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ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Three: The Bonds of Fate are Cherry Colored. by Meg - After watching a fair amount of Kamen Rider stuff, I love this series even more than before, because it's Arashi and sentai mixed together! The blend of their personalities and making it into a different universe works so well--like, Sho the preschool teacher! With defending little snotfaced kids from evil minions! Chinen-kun the adorable little evil minion who will obviously be won over by Blue Storm Ranger! The total Sho fanservice! The Ohmiya immediate bonding! The way you just have to overlook certain details (like missing the very obvious poster behind them) because you just do! The use of Dreams to animate monsters! It's all so... so Japan. The way it's described just. Makes it really, really easy to see. I love Meg a LOT. ♥ ( Ohmiya here, some eventual Aibajun, probably a lot of gen/Arashi orgy. The usual.)

ARASHI: Saturday pancakes by ayisse - Omg, this had the potential to turn so cliche and yet it really just sparkled! Jun is SO WEAK to Aiba, who just sort of waltzes in and runs right over him, and it's just as beautiful as ever. It's not too over the top with their dynamic (even if it's a bit of a cracky fic, but that's okay because it's done deliberately) and Aiba actually has a brain in his head even while he's enthusiastic about Using Jun's Kitchen and I-- The scene where Aiba talks about how it's okay to eat that much for breakfast because they're going to "exercise" later and how I really didn't see the ending coming was just. A+++, I love this fandom and this was a great little fic. (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Good Morning by mrsatterthwaite - Admittedly, I paused for a moment because Nino's the other one in Arashi who wears contacts/glasses, but... when I give the author artistic license and ignore that bit, this is a really fun, amusing little fic that Meg helpfully pointed out. ♥ I love that it's Nino and Jun because of course those two would be the ones that freak each other out and bitch at each other and try to embarass the other one and yet still totally want to makeout at the same time. That is Nino/Jun for you. So is the ending because I-- I would not entirely put that past Jun. XDDDD I really enjoyed this and it just makes me love these two even more. (Nino/Jun, a little Aiba/Jun implied.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - With so many authors, this fic wouldn't have worked for me, I would have been grumpy-faced at the execution of it or just cranky because it wasn't done right, but with this author... the fic achieved exactly what it was going for. The way Aiba is all over Jun's personal space in this fic is really nice as well, it's a lovely image and the ending is wonderfully subtle and exactly what this kind of fic needed. It's exactly the right note, which I am impressed at. Oh, and it's a good idea to keep an eye on a little snippet for reading afterwards that the author posted here! (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Ten Songs by Circe - This is a fabulous meme because, even if the fics don't actually fit into the same storyline, they all have a similar feel, so I feel genuinely satisfied after reading something like this. I love how many little touches go into a story like this, how many little moments in their lives it touches on, how many different moods it captures. Some are silly, some are full of love, some are a little painful, some are smoking hot. What more could I ask for? I love that #2 isn't easy, that sometimes this lifestyle is hard on them, but they still get up and keep going, that's so much in the spirit of Arashi that I fell in love all over again. &hearst; Or #6 where Nino is a little shit and yet obviously cares about his bandmates a lot. ...s-same for #8. But, well, I'd be lying if I said #10 wasn't my favorite because I am weak for the Aiba/Jun. I loved it, it's just a handful of lines, but it captures everything. How cheerfully determined Aiba is, how Jun cannot resist him, how their bandmates are little shits or always bullied, and how hot they are. Just. This was fantastic. (Some Ohmiya, some Aibajun, but a lot of gen.)

ARASHI: Yellow Light by waxrose - It's times like this where. Where. Where I think maybe there's hope for the Arashi fandom (omg, what did I do to deserve fandom being so awesome lately?) because this fic is-- it's so much of how I see them and it's so sharp and intelligent and subtle and clever and good, all the things that I wish for this fandom. While Jun is my favorite and of course I love it when people actually get him and can write that balance of bitchy and squishy, I think that... what really made me want to cry tears of happiness over this fic is Aiba. Who can be playful and silly, but he's not a child and he gets what's going on around him very well. The way he interacts with Jun is spot on, the chemistry comes across so clearly for me and it just-- When she posted this, I'd kind of been flitting off from one pairing to the next with Arashi lately, but this fic reminded me of why these two will always be my OTP. Also, as;dlfkjaslkj so hot omg, her fic is gorgeously written always, but when she does porn? It's perfect, it's about words strung together in lovely ways and about gorgeous imagery and characterization and insight about them all woven together in one really hot fic. ♥ My fangirl slobbering over this, let me show you it. (Aiba/Jun, NC-17.)

