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- Arashi - seventeenth by elfie - I... I... I... shit. I do believe I let out a tremendous squeak at the end of this fic. I'd read that interesting fact about Jun--that he wanted to spend his 17th birthday with Aiba, but Aiba said no--and while part of me was shrieking about Aiba <--- Jun like you wouldn't believe, the other part of me was wibbling and going, "bu..bu..bu..but why wouldn't anyone want to spend MatsuJun's birthday with him!?" This fic made it all better. In less than five hundred words, my fangirl heart was HEALED and then promptly melted into a gooey mass. Sharp, clever writing (omg, I am quite possibly in love with MatsuJun's sister in this fic) and brilliant, fabulous Aiba and Jun and I just. I would have flailed but I was a bit too busy squeaking and melting and, god, I am whole again. (This is mostly gen, but you could probably read Aiba/Jun into it.)

- Arashi - Less Than Five and Word Association by wintersjuly - These are two short ficlets posted together, one a gen piece while Nino's off working on an individual project that's a very sweet moment about what a group of five they are and it's not the same without that final one, even if it's only temporary. It's a nice, short piece that packs the punch it intends. The second is a cute little Aiba/Jun piece that fills my very soul with sparklies and happines and afdljafdsljaflkjsda god, why are they so cute? Adorable. (The first piece is gen, the second is Aiba/Jun.)

- Arashi - All the time in the world by Ohyamada - Oh, now this was just cute, sweet, happy fun that filled me with squishy warmth the way Arashi fic always should. It's the little details that make the fic so much fun to read, the way they're so comfortable around each other, the way it's a quiet moment and they're all just sort of at ease hanging out like this, the way it's the little touches with Ohno or Nino or Jun or Sho as Aiba finally makes his apperance. I'm warm and fluffy now. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Arashi - What Could Happen by aeslis - OMG! Beach fic with Arashi! That should totally happen more often. Plus, I have a growing crush on Ohno, so this fic hit me exactly the right way at exactly the right time, it's so sleepy and quiet while still being so Arashi and I positively glowed at the way Ohno took in the details of his friends (Jun telling ghost stories, thinking about Aiba chasing them around earlier, Sho bringing the blanket, etc.) and how much friendship and affection you can just feel in this story. Beautifully written and it makes me happy. ♥ (It's sort of Ohmiya, sort of not quite the point.)

- Arashi - All in the Family by Honooko - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - These are part of an ongoing series and I'm probably going to rec them in small batches because I read so slow omg I feel like it, but if you want to read the whole thing immediately, just click on the "all in the family" tag. I admit, the idea of an Arashi Mafia AU was one that was a little "....."-inpsiring, just 'cause it had the potential to be either really great or really bad. Around the time the second scene rolled on by, that's when I realized I was being sucked into this story, that the idea of Arashi as mafia gangsters was a great chance to have some cracky fun with them, yet still give moments of seriousness. ....and, hell, who am I kidding? I was totally won over by Jun being all bitchy about their current circumstances and Nino being blandly amused by that. And then Nino + Ohno cuteness right off the bat! And then Ohno. Oh, Ohno, sweetie, I love you so much. And then there was Aiba and Ohno being cute in the second chapter. And, god, Jun. I am a sucker for Matsumoto Jun and this fic is absolutely no exception because he's all bitchy and mean except he's actually hurt underneath it and Arashi is a bunch of dorky friends and family and that shows even in this AU and adflkjasfdlkjasfljk ARASHI MAFIA AU. I love this fic so hard already. ♥ I love the set-up, I love the unfolding background information and new dynamics that are being set up, I love ALL OF IT. (No warnings/pairings so far.)

