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- ARASHI - a series of attempts by matsumoto jun to paint his fingernails by cimorene111 - This is one of the first Aiba/MatsuJun fics I read and it's fabulous. I love that it gets across so much of what makes me love Arashi--the way they're all BFF with each other, the way Jun goes from person to person to help him paint his nails because it's obviously a bad day and he's so... fussy about his nails, but in that way that's still completely dorky. I love that the fic gets across how they're one giant dogpile of happy gay without being weird or skeevy about it. I love that MatsuJun is fussy about his nails. I love that Aiba is so sweet and so... experimental and ridiculous. I love that the writing is clean and lovely and sharp and clever. I love that the character bits are so great that I want to roll around and squee just like watching them should be. I love that the sex was hot. I love that it fits with what I know of these people, I love that this was the first Arashi fic I read all the way through and it wasn't weird at all. Also, the style of the story, the way it winds up being like a giant experiement of Aiba's is flat-out awesome. I flail with love. (Aiba/Jun, NC-17-ish.)

- ARASHI - Silver Lining by Tashy - Yeah, so I think it's safe to say that I have myself a nice little Aiba/Jun obsession going here. And this fic continued to feed it. It's a cute sleepy morning fic, very sweet and fluffy, the kind that makes me feel warm and happy inside. And I really do like the way MatsuJun is portrayed here, he has trouble trusting all the way, but manages to do so in his own way by the end, and Aiba's so laid-back and accepting of whatever, and just...a fds;ljaflkjads love. (Jun/Aiba.)

- ARASHI - Going, Going by elfie - This is quite possibly my new favorite Arashi fic. I am totally onboard with Ohmiya as well and I have a developing fondness for Ohno (How could anyone not!?) and so Ohno + Aiba + MatsuJun going to a bar after Nino is going off for a few months to work on a solo project and asdlfkjasdlfjkasd SO MUCH LOVE. It's in the little details. The way the author describes Ohno's face so that I could picture it perfectly. The way MatsuJun tries to be casual about Nino being away for awhile but doesn't quite pull it off. The way Aiba is just so... Aiba. The way they all manage to be such dorks and yet still so hot at the same time. And then there's kissing. And more kissing. And Ohno and Nino being sweet. And super-hot Aiba/Jun. Did I mention the super-hot Aiba/Jun after they go back to Aiba's place and the gorgeous writing? Because wow. That was on fire hot, especially Jun. Oh, god, Jun. And also Aiba. Gorgeous, gorgeous writing. Sharp, clever, and sparkling, all the things I wasn't sure I'd find in this fandom. *LOVES* ♥ ♥ ♥ (Aiba/Jun, Ohmiya, somewhere around an R-rating.)

- ARASHI - seventeenth by elfie - I... I... I... shit. I do believe I let out a tremendous squeak at the end of this fic. I'd read that interesting fact about Jun--that he wanted to spend his 17th birthday with Aiba, but Aiba said no--and while part of me was shrieking about Aiba <--- Jun like you wouldn't believe, the other part of me was wibbling and going, "bu..bu..bu..but why wouldn't anyone want to spend MatsuJun's birthday with him!?" This fic made it all better. In less than five hundred words, my fangirl heart was HEALED and then promptly melted into a gooey mass. Sharp, clever writing (omg, I am quite possibly in love with MatsuJun's sister in this fic) and brilliant, fabulous Aiba and Jun and I just. I would have flailed but I was a bit too busy squeaking and melting and, god, I am whole again. (This is mostly gen, but you could probably read Aiba/Jun into it.)

- ARASHI - Less Than Five and Word Association by wintersjuly - These are two short ficlets posted together, one a gen piece while Nino's off working on an individual project that's a very sweet moment about what a group of five they are and it's not the same without that final one, even if it's only temporary. It's a nice, short piece that packs the punch it intends. The second is a cute little Aiba/Jun piece that fills my very soul with sparklies and happines and afdljafdsljaflkjsda god, why are they so cute? Adorable. (The first piece is gen, the second is Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - Technical Difficulties by wintersjuly - Okay, I was originally going to scoot right on by this fic because genderswitch really isn't my thing so much. But Aiba/Jun fic is rare and I liked the author's other work so much. And. And. Okay. So, girl!Aiba has the potential to be so very bad, but when this author does it... asdfljasdflalkjf oh my god, if Aiba suddenly turned into a girl, this is how it would go. Aiba's just so... Aiba and the ending lines were killing me because it was just that hilarious and the hetsex is so surprisingly hot and afsdl;kjadfslkjasdflkj oh my god Jun's reaction to the brilliance that is girl!Aiba just has me on the floor rolling around in a complete ability to be coherent. (Aiba/Jun, genderswitch--READ IT ANYWAY--around an NC-17-rating.)