ARASHI: it takes two by applepluspie - This was a really cute little fic, just a sort of... uneventful, quiet day, even while Arashi is still being Arashi, especially Aiba, who is playful and fun, but not childish. There's even Aiba torturing Nino, who probably deserves it somehow, and Jun just sort of tries to pretend he doesn't know any of them because otherwise he'd be a giant squishie at them. And I like the fic's laid-back tone, it's comfortable and sweet, ending on a really warm and fuzzy note that works because, well, Jun is kind of a squishie, no matter how he tries to deny it, especially for Aiba, who just sort of worms his way in somehow. <3 (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Going Out by waxrose - You know, I've gotten so used to only reading about my favorite (...basically, I'll ship Matsujun with anything that moves >__>) that I almost sort of passed this one up. Except that I love the author's writing so much that I had to go check it out anyway because I love Ohmiya but canon's usually enough for me except it's Ohmiya in the context of their band as a larger whole and as;dlfkjaslkj yes. This is a brilliant fic, because yes it's centered around Ohmiya, but it has all of Arashi being a bunch of idiots and is so clever with everything. I love how they are so very much still themselves and yet Nino gets to be nervous and it plays on that whole "hiding in plain sight/everyone else thinks it's a joke" while still putting a lot of meaning underneath it, in that way I love. But ALSO ALSO ALSO. STALKER!AIBA AND JUN. And they are fantastic together, too, and I love the extra tag at the end on MS because you could just totally see it happening exactly like that and a;sdlkfjaslkj I love fandom a whole lot right now. (Ohmiya, with some Aiba/Jun on the side.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - Do you know who my favorite person ever is right now? Circe, that's who. There is a seriously criminal lack of Shun/Jun fic in the fandom, but part of that might be because it's tough to work together with Arashi's obvious importance to Jun. So how to deal with that? Why, take that snippet of information we got about Jun having Shun's photobook on his nightstand (that he tried to defend himself by saying a friend gave it to him, sure, sweetie, that makes all the difference in the world, of course it does) and have Jun's life made hell by Aiba and Shun. I love it because this is Aiba, such a cheerful, perverted bastard who knows what he's doing even when it gets him smacked for it, because of course he'd find the idea of Jun and Shun together hot and would want to probably do them both at the same time and then of course the rest of Arashi finds out about this and it's just. No matter how many times I reread this, I shriek with laughter every single time. Also, the Aiba/Jun scenes in this? Very, very nice, mmm. *__* And-- and-- every time I get to the part with Shun actually in it and the scene where he spots the photobook, I just lose it completely because it's so easy to see. I seriously cannot express my love without making shrieking, dolphin-pitched noises, shut up. (Aiba/Jun, Jun/Oguri Shun.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: Time Out (an interlude with Aiba and Jun) by Circe - Possibly I should not be recommending these seperately but a) they're long enough that I can justify it, b) they're different enough to warrent it, and c) I want to. As much as I love Circe's Nino, I love her Aiba just as much because he's so spot on here, when he just barges into Jun's dressing room to talk to him and clearly knows Jun so well. I love it. He's cheerful even when talking about something serious, he's bouncy and energetic, but in that wonderful Aiba way that's not about being an idiot. I love him because he's just so clearly enjoying his friendships/something more with his bandmates and somehow (through the magic of being Aiba) manages to get them all to agree to sleep with him (or will get them to agree) and no one will feel badly about it. I love how much you can feel Jun is completely, stupidly gone on Aiba, even as he has a total crush on Sho at the same time, it makes me happy in my soul. (Mostly Aiba/Jun, but some implied Sho/Jun as well. And, you know. Aiba/EVERYONE.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - There are two things I like about this ficlet--the first being the obvious, that it has some really nice imagery to it, it's practically PG13 while still being really, really hot. But even more than that, I like what it says about Jun, what it reveals about the kind of person he is, how much he almost overthinks things, especially when it comes to Aiba and how much he cares. How slightly awkward Jun still is, even though it's not nearly as much as it was before, and it's just... it's a really good look at Jun's person. *__* (Aiba/Jun, some Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: to be young by applepluspie - I know I've read a few fics by this author before (possibly Yamatarou fic, I want to say?) but my eye was caught by her Aiba/Jun fic recently and so I've been meaning to sit down and read it, which I finally did and I'm glad I gave her a shot, because asldkfjalsk so adorable. It's all about young Jun, who was so awkward back when he was a wee little thing and he loves his bandmates so ridiculously already and the author is really good at the feeling of jumbled up emotions that make every little effort seem huge and impossible, especially with Nino on the sidelines, who clearly sees right through him. I adore the last few lines of this as well and it was an extremely satisfying piece to have read this morning, I really, really love the take on younger, more awkward Jun who felt so right for me back then. Plus! ALL of them are in the fic! That always makes me happy. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, but I'd say it's worth reading for the Jun perspective, too.)

