adorable dorks or Ohno and Nino adorableness or this series of CUTENESS OVERLOAD! It might not be for everyone, but I am totally and completely weak to adorableness like this in my ridiculous boyband fanning. Seriously, so weak. And the artist just makes me want to make lots of :D :D :D faces because that's the feeling they give off. ♥ (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

&nbps; - ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - There aren't as many submissions from this artist as there are with the previous recs, but! The artist does have that soft coloring I like and there are multiple images on several of the submissions and, oh, I am seriously fond of the way Aiba especially is drawn, like when you can tell the artist just totally loves how happy he is! All of the way the facial expressions are drawn are pretty great, really. Also, anyone who draws Jun to the maximum ridiculous has my heart in this fandom, okay. There are just things I am going to always love with my whole heart and that is one of them. Basically, this artist has a lot of really cute, fun images that I was delighted to go through this afternoon! (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

- ARASHI - [ Pixiv Account ] - I told myself that I was only going to do just two or three ARASHI recs today, that then I would go back to my other recs that I needed to get done. Really, really, I told myself. And then there was Arashi and guns and Aiba's usual batshit outfits that are amazing and some more adorableness and Mannequin Five art and I was just like, "....well, shit." because I was sucked right back in. I mean, how am I supposed to resist sleeping Arashi? I'm not, okay. :| So, this was cute and fun and a nice way to cap off my afternoon fanart splurge. Really, really. (No warnings/pairings.)

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