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ARASHI: Five times Arashi members could have lived without their bandmates and one time it wasn't so bad by Meg - Lately, there's been a decent amount (for Arashi fandom) of fic that's focused on the group as a whole, about all the various friendships between all of them and that just makes me so incredibly happy. Especially the way Meg does it, because each of these five scenes (well, six, I suppose) are centered on one band member each, but it's about the different ways they interact with each other and they're so much fun and really genuinely clever and funny. Even if they don't really know why they love their stupid, annoying bandmates, there's clearly so much affection and fondness underneath the crazy idiocy that it just shines through. Also, Jun's section where he's so tired he can barely think straight is gold, because you know that's exactly what has to go through his head at times like that. Also, Nino being a little shit and Ohno actually being a little shit too and Aiba being so Aiba and Sho wondering why he loves his stupid bandmates and then rushing off to take care of them and Jun being pretty much the best thing ever. I-- Okay, I get all squishy and gushy, I know. But I loved this. ;__;b (No real warnings/pairings that you wouldn't see anyway.)

ARASHI: 10 ways Arashi take care of their own. by moonbyrd - This was a fun, cute little fic that was made up of so many little scenes and details and group antics that it just. Warms my heart. It totally helps that there's a lot of Jun in the fic, especially when Nino and Sho are hovering over him, bullying him into rest by threatening to sic Aiba and Ohno on him, which would totally destroy him. Or Nino being a little shit to Chinen. Or being a little shit to Sho because he is a good friend. Or Jun being totally OCD and mother hen over Aiba because he's sneezing in a dusty dressing area! Or mocking Sho's taste in music! Or Aiba and Nino pretty much getting ready to destroy the world together. I love fics where it's about all the little things that make up their lives and this fic made me happy for that. ♥ (, Arashi/Arashi if anything, but it's kinda gen?)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Three: The Bonds of Fate are Cherry Colored. by Meg - After watching a fair amount of Kamen Rider stuff, I love this series even more than before, because it's Arashi and sentai mixed together! The blend of their personalities and making it into a different universe works so well--like, Sho the preschool teacher! With defending little snotfaced kids from evil minions! Chinen-kun the adorable little evil minion who will obviously be won over by Blue Storm Ranger! The total Sho fanservice! The Ohmiya immediate bonding! The way you just have to overlook certain details (like missing the very obvious poster behind them) because you just do! The use of Dreams to animate monsters! It's all so... so Japan. The way it's described just. Makes it really, really easy to see. I love Meg a LOT. ♥ ( Ohmiya here, some eventual Aibajun, probably a lot of gen/Arashi orgy. The usual.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - a;sdlfjkalskjalsj MORE NINO/JUN FIC YAY. Which is as bitchy and clever as always, the way they're so sharp at each other, they're such bitches to each other, yet you can easily still tell how much they care about each other. I love it because every single time I read it, I start laughing at the imagery that the author paints, the way they found themselves in this situation and how I'd pay good money to see that to actually happen on the show because you know it totally could. I love that it includes those little batshit details from their everyday life, even in just a short little fic. Also, the end is A+++ beautiful. XDb (Nino/Jun, with some Ohmiya implications, neither of which are the point.)

ARASHI: Arashi VS Girls by Rinny - Speaking of fics that I would potentially read but wouldn't trust most of fandom with! This was actually a fic with Arashi genuinely interested in sleeping with girls/totally straight and the kind of girl each of them goes for is smartly chosen by the author, yet the importance they place in each other is somehow more than that. The writing for this is lovely and I love how much the author got into the fic, how much of their personalities fit into these little snippets. I adored this. (Arashi/girls, it's not really the point precisely.)