- ARASHI - All in the Family by Honooko - [ part 03 - part 04 ] - One of the things I continue to love about this AU is the way it keeps all of Arashi together and they're all friends. You see it in little scenes that also advance the plot, like Nino teaching Ohno how to use a gun, Sho trying to get him to act "tough", Jun taking him shopping for clothes, and all the while you learn a little more about how Arashi, KAT-TUN, and NEWS have been adopted into this AU. Even Arashi's delight in telling embarassing stories about each other has been adopted into the storyline! I love that each of them has an importance in the group dynamic, none of them are left out, and I am deeply, wildly in love with Jun especially. ....shut up, I have my favorites, okay? Not that I don't love them all, mind. ALL OF THEM. But, seriously. The Ohno - Jun scenes in chapter three just warmed my heart so much, the way not even Jun can resist the puppy looks of Ohno. And the developing Ohmiya dynamic! It's just... so much fun. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Okay by travelingpsycho - I know I've been pretty subtle about this lately, but I love Arashi and I love how they interact with each other and I even love Jun's pissy moods and how he loses his temper unfairly sometimes. What I fell in love with on this fic is the way the others deal with Jun when he gets like that, it says so much about the group dynamic, the way they give him reproachful looks when he's mean to Aiba but let him come around on his own, because he will. And just. The way I feel so badly for the boys and then the beautiful way the ending is written and Jun apologizes (because he doesn't really want to be alone and asldjkadslfjkasdljf yes) in his own way and Aiba understands (I loved this fic as much for Aiba as I did for Jun) and I just... flailed. A lot. (Could be Aiba/Jun, could be gen.)

- Arashi - five times the rest of them regretted not keeping aiba and nino apart by Meg - As much as I love the pairingfic with Arashi, sometimes I really just want gen antics. And I fucking love Aiba + Nino and the world-threatening terror they would cause together and Meg is so good at showing that through these five scenes. I love that it's about Aiba and Nino, but all of them are in there and a part of the group and I love love love how many details there are and RIE-CHAN THE TENTACLE MONSTER as a running gag is asdlfkjasdlkas best running bit in fandom ever. And it's just. It's all of them being so awesome and this amazing group dynamic even while the main focus is on Aiba and Nino and their terrorizing everything ever just by being themselves. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Arashi - untitled by Mer - This-- This fic is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. The concept alone is so hilarious (an AU with Aiba and Jun and I want to start shrieking with laughter again just thinking about it), but it's the way Mer pulls off the little details, the way even though Jun is a bird (a;dsflkjalskjalkjss *cries with laughter again*), she still utterly nails his personality. And Aiba (as a naturalist! oh my god so amazingly great) brilliantly shines through as so very much himself. Then the naturalist takes notice of the pretty bird and it's so, so great from there on out. How she managed to pack so much perfect detail into such a quick piece, how the pretty bird can be such a bitch and yet still obviously like the naturalist so much in just a few sentences, I don't know! But thank god Mer is pliable towards the Aibajun, I love the world right now. ♥ (This is mostly gen, but could be Aibajun if you want to see it that way.)

- ARASHI - Scenes from an International TV Event by Meg - So. Arashi + Mythbusters is one of those things that I have been waiting for Meg to cough up since the very moment she got into the fandom. This is the kind of thing that is why I was so hyped to see Meg in the fandom, because she does stuff like this. And it's beautiful. It's five short scenes that each showcase every moment of utter hilarity and awesome and beautiful ridiculousness and I don't think you even have to know either set of people to laugh like a maniac at these. Just. The expressions on their faces and the details of their experiments and clothing and moments they recount. Not a single moment of this fic is wasted. Brilliant. (No warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Remedial Dating by Honooko - Oh, man. This is why I love Arashi fandom, because there's a fic about Sho's total fail at pick up lines. I mean, it's never not funny to watch them laugh themselves sick at Sho's fail on that special corner of Shukudai-kun, but the rest of Arashi trying to give him advice? And they're half seriously trying to help and half seriously complete idiots and/or bastards? And, holy crap, I love Aiba. I mean, I love Jun being all girly in his advice, I love Nino being a bastard, I love Ohno being Ohno, I love Sho being so put-upon, but just about any time Aiba opened his mouth? Utter hilarity. ♥ A-also the ending is A++++ ;__;b (There's some Sho/Kobayashi Mao here, but it's not really the point.)

