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- JE - Temporary Fix by whyjennifer - Okay, no. Now I am officially descending into jpop hell. See, I can read Jin with other people despite the kinda-sorta-maybe-shut-up-Pin-OTP thing I have, but with MatsuJun? Noooo, I can't even contemplate a world where Jun's with someone other than Aiba an ARASHI member! But I liked the author's work and I was keyboard mashing over the Jun vs Jin clips floating around YouTube, so I figured I'd give this one a shot. And the author does it fantastically, it's about stress relief and really, really hot angry sex (oh my god some of the imagery in this is hot as hell) and fitting into how I see their lives and making this little space where I can totally see this. laskjla;sjdflj, goddammit. (Jun/Jin, NC-17.)

- Arashi - Five Ways Arashi Tears off all Their Clothes and Commences Orgy by wintersjuly - I honestly can't decide which aspect of this fic I like better--that it's orgyfic with actual smut in it or if I like the dorky group antics even more. It's just that much better because this fic has both and it's so good at it. I would have adored this fic just for those aspects alone, because the author is so good at what makes Arashi Arashi, these five scenes showcasing all of that beautifully, right down to the way each personality is displayed wonderfully, but it's just that much more fabulous that it contained several of my favorite dynamics. ....okay, we all know that I'm a sucker for Aiba/Jun interaction and it's not like the fic was centered around that, it's about Arashi as a group (as it should be!) and you can probably pick out almost any pairing that you like here (again, as it should be!) but I just. I had this wonderfully happy feeling after reading this because YES this is what Arashi fic should be. (Arashi/Arashi, somewhere around NC-17.)

- Arashi - Everything's Hotter In Death Valley by Honooko - The longer I'm in Arashi fandom, the more I start to become interested in couples beyond my favorites, one of which is a developing interest in Sho and Nino's friendship. So, when Ho-sensei writes Sho/Nino porn, well of course I had to run over to it. And I really do love her Nino, he's such a little brat even when cares about Arashi, too, and missing the others because he's in California and away from them. Then you add in phonesex and Nino being Nino and Sho being a little overwhelmed because Nino is so Nino and then you add Ohno to the mix and it's beautiful. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Ohno/Nino/Sho, NC-17.)

- Arashi - five times ohno is a very curious boy -- er, man by feigningsleep - There are several moments in this fic that are absolutely hilarious, the sense of... well, honestly, Arashi that's packed into each scene as Ohno goes around asking what an orgy is, the way the whole thing comes together to be so beautifully... well, Arashi that I just... I love it. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite because they're all so full of these little details that are perfect. The end of the scene with Nino makes me crack up just thinking of it, the scene with Sho is just so much pure WIN that I can hardly stand to contemplate it, much less reread it, all of them so perfect together at the end. Definitely one of the best orgyfics the fandom has produced, even if it's not actually porn. (Arashi/Arashi.)

- Arashi - Nymph by Honooko - There are two aspects of this fic that I really love. One, that it's Nino with all of the various members of Arashi, each with their own dynamic, but still part of a larger whole. The author really does a lovely job of showing what each of these potential pairings would be like, making me love each one of them, making each one special and heart-warming. And, two, of course, somehow Ohmiya is special, somehow Ohno is different for Nino, even though he cares about them all. I love that I loved everyone in this fic, that it wasn't about making other pairings lesser, it was about Ohmiya being Ohmiya. Somehow. This fic absolutely warmed my heart. (Nino/everyone, Ohmiya.)

