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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Unsorted:
    [ link ] - Wow, the dark/shaded and fire combination here is awesome, both pretty to look at and really captures the feel of the character.
    [ link ] - It doesn't surprise me that this is an official submission for the Nicktoons magazine, the snowboarding looks fantastic.
    [ link ] - Heeheehee, it's funny because it's true. Also, their expressions totally win.
    [ link ] - Cactus Juice!Sokka never fails to be funny. NEVER. But it's also the little Aang in the corner that cracks me the hell up.
    [ link ] - ........ahahahahahaha, awesome. ♥
    [ link ] - Once again, it's the little characters in the corner that make me nearly snort my soda up my nose.
    [ link ] - Ahahaha, I don't know what's better. The kiss or the animation sequence afterwards. XD XD XD
    [ link ] - Heeheehee. This will never not be amusing. It's just. The look on Zuko's face. And Azula's face. Omg. XD
    [ link ] - The use of b&w with blue colorizing is really nice/effective here.
    [ link ] - Ahahahaha, I love Foamie and this fan-comic uses him brilliantly omg.
    [ link ] - The solid gray background makes this image look deceptively simple, there's actually a lot of interesting stylized detail here.
    [ link ] - The shiny, bright colors totally sold me on this. Though, the little teapot song is adorably cute, too.
    [ link ] - SPRITES SO CUTE AND PRETTY. WANT. *grabby hands*
    [ link ] - Seriously. SPRITES SO CUTE. WAAAANT.
    [ link ] - ....yeah, this'll never stop being funny.
    [ link ] - It's the supremely pissed off expression on chibi!Zuko's face that gets me here.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Avatar fanart tribute to Mako and everything about this is just... so perfect for the series in general/character of Iroh. *wibbles*
    [ link ] - I love art like this, the stylized kind that just looks... well, cool.
    [ link ] - Really awesome fanart, I love the cuteness of this and how much fun it is.
    [ link ] - I love bookmark-style art for series, especially when artists make such slick, shiny looking images like this one.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Group:
    [ link ] - Chibi Avatar characters! Adorable!
    [ link ] - Avatar Christmas cuteness! With Zuko and a great expression on his face. XD
    [ link ] - Nice group fanart, I like that the artist worked all the major characters into such a (rather) small image and they still look good.
    [ link ] - Omg! The Avatar characters as they were younger or what they'll look like when they grow up and the characters are really kinda hot. ♥
    [ link ] - *snickersnort* Sailor Moon!Avatar shouldn't be this amusing, but Sokka's reaction is perfect.
    [ link ] - Again. This should not be that funny, but Katara and Aang's expressions really just sort of make it. XD
    [ link ] - This is a really cute, bright Avatar group illustration. I'm just really impressed with the details and, eeee, characters in modern day style clothes!
    [ link ] - (Note: part two and part three) God, I don't know what's funnier, the meta-commentary ("I kinda liked that ship." LOL.) or the expressions on Zuko's face. Either way this three-page comic is full of so much win.
    [ link ] - Street punk!Avatar! And it looks awesome. The details are fabulous and I love the use of color here.
    [ link ] - A series of images that look almost liked stained glass versions of the Avatar elemental characters. Very neat!
    [ link ] - Fantastic group poster-style image, the level of detail is tremendous, and I love the flat coloring that looks really cool.
    [ link ] - Another really cool poster-style image from the artist and I'm sort of in love with the way Katara and Sokka are drawn.
    [ link ] - Awesome, awesome fanart of the faceoff from the first season.
    [ link ] - Zuko surrounded by Jin, Song, and Mai and the artist's style is SO CUTE. (My three favorite Zuko hetships, too! ♥)
    [ link ] - Aww, Aang, Katara, and Sokka Halloween cuteness.
    [ link ] - Avatar chibis in fighting poses and they're so damn adorable.
    [ link ] - I am charmed by kitty!Avatar characters, shut up.
