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- Arashi - Going, Going by elfie - This is quite possibly my new favorite Arashi fic. I am totally onboard with Ohmiya as well and I have a developing fondness for Ohno (How could anyone not!?) and so Ohno + Aiba + MatsuJun going to a bar after Nino is going off for a few months to work on a solo project and asdlfkjasdlfjkasd SO MUCH LOVE. It's in the little details. The way the author describes Ohno's face so that I could picture it perfectly. The way MatsuJun tries to be casual about Nino being away for awhile but doesn't quite pull it off. The way Aiba is just so... Aiba. The way they all manage to be such dorks and yet still so hot at the same time. And then there's kissing. And more kissing. And Ohno and Nino being sweet. And super-hot Aiba/Jun. Did I mention the super-hot Aiba/Jun after they go back to Aiba's place and the gorgeous writing? Because wow. That was on fire hot, especially Jun. Oh, god, Jun. And also Aiba. Gorgeous, gorgeous writing. Sharp, clever, and sparkling, all the things I wasn't sure I'd find in this fandom. *LOVES* ♥ ♥ ♥ (Aiba/Jun, Ohmiya, somewhere around an R-rating.)

- Arashi - What Could Happen by aeslis - OMG! Beach fic with Arashi! That should totally happen more often. Plus, I have a growing crush on Ohno, so this fic hit me exactly the right way at exactly the right time, it's so sleepy and quiet while still being so Arashi and I positively glowed at the way Ohno took in the details of his friends (Jun telling ghost stories, thinking about Aiba chasing them around earlier, Sho bringing the blanket, etc.) and how much friendship and affection you can just feel in this story. Beautifully written and it makes me happy. ♥ (It's sort of Ohmiya, sort of not quite the point.)

- Arashi - Promise 47 by aeslis - Okay, I was sold on this fic right about here, as Nino wonders why Ohno is building a sandcastle on top of him: "Because I like Nino to be part of the things I do." Ohno does pause now, flashing Nino a smile. It has the hint of deviousness in it that usually leads to things like throwing water balloons at Aiba, or mixing up Jun's hair gel, or an Ohmiya SK skit. And then. And then. And then it was just startlingly lovely Ohmiya characterization and I am DEAD OF CUTE AND SQUEE OMG. There's also some really great dialouge here, too. *beams* (Ohmiya.)

- ARASHI - Ergonomics by wintersjuly - How much do I love a fic that starts out with Aiba reading a book and that results in Ohmiya? I love it sooooooo much, every inch of this fic from beginning to end delights me. It's in the little touches, the way Aiba suddenly breaks out with information about ergonomics and everyone sort of looks at him in dead silence and Jun's like, "....what?" or the way Nino and Jun totally snipe at each other in that way friends do or the way Sho, too, realizes that Aiba's being stealtly smart (adlfskjasdlfkjasdlfj, oh, Aiba, who isn't stupid, he just doesn't think like normal people, yessssss, that's him right there), and then the Ohmiya. Oh, god, I am growing so weak to the Ohmiya and this is why. (Ohmiya.)

- Arashi - Five Ridiculously Cute Ohmiya Moments by Honooko - One of the things that I love about Arashi is that they all love each other just so much and it's such a warm and happy band that fandom so often reflects that, sometimes in the form of warm, happy Ohmiya SK moments where they're just... sometimes they're in each other's space and comfortable there, sometimes they're being adorable boys, sometimes they're ridiculously cute when they snuggle and Ho-sensei has a way of bringing that out beautifully. She adds in all these little details to the scene, the kind that fit with their personalities so well, that make the scene that much easier to picture in my mind's eye, the kind that make a cute image just that much cuter. Sometimes, while I was reading this, I wasn't sure if my heart would be able to take all the wibbling it produced. (Ohmiya.)

- Arashi - Nymph by Honooko - There are two aspects of this fic that I really love. One, that it's Nino with all of the various members of Arashi, each with their own dynamic, but still part of a larger whole. The author really does a lovely job of showing what each of these potential pairings would be like, making me love each one of them, making each one special and heart-warming. And, two, of course, somehow Ohmiya is special, somehow Ohno is different for Nino, even though he cares about them all. I love that I loved everyone in this fic, that it wasn't about making other pairings lesser, it was about Ohmiya being Ohmiya. Somehow. This fic absolutely warmed my heart. (Nino/everyone, Ohmiya.)