- JE/Arashi - Three People Who Weren't in Kanjani8 by travelingpsycho - Okay, technically, this is only a little bit Arashi, but it's so damn fantastic that there's no way I couldn't include it in the Arashi section proper. This started with Wolfie and I talking about a Jun/Ryo friendship after that Duet interview with the two of them, which spiralled off into Ryo meeting Arashi and then Aiba joining K8 and then there was this fic prompted by it and it's fantastic and so perfect and so many little details or bits of characterization that are fantastic. I don't even know the rest of them that well, yet I still avidly read the other two sections to this fic because it's just such a fantastic execution of the idea of K8 getting other members. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Arashi - untitled by Anita - Okay, technically, these are probably titled, but it's three ficlets that are best grouped together, from Anita's "Why Person A Loves Person B" meme. The first two are Aiba and Jun, why Jun loves Aiba and why Aiba loves Jun and they are so good. Anita really gets them, why these two mean so much to each other, and writes it in such a way that my little fangirl heart threatens to explode from how right it is. Each of them have the person's voice and personality just shining through, reading them makes me ache a little for them in the very best possible way, because yes those are the people I fell in love with. And then. Then she writes Shibata Rie/Sho and it's so beautiful and so hilarious that nothing I could say would even come close to how awesome it is. Just. Oh my god I love Anita so, so much. In that shrieking, flailing kind of way. (Implications of Aiba/Jun and Shibata Rie/Sho if you want.)

- JE - Deluxe Driveway Derby by pinkpapyrus - Okay, see. I learned pretty early on in JE fandom that it was a really big mistake to look outside the list of authors I trusted (or that were directly recommended to me by people I trusted) because my sanity threatened to divorce me. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes I missed out on fics like this. I, like much of the fandom, have an unholy love of inter-JE antics (despite them being a bitch and a half to write) and this was a beautiful example of it. JE on go karts, with all the beautiful, beautiful, epic ridiculousness that you would expect of a bunch of bitches being forced together in silly activities. And if that weren't enough there's some truly glorious Nino/Jun bitchery that makes me love them all over again, truly deep down to my very soul. And Ryo bitchery. And K8 ridiculousness that's beautiful. It's all balanced out in this fic wonderfully, I love it all. And this is a terrible rec for what's a really fantastic fic. (Nino/Yamapi, but that's not really the main point.)

- JE/ARASHI - Idol Worship by aatash - You know, I kind of wanted to run screaming from the idea of Chinen/Ohno... but then the author said that porn of the two of them breaks her brain, so I was comforted by that. (Because porn for them would break my brain, too.) And I was still kind of tempted because Chinen's idol worship of Ohno is so darling and it would be really kind of hilarious when they were older and the author really makes great use of little details in the fic. The TV Pia mention, the fishing, all of that. Plus, there are short ficlets in the comments and this one kind of made my day. XDDDDDDDD (Chinen/Ohno, implied Ohmiya.)

- ARASHI - one-sentence drabble meme. by aoimidori - These are a series of one-sentence (if longer ones, so that it makes them a little more satisfying) fics with so many delightful little touches about various dynamics in the group. Of course you can detect something of pairing preferences, but what I love is that all of Arashi truly felt like they were all connected to each other and they're... such a group. I love that, even when he's half in the background, Nino is such a little shit and beautifully like himself. aoimidori has such a lovely touch to her writing, there's something really pretty about the words themselves, it just makes it that much more awesome to see the crack and the perfect characterization woven into each one of these, too. ♥ (Multiple Arashi pairings, but Aiba/Jun fans may especially enjoy these.)

- ARASHI - Making the Connection by waxrose - I kind of stopped reading ARASHI fic outside of a handful of authors that I already knew because too many times I was just too mired in my own characterization to agree with people, but... well, once in awhile I branch out still and I'm rewarded with super, super awesome fic like this. Jun in Vegas and not quite admitting that he's homesick and thinking that it's stupid because he's hardly going to be gone very long, but he is the biggest squishie for his band ever and so of course he does and that's brilliantly done. But even more than the fabulous Jun characterization is the interactions with the rest of the band, because you can tell how much they all really care about him in their own special ways and alska;lskjljs oh my god the Nino/Jun sections of this were a thing of beauty. Seriously. Just. Bitching and sniping at each other and then having phonesex, that is Nino/Jun right there and it was genuinely hilarious and dorky and bitchy and brilliantly witty and then there was Aiba who is a total hornball like he is and just cheerfully launching right into phone sex with Jun and aslda;slkj the build up and background details of this are fantastic. I-- I maybe believe in the fandom a little again! ♥ (Implications/elements of pretty much every Jun/Arashi combination.)