ARASHI: Ten Songs by Circe - This is a fabulous meme because, even if the fics don't actually fit into the same storyline, they all have a similar feel, so I feel genuinely satisfied after reading something like this. I love how many little touches go into a story like this, how many little moments in their lives it touches on, how many different moods it captures. Some are silly, some are full of love, some are a little painful, some are smoking hot. What more could I ask for? I love that #2 isn't easy, that sometimes this lifestyle is hard on them, but they still get up and keep going, that's so much in the spirit of Arashi that I fell in love all over again. &hearst; Or #6 where Nino is a little shit and yet obviously cares about his bandmates a lot. ...s-same for #8. But, well, I'd be lying if I said #10 wasn't my favorite because I am weak for the Aiba/Jun. I loved it, it's just a handful of lines, but it captures everything. How cheerfully determined Aiba is, how Jun cannot resist him, how their bandmates are little shits or always bullied, and how hot they are. Just. This was fantastic. (Some Ohmiya, some Aibajun, but a lot of gen.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - For about a month now, I've kind of been clawing at the walls for Aiba and Nino interaction because they obviously get along so well, they are both... well. Chaotic, let's say. So, putting them in the same room together would only invite trouble. Awesome trouble. And Circe captures that beautifully here, the way they're just so delighted to be little shits together and kind of traumatizing and yet the way the rest of the band reacts is just. It's so perfect. I just. Every time I get to Sho, I start cracking up all over again. (....well, sort of Aiba/Nino, but sort of not. I'd say it was gen more than anything.)

ARASHI: Breakfast by ayisse - Do you know how much I love Aiba/Nino/Jun? Do you know how much I love them just barging right into Jun's kitchen and totally destroying his lazy, peaceful Sunday morning? A whole lot. Plus, it uses those embarrassing nicknames for Jun with total glee and there's hardly much I love more in life than his bandmates making Jun's full of pain. I love that Aiba and Nino just sort of run right over him, you know they would, and Jun kind of hates them, but is also totally weak to them. This was so charming. <3 (Aiba/Nino/Jun, but is really gen more than anything. Sort of.)

ARASHI: Scenes from an Arashi Tanabata by Circe - asdl;fkjaj god I love Arashi as a group. I love them all chiming in with their thoughts on spending Tanabata together and how each of them react and how I just-- I shriek with glee the entire way through this, even as I reread it (enjoying it just as much as I did the first time, because the comedic timing is beautiful, especially when Sho has his turn to be a little bastard and then Ohno's all *__* and then Nino-- asd;lfkjaslkj *was kind of crying*) and am amazed how much was worked into this, how many little details and screamingly hilarious moments. And every time I get to the deep-fried foods they sample for Tanabata (there's so much fun with festivals in this fic that I just-- I can't even-- as;dflkja) I'm pretty much grinning so hard my face hurts because I love them and this fic loves them right back. And I love Circe, like, A WHOLE LOT. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before. (Some Arashi/Arashi but it's more towards the gen side of things.)

ARASHI: Snapshots by Circe - a;slkfjaslkj this fic is so great, because it refers to Arashi no Shukudai-kun #95, the live episode where Sho did a really god-awful drawing, and this fic then has Sho/Nino BFFery and making me laugh over Sho's terrible drawings some more and makes me fall in love with the band all over again. It's kind of an amazing mix of all three elements, right down to how perfect Nino is when he goes to collect Sho's latest drawing like he's been doing for years and he's just so Nino about it, so hard to pin down even when Sho knows him really well, and then a totally perfect ending with Ohno. It's just. So easy to see and so perfectly... Arashi. *beams* (I suppose you could say it was a little Ohno/Sho/Nino, but it's really entirely gen.)