- ARASHI - Okay by travelingpsycho - I know I've been pretty subtle about this lately, but I love Arashi and I love how they interact with each other and I even love Jun's pissy moods and how he loses his temper unfairly sometimes. What I fell in love with on this fic is the way the others deal with Jun when he gets like that, it says so much about the group dynamic, the way they give him reproachful looks when he's mean to Aiba but let him come around on his own, because he will. And just. The way I feel so badly for the boys and then the beautiful way the ending is written and Jun apologizes (because he doesn't really want to be alone and asldjkadslfjkasdljf yes) in his own way and Aiba understands (I loved this fic as much for Aiba as I did for Jun) and I just... flailed. A lot. (Could be Aiba/Jun, could be gen.)

- ARASHI - untitled by Anita - Okay, technically, these are probably titled, but it's three ficlets that are best grouped together, from Anita's "Why Person A Loves Person B" meme. The first two are Aiba and Jun, why Jun loves Aiba and why Aiba loves Jun and they are so good. Anita really gets them, why these two mean so much to each other, and writes it in such a way that my little fangirl heart threatens to explode from how right it is. Each of them have the person's voice and personality just shining through, reading them makes me ache a little for them in the very best possible way, because yes those are the people I fell in love with. And then. Then she writes Shibata Rie/Sho and it's so beautiful and so hilarious that nothing I could say would even come close to how awesome it is. Just. Oh my god I love Anita so, so much. In that shrieking, flailing kind of way. (Implications of Aiba/Jun and Shibata Rie/Sho if you want.)

- ARASHI - untitled by Mer - This-- This fic is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. The concept alone is so hilarious (an AU with Aiba and Jun and I want to start shrieking with laughter again just thinking about it), but it's the way Mer pulls off the little details, the way even though Jun is a bird (a;dsflkjalskjalkjss *cries with laughter again*), she still utterly nails his personality. And Aiba (as a naturalist! oh my god so amazingly great) brilliantly shines through as so very much himself. Then the naturalist takes notice of the pretty bird and it's so, so great from there on out. How she managed to pack so much perfect detail into such a quick piece, how the pretty bird can be such a bitch and yet still obviously like the naturalist so much in just a few sentences, I don't know! But thank god Mer is pliable towards the Aibajun, I love the world right now. ♥ (This is mostly gen, but could be Aibajun if you want to see it that way.)