- ARASHI - what one wants. by aoimidori - I've been reading a lot of manga/anime-based fic again these days, but it's fics like this that remind me why I've spent nearly a year being so obsessive over Matsumoto Jun and why fic can sometimes make me practically glow with fannish love. This is such an insightful, beautifully written piece about what he wanted out of life and love, what he saw around him and the subtle feelings that he has with the rest of his band. It's even more lovely for how he was so young in this fic, he still hadn't quite figured things out, he was just growing into himself and the fic does a beautiful job of showing that, rather than telling it. It's a bit introspective, but in the sort of way that Jun would be, the way he has found so much of himself by age twenty-four. In addition, his relationship with Aiba in particular is beautifully written here, maybe something more, maybe something platonic, which fits wonderfully with the actual Matsujun. I would chain this author to her keyboard for more fic for a long time to come, if I could. (Potentially Aiba/Jun, but it's more a Jun introspective piece.)

- ARASHI - four things jun's bandmates do wrong and one thing he doesn't do right by Meg - So I love Meg being in the ARASHI fandom, right? Because then she writes stuff like this. And sometimes I love antics fic even more than pairing fic because it shows why I love Jun so very, very much--his bandmates are idiots and yet he loves them still. Four times they drive him up the wall (and possibly to tears), utterly rereadable, and beautifully timed. I honestly cannot pick a favorite time one of his bandmates annoyed Jun by doing something utterly WRONG and yet so beautifully ridiculous. Nino being obnoxious, Ohno being oblivious, Aiba being Aiba, Sho being made of fail despite being so damn smart, and even Jun himself. Oh, god, Jun himself. I-- I love Meg a lot. ;__;♥ (....this is totally gen and not in any way vaguely Aibajun if you squint. Really.)

- ARASHI - chasing rainbows by silver.lined - asdlf;kaj;lskajslkj Meg pointed out this fic (which I may or may not have tried reading, since I do occasionally browse jent_fanfics for any Arashi fic that looks good) and it's so-- It's an ARASHI AU with them on a pirate ship and I felt like I should be going, "" the whole time, but I wasn't! It was so cute! And hilariously perfect! I loved how well each of them fit into this pirate world (that reminds me of One Piece in a really good way ♥), how they were still such a group of beautifully ridiculous idiots and asd;lfkjaslj Aiba. Oh, god, I loved Aiba. I loved all of them and their reactions to Ohno. And the ending is a big ball of yes. (This is mostly gen, though, as the author says, blink-and-you'll-miss-it-implied one-sided Aibajun.)

- JE/Arashi - Scenes from an Office Party by Meg - You know. There are some authors who write scenes that I can reread endlessly. There are some authors who take all that awesome Jun and Ryo interaction lately and write them as the bitchy BFF of terrorizing Akanishi the rest of JE like you know they would. It's not just that this fic is hilarious (though, it very much is), but also delightful for the inter-JE bands antics. It's mostly an Arashi fic, but I think it's enjoyable outside of that, too, especially for the hilarious NEWS stuff. This was a delightful little Christmas present! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 2) by Meg - So. Part two of the hookerfic. (And, yes, I'll probably wind up recommending them seperately. Eh, my site, my favorite pairing, I do what I want! XD) And as much as I love the set up with all of Arashi, it's just that much more delightful that the story will also include many other JE boys from around the company, all put into delightful roles in the fic, ones that keep the spirit of who they are, even in an AU. My favorite is far and away Ryo, who works as a waiter at the same bar Nino works at and his friendship with Jun is delightfully bitchy kindred spirits. Though, even more than that, it's the way Ryo utterly delights in Jun's embarassment/irritation, in the way that only TRUE FRIENDS can do. Same same same for the brief moments of Nino/Jun, too! Even more than that is the addition of the first stirrings of real attraction between Aiba and Jun, which balance out the fic wonderfully, it gets everything done that it needs to. And it also has a pretty fantastic ending line, mmm. (Aibajun, but it's worth reading beyond that, too.)