ARASHI: Four Times Ohno's Bandmates Worried About His Weight (And Once Toma Almost Did) by Aki - You know what I really love about this fic? Two things, really. One is the way the author so clearly loves Ohno and how much that shines through here. I love when someone clearly really loves their favorite, you can pick up on that love they have for the person. The second is the way her Ohno love doesn't mean the rest of the band takes a backseat, instead it's focused on their interaction with Ohno and it has this great way of showing how Ohno draws them all together. I love that this fic picks up on the reference from the episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan where Aiba started calling him a "plasma TV" because he'd lost so much weight, then just totally runs with it and they're all such a bunch of morons about it in that Arashi way. Each scene is delightful and genuinely funny, each scene shows their idiocy or how much they care, each scene touches on an aspect of their dynamics with each other, and my favorite is probably the Ohno/Jun one because Aki totally nailed their interaction, but also because I've missed them. Plus, her Toma is fantastic. *loves* (Some Ohno/Arashi, but it could be gen, too.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - Possibly, I should probably not be recommending each of these ficlets on their own, but they're just long enough for me to be able to rationalize it and they're also completely separate stories and pairings, so I'm doing it anyway. This one is Nino/Jun and sore feet and I love it because it so perfectly captures the relationship between these two. Bitchy on the surface (and actually really funny while not being too over the top, instead it's actually sharp and biting) but you stop and think about it for two seconds and you see how much care is actually there. On both sides. It's one of those quiet little moments that could have happened just about anywhere along the line, it's so easy to see it during any of their filmings, not a big deal, just... them. *__* (Nino/Jun, but gen really.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose -;dflkajs the best part about this one is that it's kind of totally gen, but it could still be more, and it's SO EASY TO IMAGINE. Like, you think of the craziest scenario you can for Jun's birthday and it's, like, ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE. I can just-- I can totally see this. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: to be young by applepluspie - I know I've read a few fics by this author before (possibly Yamatarou fic, I want to say?) but my eye was caught by her Aiba/Jun fic recently and so I've been meaning to sit down and read it, which I finally did and I'm glad I gave her a shot, because asldkfjalsk so adorable. It's all about young Jun, who was so awkward back when he was a wee little thing and he loves his bandmates so ridiculously already and the author is really good at the feeling of jumbled up emotions that make every little effort seem huge and impossible, especially with Nino on the sidelines, who clearly sees right through him. I adore the last few lines of this as well and it was an extremely satisfying piece to have read this morning, I really, really love the take on younger, more awkward Jun who felt so right for me back then. Plus! ALL of them are in the fic! That always makes me happy. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, but I'd say it's worth reading for the Jun perspective, too.)

ARASHI: sizzler: setting the standards in cleanliness since 1958 by applepluspie - So, you know what I love? When Arashi fandom does silliness right. Like, the fic is obviously not meant to be taken seriously, but it's funny and genuinely clever and AHAHAHAHA Arashi as bacteria who are multiplying and it's-- it's everything I could have asked for from the fic. I love it because no two members multiply in the same way or have the same effect, each of them are a little different from each other (asd;flkjaslkj oh my god Sho, I was cracking up kind of a lot, but my favorite is bitchier than average Jun, but nobody knows why! dying) and it's just. It hit the perfect notes all the way around. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: More of the Same by Circe - I don't think I properly recommended this fic? Which is my bad because it's a really fantastic piece and contains one of my favorite moments for Ohmiya in pretty much any fanfic ever--Sho is trying to deal with his crush on Jun, realizing these things are cyclical but that that doesn't help him much right this second (and how much do I love that? it doesn't take away from the Sho/Jun, but also keeps the Arashi/Arashi that's so important), and then Ohmiya are... well, Ohmiya. I just. Every time Nino stares at Ohno, who looks blankly back at him, and they have their ~*special connection*~, I kind of lose it all over again, because it's perfect. Sho's reaction to it--and his friendship with both Nino and Ohno--is priceless, too. I love this fic because Nino is such a little bastard, because it has hints of porn in it, because it has the best Aiba line ever. *in love with fandom again* (Ostensibly Sho/Jun and a little Ohmiya, but, well. You could see just about anything in this.)