ARASHI: Q&A by Circe - The plain truth is that everybody is very different from everybody else and they are just as alike, too, in different ways. They fit together because of this. I love stories like this, it's practically my perfect sort of fic. It's set from Jun's perspective (I have my priorities, okay.) and is all about his dumb, dumb bandmates that he loves so much, while he's in the middle of an interview Q&A. I love it because it's full of all these little touches that are hilarious and so perfect for the group, yet also shows how much Jun really thinks about his answers before he gives them, even if he's really polite about it, when all he wants to say is that his bandmates are stupid. I love it because Jun works so hard to maintain dignity and keep his stupid bandmates out of trouble, but he's only one person against their tide of unholy evil. It's just. Yes. (No real warnings/pairings, except the usual Arashi/Arashi totallynotgay ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: Four times Jun just doesn't get it and one time he does. by Circe - No wait I lied. This is pretty much my perfect fic. It was posted on my birthday and it's from Jun's perspective and it's just-- this is practically every reason I fell in love with Matsumoto Jun and his relationships with his bandmates, all rolled up into one fic. He clearly loves them all, they all love each other, you can take any two and make hilarious interaction out of it (though, Sho seriously gets the best line of the fic, I crack up in a giggle fit every time I reread because it's so great, you'll know it when you get to it) and she does brilliantly with each of them. But what really sends it over the edge for me is that there's something just a little different about the way Jun reacts to Aiba, the way there's something there without it being remarked on until the end, which fits so, so well with what I see of them in 'canon'. Technically, the fic is an Aiba/Jun fic, but so much of the fic is placed around the group dynamics and that's the way I love it. A-also, I may possibly be a little too in love with the ending. *__* (This is Aiba/Jun, but it's sort of... Arashi/Arashi with the usual that'stotallygayyouguys ridiculousness.)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Two: Find the Shards of Friendship!! by Meg - And in this episode of RSR, we are introduced to the characters properly and this continues to be one of those shows I would PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR and also laugh hysterically at. Because the evil minions are introduced and the main Rangers are starting to meet up and there is Ohmiya total heterosexuality in this chapter. There are more hysterical details here, like the henshin devices are belt buckles and that's going to provide a whole lot of excellent, excellent fodder and I love how much this plays on the traits of Arashi themselves and fits them into this tokusatsu series, takes the other bands and makes hilarious, hilarious jokes about them. PLUS THERE IS CHINEN AND IT'S SUPER HILARIOUS. Oh, god, I love Meg. ( idek. Ohmiya, I guess? General Arashi total straightness?)

ARASHI: Five ways Jun spends hanami with his retarded bandmates by aatash - *flails* Seriously, my birthday should be every day of the year if I'm getting presents like this one! And while obviously my favorite pairing is Aiba/Jun, what really makes me fall in love the hardest is Aiba/Jun in amonst the rest of their idiot bandmates, which Aki does beautifully here. There are so many little details, so many little moments of what makes these five guys such beautiful retards that I loved every single second of the fic, that right from the beginning it starts out with one of those moments that is A+++ in its retardery and it just. Doesn't let up. I love that it's centered on Jun, but it's all about Arashi's friendships with each other, all about him interacting in special ways with each of the members of the band, how much he clearly still loves them (though god knows why XD) even while they abuse his poor dignity. The Aiba/Jun ending also may have, um, made me squee a little too more than I should have. The whole entire piece was wonderful. ;__;♥ (....I'm going to just say it's Arashi/Arashi, because it totally is. ♥)

ARASHI: Silly Injuries by octavoice - Meg pointed this fic out to me the other night and I hadn't read Arashi fic not on my flist in ages, certainly not Sho/Nino fic! But it was short enough to give it a shot and I'm really glad I did because it's just totally cute and fun and light-hearted and genuinely funny. Nino being a little snot and bullying their stupid bandmates even when they're not there, yet still obviously being a caring little snot while he stays with Sho in the hospital (which is obviously the basis of the fic, when Sho hurt his hand recently and Nino stayed with him all night) the whole time. Just. Yes. This is what I wanted from Sho/Nino! ♥ (Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: The way things are by Circe - Man, how much do I love Circe and that she writes Arashi fanfic that gets it? That they show their love through bullying and that, even when there are problems, they deal with it in a lolful way, not angst? Because the rest of the group talking about Jun's crushes on various Arashi members (which I have always thought as well, that Jun's probably gone through a phase of crushing on every one of them at some point) and Nino being all wistful that he was too young and naive at the time of Jun's crush on him to actually properly abuse it? YES PLZ OMG. And, seriously. Every time I read the last seven lines/paragraphs of this fic, I just start laughing all over again because Circe truly loves us. ;__;♥ (....Arashi/Arashi pretty much.)

