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ARASHI: Portrait by Circe - a;lsdkfjlkas as if the previous fic weren't enough, this one is more actual Ohno/Sho/Nino, which is a dear, dear OT3 of mine that doesn't get enough attention in fandom. It's set from Nino's point of view and I love her Nino because he's just the right combination of needy and stupidly in love and bitchy, all at the same time. I love the way he approaches Sho and Ohno differently, the way he gives each of them a key is completely different from the other, the way all three of their things (newspapers, art supplies, game consoles, etc.) sort of crowd together in the apartment and it says so much about them without having to really say it. Plus, I was totally a sucker for the cameo with Aiba and Jun, which was seriously A++++ material, and the way Nino was reminded to give Sho a key and Sho's reaction. OH AND THE ART COLLECTION. WOULD TOTALLY LOL AGAIN OVER THAT. (Ohno/Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: Time Out (an interlude with Aiba and Jun) by Circe - Possibly I should not be recommending these seperately but a) they're long enough that I can justify it, b) they're different enough to warrent it, and c) I want to. As much as I love Circe's Nino, I love her Aiba just as much because he's so spot on here, when he just barges into Jun's dressing room to talk to him and clearly knows Jun so well. I love it. He's cheerful even when talking about something serious, he's bouncy and energetic, but in that wonderful Aiba way that's not about being an idiot. I love him because he's just so clearly enjoying his friendships/something more with his bandmates and somehow (through the magic of being Aiba) manages to get them all to agree to sleep with him (or will get them to agree) and no one will feel badly about it. I love how much you can feel Jun is completely, stupidly gone on Aiba, even as he has a total crush on Sho at the same time, it makes me happy in my soul. (Mostly Aiba/Jun, but some implied Sho/Jun as well. And, you know. Aiba/EVERYONE.)

ARASHI: Four Times Ohno's Bandmates Worried About His Weight (And Once Toma Almost Did) by Aki - You know what I really love about this fic? Two things, really. One is the way the author so clearly loves Ohno and how much that shines through here. I love when someone clearly really loves their favorite, you can pick up on that love they have for the person. The second is the way her Ohno love doesn't mean the rest of the band takes a backseat, instead it's focused on their interaction with Ohno and it has this great way of showing how Ohno draws them all together. I love that this fic picks up on the reference from the episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan where Aiba started calling him a "plasma TV" because he'd lost so much weight, then just totally runs with it and they're all such a bunch of morons about it in that Arashi way. Each scene is delightful and genuinely funny, each scene shows their idiocy or how much they care, each scene touches on an aspect of their dynamics with each other, and my favorite is probably the Ohno/Jun one because Aki totally nailed their interaction, but also because I've missed them. Plus, her Toma is fantastic. *loves* (Some Ohno/Arashi, but it could be gen, too.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - You know what I love about this? Aside from it being really good Ohmiya fic. Is that it's about all of them and how Ohno can get to them in his sexy outfits that come from out of nowhere, because sometimes you forget how hot Ohno is, making Sho practically choke and making Jun look like he's going to explode and you know Ohno's kind of doing it half-on purpose, half-not. Mm, very nice. (Ohmiya mostly, but some Ohno/Arashi.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - Okay. This one is, like, three paragraphs long and I probably shouldn't rec it on its own either, but. But. An Ohno/Chinen temporary unit? With that name? With Nino's reaction to it? A+++++, WOULD TOTALLY FANGIRL THAT DUO. Also, there is a bonus bit in the comments (link immediately under the ficlet) and OMG YES PLZ. ( real warnings/pairings? Maybe Ohmiya? Ohno/Chinen? Idk.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - know what there ALSO needs to be more of in this world? Ohmiya/Jun. I WANT IT, OKAY? Especially when it's like this, when Jun's trying to be mature and not interfering, but they just sort of make his brain implode with their casualness. <3 Even if it's just a tiny little snippet, I adored this. (Ohno/Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - You know what else there needs to be more of in the universe? Aiba/Nino/Jun. They are my favorite possible threesome (well, I love Ohno/Nino/Sho almost as much, I suppose, but not quite XD) and Nino and Jun being bitchy and protective and practically hissing because too many random people have been chatting Aiba up lately is kind of totally great. XD (....I'll count this as Aiba/Nino/Jun, yes.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - asdl;fkjas;lkjaslj there are times when I think the reason there's not much Sho/Nino makeouts in existance is because a) fandom hates me and b) because there are better things Nino could be doing to Sho. Like traumatizing him. But then waxrose goes and writes Nino traumatizing Sho through practically writing a slashfic thesis for Mimura and Tarou, which combines so many of my favorite things that I can only just keyboard mash in love. Also, her Nino deserves to be revered as the genius that he is. *___* (Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: The Answer by resolute_reader - This was a cute fic and... okay, I'm easy for Jun's stupid bandmates making his life hell, okay? Especially when they take turns systematically destroying his dignity and giving him a headache (and then offering to fix that for him) and I think--as much as I clicked onto this fic because I was missing Ohno/Jun interaction--that Nino might have been my favorite part of this. XD (Ohno/Jun, Arashi/Jun.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: More of the Same by Circe - I don't think I properly recommended this fic? Which is my bad because it's a really fantastic piece and contains one of my favorite moments for Ohmiya in pretty much any fanfic ever--Sho is trying to deal with his crush on Jun, realizing these things are cyclical but that that doesn't help him much right this second (and how much do I love that? it doesn't take away from the Sho/Jun, but also keeps the Arashi/Arashi that's so important), and then Ohmiya are... well, Ohmiya. I just. Every time Nino stares at Ohno, who looks blankly back at him, and they have their ~*special connection*~, I kind of lose it all over again, because it's perfect. Sho's reaction to it--and his friendship with both Nino and Ohno--is priceless, too. I love this fic because Nino is such a little bastard, because it has hints of porn in it, because it has the best Aiba line ever. *in love with fandom again* (Ostensibly Sho/Jun and a little Ohmiya, but, well. You could see just about anything in this.)