ARASHI: Handling It by resolute_reader - I find myself rather fond of the author's style with this fic, the things Jun feels he can handle, the way you can feel him talking himself into thinking everything is fine, that it's not a big deal and he can handle this. The way Aiba just sort of undoes him despite how hard he tries to push aside what he's obviously feeling, the way this fic is about how he obviously is completely gone on Aiba. It's a very sweet little piece and the ending made me happy, shut up. XD (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: You Break It. You Fix It. by atrabilious_bob - I admit, I almost turned back from this fic at the end of the first scene (Aiba crying that easily? ....r-really?) but I wanted to give the fic a fair shot, so I kept reading and I'm actually really glad I did. There's a lot of potential with this author and her characterization is pretty solid and I liked that Sho was involved in this as well, without being too mother-hen, he was really easy to see, actually. And you know what I really liked about this fic? Jun actually was kind of a bitch and overly mean, while the others just sort of avoided him or gave him reproachful looks and Jun is obviously my favorite, but I know he gets like that sometimes and this fic did well with that. ....also, have I mentioned recently that I like porn? Because I really like Aiba/Jun porn. A lot. *_____* (Aiba/Jun, NC-17.)

ARASHI: Yes Sir, He's Having My Breakdown by Circe - So, I have several other Arashi fics I should be recommending before I write up the rec for this one, but I just finished reading it and it was-- it was-- it was so... asdl;fkjaslkj I can't even. I was laughing my ass off the whole way, but the ending was just... crying from me. It's one of those fics where I can just perfectly see it, where Ohno is having morning sickness and weird cravings and Nino is the perfectly attentive husband and Aiba and Sho are sort of along for the ride and Jun is the only one with any fucking sense in the band and it's the best fake pregnancy ever, because Ohmiya? Are such little shits with the weirdest sense of humor and god I want Circe to write Ohmiya forever. Especially if it's set from Jun's point of view where his dignity might be in tattered remains, but he's still going to gather the last shreds of it (and his sanity) around him and not let these fuckers break him. It's so beautifully IC that I cannot even begin to describe it, it's not just screamingly funny, it's also so heart-warming and beautiful and genuinely clever. Also, the ending may possibly have had me in tears of laughter and hoping that Jun's stupid bandmates really did bully him into that. (Ohmiya, maybe a little blink and you'll miss it Aiba/Jun, but it's mostly the usual idiocy.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by waxrose - I figured I should probably put this all in one rec because they're not quite long enough to rec separately, though, they are extremely awesome. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen much new Arashi fic posted lately and then waxrose comes along and posts a bunch of little ficlets with various pairings and hilarious or awesome concepts and asl;dkfjaslkjas that last one is seriously my favorite thing just about ever today. BUT. There's also Jun taking care of a sick Sho in that special way Jun has, there's Aiba being incredibly hot at Jun, there's SUPER ADORABLE Ohno/Sho, there's even Nino/Jun that made me ridiculously delighted, and then Sho and Nino in the final one. Each is fantastic because it's clever and just as long as it needs to be and as;ldkfjalkj I love her so much. <3 (....Arashi/Arashi, but there's a fair amount of Sho/Jun, Aiba/Jun, Ohno/Sho, Nino/Jun, and Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - You know what's another thing I love? When an author writes another ficlet to explain a previously throwaway reference to handcuffs and it's a delightful piece about how fantastic Aiba is and how he can totally fry Matsumoto's brain just by being himself. I'm honestly not sure what's the best part of this one, the near porn or the way Nino is an evil little weasel whom I love with all my heart. Both, probably. