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- ARASHI - How Nino Got Into Jun's Pants (With a Great Deal of Sneaking and Persistence) by blueandflawless - It seems like it's been forever since I read any Nino/Jun fic that I didn't a) bother people into writing or b) have a hand in helping to bother someone into writing, or c) write myself, so to find fun, clever, and really kind of terribly hot Nino/Jun? M-my faith in jent_fanfics may not be totally crushed at this rate. It's got evil little shit Nino and Jun wanting to smack his bandmates and yet loving them so completely at the same time and their relationship is based on pure pure love. I love it when they're such dicks to each other because they love each other and this fic captures that and how much fun they are together wonderfully. Also, the ~*touching*~ was really nice, mm. ♥ (Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: Good Morning by mrsatterthwaite - Admittedly, I paused for a moment because Nino's the other one in Arashi who wears contacts/glasses, but... when I give the author artistic license and ignore that bit, this is a really fun, amusing little fic that Meg helpfully pointed out. ♥ I love that it's Nino and Jun because of course those two would be the ones that freak each other out and bitch at each other and try to embarass the other one and yet still totally want to makeout at the same time. That is Nino/Jun for you. So is the ending because I-- I would not entirely put that past Jun. XDDDD I really enjoyed this and it just makes me love these two even more. (Nino/Jun, a little Aiba/Jun implied.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - a;sdlfjkalskjalsj MORE NINO/JUN FIC YAY. Which is as bitchy and clever as always, the way they're so sharp at each other, they're such bitches to each other, yet you can easily still tell how much they care about each other. I love it because every single time I read it, I start laughing at the imagery that the author paints, the way they found themselves in this situation and how I'd pay good money to see that to actually happen on the show because you know it totally could. I love that it includes those little batshit details from their everyday life, even in just a short little fic. Also, the end is A+++ beautiful. XDb (Nino/Jun, with some Ohmiya implications, neither of which are the point.)

ARASHI: all's fair by honooko - a;lsdfkjals;kj I love Nino and Jun like a whole lot but it's hard to get that balance of the two of them bitching at each other yet still showing how much they obviously care deeply about each other. Much less to get that and be genuinely clever and sharp about it. But this fic. This fic totally nails that sharp-edged wit they both have and doesn't just do it for one or two scenes. There are several short scenes, each illustrating the things we know about them (Nino's clinginess, Jun's OCD, etc.), showing how they work together and how they manage to make a relationship work, using the things we know about them to highlight the insights of their character as well, and it never drags, instead I wished this could have gone on FOREVER. I love it deep in my soul because it was everything I could have asked for from a fic about these two, it felt so very... complete. A-also. Ho will have my eternal love for Aiba in the background. asd;flkjaslkj WANDERING HANDS OMG I WAS DYING. And the ending. The ending was fantastic. I-- I really couldn't have asked for more from this. ♥♥♥♥ (Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - Possibly, I should probably not be recommending each of these ficlets on their own, but they're just long enough for me to be able to rationalize it and they're also completely separate stories and pairings, so I'm doing it anyway. This one is Nino/Jun and sore feet and I love it because it so perfectly captures the relationship between these two. Bitchy on the surface (and actually really funny while not being too over the top, instead it's actually sharp and biting) but you stop and think about it for two seconds and you see how much care is actually there. On both sides. It's one of those quiet little moments that could have happened just about anywhere along the line, it's so easy to see it during any of their filmings, not a big deal, just... them. *__* (Nino/Jun, but gen really.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - There are two things I like about this ficlet--the first being the obvious, that it has some really nice imagery to it, it's practically PG13 while still being really, really hot. But even more than that, I like what it says about Jun, what it reveals about the kind of person he is, how much he almost overthinks things, especially when it comes to Aiba and how much he cares. How slightly awkward Jun still is, even though it's not nearly as much as it was before, and it's just... it's a really good look at Jun's person. *__* (Aiba/Jun, some Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by Circe - You know what I love? Just utterly and truly love? Aside from fics that feature all of the group being a bunch of gay idiots together, that is. Is when an author sets a ficlet around a particular indicident in Arashi canon, about an interview or a special TV appearance or one of their shows or whatever. I love the connection to the actual canon, I love how I can so easily see them having taken place while the cameras weren't around, especially when done beautifully like these ones. And I love these more than I can say, because Ohno calling Nino after he kissed a girlboy and being a little shit with him? Aiba and Jun and Nino fiddling around with Sho's clothes elsewhere and Ohno using that time to snap a picture of him for Hanamaru Cafe? Nino and Jun in the aftermath of taking care of a kid for Himitsu? Especially when they're bitching at each other OUT OF LOVE? Oh my god so much DO WANT and YES PLZ here. Even if I would totally be up for Jun's interpretation in that last one. *___* (.....Arashi/Arashi, maybe a little extra Nino/Jun or Ohmiya in certain ones.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by waxrose - I figured I should probably put this all in one rec because they're not quite long enough to rec separately, though, they are extremely awesome. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen much new Arashi fic posted lately and then waxrose comes along and posts a bunch of little ficlets with various pairings and hilarious or awesome concepts and asl;dkfjaslkjas that last one is seriously my favorite thing just about ever today. BUT. There's also Jun taking care of a sick Sho in that special way Jun has, there's Aiba being incredibly hot at Jun, there's SUPER ADORABLE Ohno/Sho, there's even Nino/Jun that made me ridiculously delighted, and then Sho and Nino in the final one. Each is fantastic because it's clever and just as long as it needs to be and as;ldkfjalkj I love her so much. <3 (....Arashi/Arashi, but there's a fair amount of Sho/Jun, Aiba/Jun, Ohno/Sho, Nino/Jun, and Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: Five Times His Stupid Bandmates Featured in the Nightmares of Matsumoto Jun by waxrose - *long sigh* I love fic like this. Part of it is that I'm a Jun fangirl, of course, so anything that centers on him and gets into his thoughts and motivations, I'm bound to love, but this fic does an utterly gorgeous job of it. He is so spot on here, right down to the things that aren't said but are so clear in the kind of nightmares he has and... as amusing and lolarious as some of them are, they also make me want to give him a hug and, you know, a real vacation away from all that stress, because yes of course he works himself up far more than he should and of course he'd have batshit nightmares about it. This is the kind of fic that is so spot-on with Jun and the rest of Arashi and his feelings that it's going into my personal head canon as Hard Truth now and you'll never be able to convince me otherwise. The lovely writing, the hilariousness of Jun dreaming about Aiba with a tail, the really kind of totally hot Nino/Jun, the wonderfulness and touching Aiba/Jun, all of that is just superb icing on the cake. *____* God, this was good. (Aiba/Jun, some Nino/Jun and Arashi/Arashi. *__*)

