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- Arashi - Shocking Pink by snoozing_kitten - So. I haven't been reading much JE fic lately because I've sort of been focusing on my own stuff, but. This was Ohno/Jun NC-17 fic, so I had to at least give it a shot after stumbling over it. And it's just. It's one of those perfect little ideas that's just so... while I was reading along, I wasn't quite sure where the fic was going, but it was nice Ohno/Jun fic, then I had that moment of realization at what the author was getting at and asdl;fjasdflkjalsdfjaldsjflasf awesome. I mean, sure, I liked cracked out porn as much as the next fangirl, but it's... yeah, Jun and his sense of fashion will never not be the best thing ever. Also, add in a hilarious ending line and this was one of those fics that remind me why there totally needs to be more Arashi smut in the world. .....shut up, I like this pairing tons and tons, okay? (Ohno/Jun, NC-17.)

ARASHI: RSR doujinshi translation/summary by Meg - You know what's awesome about Aside from that it's more RSR. Is that it's totally exactly how a doujinshi would go, you could almost really believe that this thing existed if you didn't know better. Like, I can picture it so easily in my head, right down to the arrangement of panels and text. Plus, the story parts are wonderful--I love that the drawn part is an Ohno/Jun gen piece about Jun's motivations, one of those that you could see fitting between the scenes of "canon" and then the "novel" part is just total cracked out humor with Aiba/Jun and working ~*experiments*~ into the RSR universe. Every time I got to the last two paragraphs, I just... I fall in love and I crack up so bad. Of course that's how it turns out, of course. Green will be green, no matter what universe he's in. ♥♥♥ (Some Ohno/Jun, some Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: The Answer by resolute_reader - This was a cute fic and... okay, I'm easy for Jun's stupid bandmates making his life hell, okay? Especially when they take turns systematically destroying his dignity and giving him a headache (and then offering to fix that for him) and I think--as much as I clicked onto this fic because I was missing Ohno/Jun interaction--that Nino might have been my favorite part of this. XD (Ohno/Jun, Arashi/Jun.)

ARASHI: Six Things Ohno Likes About Matsumoto Jun by souzoushite - I... really liked this piece. I like the little details of it, I like the way the author puts them into words, but even more than that, I like that Ohno notices things in that Ohno sort of way. He doesn't really comment on them, he just sort of accepts Jun the way he is and they just sort of quietly fit together. Every time I reread the fic, I marvel at what a lovely flow this fic has, how all the little details and character insights weave into the narrative, but how much I usually agree with them, when I'm usually so fussy about these things. Both of them are really well-written, working in all the little things we know about them, but not using them in place of characterization, and just. It's fun reading about Ohno and Jun like this. It's a bit more serious than you might expect, but it's not serious serious fic and somehow this, too, works for Ohno and Jun. <3 (Jun/Ohno. The author labels it NC17, but I'd barely count it as R, if even that.)

ARASHI: Jun wants to feed Ohno some cake too by Aki - How much do I love Jun and his totally obvious crush on Ohno? A WHOLE LOT. I love that, of course, the way to tempt Ohno into the outside world and over to Jun's apartment is through food. And I love Ohno A WHOLE LOT, especially the way he tries to eat the carrot cake that Jun has made, while Jun practically has a seizure over it, and then I love them both (and Aki) when they're gay at each other and YES PLZ. ♥ (Ohno/Jun.)

ARASHI: Four times Jun and Ohno tried to share a hobby and one time they almost did by wingsonwords - as;ldkjfa I love certain things. I love my birthday and I love five things fics and I love Ohno/Jun and I love Aki. ALL THESE THINGS CAME TOGETHER FOR THIS FIC. ♥ I especially love the way Aki gets this pairing, the way Jun tries hard with Ohno sometimes and it doesn't quite work out the way he intends and you can just feel his frustration. Even if it results in super hilarious moments (oh my god, Aiba and Ohno and Jun as the temporary Curiosity Team, I love her so much), it's when they stop trying and find their own ways of connecting that it's the most special. I really adore this take on Ohno/Jun, especially for mixing in the rest of the band, and just. Aki gets them and I love her. ♥ (Ohno/Jun.)

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