ARASHI: Yes Sir, He's Having My Breakdown by Circe - So, I have several other Arashi fics I should be recommending before I write up the rec for this one, but I just finished reading it and it was-- it was-- it was so... asdl;fkjaslkj I can't even. I was laughing my ass off the whole way, but the ending was just... crying from me. It's one of those fics where I can just perfectly see it, where Ohno is having morning sickness and weird cravings and Nino is the perfectly attentive husband and Aiba and Sho are sort of along for the ride and Jun is the only one with any fucking sense in the band and it's the best fake pregnancy ever, because Ohmiya? Are such little shits with the weirdest sense of humor and god I want Circe to write Ohmiya forever. Especially if it's set from Jun's point of view where his dignity might be in tattered remains, but he's still going to gather the last shreds of it (and his sanity) around him and not let these fuckers break him. It's so beautifully IC that I cannot even begin to describe it, it's not just screamingly funny, it's also so heart-warming and beautiful and genuinely clever. Also, the ending may possibly have had me in tears of laughter and hoping that Jun's stupid bandmates really did bully him into that. (Ohmiya, maybe a little blink and you'll miss it Aiba/Jun, but it's mostly the usual idiocy.)

ARASHI: untitled by Niav - This is a short little ficlet about Sho being in love and the way the rest of the band reacts. I kind of love it, because you can just sort of totally picture it and it was really, really cute and a fun little thing to have on a day when I hadn't read much Arashi fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: giving souvenirs by Aki - You know what? I like to think this is exactly how it goes when Sho gives his bandmates totally awesome presents that have interesting cultural notes to go with them and his stupid bandmates act like a bunch of bitches about it. It has that feeling of the old T no Arashi segments that were so great and you know they never stopped messing with Sho in exactly this manner. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Family First by Circe - Ever since I got sick with the death plague (and then an annoying cold, which thankfully wasn't quite so bad), I just haven't done much in my usual fandoms. I sat around and watched a lot of drama instead, which I got sucked into. So, for me to be pulled back (of course I'll always go back) it had to be something special. And this fic was absolutely it, because Circe does a wonderful job of writing the kind of family for Nino that you know he had to have had. I love both his mother and his sister, you know that they had to be strong personalities and yet so very awesome to produce someone like Nino and their teasing is FANTASTIC and I love love love her Nino POV because it shows his clinginess and tendency towards emo at times in a way that it would manifest and actually makes him a normal guy, not a stereotype of himself. It's brilliant and so, so, so much fun to read omg. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: FIVE PETS AIBA TRIED TO GIVE JUN by Meg - This might be a short little fic, but. as;dflkasl;kj I love it. FIVE PETS AIBA TRIED TO GIVE JUN. SO MUCH PROMISE OF AWESOME. And Meg totally delivers, because she pulls in all five members of the band and she loves to make not only Matsumoto's life full of pain and indignity, but clearly loves the whole band. Also. SO MUCH CUTE OMG. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 5) by Meg - ....since Meg just posted a new chapter of this fic, I went back to check my recs... and realized I'd only recommended the first four chapters. orz orz orz So, this is the chapter where Jun gets roped into helping Aiba model and I kind of love it because there are just enough details about the clothes and process to really picture it and make the fic feel really sharp sense of style, then wound together with the fabulous characterization, both of Aiba and Jun, plus the people around them. Rie-chan is so fantastic and I love her so much and she should get to have Sho as a prize, plus it's really kind of cool to see Jun in a setting that we see canon!Jun in fairly often, but with a totally different feel because this is an AU, yet there's something natural about it and it's just. Neat. It also moves the plot forward nicely--I know! Plot moving forward in a hooker fic! Just one of the many reasons I love Meg!--and yet Jun doesn't leave his previous world behind because he's really okay with it. A-also. The brief scene Jun thinks of when he remembers a particular client was really kind of hot. I'd read that fic. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 6) by Meg - a;sldkfja;lskj this chapter starts out with so much awesome that I can hardly contain myself. Jun being on the verge of snapping and going on a... well, maybe not a killing spree, but a very violent mother henning spree, will never not be funny. Especially when he's practically snarling and/or shrieking at Sho to come deal with this shit. And then. The disasterous client. Which will also never not be funny and, oh, god, this is why I love this particular hooker fic, why it's done right. Because there are actual clients and it's not all emo angst, instead it's almost like a normal life with normal bad days, except maybe a little more dangerous than other professions. Because the other thing I never get tired of, the thing that might just be one of my favorite scenes in the entire fic is Jun getting a little freaked out and calling Sho, who just barely keeps a lid on the explosion. I love it because exploding in fear/anger at him is how they all show their love and Sho being angry at someone for being stupid and putting themselves in danger... I-- I have to admit, I am That Fangirl, but it's not quite so embarrassing to admit when it's done really well. Seriously, my favorite chapter. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 7) by Meg - And this chapter is, like Meg says, the guys sitting around and talking, but that doesn't make it any less awesome because that's some of my favorite stuff. When she can get all five of them in a room and keep all their personalities straight and make all of them little bastards, but in different ways. I love the way the conversation rolls from one topic to another, even while the rest of them are all vaguely trying to keep in on the subject of Jun getting a new career, and then Aiba goes and says shit on purpose and a;xldkjl;aksj do you know how much I loved that line? Plus, this line from Aiba: "Rie-chan is very nice," said the person who had spent the entire afternoon composing an extended riff on the classic poem about the girl from Nantucket with her. "Isn't she, Jun?" as;ldkfja;lskjaslkjs oh god I love Aiba so much. I love all of them so much, really. Also, Jun watching Aiba drive was kind of strangely hot. *__* (Aiba/Jun, it's only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 8) by Meg - And, finally, the most recent post. WITH THE GREATEST BANNER EVER. I LOVE IT. I also love that Meg totally stops before getting to the good part because you know what? Fandom DESERVES IT. ....possibly I am a terrible person, but I'm okay with that! Also, waxrose has a fic snippet in the comments and as;dlkfjasl;kj that one better get posted soon, too. *__* Anyway, this chapter starts off with Nino and Jun having a conversation about Jun's life and it fills me with happiness because those two are such bitches and, yet, you can still tell how much they care about each other. Then Sho's day sucks and I love that that's a recurring theme through the fic, too, and of course the chapter ends with Aiba and Jun dragging Sho out to dance, ahahahaha. Another really fun chapter where the focus is on the guys in a group talking and being awesome for that. (Aiba/Jun and Ohmiya, but they're only half the point.)