ARASHI: this time we'll find a place by twotiming - OMG YES. Shun/Jun fic! WHY NOT MORE OF THIS FANDOM? But I kind of really liked this because it contained Shun being kind of loopy and Jun trying to keep his dignity and ignoring Shun's stupidity, which of course is doomed to failure, and then Jun being playful by imitating Mao-chan with a Hanadan injoke and a kind of really super-hot image of Jun climbing into Shun's lap. I-- I won't lie, that image stayed with me for awhile. *__* (Oguri Shun/Matsumoto Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by Circe - You know what I love? Just utterly and truly love? Aside from fics that feature all of the group being a bunch of gay idiots together, that is. Is when an author sets a ficlet around a particular indicident in Arashi canon, about an interview or a special TV appearance or one of their shows or whatever. I love the connection to the actual canon, I love how I can so easily see them having taken place while the cameras weren't around, especially when done beautifully like these ones. And I love these more than I can say, because Ohno calling Nino after he kissed a girlboy and being a little shit with him? Aiba and Jun and Nino fiddling around with Sho's clothes elsewhere and Ohno using that time to snap a picture of him for Hanamaru Cafe? Nino and Jun in the aftermath of taking care of a kid for Himitsu? Especially when they're bitching at each other OUT OF LOVE? Oh my god so much DO WANT and YES PLZ here. Even if I would totally be up for Jun's interpretation in that last one. *___* (.....Arashi/Arashi, maybe a little extra Nino/Jun or Ohmiya in certain ones.)

ARASHI/JE: Salutations! by Circe - You know what I love about this? Two things. One, omg, actually good Ohno/Toma fic, which fandom kind of failed to deliver on for the most part, except for Circe. But also because it... says so much about Ohno and about Arashi the way he, uh, gives Toma a hello greeting one morning on the set and the way Toma is just sort of "...." about it while his brain stops working. The porn is also very hot and I love that it's set from Toma's point of view and then, when his brain does start working, the first question out of his mouth is perfect. A++++ omg. (Ohno/Toma, NC-17.)

ARASHI: The Five Habits of Highly Effective Riidaas by waxrose - I love this fic so much because it's all about Ohno and the kind of Leader he is with Arashi and the different ways they interact with him. He's not a traditional sort of Leader and he's perfectly aware of that himself, yet somehow there's no one else that could be the Leader of Arashi. Of course, section three kind of totally broke my heart, especially all the more because it's really kind of plausible and so easy for me to see happening, but even while I was reading it... it was one of those situations where that's how it would go. The writing here is beautiful and subtle and that's what makes it such a brilliant fic and the ending is just... that's everything Arashi is right there. Five scenes, each of them gorgeous and saying so much about Ohno and Arashi. Just. ;___; I love her forever. (Ohno/Arashi.)