    [ link ] - I really kinda liked this strip of little satirical images. The Ursa one especially made me laugh for some reason.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Single character:
    [ link ] - Really excellent Sokka illustration, the snow-blown effect of it is really nice and I love his clothes and eyes and just the pensive look on his face.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Katara in the middle of waterbending!
    [ link ] - Awww! Kiddie!Zuko and he's so adorable and I WANT ONE. RIGHT NOW. He needs a hug. T__T
    [ link ] - Omg, beautiful Katara fanart, with a kimono and an umbrella and water swirling around her and the colors are gorgeous and, WOW, THIS IS PRETTY.
    [ link ] - Zuko in modern clothes and spraypainting a wall? I am oddly charmed. :D
    [ link ] - Zuko vs Smokey Bear! It's actually really kinda pretty, too, but it's the concept that amuses me the most.
    [ link ] - Simple and pretty Katara sketch in blue, I really like the elegant lines of this one.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice cel-style Iroh with a dragon head of fire blasting out from his hand.
    [ link ] - Zuko done in the same style as the above and I really like the details on his uniform and the way the fire has twined around his body.
    [ link ] - Lovely illustration of Avatar Kiyoshi and the almost sketch-like coloring (...or maybe it's colored pencil-like) adds a lot of quiet atmosphere to the piece somehow.
    [ link ] - Pretty, pretty Katara on a tree branch over a lake with a beautiful moon in the background, the whole thing is just quiet and cool and pretty.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Zuko image, I like the way the fire looks around him.
    [ link ] - Really nice Toph fanart in the middle of earth bending, I especially like the poses.
    [ link ] - Katara fanart in the middle of water-bending, another one that looks like a very cool poster/pin-up image.
    [ link ] - Zuko this time and he has actual hair and you have no idea how much I want stuff with Zuko having hair.
    [ link ] - More in the same style as the above, this time of Sokka.
    [ link ] - Very cute Aang fanart studying oh-so-hard. The expression on his face is great.
    [ link ] - Sokka fishing! THE FISH IS BIGGER THAN HE IS. How is that not great?
    [ link ] - This is a beautiful Suki illustration, the colors and fighting pose are light and gorgeous.
    [ link ] - The expression is a little off, but the pose and swirl of Azula's here are really nicely done.
    [ link ] - Good lord, the cuteness of chibi little warrior!Sokka is going to kill me. I can't stand it.
    [ link ] - The many loves of Sokka INDEED. More chibi cuteness!
    [ link ] - Iroh fanart that's both heartwarming and heartbreaking because it reminds me of the "in honor of Mako" scene. Like he's remembering something happier from a long time ago. Beautiful however you interpret it.
    [ link ] - Same artist as the above, Zuko this time and it's an awesome image. The first looks amazing and my love for Zuko intensifies yet again.
    [ link ] - Nice illustration of Sokka and Appa (well, Appa's eye XD) that made me smile.
    [ link ] - Suki fanart with some really cool, bold colors, yet almost watercolor-ish.
    [ link ] - One of the best Toph fanarts I've seen, the colors and the prettiness of the lines work well here.
    [ link ] - Totally, totally hot Azula fanart. Hot enough to excuse the horrible pun, yes.
    [ link ] - Fanart of Katara's mother in warrior make-up and it's really sort of cool.
    [ link ] - Kickass Katara illustration in the middle of waterbending, I especially like the lines of her body.
    [ link ] - "Aang meets Appa" and it's adorably cute.
    [ link ] - Nice Toph fanart, I like the pose, it's very remiscent of her.
    [ link ] - Pretty fanart of a younger Zuko first cutting off his hair for the look from the first season.
    [ link ] - This could be stand to be downsized a little, but I find that I like Katara's pose here.
    [ link ] - Pretty Katara waterbending and her hair down around her shoulders, I really like the light blue colors of this one.
    [ link ] - Very pretty illustration of Katara with her hair down and the vivid blues are just... lovely.
    [ link ] - This is quite clearly the most gorgeous Ty Lee fanart ever. Just... wow.
    [ link ] - Very nice Azula fanart, I love the artist's style, especially around the eyes, there's something so... sharp about them.