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 5) by Meg - ....since Meg just posted a new chapter of this fic, I went back to check my recs... and realized I'd only recommended the first four chapters. orz orz orz So, this is the chapter where Jun gets roped into helping Aiba model and I kind of love it because there are just enough details about the clothes and process to really picture it and make the fic feel really sharp sense of style, then wound together with the fabulous characterization, both of Aiba and Jun, plus the people around them. Rie-chan is so fantastic and I love her so much and she should get to have Sho as a prize, plus it's really kind of cool to see Jun in a setting that we see canon!Jun in fairly often, but with a totally different feel because this is an AU, yet there's something natural about it and it's just. Neat. It also moves the plot forward nicely--I know! Plot moving forward in a hooker fic! Just one of the many reasons I love Meg!--and yet Jun doesn't leave his previous world behind because he's really okay with it. A-also. The brief scene Jun thinks of when he remembers a particular client was really kind of hot. I'd read that fic. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 6) by Meg - a;sldkfja;lskj this chapter starts out with so much awesome that I can hardly contain myself. Jun being on the verge of snapping and going on a... well, maybe not a killing spree, but a very violent mother henning spree, will never not be funny. Especially when he's practically snarling and/or shrieking at Sho to come deal with this shit. And then. The disasterous client. Which will also never not be funny and, oh, god, this is why I love this particular hooker fic, why it's done right. Because there are actual clients and it's not all emo angst, instead it's almost like a normal life with normal bad days, except maybe a little more dangerous than other professions. Because the other thing I never get tired of, the thing that might just be one of my favorite scenes in the entire fic is Jun getting a little freaked out and calling Sho, who just barely keeps a lid on the explosion. I love it because exploding in fear/anger at him is how they all show their love and Sho being angry at someone for being stupid and putting themselves in danger... I-- I have to admit, I am That Fangirl, but it's not quite so embarrassing to admit when it's done really well. Seriously, my favorite chapter. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 7) by Meg - And this chapter is, like Meg says, the guys sitting around and talking, but that doesn't make it any less awesome because that's some of my favorite stuff. When she can get all five of them in a room and keep all their personalities straight and make all of them little bastards, but in different ways. I love the way the conversation rolls from one topic to another, even while the rest of them are all vaguely trying to keep in on the subject of Jun getting a new career, and then Aiba goes and says shit on purpose and a;xldkjl;aksj do you know how much I loved that line? Plus, this line from Aiba: "Rie-chan is very nice," said the person who had spent the entire afternoon composing an extended riff on the classic poem about the girl from Nantucket with her. "Isn't she, Jun?" as;ldkfja;lskjaslkjs oh god I love Aiba so much. I love all of them so much, really. Also, Jun watching Aiba drive was kind of strangely hot. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 8) by Meg - And, finally, the most recent post. WITH THE GREATEST BANNER EVER. I LOVE IT. I also love that Meg totally stops before getting to the good part because you know what? Fandom DESERVES IT. ....possibly I am a terrible person, but I'm okay with that! Also, waxrose has a fic snippet in the comments and as;dlkfjasl;kj that one better get posted soon, too. *__* Anyway, this chapter starts off with Nino and Jun having a conversation about Jun's life and it fills me with happiness because those two are such bitches and, yet, you can still tell how much they care about each other. Then Sho's day sucks and I love that that's a recurring theme through the fic, too, and of course the chapter ends with Aiba and Jun dragging Sho out to dance, ahahahaha. Another really fun chapter where the focus is on the guys in a group talking and being awesome for that. (Aiba/Jun and Ohmiya, but they're only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 09) by Meg - Two chapters in a relatively short time! Meg spoils us. ♥ And I continue to love this story a whole lot (and after Jun's recent CUT photoshoot, no one should ever feel badly about making him a hooker) because in this chapter Aiba and Jun gang up on Sho as they dance with him and it doesn't need to be actual porn to be super hot. They've both got a certain grace and/or hotness that just makes this even hotter, plus, asd;lfkjaslkj people should do this kind of thing to Sho more often. At least if they can make it awesome like Meg can. Same for how she can make the promise of sex later on almost as hot as the sex itself. *__* (Aiba/Jun, Aiba/Jun/Sho and Ohmiya in this chapter.)