ARASHI: untitled drabbles by waxrose - I figured I should probably put this all in one rec because they're not quite long enough to rec separately, though, they are extremely awesome. I was just thinking that I hadn't seen much new Arashi fic posted lately and then waxrose comes along and posts a bunch of little ficlets with various pairings and hilarious or awesome concepts and asl;dkfjaslkjas that last one is seriously my favorite thing just about ever today. BUT. There's also Jun taking care of a sick Sho in that special way Jun has, there's Aiba being incredibly hot at Jun, there's SUPER ADORABLE Ohno/Sho, there's even Nino/Jun that made me ridiculously delighted, and then Sho and Nino in the final one. Each is fantastic because it's clever and just as long as it needs to be and as;ldkfjalkj I love her so much. <3 (....Arashi/Arashi, but there's a fair amount of Sho/Jun, Aiba/Jun, Ohno/Sho, Nino/Jun, and Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: four ways that arashi tries to fatten up their leader or the care and feeding of your new plasma television by waxrose - I have a great love of fandom taking a mention of something or an off-hand detail or just one moment (like in Himitsu #16, where it was revealed that Ohno only weighed 40k at the time and he said he was like a plasma TV orz) and they write fic around it, it gives a sense of connection to those moments that I love. Plus, waxrose's fics are always amazing and this one is no exception. I love this fic, because it's all about the combination of Arashi taking care to make sure Ohno eats, but being their usual ridiculous selves in the process, every scene is touching and sweet, but they also make me laugh because she's so good at coming up with ways for them to goof off or be such boys about things. And her Ohno is fantastic because he does sort of just drift along, but he's not unaware, he's just sort of tired or not active until something merits it and it's just right for him. Also, god, do I love Aiba and Jun and Nino and Sho, every little touch with them is fantastic. ♥ (Some Ohno/Arashi, but it could be read as mostly gen if you like.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - You know. I used to pine and cry for fic with Jun and Oguri Shun, because I wanted it so badly, but it was so hard to get much material on Shun or get a feel for him beyond a sort of half-instinctive thin, and no one had really taken up the task when Circe wrote this. But then. This was. It was just. It was brilliant, her Shun is so completely awesome and you can see why Jun likes him and yet kind of wants to punch him in the face and how Shun just fits right in with the rest of Arashi, especially in making Jun's life hell. It's like. There are some concepts--like the thought of Shun and Mao-chan marrying into the Arashi family, because everything we know about them is awesome--that really need a talented writer to pull it off. And, god, how Circe did it. There is no part of this that's not perfection, not Shun giving Jun nicknames, not Mao-chan being a little devil right along with everyone else, not the way everyone is connected to everyone without feeling forced (like they're real people or something! XD) and I-- I could really ship Sho/Mao-chan. Or Mao-chan/Jun. Or Mao-chan/everyone. Or more Shun/Jun, despite that I'm kind of satisfied now. Just. a;sldkfjal;skj this might possibly be my favoritest comment thread on all the internet. (Shun/Jun, implied Sho/Mao-chan, implied Jun/Sho, implied Arashi/Arashi, really.)

ARASHI: the return of the caster in time for MS by Aki - And this one is just fun! For all that his stupid bandmates are stupid and probably kind of make Sho want to drink heavily sometimes a lot, even when they're a bunch of bitches who tie him up and all molest him at once, you can still tell how much he really does adore them. And I really liked all the little details Aki worked into this, the way Sho can tell whom each of them are and what they're doing to him and what he knows about them. <3 (Arashi/Arashi, slightly NSFW.)

ARASHI: Fall + The best-laid plans by Circe - I love seasonal fic, you really get to feel the slight chill of fall and the pretty colors of the leaves falling is so easy to picture and it just makes the season more enjoyable. Especially when it's Ohno and Sho and Circe writes them so well--they have an easy friendship and they're still connected to their bandmates (the mention of what Aiba and Jun were working on sent me into keyboard mashing fits at the awesome images it brought to mind) but there's something special there with them, too. Plus, food! And little details about the sweet potatoes! And Ohno totally sees everything that goes on around him, he gets it, he just still keeps floating on by anyway and yes that is Ohno. He knows what his bandmates are doing, he's just laid-back about it. As much as I loved the Ohno/Sho, I think I love the Ohno POV just as much. ♥ (Sho/Ohno.)

ARASHI: The First Five Times (part 09) by Meg - Two chapters in a relatively short time! Meg spoils us. ♥ And I continue to love this story a whole lot (and after Jun's recent CUT photoshoot, no one should ever feel badly about making him a hooker) because in this chapter Aiba and Jun gang up on Sho as they dance with him and it doesn't need to be actual porn to be super hot. They've both got a certain grace and/or hotness that just makes this even hotter, plus, asd;lfkjaslkj people should do this kind of thing to Sho more often. At least if they can make it awesome like Meg can. Same for how she can make the promise of sex later on almost as hot as the sex itself. *__* (Aiba/Jun, Aiba/Jun/Sho and Ohmiya in this chapter.)

ARASHI: Five Times His Stupid Bandmates Featured in the Nightmares of Matsumoto Jun by waxrose - *long sigh* I love fic like this. Part of it is that I'm a Jun fangirl, of course, so anything that centers on him and gets into his thoughts and motivations, I'm bound to love, but this fic does an utterly gorgeous job of it. He is so spot on here, right down to the things that aren't said but are so clear in the kind of nightmares he has and... as amusing and lolarious as some of them are, they also make me want to give him a hug and, you know, a real vacation away from all that stress, because yes of course he works himself up far more than he should and of course he'd have batshit nightmares about it. This is the kind of fic that is so spot-on with Jun and the rest of Arashi and his feelings that it's going into my personal head canon as Hard Truth now and you'll never be able to convince me otherwise. The lovely writing, the hilariousness of Jun dreaming about Aiba with a tail, the really kind of totally hot Nino/Jun, the wonderfulness and touching Aiba/Jun, all of that is just superb icing on the cake. *____* God, this was good. (Aiba/Jun, some Nino/Jun and Arashi/Arashi. *__*)