- ARASHI - The First Five Times (part 3) by Meg - AND THEN THIS PART starts the real attraction between Aiba and Jun, so many little things that are just right, like Aiba holding back that last little bit because he doesn't want to push Jun too hard, lets him decide what to do about it, which is just so-- it's perfect because Aiba goes after what he wants, but he thinks of others a surprising amount. And he's just so direct about what he wants and even if he's silly sometimes, there's a brain in his head. PLUS THEN. MORE SHO+JUN FRIENDSHIP. And--aside from the Aiba/Jun kiss in the first half of the fic--this chapter contains my favorite moment ever. The-- The Nino/Jun friendship is truly beautiful and moving and I laugh so hard I just about cry every time. Beautiful. ;__;b AND Ohno/Jun is brilliantly done (and perfect in tone, it's sort of platonic and yet there's very clear sexual tension there, yet--) and, oh, god, at this point I can't even be coherent anymore. It's like. This fic makes me happy in my soul. (Aibajun, but it's worth reading beyond that, too.)

- JE/ARASHI - Gackt-chan Bakes Cookies by Anita - The arrangement Anita has going on with Mer is delightful because, despite that it might be difficult on the two of them, it means LOTS OF FIC FOR THE REST OF US. And it means Anita wrote Arashi again. This time with Yamapi! And Gackt-chan! And there is baking and Jun being delightfully evil and you know what I love? That lately there is a lot of Nino/Jun bitchery in fandom (as well as a lot of traumatizing Sho ♥) and Jun kicking people. I love Anita and I love this fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings worth mentioning.)

- JE/Arashi - A Day in Our Lives by Meg - alasl;dfalskj YES. I've been waiting for the je_holiday reveals because it was obvious Meg wrote this one and it was so much fun to see her KRAP antics (Kame, Ryo, Jin, and Yamapi, that is) and all the various guest stars from around the rest of the building. There is also mocking of Jin's SUPER MANLY I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT THAT IS THE MANLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN dog Pin and that always makes me happy. ♥ Though, really, there is mocking of everyone (Ryo coming dangerously close to a whine, Yamapi being kind of spacey, Jin being Jin, Kame being a far too skinny bitch, etc.) and that's the kind of attitude we need more of in fandom. Also, did I mention it was funny? Because it takes a certain author to put this many jokes into a fic and not have it overdone, but Meg does it brilliantly. ♥ (Implications of a lot of things, but you could almost squint and pretend its gen.)