ARASHI: Puppy Kisses by waxrose - You know, there really hasn't been that much Arashi fic I've read lately (though, I've been slacking on the pile of fics I have read that I want to recommend) but then waxrose posted this tonight and a;sldkfjaslk I had to run over and immediately read it, too. Fic in the fandom again! Between her and Meg, I will never leave this fandom. And this one was. as;dlfkjas;lkjs Aiba and Jun and a puppy, which was totally warm and fluffy and happy and made me feel all fuzzy inside, but in such a way that it wasn't saccharine or too much, instead it was just right. Especially because Jun was so Jun about the whole thing, trying to pretend he had dignity until nobody cared enough to pay attention to that and he got to be squishy for awhile, too. And a;slkdjfaslkj Aiba. God knows he'd steamroll right over me, too. (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Five Times His Stupid Bandmates Featured in the Nightmares of Matsumoto Jun by waxrose - *long sigh* I love fic like this. Part of it is that I'm a Jun fangirl, of course, so anything that centers on him and gets into his thoughts and motivations, I'm bound to love, but this fic does an utterly gorgeous job of it. He is so spot on here, right down to the things that aren't said but are so clear in the kind of nightmares he has and... as amusing and lolarious as some of them are, they also make me want to give him a hug and, you know, a real vacation away from all that stress, because yes of course he works himself up far more than he should and of course he'd have batshit nightmares about it. This is the kind of fic that is so spot-on with Jun and the rest of Arashi and his feelings that it's going into my personal head canon as Hard Truth now and you'll never be able to convince me otherwise. The lovely writing, the hilariousness of Jun dreaming about Aiba with a tail, the really kind of totally hot Nino/Jun, the wonderfulness and touching Aiba/Jun, all of that is just superb icing on the cake. *____* God, this was good. (Aiba/Jun, some Nino/Jun and Arashi/Arashi. *__*)

ARASHI: Special kind of special by Circe - ....I have had this series of ficlets on my to-rec list for ages. I am finally making myself sit down to rec them properly (well, we'll see about how well I properly write the recs orz) and, of course, I get sucked into rereading them all over again because Circe's writing is just so fabulous for that. And, oh. Just. Oh, this is what I love about Arashi. And about Aiba/Jun and Aiba especially but also Jun because it's wonderful because Aiba is so very much himself, so adorable and silly and yet he knows what he's doing and he's so bright and he knows Jun is a big squishie for him and he plays on that but in the best possible way and Jun totally is a doormat for him in that way that you can just see on Jun's face every time he loves his bandmates so much he could just about explode from it. And this fic captures all of that so perfectly and then tops it off with Nino being the best little ferret-faced rat bastard ever. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Once It Was a Fairy Tale: The Unsmiling Prince by nicocoer - asd;lfkjasl;kjaslj I was kind of wary and hopeful about this one at the same time, because it was Aiba/Jun and fairytales and that can either go really right or fall flat on its face. But this was adorable, it was completely charming and funny, I laughed out loud several times (and kind of totally cried at Sho's role in this story, that was beautiful) and cooed over the appropriate places, the whole thing coming together beautifully. There were a dozen wonderful little touches (running into Tego was probably my favorite, aside from the other Arashi mentions) and I love the "message" of the fic and Aiba's role as the main character (and of course Jun as the unsmiling prince) and I even loved that obviously the fic was going somewhere with the collection of items that Aiba got, but asl;dfkjasl;kj I didn't see it coming and kind of burst out laughing. Just. as;dlkjfalskj so adorable and I love it. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, implied Ohmiya. Pairings half not the point.)