ARASHI: 10 ways Arashi take care of their own. by moonbyrd - This was a fun, cute little fic that was made up of so many little scenes and details and group antics that it just. Warms my heart. It totally helps that there's a lot of Jun in the fic, especially when Nino and Sho are hovering over him, bullying him into rest by threatening to sic Aiba and Ohno on him, which would totally destroy him. Or Nino being a little shit to Chinen. Or being a little shit to Sho because he is a good friend. Or Jun being totally OCD and mother hen over Aiba because he's sneezing in a dusty dressing area! Or mocking Sho's taste in music! Or Aiba and Nino pretty much getting ready to destroy the world together. I love fics where it's about all the little things that make up their lives and this fic made me happy for that. ♥ (, Arashi/Arashi if anything, but it's kinda gen?)

ARASHI: Legendary Sparkling Rainbow Storm Rangers, Summarized By Meg - Episode Three: The Bonds of Fate are Cherry Colored. by Meg - After watching a fair amount of Kamen Rider stuff, I love this series even more than before, because it's Arashi and sentai mixed together! The blend of their personalities and making it into a different universe works so well--like, Sho the preschool teacher! With defending little snotfaced kids from evil minions! Chinen-kun the adorable little evil minion who will obviously be won over by Blue Storm Ranger! The total Sho fanservice! The Ohmiya immediate bonding! The way you just have to overlook certain details (like missing the very obvious poster behind them) because you just do! The use of Dreams to animate monsters! It's all so... so Japan. The way it's described just. Makes it really, really easy to see. I love Meg a LOT. ♥ ( Ohmiya here, some eventual Aibajun, probably a lot of gen/Arashi orgy. The usual.)

ARASHI: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by waxrose - I generally don't read genderswitch AU fics, they're just not myt hing. But I'm kind of starting to think that waxrose can write anything and I'll still read it. Her writing is beautiful and there's something really... natural and fitting about the personality tweaks she's given the girls here, the way they're so similar and yet still kind of different. They actually do feel like girls here yet the feeling of them being a group of five who really love each other remains. And... you know. I totally would fangirl that girlband, if they existed. I'm still not much of a fan of genderswitch, but... I would totally read more in this universe, too. .... *resigned sigh* (Sort of Arashi/Arashi in the usual ways?)

ARASHI: untitled? by waxrose - I have a deep and true love of Arashi being a giant pile of wriggling fangirl bait love, even when they're doing nothing so much as sitting around and some of them are trying to read while others make annoying pointed comments or fling paper projectiles at them just because they feel like it. The writing is so sharp and so much fun and there's so much love between all of them, even when they're shoving Aiba to the floor or when Nino's bitching at Jun, you can just feel it. ♥ (....Arashi/Arashi?)

ARASHI: Arashi VS Girls by Rinny - Speaking of fics that I would potentially read but wouldn't trust most of fandom with! This was actually a fic with Arashi genuinely interested in sleeping with girls/totally straight and the kind of girl each of them goes for is smartly chosen by the author, yet the importance they place in each other is somehow more than that. The writing for this is lovely and I love how much the author got into the fic, how much of their personalities fit into these little snippets. I adored this. (Arashi/girls, it's not really the point precisely.)