ARASHI: Pretty in blue by Circe - If there's one thing I love in Arashi fandom, it's when an author takes something from the canon (a moment in a tv episode or a snippet from an interview or something) and makes a fic out of it that's just so easy to see happening around that moment. Here Circe takes a fun photo shoot and spins something wonderful out of it, so much so that I'm having trouble not keyboardmashing kind of a lot. Because it's so fun and Ohno is so great and I love him SO MUCH when he's such a little shit and Ohmiya are on the same wavelength to make Sho laugh a little more or, you know, just cause havoc wherever they go and it's got this really amazing group dynamic. I-- God, I've never loved a group of people just for being themselves as much as I love Arashi. (....I'm labelling this group gen antics.)

ARASHI: Dollz by panpipe - There are some concepts with fic where. Where they just have to be carefully done because they could go so wrong so very easily. And then sometimes authors just totally pull them off. Like this fic with Jun and dollz and a;sldkjfalskjsljk god I loved this. It was so sparkly and so fun and involved all of Arashi being a bunch of idiots in that really wonderful way and just. I can't even pick a favorite part of it. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI/JE: X-TREME X-PLOSION by panpipe - God, I love it when an author is a fan of more than one group (not just a passing fan, I mean) so that they can write inter-JE stuff like this. Because Aiba putting the rest of Arashi in the hospital and then Johnny giving him a temporary unit of various other JE members so that they can keep doing crazy experiments? I WOULD WATCH THAT SHOW. I'd watch the hell out of that show. And this fic was hilarious, I don't know what I loved better--Nino's shrieking or Kame's shrieking or Ryo's bitching or the others in the background or what. It's all just. Wonderful. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: message by Honooko - Aww, this was a delightful treat to read today--saying any given one of the members of the band is one of your favorites is kind of a... well, they're all one of my favorites at pretty much any point in time, but my love for Nino is still deep and true, so fic where he gets to be squishy (because he may be a little rat bastard on the surface, but he is also completely a squishy for his bandmates and just like this) is really sweet to read. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Little Miss Mister by Circe - a;lsdkfja;lskj god I love Circe. It's such a tough line to walk, trying to write about Arashi's families or their childhoods because they are pretty tight-lipped about it for the most part (as they damn well should be) and just making stuff up and trying to make it fit their personalities as well as give it a very Japanese type of feel, blending all of that isn't easy. Much less making it SUPER FUCKING AWESOME. But Circe manages these things and a;sldkfjasljk oh god Jun's childhood and his penchant for girly things is beautifully done, not too over the top to make him a cliche, but just enough that Jun really does love girly things and yet makes them look good. And it's all set from his sister's point of view and she is such a fabulous character and I love her and their mom so very, very much. And I. I love both Circe and this fic with a fierceness that's kind of ridiculous. (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: 8 Things About Arashi's Facebook Circle by Niav - So, I'm laughing through this whole thing, it's very funny and clever, all the little ways Arashi would be lolarious on Facebook. It's a great use of text and media together, it's really clever! And then I get to #4. And I seriously LOL'd for about half a minute, the kind where I had to stop reading because as;dlfkjasl;kj sLOL LOL LOL. Though, #7 kind of makes me all trembly in that about-to-totally-crack-up sort of way, too. Just. This was really, really fun and hilarious. a;sdlkfja;slj god I love fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Christmas no Arashi! + A boy and his turtles by Circe - I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at Sho's Christmas gifts for everyone here. It's one of those things that just. You can see Sho thinking it's a good idea and then of course it turns out like it did, because Arashi is Arashi, which Circe captures brilliantly. I love the way they mock Sho for it, because it's done out of pure love for him, even as they're being total bitches. And just. LOL at this. Plus, the snippet from Jun's previous years on Aiba's birthday with the turtles was both hilarious and really, really sweet. Everything I wanted out of Arashi, all wrapped up into a single post here. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Once It Was a Fairy Tale: The Unsmiling Prince by nicocoer - asd;lfkjasl;kjaslj I was kind of wary and hopeful about this one at the same time, because it was Aiba/Jun and fairytales and that can either go really right or fall flat on its face. But this was adorable, it was completely charming and funny, I laughed out loud several times (and kind of totally cried at Sho's role in this story, that was beautiful) and cooed over the appropriate places, the whole thing coming together beautifully. There were a dozen wonderful little touches (running into Tego was probably my favorite, aside from the other Arashi mentions) and I love the "message" of the fic and Aiba's role as the main character (and of course Jun as the unsmiling prince) and I even loved that obviously the fic was going somewhere with the collection of items that Aiba got, but asl;dfkjasl;kj I didn't see it coming and kind of burst out laughing. Just. as;dlkjfalskj so adorable and I love it. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, implied Ohmiya. Pairings half not the point.)