- JE/ARASHI - Idol Worship by aatash - You know, I kind of wanted to run screaming from the idea of Chinen/Ohno... but then the author said that porn of the two of them breaks her brain, so I was comforted by that. (Because porn for them would break my brain, too.) And I was still kind of tempted because Chinen's idol worship of Ohno is so darling and it would be really kind of hilarious when they were older and the author really makes great use of little details in the fic. The TV Pia mention, the fishing, all of that. Plus, there are short ficlets in the comments and this one kind of made my day. XDDDDDDDD (Chinen/Ohno, implied Ohmiya.)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Two: Find the Shards of Friendship!! by Meg - And in this episode of RSR, we are introduced to the characters properly and this continues to be one of those shows I would PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR and also laugh hysterically at. Because the evil minions are introduced and the main Rangers are starting to meet up and there is Ohmiya total heterosexuality in this chapter. There are more hysterical details here, like the henshin devices are belt buckles and that's going to provide a whole lot of excellent, excellent fodder and I love how much this plays on the traits of Arashi themselves and fits them into this tokusatsu series, takes the other bands and makes hilarious, hilarious jokes about them. PLUS THERE IS CHINEN AND IT'S SUPER HILARIOUS. Oh, god, I love Meg. ( idek. Ohmiya, I guess? General Arashi total straightness?)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Three: The Bonds of Fate are Cherry Colored. by Meg - After watching a fair amount of Kamen Rider stuff, I love this series even more than before, because it's Arashi and sentai mixed together! The blend of their personalities and making it into a different universe works so well--like, Sho the preschool teacher! With defending little snotfaced kids from evil minions! Chinen-kun the adorable little evil minion who will obviously be won over by Blue Storm Ranger! The total Sho fanservice! The Ohmiya immediate bonding! The way you just have to overlook certain details (like missing the very obvious poster behind them) because you just do! The use of Dreams to animate monsters! It's all so... so Japan. The way it's described just. Makes it really, really easy to see. I love Meg a LOT. ♥ ( Ohmiya here, some eventual Aibajun, probably a lot of gen/Arashi orgy. The usual.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - a;sdlfjkalskjalsj MORE NINO/JUN FIC YAY. Which is as bitchy and clever as always, the way they're so sharp at each other, they're such bitches to each other, yet you can easily still tell how much they care about each other. I love it because every single time I read it, I start laughing at the imagery that the author paints, the way they found themselves in this situation and how I'd pay good money to see that to actually happen on the show because you know it totally could. I love that it includes those little batshit details from their everyday life, even in just a short little fic. Also, the end is A+++ beautiful. XDb (Nino/Jun, with some Ohmiya implications, neither of which are the point.)

ARASHI: Ten Songs by Circe - This is a fabulous meme because, even if the fics don't actually fit into the same storyline, they all have a similar feel, so I feel genuinely satisfied after reading something like this. I love how many little touches go into a story like this, how many little moments in their lives it touches on, how many different moods it captures. Some are silly, some are full of love, some are a little painful, some are smoking hot. What more could I ask for? I love that #2 isn't easy, that sometimes this lifestyle is hard on them, but they still get up and keep going, that's so much in the spirit of Arashi that I fell in love all over again. &hearst; Or #6 where Nino is a little shit and yet obviously cares about his bandmates a lot. ...s-same for #8. But, well, I'd be lying if I said #10 wasn't my favorite because I am weak for the Aiba/Jun. I loved it, it's just a handful of lines, but it captures everything. How cheerfully determined Aiba is, how Jun cannot resist him, how their bandmates are little shits or always bullied, and how hot they are. Just. This was fantastic. (Some Ohmiya, some Aibajun, but a lot of gen.)