- ARASHI - Just Short of the Devil by Meg - Well, now this was just fun. I continue to love that Meg doesn't just write Arashi with the usual people, she often branches out to other groups as well, with super-funny jokes. This time, Aiba and Jun are out for a walk and are asked if they've been saved. The humor is cracky, but hilarious and Jun is so put-upon and cranky and then evil. Just a short little thing, but it's hilarious and why I love this fandom so much. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - Five Times Nino Almost Got Killed By Mobs with Pitchforks, or At Least His Bandmates by Meg - You know what one of my favorite things in the world is? Nino being the evil little fucker that he is. He's an evil fucker to his bandmates because he loves them, truly. :< It's another one of those fics that Meg does so well because it requires a lot of hilarious little details to make it work, five different scenes, five different times Nino made the rest of Arashi want to kill him and the rest of JE awe-inspired by him. I especially love it when he pisses Jun off because their relationship (where they try to kill each other because they love each other) is beautiful. But all of Arashi love each other, which comes through here without it feeling like Meg's going down a checklist of interaction she needs to cram in--instead it's just super-awesome when Jun cries into Sho's shoulder because of what Nino did to his hair or when Nino goes to hang out with Ryo because, well, I'd want to hide from the rest of my band if I did that to them, too, or when Aiba, Jun, and Sho all curl up on the couch together. Just. asdlfkjasdlkjsl yes. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- ARASHI - untitled by Jaelle - ......I was not expecting this at all, I am continually surprised by who finds their way into writing fic for Arashi. But as soon as I saw that Jaelle had posted fic in Meg's comments, I zoomed over there and asdf;lkajsd;lkjasl HOLY CRAP YES IT IS ABOUT SHO KNITTING. And how fail the rest of his bandmates are at it. And I love that it's truly about knitting (what scant little I know about it, I've picked up from Meg's journal, too) and funny (especially Aiba and Ohno and even Nino though he wasn't actually there) and it was a darling little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Advantages Of A Hotel Room by kegom - One of the best things about Arashi fandom is talking about various stories that the guys have told (usually of the ridiculously embarrassing sort that they kind of live to tell about ♥) and then getting stories like this. The time Ohno told about Sho watching porn in his hotel one night they were on tour was hilarious enough, but this fic takes that premise and runs with it, with some really great little character insights and a fantastic take on Aiba. I love this Aiba so much because he's curious and excitable and such a hornball guy, just utterly unembarrassed by his own healthy sex drive. That is the Aiba I know. Plus, Nino being a little shit the entire time just by sitting back and watching everything unfold, Ohno wandering in to make things worse on purpose in his own dazed way (the little shit ♥) and Jun's keening cry of what idiots his bandmates are (and I love the implications and how everyone knows exactly why he's having a mental breakdown, but no one has to actually say anything) and despite that Sho's not even directly in this, he still has to deal with his stupid, stupid bandmates and their bullying him and his total lack of privacy when it comes to them. I just. I love. ♥ (Implications of just about every Arashi pairing possible.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - Soon. Soon our love for Arashi will spread across the internet and there will be a real fandom worth reading. Ssssooooooon. ♥ Ahem. Okay, you cannot imagine my delight at Circe having written this--I love pretty much anything of hers that I've read, so to see her writing Arashi fic is really a delight. And I really liked this fic, she gets so many of the little things right, especially things like Ohno actually being a little shit and Jun can't believe anyone falls for his innocent act or Nino openly being an even bigger little shit and Jun's whole, oh god why do I love my stupid stupid bandmates, his life is so hard, attitude. Plus! Arashi literally in one big pile! And the ending makes me crack the hell up every single time, because that is a fantastic use of one of the bits of information we've gotten from the guys. I loved this. ♥ ( real warnings/pairings, but it's kind of gay anyway?)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - And a second fic! It's shorter than the previous one, but it's just as delightful, because anything that starts with With the way Ohno and Nino acted like human lint to each other people tended to forget that Nino and Sho were also 'best friends'. And that Nino, Ohno, and Sho together got along like a house afire. has almost got to be fun to read. >:D And I love it because Jun knows what letting Ohno and Nino team up with anyone (especially someone like Sho, who is totally going to snap someday) means and there's Aiba - Jun adorableness and the ending is fantastic. The last two sentences just. This is why I love fandom. ♥ (This is entirely gen, but it's their usual, uh, friendliness.)

ARASHI: AibaJun babysitting antics by Meg - This is just a short little piece, a snippet of a scene, but I had to recommend it (because it's my journal/site and I will if I want to) because it's the sort of thing I love. Jun being conned into playing teaparty (which I whole-heartedly support) and his reaction to it... which I also whole-heartedly support, because that's Matsujun for you. I'm convinced this totally happened offcamera during an MMA episode, srsly. (This is gen, but if you want to read Aiba/Jun into it, you can.)

ARASHI: Five Things Nino is Forbidden to Say in an Interview by Circe - I was practically bouncing my way through this fic, but when I got to part 4, with Coffeeless!Jun wondering where his change for the coffee machine had gotten to and Aiba was hiding behind an old Wink Up magazine, and: Aiba squinted his eyes nearly shut and focused hard on KAT-TUN's messages because the alternative was—for once—actually worse. when I kind of started shrieking with laughter. So many, many little details and touches and the stories that these guys get into, the connections you can feel between them and how much utter crap they give each other, especially when Nino is involved and you KNOW Nino would totally twist the stories when talking about them in public interviews. And just. Oh, man. Every time I think I couldn't love Circe more or think that I couldn't love these idiots more, along comes a perfect and really rather brilliant fic like this one. (Eh, nothing I'd warn for.)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode One: Let Forth the Shining Prism of Justice!! by Meg - Okay, seriously. My birthday is better than yours officially now. Well, not that it's my birthday until the 1st of May, but Meg couldn't stand it anymore (well, it was surprise right then, right?) and this is just-- Man, sometimes I really love Meg more than is probably reasonable. This fic is set in the style of a summary of the best tokusatsu show ever, the Rainbow Storm Rangers. What's beautiful about it is that it's so easy to see, both as an Arashi fan and someone who's started to watch a fair amount of tokusatsu, because AHAHAHA OMG THE HENSHIN SEQUENCES. The split-screen moments with the various members of the Rainbow Storm Rangers! The commercial descriptions! The jokes about the other JE bands! I was just about crying when she got to ABC's descriptions. There are a dozen perfect jokes/humorous moments here, there's a brilliant blend of parody and yet still obviously being a fan, something genuinely clever and creative here and I honestly could not have asked for more from this fic. This is one of those fics that's a must-read in the fandom, I think. Now, let's hope that Meg totally writes the other 23 parts to this. *BEAMS* (No warnings/pairings.)