ARASHI: Chain unbroken + This Magic Moment + Pluck YOU + Pratice makes perfect by Circe - I'm just going to link to the post that contains all the short ficlets (there's one other series in the post, but otherwise they're all Arashi fics) because they're short enough, even though they're all just completely wonderful and brilliant and perfect. I cannot flail enough, both over how funny these are, but also how much Circe really gets the interaction between the band members. Nino giving Sho the necklace he'd saved is beautiful, because it doesn't even have to be gay (though, it is hilarious) to be amazingly meaningful (oh, god, I love the Sho/Nino BFFery in Circe's writing, I could read it forever and I love that it was Sho in that one) and Sho trying to keep up with Ohno's drunken story is beautiful, especially Jun's reaction, but. My favorite. My favorite is easily This Magic Moment. Because Jun finds Nino's magic creepy and Nino's been teaching both Aiba and Ohno and you KNOW Sho--after he used to fail so hard at magic--is eventually going to get in on it and it's just. She is my favorite person EVER EVER EVER. (No real warnings/pairings or else Arashi/Arashi.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - You know. This is one of those fics where. We all know that someday Arashi are going to get older and get married and it's probably going to break our fangirl hearts, but there's one reason why it's going to (eventually) be okay! Because Sho will get to have A BABY OF HIS VERY OWN. Just THINK OF IT. HE WILL BE GOO. And this fic does a lovely job of capturing that, a slightly more sobering (or maybe bittersweet is a better word) look at Sho and his first baby girl and why it'll be okay, for him and for his fans. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Counting by karamaru kagi - You know what I love about this fic? I was reading it and thinking, "You know, this really puts down how I felt about how Jun used to be. I'm not sure I could see it as current day, but it really works for around--" and then skimmed back to see the author's note and saw it was meant to take place around 2005 and holy shit yes. It's short but it packs a punch about Jun and the distance between him and the rest of his bandmates and the little things he does that might/might not be OCD. I really liked this one. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: untitled by Meg - Well, possibly I shouldn't be recommending something this short, but, well. Shut up. It has Jun being punished into being the rest of Arashi's manservant because who doesn't enjoy a skeevy AU like that? But it also has Jun reacting in the best way possible and a;sldkjfaslkj I would read skeevy AU fics foreverrrrr. (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Girlfriends (School's Not Just For Booklearning) by rhythmia - As much as I totally pushed the idea because I loved it, it's one thing to lol at the idea of Nino and Jun as high school girlfriends, it's another thing to actually read the fic, so there was a bit of a hill this fic had to get over with me, but. By a page or two in? I was slowly but surely dragged down by it until I was grinning and thinking that this was kind of the most magical thing I'd read all day--Nino and Jun as high school girlfriends and the fic does a really nice job of weaving in the other Arashi members and keeping them as recognizably themselves, while still very firmly AU here, rather than just cookie-cutter copying&pasting from how they really are to this world. I love the little details, the sense of friendship and putting this through Jun's eyes really worked for me, it just made me want to explode with love for these people and this fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - One of my favorite things about fandom is still when authors take a recent event (like the baby episode of Shukudai-kun) and write little snippets based on them, especially backstage antics. And I love Circe for the way it's not necessarily a usual trio (Nino, Sho, and Jun here) but it's so comfortable and perfectly easy to see the way she writes it. And I love her Sho/Nino dynamic, I love that Nino just sits there and plays his game while Sho dotes on him and Jun tries very hard not to lose his mind, I love that I grinned