ARASHI: The First Five Times: Limited 'Sakurai Gets Laid' Doujinshi Special! by Circe - Oh, man, where do I even start with this one? It's kind of mind-blowingly hot and not just a little porny, it is all about the porn, really taking it's time without lingering too long on any one aspect. It's from Sho's POV after Aiba and Jun have left him still wanting because they had to leave, so they shove him off on Ohmiya, Sho being all worked up and yet some part of him still going OMG BAD IDEA THEY ARE LITTLE BASTARDS YOU KNOW THIS OMG DO WANT while higher reasoning is kind of flying out the window. What's really excellent about this is the way it's done, you can believe Sho's reasoning is just totally going down the drain, rather than feeling like the author forced it, it works here and works so, so well. But it's also that she works in some super ace characterization, Sho is still Sho and Ohmiya are still such little bastards and the threesome aspect of this is wonderfully balanced, there's a connection between each of them and everyone is loved here. And it is all about the porn being hot (which it really, really is and is not glossed over, yet did not leave me feeling like it was TMI, it was just right) but it never forgot the humor either, there are at least three moments that immediately come to memory when I think about how hard this fic made me laugh sometimes. Plus, oh, man, her Ohmiya? So on. They are evil little shits who genuinely love Sho, just as willing to make fun of each other as they are of Sho (or Matsumoto and his pissy habits) and sometimes they're a single entity and sometimes they're just two people who really get along, each in perfect amounts. a;sldkfjalskj Ohmiya/Sho porno, it's like Circe really and truly loves us. (Ohmiya/Sho, NC-17.)

ARASHI: Blue Screen of Death (or One Thing That Never Happened if Arashi Were in Fandom) by panpipe - Meg pointed this fic out to me and I think I've read the other fic with Arashi being a part of fandom as a bunch of BNFs and I loved it then and I love it now. The best part about this, aside from, you know, absolutely everything, is that how is this Sho's life? I love the Nino/Sho BFFery SO MUCH that I can hardly stand it, especially because Nino's such a little shit, but that the rest of Arashi are in there as well (a;sldifjas;lkj my love for Jun and his silly girly crush on pretty much all of them, even if he has dignity about it with about half of them) and it's just. They map so well onto fandom with this fic! SO MUCH FUN. (Ohmiya, with a little background other and if you like Sho/Nino, you should like this.)

ARASHI: Under My Skin by waxrose - I... I really wish fandom would stop doing this, I ALREADY PINE AFTER JUN WITH EVERYONE ELSE, YOU JERKS GOTTA MAKE ME WANT SHO/JUN THAT MUCH, TOO? Jerks. Jerks. But this. Oh, god, this. It's beautiful and hot and gorgeous and Sho is so adorable with his hesitancy and Jun is so much more sure of what he wants and he's gorgeous like this and the sex is so, so hot and it's. asl;kdfjaslkj okay, there are, like, five people I say this about in the fandom BUT I REALLY MEAN IT. SHE IS MY FAVORITE EVER. I can read this over and over and still think it's the hottest thing I've pretty much ever read. *__* (Sho/Jun, NC-17.)

ARASHI: In absence of both booze and orgy by Circe - a;sldkfjasl;jk oh god crying with laughter and love for this one. Because Circe does some of the best descriptions of these guys--"That's true." Ohno said with a nod. He sort of wished the fans could see Aiba at moments like this: rather stupidly smart and so bright it almost hurt to look at him.--that get them across so well, but also because Aiba/Ohno is a pairing that can be difficult to get to work, because neither of them are really the dignity pinata (as Meg so beautifully coined) type, and yet. Yet that's exactly what made this one work, because they were both so laid back about it and yet evil little fuckers in their own way. Circe is brilliant with the endings to her fics and this one is no exception. as;dflkjasljk god I love her Ohno, too. (Aiba/Ohno.)

ARASHI: Too Long, Too Far by Circe - Any fic that starts out like this: Giving a key to Nino was like playing a game of Russian roulette with the future state of your apartment. is just DESTINED to be a winner. And it's just. Sho comes back from Beijing to find the giant chunk of meat the rest of his stupid bandmates got him for a souvenir and Nino in his apartment and the Sho/Nino is kind of really fabulous and it's hard to make that pairing work on its own sometimes without me thinking, "God, this time could be better spent with Nino traumatizing Sho! They have better things to do than makeouts!" but it totally works here because Nino is Sho's tiny little BFF and Nino may be a rat bastard but he misses his bandmates when they're not around and a;sldkjfals;kj the ending! With everyone! And Ohno being a little bastard, too! And the post-it notes of super adorableness! ALL OF IT. ♥ (Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: Absorb by Circe - as;dlkfjaslkj I love Nino and I love the way Circe writes him so much that I could just. Just. Just explode from it because he's such a little rat bastard and yet he obviously loves his bandmates so very much, enough to cling to Sho and bitch about them the entire time. And I love this so much because it's perfect, it's Sho being resigned to Nino's clinginess, it's Ohno gently encouraging the whole thing along, it's Aiba being amused at the whole situation, and it's Jun being cranky and/or traumatized at the whole thing. It's an Ohno/Sho piece, but Nino totally steals the scene. As he usually does. ♥ (This is Sho/Ohno, but you could probably also read Sho/Nino into it.)