- ARASHI - Why Jun Loves Aiba by Anita - Going through Mer's meme posts (because, dammit, I will catch up ♥), I stumbled over this one again and I love it so very dearly. And I am prone to spastic fits of Matsujun love because Jun is my favorite and I'm just weak to that sort of thing, but Anita does it so incredibly right. The way he looks at Aiba and it's not something that will quite come to words, but the emotion there is very strong, and that's so perfect for Jun, right down to how illogical it is and how he has trouble with the words. This is how I feel about Jun's feelings for Aiba and why Aiba is SO GREAT. God, I love Aiba, because all of this is so true about him. *violently heartmarks* (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - With Or Without You by crux_australis - I'm always wary whenever I read Arashi fic by an author I don't know that well (which is why I've kind of stopped reading Arashi fic not on my flist), but I've had a few conversations with the author and she seems very lovely, so, what the hell, I'll give it a shot, right? And asldkfjalksjalksj it reminds me how much I love this pairing when it's done right because this is just so... cute and surprisingly subtle (considering this is Aiba, I mean XD) and hit me exactly the way it was supposed to. It was a sweet little fic that portrayed them both very well, all their personality quirks while not reducing them to chariactures! Absolutely not teeth grinding from me while reading, instead I sparkled at how much Jun clearly adored Aiba and how much of a sweet goofball Aiba was with an actual brain and personality beyond that! Without having to hammer it into our heads! I just... I love them a lot and I'm flailing, okay? Shut up. (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - exact or 5 times aiba realizes he's shit-deep in love. by aoimidori - When an author can use the Five Things style to good effect, it always delights me. It's a really neat style of storytelling, but it takes some skill to do it well. I really quite liked what the author did with it here, each paragraph/instance stands on its own, but contributes to a larger theme with the fic, each one of them being a fantastic example and showing the characterization very nicely. I love that four of them are based on moments that were caught on camera, adding that sense of a timeline and tying it together with "canon", especially because those are moments I've picked up on as well, moments that show a certain something between Aiba and Jun. Plus, the ending is really wonderful and I get the dopiest smile on my face, too. Just. Love. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - 5 ways they spend christmas/aiba's birthday together. by aoimidori - Oh, speaking of formats I love, another style is where the author writes short scenes, just small little snippets from a different moment over the course of a long period of time, showing the progression of a relationship. I love what the author did here with that style, sometimes tying it together with the "canon" again and then predicting her own version of where they're headed. I love that Aiba and Jun don't just immediately get together, there's a genuine progression between them here, the little moments just so clear in my mind's eye and so adorable and so good. Again, I love the author's final scenes and where she eventually takes them, I love how I smile happily at the two of them interacting, I love how much you can tell the author really likes these two. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - Onwards Home by Anita - You know how, every so often, there's one of those fics that makes you just incoherent with how perfectly it hit you? This fic does that for me, all that Anita accomplishes with simply writing the Arashi boys as themselves. The way she writes them is brilliant, because they're so themselves and these complicated real people shine through (especially Matsujun) while still having this gorgeous natural flow to the fic. It's hilariously funny, every time I reread the scene where Sho shows up and is worried about Nino (because he's losing at his video game and asdlfkjalskj *crying* he's such an evil little otaku), I start laughing all over again. The fic is full of those little moments without ever feeling crowded for it, there's drunk Aiba and Jun dealing with this in such a very Jun way and then there is hot hot hot porn and a beautiful ending. I just! It hit every button I had! I want to quote half of the fic because it's hilarious and then it turns all hot and the characterization of both Aiba and Jun is brilliant! Every inch of the fic, right down to the subtle touches of showing Jun's OCD without ever making a big deal about it and showing an incredibly insightful perspective on them and then the HOT HOT HOT PORN YESSSSS. Okay, I'm done. This fic ~*~touched~*~ me, but I'll stop slobbering on Anita now. (Aiba/Jun, R-rated content, not quite safe for work.)

- ARASHI - Aiba/Jun Drabbles Batch 1 by crux_australis - *wriggles around in utter glee* While I love longer stories as well, there's something very wonderful about shorter ficlets strung together like this, there's a sense of more having happened in the time it took to read this. Plus, it's a bunch of little moments in Aiba and Jun's regular days as boyband members, moments snuck in between performances or TV show filmings, all while the rest of the Arashi is around them and I LOVE that all the fics are actually centered on other people who happen to catch little glimpses of the Aibajun relationship. It's a neat way to tell a story and it has the added bonus of including the other members, which just utterly delights me. Add in Jun trying to be oh-so-casual and kind of very good at it and kind of totally fail at it, and I just love this fic. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - Aiba/Jun Drabbles Batch 2 by crux_australis - I was quite tempted to recommend each of these short fics seperately because they all stand on their own and they're of solid length. What I love about these, aside from the rest of Arashi being present in them as well, because I love Aibajun, but I love it even more in the context of the rest of Arashi, is that they're so full of details and little moments of the guys just being so themselves. They're funny and use all these little things we know about them and Aiba with the pets is awesome and they're completely idiotic, but in the way that real people can be, not just chariactures of themselves. Plus, the author is really fantastic at getting across how much they obviously care about each other, especially how Jun adores and loves Aiba so much, even when he's being bitchy or silly, without having to hammer it into the reader's head. Each one of these was a delight to read. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - what one wants. by aoimidori - I've been reading a lot of manga/anime-based fic again these days, but it's fics like this that remind me why I've spent nearly a year being so obsessive over Matsumoto Jun and why fic can sometimes make me practically glow with fannish love. This is such an insightful, beautifully written piece about what he wanted out of life and love, what he saw around him and the subtle feelings that he has with the rest of his band. It's even more lovely for how he was so young in this fic, he still hadn't quite figured things out, he was just growing into himself and the fic does a beautiful job of showing that, rather than telling it. It's a bit introspective, but in the sort of way that Jun would be, the way he has found so much of himself by age twenty-four. In addition, his relationship with Aiba in particular is beautifully written here, maybe something more, maybe something platonic, which fits wonderfully with the actual Matsujun. I would chain this author to her keyboard for more fic for a long time to come, if I could. (Potentially Aiba/Jun, but it's more a Jun introspective piece.)