the whole way through this, and I love the ending. I will want to read Circe's Arashi fic FOREVER. (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: The Method by Circe - You know what's one of the things I love about fandom? Sometimes they write things like Sho/Yoko and it's kind of REALLY HOT even though it's actually very platonic! It's definitely more of an Arashi fic, it's focused on how great they are as a group and it's not precisely Arashi > K8 (because Yoko loves K8 more than anything), but I'm just going to leave it as an "Arashi" labelled fic. And I adore it because it's full of so much care, all these little things that Sho does for Yoko on set and Nino being, well, Nino in the background. Well, all of them being themselves in the background. It's a great Sho piece, though, especially with how much he clearly loves to mother people. ILU SHO SO MUCH. (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Five Miracles (of Questionable Origin) That Happened to Arashi by Circe - You know what the best part of this series of five ficlets (where, as the title says, each of Arashi get knocked up) is? That it's totally making with the funny and it's enjoying the trope of mpreg while mocking it at the same time. Yes, perfect. (God, when did I become a fan of mpreg? I blame this fandom somehow.) Especially seeing the different reactions and the various jokes and just. a sd;lfkjaslkj Ohno's reaction to Jun's pregnancy is seriously the greatest thing ever. Well. That and Sho's reaction to his own. Seriously, A+++++ for HILARITY, even if you don't usually like this genre. (No real warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Arashi's Rules for when Matsujun Comes to Work in a Morning Mood by primroseshows - Omg, do you know what else I love? When fic makes fun of Jun's bad temper in the mornings, but clearly does it out of love! Yet doesn't softball it! Seriously, nothing is funnier to me than when the rest of Arashi are scared of Jun's temper in the morning and I seriously thought my face was going to start hurting from all the grinning I did while this fic recounted the rules for how to deal with Jun when he's in a mood. There were footnotes to the rules! There were explanations for the rules! There was Arashi just totally throwing Ohno to the wolves because that's what Arashi does. And I love that Jun's personality is intact through this as well! Yes, he has terrible moods and they're scared of him, but you also know he can't really help it and it's not done out of malice. Just. Man, do I love this group of idiots. P.S. I LOVE SHO SO MUCH IT IS RIDICULOUS. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Now Lie in It by Circe - Oh, man. Only Circe could make this prompt work. She is a genius with Aiba characterization, so that this actually works. I was pretty much having a really crappy night in a string of crappy nights and I was hoping for distraction and this. Man, if this can't cheer up a person even on the crappiest of nights, I don't know what can. Also, I love Aiba going to Arashi for help on why girls keep leaving before they get to the sex part and the rest of Arashi's reactions. Beautiful. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: untitled by Aegis - This is another one of those comment threads that probably isn't meant to be ~*public*~ fic and whatever, but I don't care. Because Aegis is an amazing writer and her amazingness deserves to be shared. Especially when she wrote a bunch of snippets and they have Oguri Shun in them and I am completely, ridiculously in love with her and her Shun. Especially when she starts off with, "Your butt is totally magical for headaches!" Shun protests. "You should try yourself. I feel better already." because Shun LOVES Jun, okay. Also, she apparently has psychic powers because I'd just been thinking about a Shun/Jun/Nino threesome and then! Magic! She wrote this! And it doesn't even need makeouts, because it has hangovers instead! And Nino being delightfully evil! And Shun being a cheerful fucker, too! And Jun not knowing why he loves these people! And it ends with an amazing scene with Aiba in Jun's apartment and it's both less and more gay than you'd think it was. Beautiful. ♥ (Sort of Shun/Jun/Nino, but sort of just friendshippy, too.)