ARASHI: Buzzed by Circe - And and and! Sho's new haircut! God, I love when authors take something that happens with Arashi and write fic about it so that you can tell when it was anchored in the, uh, timeline, I guess, for some reason that really delights me. And this was a great fic about Sho's haircut in the fall of 2008, especially because it's just so easy to see the rest of Sho's bandmates crowding around him and saying exactly that and Sho just. Just lets them. Of course he does. It's easier this way. And a;sldfkalkjs I love them all and I love how much I love Arashi. (Arashi/Arashi, I'd say.)

ARASHI: Off the Record by cupcake4mafia - Ho linked me to this the other night and a;sldkfjalskjs HOLY SHIT, NINO AND BRITNEY SPEARS. IT IS AWESOME. I love it because the cultural divide is there, but without getting too much in the way, instead it's just enough to feel spot on and there are some moments and certain lines in this that just. Had me practically in tears at how great it was. So great. (....sort of Nino/Britney?)

ARASHI: untitled by Meg - [Note: This one is my favorite, so it's the one that gets linked, but Meg also wrote Ohmiya on this post.] Another short ficlet, but shut up you guys, this one was awesome. Arashi discovers fanfic porno on the internet and even in just a short little thing she manages to capture the wonder that it would be. Especially Sho's total trauma, it's like. It's like. It's like Meg loves us and wants us to be happy. <3 (....Arashi/Arashi?)

ARASHI: Once It Was a Fairy Tale: The Unsmiling Prince by nicocoer - asd;lfkjasl;kjaslj I was kind of wary and hopeful about this one at the same time, because it was Aiba/Jun and fairytales and that can either go really right or fall flat on its face. But this was adorable, it was completely charming and funny, I laughed out loud several times (and kind of totally cried at Sho's role in this story, that was beautiful) and cooed over the appropriate places, the whole thing coming together beautifully. There were a dozen wonderful little touches (running into Tego was probably my favorite, aside from the other Arashi mentions) and I love the "message" of the fic and Aiba's role as the main character (and of course Jun as the unsmiling prince) and I even loved that obviously the fic was going somewhere with the collection of items that Aiba got, but asl;dfkjasl;kj I didn't see it coming and kind of burst out laughing. Just. as;dlkjfalskj so adorable and I love it. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, implied Ohmiya. Pairings half not the point.)

ARASHI: Chain unbroken + This Magic Moment + Pluck YOU + Pratice makes perfect by Circe - I'm just going to link to the post that contains all the short ficlets (there's one other series in the post, but otherwise they're all Arashi fics) because they're short enough, even though they're all just completely wonderful and brilliant and perfect. I cannot flail enough, both over how funny these are, but also how much Circe really gets the interaction between the band members. Nino giving Sho the necklace he'd saved is beautiful, because it doesn't even have to be gay (though, it is hilarious) to be amazingly meaningful (oh, god, I love the Sho/Nino BFFery in Circe's writing, I could read it forever and I love that it was Sho in that one) and Sho trying to keep up with Ohno's drunken story is beautiful, especially Jun's reaction, but. My favorite. My favorite is easily This Magic Moment. Because Jun finds Nino's magic creepy and Nino's been teaching both Aiba and Ohno and you KNOW Sho--after he used to fail so hard at magic--is eventually going to get in on it and it's just. She is my favorite person EVER EVER EVER. (No real warnings/pairings or else Arashi/Arashi.)

ARASHI: Anniversary by Honooko - I know this was written for my birthday, thus a lot of it was likely influenced by what Ho felt my tastes were, but I still feel like this fic is kind of ~*magic*~ for the way it balances everything I personally want out of Arashi fic. The dynamic of all five of them being connected to each other? Lots of abuse of Jun's dignity at the hands of those fuckers he calls bandmates? Aiba/Jun plus Sho/Ohno/Nino threesome? Still keeping all five of them together and not just splitting off into two pairings? Ohno being an evil shit when he's not spaced out? Aiba being the biggest hornball perv ever? Nino being whiny in a way that makes you love him more? Sho at the mercy of his bandmates? All of this balanced together with porn? Yes plz. It was an entirely satsifying piece to read, the kind that just makes me wriggle happily around because it's Arashi and everything I love about those guys and how they are with each other. (Arashi/Arashi, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