- ARASHI - four things jun's bandmates do wrong and one thing he doesn't do right by Meg - So I love Meg being in the ARASHI fandom, right? Because then she writes stuff like this. And sometimes I love antics fic even more than pairing fic because it shows why I love Jun so very, very much--his bandmates are idiots and yet he loves them still. Four times they drive him up the wall (and possibly to tears), utterly rereadable, and beautifully timed. I honestly cannot pick a favorite time one of his bandmates annoyed Jun by doing something utterly WRONG and yet so beautifully idiotic. Nino being obnoxious, Ohno being oblivious, Aiba being Aiba, Sho being made of fail despite being so damn smart, and even Jun himself. Oh, god, Jun himself. I-- I love Meg a lot. ;__;♥ (....this is totally gen and not in any way vaguely Aibajun if you squint. Really.)

- ARASHI - chasing rainbows by silver.lined - asdlf;kaj;lskajslkj Meg pointed out this fic (which I may or may not have tried reading, since I do occasionally browse jent_fanfics for any Arashi fic that looks good) and it's so-- It's an ARASHI AU with them on a pirate ship and I felt like I should be going, "" the whole time, but I wasn't! It was so cute! And hilariously perfect! I loved how well each of them fit into this pirate world (that reminds me of One Piece in a really good way ♥), how they were still such a group of beautifully ridiculous idiots and asd;lfkjaslj Aiba. Oh, god, I loved Aiba. I loved all of them and their reactions to Ohno. And the ending is a big ball of yes. (This is mostly gen, though, as the author says, blink-and-you'll-miss-it-implied one-sided Aibajun.)