ARASHI: The Arashi Rainbow Road Challenge by astrangerenters - I can hardly talk about this fic for the feeling of just wanting to flail my hands madly and make squeaking noises, because it's just so perfectly what I want to read when it comes to gen fic in this fandom. It's Nino being a little fucker, it's Sho wanting to participate in things so badly, it's all about the friendships in Arashi and yet ways they abuse each other, and video games. I love Sho with a fiery passion in this fic, I love how he reacts to everything, when he's not quite sure what's going on with Nino, when he figures things out, when the perfect ending comes around, all of it is fantastic. I love it as a Sho/Nino friendship piece, I love it as an all-around Arashi piece, I love it as an inter-JE piece, and I love it as a hilarious piece. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…According to Aiba, Anyway by feigningsleep - Oh, man, sometimes there are these ideas for Arashi specials that I don't realize I want them until they pop into my head with painful clarity or when I read them in a fic and think, I WOULD PAY CASH MONEY TO SEE THAT. This Christmas special with snowball fights and Arashi running around in the snow and Aiba trying to cheer everyone into it and it is their goddamned day off and taking them to Chiba and just... everything about this was delightful and perfect for a winter Arashi fic. And really, really in the spirit of their shows, both for the hilarity and dorkery and dumbassery, but also for the way these five guys get along so well together. And bully each other, too. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: La La La Boomerang Show by bubbly - I'm always wary of AU fics, since they're super hit or miss with me, but something about this one pulled me in a lot more quickly than I was expecting. I think it helps that I'm fond of Arashi + TOKIO interaction, but also that it had a great strong beginning with the Aiba/Nino interaction that was kind of gold. And it just... kept rolling from there! I loved this AU, all the references to various Johnnys without taking away from the flow of the fic, the genuinely hilarious and creative ways they were put into this office AU, the hilarity of Arashi being drawn together to battle TOKIO because it just sort of shakes out that way, the sharp dialogue, all of it was just really hilariously fun. One of those AU fics that just totally hit the right spot with me. (No pairings/warnings.)

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