ARASHI: Only the Unknown (chapter 04) by ferinough - There has been an upsurge in Sho/Nino fic in fandom lately that has really made me happy. For a long time, I wasn't sure I could ship them (versus having more fun with Nino torturing Sho rather than making out with him) but lately I've really been wanting the makeouts as well and fics like this one are a lot of the reason why. I really like this Sho perspective, it's a lot of what he is, sensible in a crazy situation and when dealing with someone like Nino, lots of little touches that are really are adorable and just. a l;sdkja Nino sneaking into Sho's bed, so cute! I just. Really like Sho and Nino like this. <3 (Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: untitled by rhythmia - I beamed horribly throughout this fic pretty much because it's Aiba, Nino, and Jun. Done just the way I like it, too! The fic really captures what makes the Aiba/Nino relationship gold--they are giggly little bastards who feed off each other and delight in causing chaos for their bandmates. I especially loved Aiba's characterization--playful and cheerful, but there's more serious thoughts underneath it as well. And Jun is such a great victim for their plotting, yet you can tell how much he loves them in his own way and it's just. This was fun and sparkled and reminds me of why I pine for more of this threesome, too. ♥ (Aiba/Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - as;dlfkjasl;kj god I love Matsumoto Jun. And I love how much Arashi really just destroys his dignity because they a) are morons and b) love him. I love how this starts out, I love Ohno and Nino and Sho talking about their taste in women and how it just goes downhill from there. And I love that everyone is so great in this and I love the inclusion of the non-Arashi people and I love Jun's pov throughout the whole thing and just. asldkfjaslkj oh my god I want to explode with love for everyone and everything in the universe ever. This is seriously one of my favorite fics everrrrrr now. (....idk, Arashi/Arashi, I guess.)

ARASHI: Confidence by onlymostlytrue - I very, very rarely read outside of my flist when it comes to Arashi fic anymore, but I'm glad I gave this one a shot because asd;lfkjas;ljks oh my god. It has a truly stellar Sho voice, which I kind of find to be a rare thing in fandom. The writing in this is really sharp for him, he's sensible and and not clueless and there's a great bit of play between image and actual personality and his views on the rest of the band, Aiba and Jun in particular, are fantastic. I love that this fic focuses a lot on the Jun/Sho relationship without feeling odd for it, because they are the two that have the least amount of interaction overall, but the fic has this really natural, gorgeous flow to it. And I love the way the Aiba/Jun/Sho dynamic plays out and just. There were so many little things I loved. The line about Sho's warped social boundaries was SO GREAT, possibly my favorite. Oh oh oh and! Also! Matsumoto! Who's a little more grown up and comfortable in his own skin and you can just feel that, without lingering on the past too much. I love how happy this fic is without being pure fluff. Note: There's also an extra snippet in the comments that's a good read! (Jun/Sho, Aiba/Jun/Sho.)

ARASHI: Uncomplicated by onlymostlytrue - Well, as long as I was reading the author's other fic, I had to click onto this one, too. And as;dlfkjaslkj as if the previous fic didn't fill a hole in my heart (with the Aiba/Jun/Sho threesome), this one has some of the best goddamned Aiba/Nino BFFery that I've seen pretty much ever. It's hard to put into words how much this made me happy because the writing was sharp, the characterization was delightful, they were real people and had real emotions, but they were also funny as hell, and just. Amazing. To the point that, yes, okay, I was reading for the Aiba/Jun and the Ohmiya and they were fabulous, but you know what the best scene was? HANDS DOWN it was Sho's lecture scene where the rest of them were doing Pictochat with each other over their DSes. Words cannot describe the wheezing gigglefit I went through because of that scene. It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, this is one of the best fics I've read in ages. ♥ (Aiba/Jun, Ohmiya, but they're only half the point. Sort of Aiba/Nino, but it's more BFFery than out and out pairing.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - I am delighted by this upswing in Sho/Ohno/Nino OT3 fic because I've gotten to the point where that's my preferred pairing for all three of them, they just don't feel complete without each other (for me, mind!) most days. And this fic does a beautiful job of putting these people into an AU setting while still keeping the spirit of who they are and their attitudes towards life. I love that things aren't easy for them here, that things are hard but they still struggle through every day. I love that Sho's narrative for this is beautifully spot-on, I love how much he really loves both Ohno and Nino. I love that this is really well-balanced threesome, that it's not just smushing pairings together, it's truly about the three of them. ...this is a terrible rec for what was a really thoughtful, well-plotted AU fic that worked. Go read it anyway. (Ohno/Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: untitled by waxrose - And this time it's waxrose and she's writing a snippet based on the Mannequin Five segment from Himitsu no Arashi-chan and al;sdkfjasl;kjs I love the little details that went into this. The clothes she had each of them choose (Nino's totally put a smile on my face) and I love that it's centered on Sho and Jun here, I love Sho's comment to Jun and Jun's dangerous aura and I definitely love the way this ended. It was delightful and easy to see and just. a s;dlfkjaslkj yes, this is what I want from fandom forever. ♥ (Sho/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by katmillia - [Note: There are several ficlets in this post, so I'm going to do my best to rec these without glossing over them all too much.] It was the first one that really got me. There's a line in it (about the stylus for Nino's DS, you'll know the whole thing when you get to it) that just sent me into fits of laughter and it was also such great bitchery between Nino and Jun that I loved it. Then it was Toma/Haruna Ai and it was rarepairing het that was actually really good! And then it was a bunch of pairings that I don't see that often and a lot of Nino/Jun and, man, the one where they're sneaking little touches to each other all day just to freak each other out had, like, the hottest ending pretty much ever. That one was worth a rec alone right there (the one about 2/3rds of the way down) but all of these were really delightful and interesting and cool. (A lot of Nino/Jun, Toma/Nino, various Kato Ai pairings, Jun/Sho, and more. Read the labels pretty much.)