ARASHI: fic meme by Meg - [Note: The Arashi ones are here, here, here, here, here, and here.] *BEAMS LOVINGLY* I love it when Meg does fic memes because she writes such great little snippets, the kind that are these perfect little gems of fic that are satisfying and fantastic on their own. I mean. There's an ARASHI ROAD TRIP snippet in this one! And it's BEAUTIFUL. It's exactly what you'd think it would be, it actually does justice to the potential of the idea, and I would pay Meg a lot to continue this, even if it works well enough the way it is! That is how much I love it! THEN THERE IS ARASHI MEETING YUUKO. That's just. Of course it'd go like that! Arashi/xxxHOLiC crossover and you kind of think it shouldn't work, but somehow it DOES and then there is Hookerfic!Jun taking care of Sho and it's so sweet and kind of heart-aching. And then gay wedding PV-based antics and Jun being weak to Ohno. It's just. All of my favorite things! All clever and brilliantly written and saying so much without having to actually state it. I love. ;__;♥ (....I'm just going to say Arashi/Arashi because it's easiest.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - For about a month now, I've kind of been clawing at the walls for Aiba and Nino interaction because they obviously get along so well, they are both... well. Chaotic, let's say. So, putting them in the same room together would only invite trouble. Awesome trouble. And Circe captures that beautifully here, the way they're just so delighted to be little shits together and kind of traumatizing and yet the way the rest of the band reacts is just. It's so perfect. I just. Every time I get to Sho, I start cracking up all over again. (....well, sort of Aiba/Nino, but sort of not. I'd say it was gen more than anything.)

ARASHI: Breakfast by ayisse - Do you know how much I love Aiba/Nino/Jun? Do you know how much I love them just barging right into Jun's kitchen and totally destroying his lazy, peaceful Sunday morning? A whole lot. Plus, it uses those embarrassing nicknames for Jun with total glee and there's hardly much I love more in life than his bandmates making Jun's full of pain. I love that Aiba and Nino just sort of run right over him, you know they would, and Jun kind of hates them, but is also totally weak to them. This was so charming. <3 (Aiba/Nino/Jun, but is really gen more than anything. Sort of.)

ARASHI: Scenes from an Arashi Tanabata by Circe - asdl;fkjaj god I love Arashi as a group. I love them all chiming in with their thoughts on spending Tanabata together and how each of them react and how I just-- I shriek with glee the entire way through this, even as I reread it (enjoying it just as much as I did the first time, because the comedic timing is beautiful, especially when Sho has his turn to be a little bastard and then Ohno's all *__* and then Nino-- asd;lfkjaslkj *was kind of crying*) and am amazed how much was worked into this, how many little details and screamingly hilarious moments. And every time I get to the deep-fried foods they sample for Tanabata (there's so much fun with festivals in this fic that I just-- I can't even-- as;dflkja) I'm pretty much grinning so hard my face hurts because I love them and this fic loves them right back. And I love Circe, like, A WHOLE LOT. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before. (Some Arashi/Arashi but it's more towards the gen side of things.)

ARASHI: untitled by Circe - Do you know who my favorite person ever is right now? Circe, that's who. There is a seriously criminal lack of Shun/Jun fic in the fandom, but part of that might be because it's tough to work together with Arashi's obvious importance to Jun. So how to deal with that? Why, take that snippet of information we got about Jun having Shun's photobook on his nightstand (that he tried to defend himself by saying a friend gave it to him, sure, sweetie, that makes all the difference in the world, of course it does) and have Jun's life made hell by Aiba and Shun. I love it because this is Aiba, such a cheerful, perverted bastard who knows what he's doing even when it gets him smacked for it, because of course he'd find the idea of Jun and Shun together hot and would want to probably do them both at the same time and then of course the rest of Arashi finds out about this and it's just. No matter how many times I reread this, I shriek with laughter every single time. Also, the Aiba/Jun scenes in this? Very, very nice, mmm. *__* And-- and-- every time I get to the part with Shun actually in it and the scene where he spots the photobook, I just lose it completely because it's so easy to see. I seriously cannot express my love without making shrieking, dolphin-pitched noises, shut up. (Aiba/Jun, Jun/Oguri Shun.)