ARASHI: It's the Relationship by Circe - If I didn't have other OTPs, I would swear that Nino/Jun was my favorite, mostly because I love these two bitches so, so much, but also because they're really versatile when they need to be. And this fic has a bit of a serious edge to it, something's obviously wrong with Nino's mood and Jun's not usually the type to get someone like Nino to open up about it, but somehow it works wonderfully here and one of the best things about their relationship, one of the things that's so spot on here, is the way they can bitch at each other, the way they can be total dicks to each other, and neither of them really mind, that's just the way they are. So much being said without having to say it, with just enough said that it's enough for them, the way Jun is such a total squishie even for Nino, it's just. I love them so much. *__* (Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by katmillia - [Note: There are several ficlets in this post, so I'm going to do my best to rec these without glossing over them all too much.] It was the first one that really got me. There's a line in it (about the stylus for Nino's DS, you'll know the whole thing when you get to it) that just sent me into fits of laughter and it was also such great bitchery between Nino and Jun that I loved it. Then it was Toma/Haruna Ai and it was rarepairing het that was actually really good! And then it was a bunch of pairings that I don't see that often and a lot of Nino/Jun and, man, the one where they're sneaking little touches to each other all day just to freak each other out had, like, the hottest ending pretty much ever. That one was worth a rec alone right there (the one about 2/3rds of the way down) but all of these were really delightful and interesting and cool. (A lot of Nino/Jun, Toma/Nino, various Kato Ai pairings, Jun/Sho, and more. Read the labels pretty much.)

ARASHI: Full Entry: View by katmillia - There's something about this fic that is so... painful and awkward and sweet and almost hard to read, all in exactly the way the author was going for. It's from Jun's point of view, when he was a little younger, and you can feel the awkwardness from him, not knowing how to help Nino with the night terrors and Nino being so damn hard to read and yet Jun so badly wants to do something, even when he holds so much of that inside. Usually I read Nino/Jun for the bitchy gloriousness, but once in awhile I get something that's just a little painfully real and it makes me love both of them even more. This was wonderfully written. (Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: To the Drawing Board by coiled_iris - My favorite line from this fic: Somewhere, Sho thinks, there is a demon laughing at him that alternately wears each of his groupmates' faces, and today, it must be Aiba's. Though, there's actually a lot I love about this fic, even aside from the porn, which is what I came to this fic for. There's Nino and Jun sniping at each other in their complicated way (and I like that it's obvious they care about each other, but they're also a little too similar sometimes to not clash, but also they're both evil fuckers) and Aiba deciding that the way to fix this is to get Nino and Jun to have sex and there's the rest of Arashi being roped into this genius plan. It's got fantastic dialogue as Nino and Jun makeout with each other, the kind of bitching that's both hilarious and totally saying that that is how they show their love by messing up hair and threatening to kill them with the nearest photo shoot props, but also hot makeouts! I honestly don't know who I love the most in this fic or which scene I laughed hardest during (Nino and Jun's makeouts! Aiba's genius plan! Sho trying to bait Ohno into going along so Aiba will leave him alone! Nino dragging Ohno and Sho into the closet with him! Ohno's amazing plan to get Nino and Jun to makeout! School uniforms!) or what. It was a great collection of various kinks I have for this fandom and turned them all awesome. And then gave me porn, too! I enjoyed this a lot, can you tell? (Nino/Jun primarily, but it's only half the point.)

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