ARASHI: untitled by Honooko - I spent the last day driving myself kind of batshit crazy trying to remember where I'd read this fic, all I could remember was one little detail of it and I couldn't find it on my flist anywhere. It was driving me crazy because I knew I wanted to reread the awesomeness of it. And then I was randomly browsing the flist, stumbled over the fic again and asdl;kfjaslkj just as great as I remembered. It's a short little ficlet, but it's Aiba/Jun bathtub porn and it's delightfully IC and I love it and I love the ending kind of a lot and just. Yes, this is what fandom should be. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, not entirely SFW.)

ARASHI: 9 tiny aiba/jun drabbles by waxrose - asd;lfjkasd;lkjaslk I have miiiiiised her fic soooo muuuuuch. And then she posted 9 short ficlets with Aiba/Jun running as a theme and just. a s;ldkfjas;lkjs I can be happy and content once again! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, they run a nice gamut of something slightly serious to the totally cracky, but each of them creates a great little mood and leaves me feeling... idk, like I want more, I want some of these expanded so bad (camp counselors omg!), but mostly just that I really love these two a lot. Especially Matsumoto over there. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Uncomplicated by onlymostlytrue - Well, as long as I was reading the author's other fic, I had to click onto this one, too. And as;dlfkjaslkj as if the previous fic didn't fill a hole in my heart (with the Aiba/Jun/Sho threesome), this one has some of the best goddamned Aiba/Nino BFFery that I've seen pretty much ever. It's hard to put into words how much this made me happy because the writing was sharp, the characterization was delightful, they were real people and had real emotions, but they were also funny as hell, and just. Amazing. To the point that, yes, okay, I was reading for the Aiba/Jun and the Ohmiya and they were fabulous, but you know what the best scene was? HANDS DOWN it was Sho's lecture scene where the rest of them were doing Pictochat with each other over their DSes. Words cannot describe the wheezing gigglefit I went through because of that scene. It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, this is one of the best fics I've read in ages. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, Ohmiya, but they're only half the point. Sort of Aiba/Nino, but it's more BFFery than out and out pairing.)

ARASHI: and i love by waxrose - There is something incredibly warm and sweet and wonderful about this fic, I love how it made me want to burst with love for both of them. And I love that Jun shows his feelings in all these little ways that aren't about what he says, but what he does and that Aiba gets that in his own way and appreciates it. It makes me so happy for both of them and just so... content to read a simple story of Jun giving Aiba a ride home and they just sleep in his apartment instead. It's the little things like that that made me love Arashi in the first place. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: nothing has changed by waxrose - You know, sometimes I think maybe I'll eventually get over how much I'm ridiculously drawn to Aiba and Jun. Then waxrose posts a gif like that and writes a beautiful fic to go with it and, yeah, I'm right back where I started at. But it's a lovely fic with a great blend between the two of them being awkward after their first time, yet there's still so much that'll be okay with them. Neither of them are sure what to do next, but there's no real heartache about it, leaving it with just a really sweet, gentle feeling, even as they're not quite sure what to say or do. I really like the way Jun is written here, especially, since it's his POV, this felt right to me. (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - [Note: There's also an Aiba/Nino/Jun ficlet that I wanted to mention in this rec. Not that I don't love them ALL, but I'm trying to focus here, shut up.] So, I love Jun ridiculous amounts. I love how much of a squishy he is on the inside and I love that he finally takes a goddamned vacation for himself and I love how amazingly well this fic gets across that he has all these feelings bundled up in him that don't spill over, that he doesn't really put words to, but sometimes they almost do spill over. And I love this Aiba, so cheerful and adorable and good and you can feel how much Jun adores him and the little touch at the end? Beautiful, I can't say more than that. Then you have the Best OT3 Ever piece and al;sdkjfaslkj it's beautifully on crack just like all really good Arashi fic should be. Oh, and! Bonus Sho/Nino makeouts! Where they are ADORABLE together! (Aiba/Jun, Sho/Nino, and Aiba/Nino/Jun, respectively.)