ARASHI: Smells Like Member-Ai by waxrose - asdlf;kjaslkj OHNO/NINO/SHO FIC. HOW I HAVE PINED FOR THIS IN FANDOM. And not only is it one of my favorite OT3s, it's also by one of my favorite authors in this fandom. *___* I love this fic, love it, because it's just exactly how I wanted this threesome to go--there's the Ohmiya connection, but somehow Sho fits into that so very well without taking away from the Ohmiya itself. Which is partially achieved through Ohmiya being little shits together (which they very clearly are) but also that Sho has a special connection with each of them. This fic. Just. Gets all of that. And then adds in genuinely clever snarkery from Nino, the whole Arashi-experience by being a wonderful group of retards even while this is an Sho/Ohno/Nino fic, and has the best way to sum up Ohmiya and why they touch each other all the time: "Because we're bored," Ohno answers simply at the same time Nino chimes in, "It's a physical manifestation of our destined love!" Yes. YES. Also, the hotel scene makes me shriek with laughter every single time because it's just so easy to see and I love Sho, like, A WHOLE LOT. To sum up my feelings on this fic: a;sldkfja;slkejalksj ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (Ohno/Nino/Sho.)

ARASHI: your every little trembling line by waxrose - ....!!! I could have sworn I had read everything by this author, but apparently I missed Ohno/Sho porn, holy crap, shame on me! But it was a really nice to have this fic during a tough week for Arashi, especially for a pairing that doesn't get enough love from fandom, and it's-- as;ldfkjaslkj, it's one of those ideas that I would only trust to a small handful of authors, the idea of Sho posing naked for one of Ohno's drawings, but it's fantastic here. It's an amazing piece for Sho's perspective--both on his love for his stupid bandmates and what he sees about them, yet he knows they're little bastards, too--but also for Ohno. Ohno, omg. Who is kind of spacey and artistic, but he's also very thoughtful in his own way and direct when the situation calls for it, he knows what he's doing and as;ldfkjasljk yes. This was Ohno. And this was Sho. And this was Ohno/Sho and it was fantastic. .....shut up, it's an incredibly rare pairing, I'm allowed to explode with squee! (Ohno/Sho, not really safe for work.)

ARASHI: Snapshots by Circe - a;slkfjaslkj this fic is so great, because it refers to Arashi no Shukudai-kun #95, the live episode where Sho did a really god-awful drawing, and this fic then has Sho/Nino BFFery and making me laugh over Sho's terrible drawings some more and makes me fall in love with the band all over again. It's kind of an amazing mix of all three elements, right down to how perfect Nino is when he goes to collect Sho's latest drawing like he's been doing for years and he's just so Nino about it, so hard to pin down even when Sho knows him really well, and then a totally perfect ending with Ohno. It's just. So easy to see and so perfectly... Arashi. *beams* (I suppose you could say it was a little Ohno/Sho/Nino, but it's really entirely gen.)

ARASHI: Portrait by Circe - a;lsdkfjlkas as if the previous fic weren't enough, this one is more actual Ohno/Sho/Nino, which is a dear, dear OT3 of mine that doesn't get enough attention in fandom. It's set from Nino's point of view and I love her Nino because he's just the right combination of needy and stupidly in love and bitchy, all at the same time. I love the way he approaches Sho and Ohno differently, the way he gives each of them a key is completely different from the other, the way all three of their things (newspapers, art supplies, game consoles, etc.) sort of crowd together in the apartment and it says so much about them without having to really say it. Plus, I was totally a sucker for the cameo with Aiba and Jun, which was seriously A++++ material, and the way Nino was reminded to give Sho a key and Sho's reaction. OH AND THE ART COLLECTION. WOULD TOTALLY LOL AGAIN OVER THAT. (Ohno/Sho/Nino.)

ARASHI: The Way Things Are: Time Out (an interlude with Aiba and Jun) by Circe - Possibly I should not be recommending these seperately but a) they're long enough that I can justify it, b) they're different enough to warrent it, and c) I want to. As much as I love Circe's Nino, I love her Aiba just as much because he's so spot on here, when he just barges into Jun's dressing room to talk to him and clearly knows Jun so well. I love it. He's cheerful even when talking about something serious, he's bouncy and energetic, but in that wonderful Aiba way that's not about being an idiot. I love him because he's just so clearly enjoying his friendships/something more with his bandmates and somehow (through the magic of being Aiba) manages to get them all to agree to sleep with him (or will get them to agree) and no one will feel badly about it. I love how much you can feel Jun is completely, stupidly gone on Aiba, even as he has a total crush on Sho at the same time, it makes me happy in my soul. (Mostly Aiba/Jun, but some implied Sho/Jun as well. And, you know. Aiba/EVERYONE.)

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