ARASHI: Jun and Nino accompany Aiba on TSD by floweranza - Okay. Jun and Nino go with Aiba to appear on Tensai! is pretty much something I never knew I needed to exist until I read it in this fic. And it's really delightful, I love that Aiba's not an idiot, but you still see the role he plays and how good he actually is at his job and then there's Jun who's trying really hard here and just can't quite make everything go perfect and Nino who's kind of genuinely unhappy and just. Somehow it all works out. And it's lovely and delightful and god now I want it so bad for real. P.S. OMG BEST OT3 OF MY HEART EVER. (Aiba/Nino/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - [Note: There's also an Aiba/Nino/Jun ficlet that I wanted to mention in this rec. Not that I don't love them ALL, but I'm trying to focus here, shut up.] So, I love Jun ridiculous amounts. I love how much of a squishy he is on the inside and I love that he finally takes a goddamned vacation for himself and I love how amazingly well this fic gets across that he has all these feelings bundled up in him that don't spill over, that he doesn't really put words to, but sometimes they almost do spill over. And I love this Aiba, so cheerful and adorable and good and you can feel how much Jun adores him and the little touch at the end? Beautiful, I can't say more than that. Then you have the Best OT3 Ever piece and al;sdkjfaslkj it's beautifully on crack just like all really good Arashi fic should be. Oh, and! Bonus Sho/Nino makeouts! Where they are ADORABLE together! (Aiba/Jun, Sho/Nino, and Aiba/Nino/Jun, respectively.)

ARASHI: One more reason AnAn rules + All's well that ends well by Circe - You know what I love? Arashi being full of a bunch of bastards. Or at least Ohno and Nino are. Which they are in both these fics--the first one is an AnAn shoot with Ohmiya and they're little fuckers and get along like a house on fire. As they should. The second is a fic where Sho and Jun compete over Aiba and it's just... oh my god. It's brilliant characterization for every single member of Arashi and hilarious to watch the two of them compete while Ohno subtly eggs them on and Nino laughs at the whole thing and Aiba just sort of bounces in and out. Plus, the ending is pitch-perfect homg. (Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho/Nino, Aiba/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - [Note: There are two fics on this post, I'm just going to rec them both together.] You know, no matter how busy my day is or how much I'm off and running in another fandom, I always have time to stop and read Circe's fics because I love her characterization and humor that much. I love the first fic, that it's just Ohno fiddling around with Nino's DS and, of course, it totally goes about how you'd expect, once you stop and think about it. Poor, poor Nino. His life is so hilariously hard. So it's Ohno's, really. And the second one is just. as;ldjkfa;lksjlj I love her. (Ohmiya for the first, Nino/other for the second.)

ARASHI: Moleymagic, a Psychic-type... by Aki - as;dflka;sdflk ahahahah omg Arashi and Pokemon! AKI LOVES US ALL. Especially when you consider how hard poor Jun's life is and how the various band members are worked into the fic and Sho is just so... as;dfklas;j,lk I love Sho with the intensity of a thousand suns. And all of them. ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFUL. And so is Aki. ♥ (Implications of Ohmiya, Ohno/Sho, Aiba/Jun, etc.)

ARASHI: untitled by Aegis - Sometimes I think I can't possibly love Aegis any more than I already do. But then she writes drunk!Shun conning his way into Jun's apartment at fuck a.m. and it's amazing, so then I love her even more. It's this beautiful dynamic of crankiness and obvious adoring on both sides, filled with little touches of hilarity as Shun drunkenly gets ready to crash at Jun's place. The little ways he obviously beams at Jun, the way he messes with him, the way he's an adorable fruit loop, the way I can just picture all of it, it's amazing. It's beautifully written, it's genuinely funny, and I even love the line it strides between friendship and maybe something more, which is perfect. I am in love with the author, with Oguri Shun, with Matsumoto Jun, and the entire world right now. (Shun/Jun.)