ARASHI: just a little prince and his rose by augustfai - I've been browsing around the fandom and trying new (to me!) authors (that are, you know, not directly on my flist) and, oh, hey, look, Aiba/Jun that I hadn't read before! And it's a cute story about The Little Prince and Aiba being such an intensely emotional person, someone who feels everything really strongly, and Jun who is quietly tolerant because you can just sort of feel how much he loves Aiba right back. It's very sweet and adorable. <3 (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: One more reason AnAn rules + All's well that ends well by Circe - You know what I love? Arashi being full of a bunch of bastards. Or at least Ohno and Nino are. Which they are in both these fics--the first one is an AnAn shoot with Ohmiya and they're little fuckers and get along like a house on fire. As they should. The second is a fic where Sho and Jun compete over Aiba and it's just... oh my god. It's brilliant characterization for every single member of Arashi and hilarious to watch the two of them compete while Ohno subtly eggs them on and Nino laughs at the whole thing and Aiba just sort of bounces in and out. Plus, the ending is pitch-perfect homg. (Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho/Nino, Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Moleymagic, a Psychic-type... by Aki - as;dflka;sdflk ahahahah omg Arashi and Pokemon! AKI LOVES US ALL. Especially when you consider how hard poor Jun's life is and how the various band members are worked into the fic and Sho is just so... as;dfklas;j,lk I love Sho with the intensity of a thousand suns. And all of them. ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL. And so is Aki. ♥ (Implications of Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho, Aiba/Jun, etc.)

ARASHI: Foreplay by nicefinalbeam - There was something that I can't quite put my finger on with this fic that I really liked. Something about the hesitancy and unsureness mixed in with how much Aiba really wants Jun, something about the way there's something that felt very real here. Sure, I went into this fic for the promised bj scene (which was very nice ♥) and the little touches of humor and characterization that made them feel so on-target. But it was that sense I couldn't quite put my finger on, all the while Aiba's trying to get his hand down Jun's pants and Jun's very... Jun about it, that clash between Aiba just doing things and Jun being on CONSTANT VIGILANCE, it was very them. I just really adored this one a lot--plus, the ending is fantastic! ♥ (Aiba/Jun, somewhere around NC-17.)

ARASHI: you're the catalyst (that makes things faster) by littlealex - This is another one of those fics that has a certain quality that I'm going to be terrible at describing. There's a certain intensity and depth to the feeling of it, the way Jun's feelings and reactions are described as he tries to sort everything out and/or just push it all back down when he obviously likes Aiba and doesn't quite know what to make of Aiba's behavior. It's beautifully written and the second person POV isn't usually one of my favorites, but it works wonderfully here. It's just a lovely piece all the way around. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, R rating, NSFW.)

ARASHI: Once It Was a Fairytale: The Unsmiling Prince by nicocoer - Okay, I admit, I picked this one up because it was Aiba/Jun and I will read a lot for those two, even things I wouldn't normally otherwise read. Like fairy tale AUs. But I'm glad I did because this was just really adorable and I loved the way the various members of Arashi were woven into the fairy tale, even knowing how it was going to go didn't take away from the adorable and the dorkery. Totally cute and warm-and-fuzzy-inducing. Also totally worth it for Sho the cow. I lolled so hard. (Aiba/Jun, but it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: Would You Mind If I Stay? by reversemirror - As mentioned before, I really adore fics that play off their jobs and the little details woven into this fic hit that just right--especially the note about how Arashi don't spend much of their free time together doing stuff, so the stories they tell kind of reflect that, but it's not in a bad way. There's a very lovely, connected feeling to this piece, where Aiba shows up at Jun's place and just sits with him for awhile, after having gotten the part in My Girl. I love how cute Aiba is in this fic, it's so like him and Jun trying to be strong but totally failing because he's really a great big squishie and it's just. Warm and fuzzy like it should be. (Aiba/Jun.)

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