ARASHI: Q&A by Circe - The plain truth is that everybody is very different from everybody else and they are just as alike, too, in different ways. They fit together because of this. I love stories like this, it's practically my perfect sort of fic. It's set from Jun's perspective (I have my priorities, okay.) and is all about his dumb, dumb bandmates that he loves so much, while he's in the middle of an interview Q&A. I love it because it's full of all these little touches that are hilarious and so perfect for the group, yet also shows how much Jun really thinks about his answers before he gives them, even if he's really polite about it, when all he wants to say is that his bandmates are stupid. I love it because Jun works so hard to maintain dignity and keep his stupid bandmates out of trouble, but he's only one person against their tide of unholy evil. It's just. Yes. (No real warnings/pairings, except the usual Arashi/Arashi totallynotgay ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: Four times Jun just doesn't get it and one time he does. by Circe - No wait I lied. This is pretty much my perfect fic. It was posted on my birthday and it's from Jun's perspective and it's just-- this is practically every reason I fell in love with Matsumoto Jun and his relationships with his bandmates, all rolled up into one fic. He clearly loves them all, they all love each other, you can take any two and make hilarious interaction out of it (though, Sho seriously gets the best line of the fic, I crack up in a giggle fit every time I reread because it's so great, you'll know it when you get to it) and she does brilliantly with each of them. But what really sends it over the edge for me is that there's something just a little different about the way Jun reacts to Aiba, the way there's something there without it being remarked on until the end, which fits so, so well with what I see of them in 'canon'. Technically, the fic is an Aiba/Jun fic, but so much of the fic is placed around the group dynamics and that's the way I love it. A-also, I may possibly be a little too in love with the ending. *__* (This is Aiba/Jun, but it's sort of... Arashi/Arashi with the usual that'stotallygayyouguys ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Two: Find the Shards of Friendship!! by Meg - And in this episode of RSR, we are introduced to the characters properly and this continues to be one of those shows I would PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR and also laugh hysterically at. Because the evil minions are introduced and the main Rangers are starting to meet up and there is Ohmiya total heterosexuality in this chapter. There are more hysterical details here, like the henshin devices are belt buckles and that's going to provide a whole lot of excellent, excellent fodder and I love how much this plays on the traits of Arashi themselves and fits them into this tokusatsu series, takes the other bands and makes hilarious, hilarious jokes about them. PLUS THERE IS CHINEN AND IT'S SUPER HILARIOUS. Oh, god, I love Meg. ( idek. Ohmiya, I guess? General Arashi total straightness?)

ARASHI: Five ways Jun spends hanami with his retarded bandmates by aatash - *flails* Seriously, my birthday should be every day of the year if I'm getting presents like this one! And while obviously my favorite pairing is Aiba/Jun, what really makes me fall in love the hardest is Aiba/Jun in amonst the rest of their ridiculous bandmates, which Aki does beautifully here. There are so many little details, so many little moments of what makes these five guys such beautiful idiots that I loved every single second of the fic, that right from the beginning it starts out with one of those moments that is A+++ in its ridiculousness and it just. Doesn't let up. I love that it's centered on Jun, but it's all about Arashi's friendships with each other, all about him interacting in special ways with each of the members of the band, how much he clearly still loves them (though god knows why XD) even while they abuse his poor dignity. The Aiba/Jun ending also may have, um, made me squee a little too more than I should have. The whole entire piece was wonderful. ;__;♥ (....I'm going to just say it's Arashi/Arashi, because it totally is. ♥)

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