ARASHI: Gallant by Honooko - Lately, especially after his appearance on Shiyagare, I have had a thing for Oguri Shun again, especially his interactions with Arashi. And then Ho wrote this for me! Because she loves me and she knows I love Shun/Jun with a fierce, fierce passion and it's full of banter between them, the kind that I absolutely love! My favorite thing about their dynamic and how they are on this fic is that they give each other all sorts of shit, but the entire time you know they love each other ridiculously, you can feel how they're practically beaming at each other, even as Jun's calling him horseface again and Shun's thinking up yet another nickname for him and trying to get into Jun's pants. I love Shun trying to get into Jun's pants, like you wouldn't believe. This put a ridiculous smile on my face, too. ♥ (Shun/Jun.)

ARASHI: untitled by Aegis - Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn't jump all over every comment fic, exploding all over the author with showers of sparkly love, and then repeating the process here, but you know what? I got commentfic with amazing banter and porn, so you can all go suck it if you're judging me for being an obnoxious fangirl. I am in my happy place. Based on a comment about Jun liking to be in the middle, Aegis wrote this amazing, AMAZING piece of Ohno/Aiba/Jun, which has never been written very often, certainly not like this. They hold a conversation over Jun's head while he's between them and it's kind of ridiculously hot, all the more so because you can really feel how much they really care about him and because it kind of turns him on all the more. It's my two favorite Jun pairings put together beautifully and the writing is lovely, the porn is beautiful, and has an amazing ending line. I want her in the fandom forever. (Ohno/Jun/Aiba, NC-17.)

ARASHI: Between Friends by Circe - I admit, I read this one because I have a thing for Oguri Shun lately, but the Shun/Jun/Toma is pretty aces, as is the Toma/Jun, which isn't a ship I expected to find myself enjoying as much as I did here. But Circe makes it work wonderfully, she has a great balance between the threesome/the friendship they both have with Shun and the Toma/Jun relationship that's unsteady and taking its first steps, all wrapped up in amazing humor and awesome sex. This fic has one of the most intense frottage scenes I've ever read and it was wonderful for that, but I have to admit. Shun being a fruit loop and Jun's Spidey Sense tingling and the inclusion of Nino in the background (well, and the scene with him and Shun in the extras) is what kept me rereading this fic more times than I'd like to admit. Circe has an amazing sense for dialogue and humor and comedic pacing, it's brilliant every time she writes, and, oh, god, I think I hurt something IN MY FACE with all the :D :D :D I did while reading every single line of Shun's here. Especially the extra with Nino, that was the most amazing thing I've read in forever, for real. I just. I want to live on the edges of her brain and stay there forever and watch everything that runs through her head, that's how much I love that Shun and Nino conversation. (Shun/Toma/Jun, Toma/Jun, NC-17.)

ARASHI: untitled by Aegis - This is another one of those comment threads that probably isn't meant to be ~*public*~ fic and whatever, but I don't care. Because Aegis is an amazing writer and her amazingness deserves to be shared. Especially when she wrote a bunch of snippets and they have Oguri Shun in them and I am completely, ridiculously in love with her and her Shun. Especially when she starts off with, "Your butt is totally magical for headaches!" Shun protests. "You should try yourself. I feel better already." because Shun LOVES Jun, okay. Also, she apparently has psychic powers because I'd just been thinking about a Shun/Jun/Nino threesome and then! Magic! She wrote this! And it doesn't even need makeouts, because it has hangovers instead! And Nino being delightfully evil! And Shun being a cheerful fucker, too! And Jun not knowing why he loves these people! And it ends with an amazing scene with Aiba in Jun's apartment and it's both less and more gay than you'd think it was. Beautiful. ♥ (Sort of Shun/Jun/Nino, but sort of just friendshippy, too.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - This is actually a series of about three ficlets together in a comment thread, sort of connected to each other, sort of not. It's about the Jun - Mao - Shun - Nino dynamics, little scenes focused on different aspects and friendships, all of them amazing gems that are right in my wheelhouse these days, especially with Shun and Mao's drama coming up. I firmly like to believe they'll be totally evil together and make Jun's life hell because they ~*like*~ him and that's how they show their affection and then Circe wrote this amazing piece that I just-- I can't even-- It's too amazing. And then she wrote Jun/Mao from the Hanadan days and, holy hell, I should have been thinking, "But where is Shun? I am in an Oguri Shun mood, I want him in there noooooow!" but instead the only thought in my head was, "Wow, that is hot. And amazing. And hot." Then Nino and Mao together! Because Nino is amazing, too. All of these together are just an amazing set and make me love this fandom all over again. ♥ (All combinations of Shun/Mao/Jun/Nino, sort of. Jun/Mao NSFW, probably a hard R rating.)

ARASHI: Intentions by augustfai - I have a huge weakness for fics that take off from a performance or a variety show or a photoshoot, real or made up for the fic, because a lot of that interests me about the band and because it makes it easier to slot it between the frames of what we already see of their lives/jobs. Also, costume descriptions are often kind of hilarious. This fic is a lovely Sho/Jun piece that has some very nicely written tension between them, that sense of something lurking under the surface, and then some very nice porn when it finally explodes between them. This pairing is not always easy to write, but this was a very nice piece for Sho and Jun! (Sho/Jun, NC-17.)

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