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- Arashi Fanvid - girls just want to have fun - I clicked on this one just for the concept alone, but it was actually a really fun video. The song choice is totally cracked out, but the clips chosen to go with it are just so much fun that I shrieked with laughter the entire time. I love, love, love the clips chosen for this and it's fast-paced enough to be entertaining (no clips linger too long) and it's a good mix of PV/concert material and TV show material and it makes me want to hunt down every single thing Arashi has been in, like, ever and just. asdl;fjalsdfjalsdjf, I've watched it, like, six times now and I love it more every time. ♥

- Arashi Fanvid - arashi for dream! - There is just something about Arashi fanvids set to happy, cheerful, on-crack music that I can watch endlessly. I just. I love when there are a zillion clips from their TV shows that show off just how dorky and hilarious the boys of Arashi are, all set to music and afd;lsjkadsf;lkjadsflj I WANT TO WATCH EVERYTHING THEY'VE EVER BEEN IN after watching a video like this. Which is what Arashi AMVs should be, filling you with rainbows and uncontrollable giggling and WTF WTF WTF clips and an inability to stop grinning even though your face hurts. ♥

- Arashi Fanvid - Thank You Arashi - One of my very favorite things continues to be Arashi TV show clips set to fun, happy music and just... there's nothing that can get across the spirit of the band better than that. I love that the video is all about the little moments that made the artist smile and I'm pretty sure that you'd have to be inhuman to watch this and not crack a smile at least once.

ARASHI Fanvid - Barbie Girl - So, waxrose found this vid and linked it in a post and I was curious enough to watch, enticed by her description of how funny it was. And I-- Oh, man, sometimes this fandom doesn't entirely hate me and instead gives me shiny, shiny treasures like this one. Because it is LOADED with hilarious clips (I don't think I spotted any real repetition for the entire song!) and I LOL'd my way through the entire thing. And then I watched it a second time. And LOL'd again because the sheer number of times that Ohno or Jun are Barbie or the way Nino's gay, gay solo dancing was used or the Kitto Daijoubu footage that was used or OH MY GOD THE ENDING AHAHAHAHA BEAUTIFUL, all of it was just. It doesn't take Arashi very seriously and it's BEAUTIFUL for it. Not enough ♥ in the world for this.

ARASHI Fanvid - Stand By Me - Since I was browsing around YouTube, I decided to check out another fanvid by the same artist and stumbled over this one. Normally, I don't watch the more serious ones, I like cracky vids that'll make me LOL more than anything and maybe this one isn't perfect and it starts a bit slow, but... about a minute in, I was wibbling something fierce because there's so much love here. The artist takes all these tiny little moments or these times they hugged each other because they do care about each other or just silly, funny moments and set it all to Stand By Me, showing how much strength they do give each other. And I fell in love with the entire band all over again because this was just. It was wonderful. ;__;♥ (It also made me crave Nino/Jun something fierce, but I bet fandom's not going to be that nice to me.)

ARASHI Fanvid - If I Were Gay - In a weird bit of synergy, this one was posted the night after I'd watched the Nobuta video with the same song, and it was just as much fun to watch. Aiba/Nino! That pairing does not get enough love in fandom, much less videos that use tons of clips from the last several years of the two of them being gay at each other (which there are kind of a surprising amount of!) and I just. Fell in love with all the chaos they'd cause all over again and laughed quite a lot during this one. *loves*

ARASHI Fanvid - Captain Planet - I'm just mooching off waxrose's genius ability to find these things on YouTube by snagging this link, but I-- I had to. I've seen a handful of Captain Planet videos over time, some of them better than others, but I don't know if I've ever seen one that's made me laugh quite this hard. What the video does is use the AU CM footage, which is a brilliant move on their part, especially the Ohno CM footage, and then gets some clips that actually fit the lyrics. Plus. Every time I get to the "villains"... I mean, I was laughing pretty hard before that, but that was just a whole new level of LOL.

ARASHI Fanvid - Pretty Fly Guys - lady_gemma pointed out this video to me the other night and a;lsdkfjalskj I think I've watched it in full about five times now and it's one of those videos that's... just beautifully pulled off, both in concept and execution. The song makes me LOL SO HARD, no matter how hard I try to resist, every time I get to the otaku dance at about 20 seconds in, I'm losing it all over again. But it's also the selection of clips that fit the lyrics and the pace of the song and just. Perfectly shows off what a bunch of dorks this band is made up of and mocks out of so much love, it's easily one of my new favorites from this fandom. ♥

ARASHI Fanvid - Arashi = Dorks - I was browsing YouTube and watching Waza-ari clips and stumbled over this fanvid and I'm always lured in by Arashi fanvids that are a bunch of clips of them being ridiculous and just having fun while doing it. It's almost sort of one of those vids where I want to shove it onto people who've never watched the band much before, just to show them why I'm so entranced by this band, because the clips the artist chose (mostly from D no Arashi episodes) are HILARIOUS ones and it's not about matching them to the music, it's more like a montage of great moments and it was SO MUCH FUN for that. Almost five minutes of just. PURE FUN and everything of why I love Arashi.

ARASHI Fanvid - ARASPICE Up Your Life - Another fanvid that I'm totally stealing off waxrose's post, shhhh. But what's really awesome about this video isn't just the lolarious concept (though, it is also that and then some) but that it kind of... fits really, really well. There's a lot of 2007-2008 footage here, so it's all about the feathered costumes and sparkly sequined jackets and don't get me wrong, I fucking love those costumes, but LOL. The choice of dancing versus singing all fit the beat of the song beautifully well here and just. ad;slfkjas;lkjslj Arashi + Spice Girls = Do Want.

ARASHI Fanvid: you know i [wantcha] - waxrose seriously brings light into my life with these videos. She has a gift for matching various clips to the song she uses and finding so many different little clips, not necessarily the same footage over and over again. And even more than that, it's a great collection of clips all together, too, and you really get a sense for what the appeal of this band is. As in they're all a bunch of GIANT DORKS. ♥ I think I will love videos like this forever.

ARASHI Fanvid: Fuck You - No, seriously, waxrose does the best fanvids just about ever. I love the music she picks out, I love the clips she picks out, I love the themes she uses with her videos--happy sparkly gay boybands set to a song about saying fuck you to homophobics. And just. There's a moment about 30 seconds in, where Sho makes this face at the appropriate lyrics moment and it's just. PURE LOL. There's just. Something about the happy, upbeat little dorky dances they do set to this song. It's so great. (Also, that entire post of hers? Is magic.)

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