ARASHI: Going Out by waxrose - You know, I've gotten so used to only reading about my favorite (...basically, I'll ship Matsujun with anything that moves >__>) that I almost sort of passed this one up. Except that I love the author's writing so much that I had to go check it out anyway because I love Ohmiya but canon's usually enough for me except it's Ohmiya in the context of their band as a larger whole and as;dlfkjaslkj yes. This is a brilliant fic, because yes it's centered around Ohmiya, but it has all of Arashi being a bunch of idiots and is so clever with everything. I love how they are so very much still themselves and yet Nino gets to be nervous and it plays on that whole "hiding in plain sight/everyone else thinks it's a joke" while still putting a lot of meaning underneath it, in that way I love. But ALSO ALSO ALSO. STALKER!AIBA AND JUN. And they are fantastic together, too, and I love the extra tag at the end on MS because you could just totally see it happening exactly like that and a;sdlkfjaslkj I love fandom a whole lot right now. (Ohmiya, with some Aiba/Jun on the side.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - You know what I love about this? Aside from it being really good Ohmiya fic. Is that it's about all of them and how Ohno can get to them in his sexy outfits that come from out of nowhere, because sometimes you forget how hot Ohno is, making Sho practically choke and making Jun look like he's going to explode and you know Ohno's kind of doing it half-on purpose, half-not. Mm, very nice. (Ohmiya mostly, but some Ohno/Arashi.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - Okay. This one is, like, three paragraphs long and I probably shouldn't rec it on its own either, but. But. An Ohno/Chinen temporary unit? With that name? With Nino's reaction to it? A+++++, WOULD TOTALLY FANGIRL THAT DUO. Also, there is a bonus bit in the comments (link immediately under the ficlet) and OMG YES PLZ. ( real warnings/pairings? Maybe Ohmiya? Ohno/Chinen? Idk.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - You know what there needs to be more of in this world? Ohmiya and video games. I love that Nino's clearly suffering from gamer fatigue here (you try and try and try to beat a stupid fucking boss, but nothing is fucking working, so you put it down for the night, the next day you go back and somehow it's completely easy) so Ohno just steps in, because Nino's been playing for way too long, and this was adorable. It's squishy and sharp in all the right places. <3 (Ohmiya.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: More of the Same by Circe - I don't think I properly recommended this fic? Which is my bad because it's a really fantastic piece and contains one of my favorite moments for Ohmiya in pretty much any fanfic ever--Sho is trying to deal with his crush on Jun, realizing these things are cyclical but that that doesn't help him much right this second (and how much do I love that? it doesn't take away from the Sho/Jun, but also keeps the Arashi/Arashi that's so important), and then Ohmiya are... well, Ohmiya. I just. Every time Nino stares at Ohno, who looks blankly back at him, and they have their ~*special connection*~, I kind of lose it all over again, because it's perfect. Sho's reaction to it--and his friendship with both Nino and Ohno--is priceless, too. I love this fic because Nino is such a little bastard, because it has hints of porn in it, because it has the best Aiba line ever. *in love with fandom again* (Ostensibly Sho/Jun and a little Ohmiya, but, well. You could see just about anything in this.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by Circe - You know what I love? Just utterly and truly love? Aside from fics that feature all of the group being a bunch of gay idiots together, that is. Is when an author sets a ficlet around a particular indicident in Arashi canon, about an interview or a special TV appearance or one of their shows or whatever. I love the connection to the actual canon, I love how I can so easily see them having taken place while the cameras weren't around, especially when done beautifully like these ones. And I love these more than I can say, because Ohno calling Nino after he kissed a girlboy and being a little shit with him? Aiba and Jun and Nino fiddling around with Sho's clothes elsewhere and Ohno using that time to snap a picture of him for Hanamaru Cafe? Nino and Jun in the aftermath of taking care of a kid for Himitsu? Especially when they're bitching at each other OUT OF LOVE? Oh my god so much DO WANT and YES PLZ here. Even if I would totally be up for Jun's interpretation in that last one. *___* (.....Arashi/Arashi, maybe a little extra Nino/Jun or Ohmiya in certain ones.)

ARASHI: Yes Sir, He's Having My Breakdown by Circe - So, I have several other Arashi fics I should be recommending before I write up the rec for this one, but I just finished reading it and it was-- it was-- it was so... asdl;fkjaslkj I can't even. I was laughing my ass off the whole way, but the ending was just... crying from me. It's one of those fics where I can just perfectly see it, where Ohno is having morning sickness and weird cravings and Nino is the perfectly attentive husband and Aiba and Sho are sort of along for the ride and Jun is the only one with any fucking sense in the band and it's the best fake pregnancy ever, because Ohmiya? Are such little shits with the weirdest sense of humor and god I want Circe to write Ohmiya forever. Especially if it's set from Jun's point of view where his dignity might be in tattered remains, but he's still going to gather the last shreds of it (and his sanity) around him and not let these fuckers break him. It's so beautifully IC that I cannot even begin to describe it, it's not just screamingly funny, it's also so heart-warming and beautiful and genuinely clever. Also, the ending may possibly have had me in tears of laughter and hoping that Jun's stupid bandmates really did bully him into that. (Ohmiya, maybe a little blink and you'll miss it Aiba/Jun, but it's mostly the usual ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 8) by Meg - And, finally, the most recent post. WITH THE GREATEST BANNER EVER. I LOVE IT. I also love that Meg totally stops before getting to the good part because you know what? Fandom DESERVES IT. ....possibly I am a terrible person, but I'm okay with that! Also, waxrose has a fic snippet in the comments and as;dlkfjasl;kj that one better get posted soon, too. *__* Anyway, this chapter starts off with Nino and Jun having a conversation about Jun's life and it fills me with happiness because those two are such bitches and, yet, you can still tell how much they care about each other. Then Sho's day sucks and I love that that's a recurring theme through the fic, too, and of course the chapter ends with Aiba and Jun dragging Sho out to dance, ahahahaha. Another really fun chapter where the focus is on the guys in a group talking and being awesome for that. (Aiba/Jun and Ohmiya, but they're only half the point.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 09) by Meg - Two chapters in a relatively short time! Meg spoils us. ♥ And I continue to love this story a whole lot (and after Jun's recent CUT photoshoot, no one should ever feel badly about making him a hooker) because in this chapter Aiba and Jun gang up on Sho as they dance with him and it doesn't need to be actual porn to be super hot. They've both got a certain grace and/or hotness that just makes this even hotter, plus, asd;lfkjaslkj people should do this kind of thing to Sho more often. At least if they can make it awesome like Meg can. Same for how she can make the promise of sex later on almost as hot as the sex itself. *__* (Aiba/Jun, Aiba/Jun/Sho and Ohmiya in this chapter.)