- ARASHI - five aibajun AUs meg refuses to write by Meg - Do you know what this fic has? It has Hooker Jun. I have only been waiting for almost a year for Hooker Jun fic and I think everyone should go bother Meg for more of #4 because it is HOOKER JUN and it's awesome. But I also like this concept, because it puts all of the usual cliche AU story ideas into one fic and somehow this takes it from being ridiculous and goes right on past it into awesome. #2! Aiba as an actual baby! #1! Vampires that are actually hot and, oh, god, I want Jun being a willing donator to vampire!Aiba. #3! WESTERN AU. All of them are beautiful. ;__;b But mostly I want more Hooker Jun. It is like oxygen to me now. I need it. (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 1) by Meg - You know what I love? Aside from Meg crying, that is. Is that she's writing hooker fic properly. Matsumoto Jun as a hooker and he's falling in love with Aiba and his roommate is Nino. And Sho is his social worker. It's like. It's like Meg loves me and wants me to be happy. This first chapter sets up the world and it contains beautiful, beautiful friendship between Nino and Jun (truly, their love is one for the ages ♥), right down to how they make surprisingly good roommates. Well, as much as Nino and Jun could. And every time Sho opens a conversation with "Hi, Matsumoto," said Sakurai. "Have you considered a career filled with self-respect and safety lately?" I start laughing all over again. Beautiful. ♥ (Eventual Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 2) by Meg - So. Part two of the hookerfic. (And, yes, I'll probably wind up recommending them seperately. Eh, my site, my favorite pairing, I do what I want! XD) And as much as I love the set up with all of Arashi, it's just that much more delightful that the story will also include many other JE boys from around the company, all put into delightful roles in the fic, ones that keep the spirit of who they are, even in an AU. My favorite is far and away Ryo, who works as a waiter at the same bar Nino works at and his friendship with Jun is delightfully bitchy kindred spirits. Though, even more than that, it's the way Ryo utterly delights in Jun's embarassment/irritation, in the way that only TRUE FRIENDS can do. Same same same for the brief moments of Nino/Jun, too! Even more than that is the addition of the first stirrings of real attraction between Aiba and Jun, which balance out the fic wonderfully, it gets everything done that it needs to. And it also has a pretty fantastic ending line, mmm. (Aibajun, but it's worth reading beyond that, too.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 3) by Meg - AND THEN THIS PART starts the real attraction between Aiba and Jun, so many little things that are just right, like Aiba holding back that last little bit because he doesn't want to push Jun too hard, lets him decide what to do about it, which is just so-- it's perfect because Aiba goes after what he wants, but he thinks of others a surprising amount. And he's just so direct about what he wants and even if he's silly sometimes, there's a brain in his head. PLUS THEN. MORE SHO+JUN FRIENDSHIP. And--aside from the Aiba/Jun kiss in the first half of the fic--this chapter contains my favorite moment ever. The-- The Nino/Jun friendship is truly beautiful and moving and I laugh so hard I just about cry every time. Beautiful. ;__;b AND Ohno/Jun is brilliantly done (and perfect in tone, it's sort of platonic and yet there's very clear sexual tension there, yet--) and, oh, god, at this point I can't even be coherent anymore. It's like. This fic makes me happy in my soul. (Aibajun, but it's worth reading beyond that, too.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 4) by Meg - *brightens* While I have been enjoying all of the hooker fic, there is something extra delightful about the chapter of the hookerfic that has the Aiba/Jun date. Which is held at a zoo. Given how many times Arashi has gone to a zoo to be... well, Arashi at a zoo, I was delighted at where Aiba took Jun for a date. (Especially since there's no better place for Aiba to choose, you know he would. ♥) And it's full of little details--Aiba eating several times as much as Jun does, Jun's hair totally being a super-tasty treat for the llamas, THE KANGAROOS YES ♥, the otters, Aiba giving Jun looks--that make it just delightful. Plus, the ending for this chapter is fantastic. >:D (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - me domyouji, you makino by aoimidori - ;alsal;skjlk ahahahaha oh god I am so glad that aoimidori is in the Arashi fandom because she writes fantastic fic like this, a fic where Aiba tries to act like Doumyouji and totally fails and Jun goes o_O a lot in the process. It's just. It's hilarious and I crack up every single time I get to Aiba's attempts to do Doumyouji-like things and yet is still so very Aiba and the references to the drama are great, but they're still so very Arashi and it's just. It's really easy to picture them all in my mind's eye and the pacing/setting/plotting are fantastic and just. *flails* This fandom makes me so happy sometimes. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

- ARASHI - one-sentence drabble meme. by aoimidori - These are a series of one-sentence (if longer ones, so that it makes them a little more satisfying) fics with so many delightful little touches about various dynamics in the group. Of course you can detect something of pairing preferences, but what I love is that all of Arashi truly felt like they were all connected to each other and they're... such a group. I love that, even when he's half in the background, Nino is such a little shit and beautifully like himself. aoimidori has such a lovely touch to her writing, there's something really pretty about the words themselves, it just makes it that much more awesome to see the crack and the perfect characterization woven into each one of these, too. ♥ (Multiple Arashi pairings, but Aiba/Jun fans may especially enjoy these.)

- ARASHI - Heat by kit_rin - Generally, I prefer fics that go for humor rather than seriousness and I think that would have been my choice with this fic rather than making it serious, but that's me and my own personal preferences. That said, I thought the writing of this fic was beautiful, the imagery used was very pretty, and there was a real atmosphere of intimacy between Aiba and Jun here. Plus, the sex part of the fic was, mm, really, really good and genuinely hot (if you'll pardon the unintentional pun), the whole fic achieved exactly what it set out to do. I-- a fic from jent_fanfics that I'm not traumatized by? That I really liked? I-- I don't know what to do in this maddening new world. (Aiba/Jun, hard R to light NC-17.)