    [ link ] - Great action pose Ty Lee fanart.
    [ link ] - Neat looking modern-day Aang and I really like the design for his clothes, especially the way the blue arrows were incorporated into them.
    [ link ] - Very, very cool fanart of Aang in the Avatar state, the way the artist put one element around each limb looks great.
    [ link ] - A really gorgeous Toph fanart as she's in the middle of earth bending, the coloring is fantastic for her.
    [ link ] - More really beautiful and appropriate coloring, this time for Katara and I love the way her hair looks around her shoulders even as she's worried and still bending.
    [ link ] - Beautiful coloring on this Toph New Year's image, red isn't usually a color I associate with her, but this looks fantastic.
    [ link ] - Human!Appa! The concept would be weird, except this is CUTE AS HELL.
    [ link ] - More Toph fanart, I like the muted coloring that works well for her.
    [ link ] - A nice use of various shades of red with this Zuko fanart, the fire actually looks really cool, especially for a character that so easily abuses the fire in fanart.
    [ link ] - I really love this fanart of Appa, the sketch-like quality of it works so well for the image.
    [ link ] - A lovely "sad Toph" illustration with her in traditional clothing and gorgeous shades of almost glowing green. Probably my favorite of this artist's series.
    [ link ] - Katara illustration in the same style as the above, with lovely shades of blue used in it.
    [ link ] - Aang illustration this time, more of the same really pretty glowing cel-style shading.
    [ link ] - I really like this "Dragon of the West" fanart for Iroh because of the fantastic use of his fire dragons flying around him.
    [ link ] - I love how pretty Toph looks in her dress here, even as she's kicking ass.
    [ link ] - I like this artist's style, Toph looks kinda cool/pretty in it.
    [ link ] - Awwww! Super cute Aang-sleeping-on-Appa fanart!
    [ link ] - Really interesting almost RL-style take on Toph.
    [ link ] - I love the tons of detail on this one and the really strong style and the gorgeous use of colors, such beautiful shades of blue for a Katara waterbending image.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Aang/Katara:
    [ link ] - There's something about this one of Katara and Aang that I really like, I think it's the coloring, the way the soft blues and reds contrast each other really well.
    [ link ] - Awwww! Katara and Aang in the rain under an umbrella and there's just such a sense of... sweetness, I guess, here. Plus, the artist really draws it well, I thought.
    [ link ] - More Aang/Katara cuteness where Katara looks lovely with her hair down and Aang notices and awwww. ♥
    [ link ] - Aaang/Katara smoochies make me happy, yes. :D
    [ link ] - So cute! More Aang/Katara, this time with Katara not exactly liking the other girl's words to Aang. XD
    [ link ] - One more Aang/Katara smoochies to make me happy.
    [ link ] - Ooh, older!Aang and Katara. Naked. And happy morning after!
    [ link ] - Aang holding an umbrella while he and Katara walk in the rain and it's just so adorable and perfect for this pairing.
    [ link ] - Very clean and simple Aang/Katara, but still really pretty.
    [ link ] - Totally adorable, happy, cute Aang/Katara oekaki art!
    [ link ] - Mmm, very nice. An older Aang and Katara kissing.
    [ link ] - Adorablely cute Aang and Katara practicing waterbending together and I love how bright and happy this piece is.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko/Mai:
    [ link ] - YES. FINALLY. I have been LOOKING for Zuko/Mai stuff and NOW THERE IS FANART OF THEM KISSING. *violently heartmarks*
    [ link ] - Zuko/Mai! And he's kissing her hand! And I'm meeeeellllltinggggg, shut up!
    [ link ] - This Zuko/Mai makes me happy like you wouldn't believe. I sort of entirely love that you can only see their bodies, not their faces, yet so much comes across about them anyway.
    [ link ] - Pretty Mai and a Zuko/Mai baby? How was I not going to love this one? XD
    [ link ] - After the Agni Kai, Mai and a wounded Zuko and I love how much the artist gets across with just their body language and expressions.