ARASHI: Five Nikki Entries That Nino Didn't Really Write by Circe - You know, sometimes fandom kind of turns me off Ohmiya because they don't seem to get the little scheming bastards aspect that is so central to who they are, but then sometimes... even when it's a fluffier fic (all about Nino writing really soppy or silly game nikki entries), Circe does it right. They're funny and yet there's magic here between these two and as;ldfjkasljk she reminds me of why I love them so much and ship them so very hard. (Ohmiya.)

ARASHI: Blue Screen of Death (or One Thing That Never Happened if Arashi Were in Fandom) by panpipe - Meg pointed this fic out to me and I think I've read the other fic with Arashi being a part of fandom as a bunch of BNFs and I loved it then and I love it now. The best part about this, aside from, you know, absolutely everything, is that how is this Sho's life? I love the Nino/Sho BFFery SO MUCH that I can hardly stand it, especially because Nino's such a little shit, but that the rest of Arashi are in there as well (a;sldifjas;lkj my love for Jun and his silly girly crush on pretty much all of them, even if he has dignity about it with about half of them) and it's just. They map so well onto fandom with this fic! SO MUCH FUN. (Ohmiya, with a little background other and if you like Sho/Nino, you should like this.)

ARASHI: Uncomplicated by onlymostlytrue - Well, as long as I was reading the author's other fic, I had to click onto this one, too. And as;dlfkjaslkj as if the previous fic didn't fill a hole in my heart (with the Aiba/Jun/Sho threesome), this one has some of the best goddamned Aiba/Nino BFFery that I've seen pretty much ever. It's hard to put into words how much this made me happy because the writing was sharp, the characterization was delightful, they were real people and had real emotions, but they were also funny as hell, and just. Amazing. To the point that, yes, okay, I was reading for the Aiba/Jun and the Ohmiya and they were fabulous, but you know what the best scene was? HANDS DOWN it was Sho's lecture scene where the rest of them were doing Pictochat with each other over their DSes. Words cannot describe the wheezing gigglefit I went through because of that scene. It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, this is one of the best fics I've read in ages. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, Ohmiya, but they're only half the point. Sort of Aiba/Nino, but it's more BFFery than out and out pairing.)

ARASHI: One more reason AnAn rules + All's well that ends well by Circe - You know what I love? Arashi being full of a bunch of bastards. Or at least Ohno and Nino are. Which they are in both these fics--the first one is an AnAn shoot with Ohmiya and they're little fuckers and get along like a house on fire. As they should. The second is a fic where Sho and Jun compete over Aiba and it's just... oh my god. It's brilliant characterization for every single member of Arashi and hilarious to watch the two of them compete while Ohno subtly eggs them on and Nino laughs at the whole thing and Aiba just sort of bounces in and out. Plus, the ending is pitch-perfect homg. (Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho/Nino, Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - [Note: There are two fics on this post, I'm just going to rec them both together.] You know, no matter how busy my day is or how much I'm off and running in another fandom, I always have time to stop and read Circe's fics because I love her characterization and humor that much. I love the first fic, that it's just Ohno fiddling around with Nino's DS and, of course, it totally goes about how you'd expect, once you stop and think about it. Poor, poor Nino. His life is so hilariously hard. So it's Ohno's, really. And the second one is just. as;ldjkfa;lksjlj I love her. (Ohmiya for the first, Nino/other for the second.)

ARASHI: Moleymagic, a Psychic-type... by Aki - as;dflka;sdflk ahahahah omg Arashi and Pokemon! AKI LOVES US ALL. Especially when you consider how hard poor Jun's life is and how the various band members are worked into the fic and Sho is just so... as;dfklas;j,lk I love Sho with the intensity of a thousand suns. And all of them. ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL. And so is Aki. ♥ (Implications of Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho, Aiba/Jun, etc.)

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