ARASHI: Field of Flowers by maiaide - I am always so incredibly wary when clicking on new links (for authors I don't know) because JE fandoms have taught me to be so. But... well, maybe I was just desperate enough to try it or maybe I was feeling adventurous or who knows, but I'm glad I clicked, because I got a fic that did so much right that I am feeling actually good about fandom again! I like that her Aiba is silly and has a lot of dorky fun, but there are very clearly thoughts in his head and he knows what he's doing! I like that her Jun is crabby even when he so clearly loves his stupid bandmate ridiculous levels! I like that there were a lot of little details (like Jun's probably very girly stylish apartment) and that she actually managed to get both of them to take a shower before sex without it feeling forced, there was a very sweet, natural sort of progression to the lazy morning off that I really liked. I'm probably still going to be wary of following links from people I don't know, but for once! It paid off! ♥ (Aiba/Jun, a light NC-17.)

ARASHI: AibaJun babysitting antics by Meg - This is just a short little piece, a snippet of a scene, but I had to recommend it (because it's my journal/site and I will if I want to) because it's the sort of thing I love. Jun being conned into playing teaparty (which I whole-heartedly support) and his reaction to it... which I also whole-heartedly support, because that's Matsujun for you. I'm convinced this totally happened offcamera during an MMA episode, srsly. (This is gen, but if you want to read Aiba/Jun into it, you can.)

ARASHI: Four times Jun just doesn't get it and one time he does. by Circe - No wait I lied. This is pretty much my perfect fic. It was posted on my birthday and it's from Jun's perspective and it's just-- this is practically every reason I fell in love with Matsumoto Jun and his relationships with his bandmates, all rolled up into one fic. He clearly loves them all, they all love each other, you can take any two and make hilarious interaction out of it (though, Sho seriously gets the best line of the fic, I crack up in a giggle fit every time I reread because it's so great, you'll know it when you get to it) and she does brilliantly with each of them. But what really sends it over the edge for me is that there's something just a little different about the way Jun reacts to Aiba, the way there's something there without it being remarked on until the end, which fits so, so well with what I see of them in 'canon'. Technically, the fic is an Aiba/Jun fic, but so much of the fic is placed around the group dynamics and that's the way I love it. A-also, I may possibly be a little too in love with the ending. *__* (This is Aiba/Jun, but it's sort of... Arashi/Arashi with the usual that'stotallygayyouguys ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: RSR doujinshi translation/summary by Meg - You know what's awesome about Aside from that it's more RSR. Is that it's totally exactly how a doujinshi would go, you could almost really believe that this thing existed if you didn't know better. Like, I can picture it so easily in my head, right down to the arrangement of panels and text. Plus, the story parts are wonderful--I love that the drawn part is an Ohno/Jun gen piece about Jun's motivations, one of those that you could see fitting between the scenes of "canon" and then the "novel" part is just total cracked out humor with Aiba/Jun and working ~*experiments*~ into the RSR universe. Every time I got to the last two paragraphs, I just... I fall in love and I crack up so bad. Of course that's how it turns out, of course. Green will be green, no matter what universe he's in. ♥♥♥ (Some Ohno/Jun, some Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Fortunately for Jun by inuhariko - This was sort of for my birthday, the posting of it, anyway, and that's enough to totally count and OMG YES. There's something truly delightful about discovering a new author that can potentially be peer pressured into writing fic like this. ^_~ It is a really lovely short piece about how frustrating/annoying that Aiba can be sometimes, how Jun's thin patience is genuine... and then he's just totally sideswiped by Aiba by the end anyway, it's delightfully in tune with how they are. Plus, little details added in and a fantastic ending make this a wonderful piece. ♥ (Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: Pretense by waxrose - You know what I love about Arashi fandom? When authors take these little moments or little habits from their tv shows and interviews, then spin off stories about them, weave them into the storyline. waxrose has one of the best insights into Aiba's character with this fic that I've seen in awhile and how Jun totally calls him on it. That alone would have made me flail ridiculously over the fic (I get really kinda fussy about Aiba characterization sometimes, but I love him here *__*), but the way it's just so-- so much fun and yet there's such great characterization in more serious moments and such really good porn and mmmm. Insightful, witty, and porny? Seriously, my birthday should be every day. *__* (Aiba/Jun, R rating, NSFW.)

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