    [ link ] - Zuko/Mai Fire Nation-style wedding picture and it looks so fantastic. The clothes are lovely and their hair looks amazing and they're kissing and, okay, I may love this a little ridiculously.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Other pairings & duos:
    [ link ] - Awww, Sokka and Katara totally zonked out on each other. ADORABLE.
    [ link ] - Zuko/Sokka b&w art that's really nicely drawn. Also, kissing and tied-up!Sokka. *thumbs up*
    [ link ] - Iroh and LuTen as a kid and it's gorgeous and heartbreaking and bittersweet and perfect.
    [ link ] - Pretty fanart of Suki and Yue meeting, there's a really lovely misty quality to it, and an interesting story to go with it in the notes.
    [ link ] - Amusing and pretty post-season two (which means spoilers if you haven't seen) comic with Zuko and Azula.
    [ link ] - .......OH MY GOD SO CUTE. Iroh and baby!Zuko first meeting and adflkjasdlfjasdlj SO CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - Very pretty Zuko fanart... with an Aang doll hanging from his back. XDDD
    [ link ] - Very detailed image of Aang in a stone yard with avatar Roku behind him and it's a great action/poster-style image.
    [ link ] - AWWWW. Little bitty Aang and little bitty Appa in his arms, SO VERY CUTE.
    [ link ] - I love this one of Aang riding on Appa just for how soft Appa's fur looks. *__*

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Group:
    Fire Nation family reunion, which is super fun and adorable.
    Avatar AU oekaki batch, some of these are so cool.
    Nicely done Day of Black Sun group image.
    There are some soft, pretty cg colors with this poster-style image.
    Avatar moms, I love this one!
    Even Azula's own mother thought she was a monter, very nicely done image.
    Stylized Aang, Suki, and Katara, I like this a lot.
    Some pretty art sketches.
    Fire Nation Royals and Ursa is really beautiful in the middle of this one.
    Omg, beautiful image of four couples of Avatar, each with a kiss to a different (sweet or hot) place. My favorite is totally the Zuko/Mai one, wow.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Aang/Katara:
    Gorgeous Aang/Katara kiss, wow.
    Another really beautiful Aang/Katara kiss.
    Pretty sketch of an Aang/Katara trust fall.
    Another gorgeous Aang/Katara kiss with beautiful clothes.
    Aang/Katara nighttime almost-kiss.
    Aang and Katara against a waterfall, I am a total sucker for pretty swirls of water.
    Older Aang and Katara, I really love the clothing designs on this one.
    Season three chibis stylized Aang and Katara dancing, so very cute again.
    Wonderful Aang and Katara dancing, I really love the way Katara's dress looks and the beautiful colors of this.
    Aang and Katara flying through the sky, such a happy, joyful image.
    Aang and Katara lounging together on the couch.
    Aang and Katara lounging together on the beach.
    Aang carrying Katara, very cute.
    Really pretty older Aang and Katara kiss.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko/Mai:
    Zuko/Mai hug.
    Zuko/Mai kiss, very nice.
    Cute Zuko and Mai hug.
    Zuko/Mai kiss that's pretty.
    Sometimes Mai is sexy on purpose. Zuko is not happy. >:/
    Post-series Zuko/Mai kiss with gorgeous red colors. And makeouts.
    Zuko and Mai in bed together with lovely clothes half off them.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Other pairings & duos:
    Really gorgeous Ty Lee and Azula.
    Okay, I know it's dumb, shut up, but I still have a fondness for the idea of Sokka and Ty Lee, especially when an artist hits me with cute chibis like this.
    ....whoa. Mai and June, the artist is right, that is smoking hot, wow.
    Beautifully colored Sokka and Toph with both of them dressed up. Just really pretty.
    Awesome Piandao vs Sifu Kisu fight scene.
    There are some beautiful colors on this Sokka/Yue image.
    Zuko vs Azula hotness.
    Beautiful Sokka/Suki kiss.
    Sokka and Suki poster-style image.
    Chibi Sokka and Toph, the blue of Sokka's eyes is amazing.
    Sokka and Suki and kid, which is really pretty and adorable.
    WAH. APOLOGY HUG with Zuko and Iroh! T_____T

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Single characters:
    Super cute Katara image,
    Fire Lord Zuko just a little stylized and I like this one a lot.
    Zuko in earthy tones, very pretty.
    Badass Toph portrait.
    AWESOME Dragon of the West Iroh image.
    Version of Sokka as an adult.
    Badass Toph, the Greatest Earthbender.
    Mai design from a few years in the future, I really liked this.
    Katara waterbending a dragon.
    Mai's Tragic Sunset is gorgeously done.
    Phoenix Queen Mai is gorgeous, wow.
    Aang meditating is very pretty.
    Beautiful stylized Katara, so very, very cute.
    Pretty Katara waterbending image.
    Awesome as hell Iroh - Dragon of the West image as he's about to bust out of jail/has just broken out.
    Azula breaks free image that's pretty damn epic, too.
    An incredible Toph commission from when she's a ltitle older, the outfit is awesome and the anime-like style is amazing.
    A slightly older Katara, but she only gets more awesome, wow.
    Another stunning older Toph commission, the painting like quality of this, the details of her formal dress and the mountains behind her and the stream at her feet, all of it's gorgeous.
    Beautiful close-up of Zuko with some of the best intense eyes on him that I've seen.
    Fire Lord Zuko, he's a little older, but I love the way this one looks.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra - Unsorted:
    Beautiful image of Korra in the Avatar state with soft colors and strokes.
    Absolutely heartwrenchingly wonderful Gaang picnic from the old days.
    Iroh the nephew serving Iroh the uncle tea and oh, this is perfection and so touching.
    Very nicely done Iroh the General portrait, where he looks super severe.
    Adorable, adorable Korra and Mako's scarf, done in really bright, vivid colors.
    Korra wielding all the elements.
    I'm pleased to see Lems joining the Avatar fandom, especially when I get the firebenders (well, and Asami wielding electricity) out of it.
    Korra with Mako's scarf again.
    Oh. Oh. SO MANY FEELS all up in Zuko and Mai's family with their baby daughter, ugh, gorgeous.
    A young Tenzin and Lin being happy and sweet.
    Korra in a lovely, swirly sort of style.
    Korra with fire and water in her hands.
    Katara of the Southern Water Tribe, which is super badass.
    A young Lin Bei Fon is perfect and gorgeous, wow.
    The Gaang when they're older, which is gorgeously done and they are all super hot.
    Lin dancing with metal cables is a really amazing looking sketch.
    Oh, no. If Bumi doesn't hit on Pema in order to troll Tenzin, I AM GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED.
    Bumi I meets Bumi II and ahhhhh yes so good.
    Well. Now I'm crying at Bumi and Tenzin, uh, playing.
    Ahhhhh, modern Gaang images (with bonus Aang/Katara and Zuko/Mai) are so, so amazing.
    Okay, Bumi and Zuko/Mai's daughter is a thing that had BETTER GODDAMNED HAPPEN. I AM SERIOUS. Also a thing I would like to see? General Iroh and Asami, ugh, they would be SO HOT.
    Oh, man, Zuko's daughter is going to be so hot.
    Really pretty Korra waterbending image.
    And then there's Katara waterbending that's possibly even more gorgeous.
    Okay, no, wait, more Korra waterbending, because it never gets any less pretty.
    Oh, my heart. Korra and young Aang hanging out together.
    General Iroh and Asami are a Disney prince/princess. Yes. I accept this.
    Another of Lin and Tenzin, where they're fighting side by side, is really excellent.
    I really do adore these characters, the cast of TLoK.
    Gorgeously, gorgeously colored Korra bending fire and water image.
    Mako/Korra as they're curled up in bed together.
    Oh, my heart. Korra and her gang going penguin sledding!!
    Ahahahaha, omg, if they had cactus juice on Ember Island, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING.
    Korra in the Avatar state is gorgeous.
    Another Mako/Korra kiss that's nicely done.
    Bumi and Lin better interact, because I bet that'd be amazing.

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