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Bleach - Unsorted:
        [Note: As always, there may be spoilers for recent chapters with anime-only watchers? I tend not to mark.]
    [ link ] - Prettypretty Ishida. (And Kon.)
    [ link ] - Absolutely gorgeous Ishida illustration.
    [ link ] - OMG, this is lovely, I'm so fond of the colors used and the sense of intimacy and the rain and, holy shit, Yoruichi is gorgeous with all that pretty hair done up like that. Love, love this.
    [ link ] - So, naturally, I had to follow the artist over to her dA account, where I stumbled over this absolutely adorable illustration of Yachiru sleeping on Zaraki's shoulder. It's both mind-meltingly sweet and looks absolutely fabulous.
    [ link ] - Wow, very nice looking Yoruichi here. Admittedly, the proportions and lines are a touch awkward in places, but I adore the way her face looks and the beautiful way her hair was colored/shaded.
    [ link ] - Really pretty b&w Yoruichi and Soi Fong, very reminiscent of the manga. The lines are solid and the details very nice, and I just love the feel of it.
    [ link ] - Hollow!Ichigo that has some seriously kick-ass coloring and, omg, the lines. The whole thing is very professional-looking.
    [ link ] - An awesome oekaki of Soi Fong. Seriously, holy crap, that's beautiful.
    [ link ] - *squeaks* Yachiru, Zaraki, and a flower should not be this cute or this pretty. AND YET. LOVED THIS SO MUCH.
    [ link ] - Whoa. Seriously. Holy eff to the lines and colors and details of this thing. *__*
    [ link ] - Holy shit, that is some seriously kick ass cel-style coloring of a Byakuya image there. The eyes are just awesome.
    [ link ] - I really like this one! Aside from the humorous aspect of Ichigo chasing after Kon for having doodled on his underwear, the characters look lovely, I especially like Rukia's expression in the background and Orihime's hair is so pretty! ♥
    [ link ] - ....whoa. Really nice Gin/Izuru, the lines and colors just blend together perfectly, all those pretty highlights and the surety of the lines, it really is reminiscent of the manga at its best, I think.
    [ link ] - This image really looks best close-up, I think, because you can better see the detail that went into the image, the sweeps of highlights/shading along Urahara's coat, the way the proportions are really solid, the beautiful gold coloring of his eyes and hair. I wound up liking this one rather a lot.
    [ link ] - astounds me how pretty this is, how lovely the clothes and hair look on them both. Especially for what's essentially crack fanart. ....not that I'm complaining.
    [ link ] - I always have a soft spot for colors like this, that look almost softened. You wouldn't think they'd work with Renji but I really like this.
    [ link ] - I love the soft, blue colors for Hitsugaya here! And I love the way his eyes look. :D
    [ link ] - I really like the warm, orangey-colors of this one, the way the ghost girl is so cute and Ichigo's expression is actually nice. Awww.
    [ link ] - I just sort of like the style for Byakuya with this one, the way the colors feel very stylish and reminiscent of Bleach.
    [ link ] - Wow, this is a gorgeous Ichigo illustration with flames in the background, the colors used and the strength of the lines are just tremendous. For a moment, I had to stop and pause to wonder if it was a colored scan from the manga itself, honestly, which says how much I really liked this one.
    [ link ] - *snorks* Rukia and Kon and some really nice lines and colors and it's actually FUNNY. The *ting!* of light on her "bait" is just... heehee.
    [ link ] - I admit, I was utterly won over by the Ulquiola fanart in the middle there, because the lines of his face and hair are just so lovely, but both the pairing fanarts made me wibble, too.
    [ link ] - Rukia, all Naruto-ANBU-ified, which shouldn't be this cool, but somehow the whole thing works and makes me think, "Omg, Rukia would be an awesome ninja!"
    [ link ] - Very pretty Ban-Kai!Renji with his hair down and the big ruffle of fur around his neck and the soft, not quite pastel colors that work so beautifully for this image.
    [ link ] - Aww! The Kurosaki kids and I love the CG style that looks just gorgeous. Omg, Yuzu-chan SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - Wow, very hot Ishida, I love his eyes. *__*
    [ link ] - Damn, Yoruichi continues to be the hottest ninja ever. Her hair is gorgeous, I love her arms and legs and, hell, even her expression is gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Pretty Orihime in the rain, I love the colors of this one, her eyes are so pretty.
    [ link ] - Ulquiola is beautiful here and I love (hot!) Aizen in the background and the whole thing is just so, so lovely to look at. *__*
    [ link ] - Awww! Chibi Zaraki and Yachiru! SO CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - Rukia! Snowboarding! Man, I love her. XD
    [ link ] - And then Renji snowboaring! With those glasses/visor as goggles! I also love the hell out of him, too. XD
    [ link ] - ....omg, chibi!Rukia in a BUNNY SUIT. And she is cute as all hell.
    [ link ] - Kiddy Renji! All grumpy and looking at a butterfly floating past. LOVE.
    [ link ] - Older!Yachiru, which should be weird with all the strawberries in it... but somehow it really works. I totally love the use of pink, too. XD
    [ link ] - At first I thought this may have been a manga coloring job. Then I thought it might have been a drawing of Byakuya and Ichigo's fight. (I think it's the latter?) Either way, holy shit, this is beautiful. *__*
    [ link ] - In a way, the characters look a little off (...that's not quite it, it's more that it's the artist's personal style), but the tone of the black and white strip of different characters is a great one to use with Bleach, I thought.
    [ link ] - Very clean fanart of Ichigo, but I like the soft coloring for it quite a lot.
    [ link ] - This is an utterly gorgeous Hitsugaya illustration, the colors are amazing, the lines are amazing, it's just so clean and pressional and detailed and just wow. *__*
    [ link ] - Oh, my god! LOOK AT THE CUTENESS OF KIDDIE RENJI AND RUKIA. I love them. Love them both so much. ♥
    [ link ] - This is a really pretty/interesting Kira, I really like the solid lines of it, the way everything looks so sharp and clean.
    [ link ] - Aizen/Gin/Kira shouldn't be this hot/pretty. And yet it is. *_*
    [ link ] - Very hot Aizen fanart, I love the coloring of his hair and the pose/expression.
    [ link ] - I just kind of like this. There's something about the softness of it, the quality that's almost like vaseline over the camera lens that really works here, makes it seem different and just cool.
    [ link ] - Black and white Byakuya with surprisingly thin, delicate lines and is just beautiful to look at. It hits me especially hard because I have such a thing for Byakuya, I'm sure. *__*
    [ link ] - Beautifully drawn Aizen/Gin, the softness of it is just amazing. *__*
    [ link ] - Wow, beautiful Byakuya/Hisana and I love the way the thick lines of it contrast against the white and it almost seems to glow and... so, so pretty.
    [ link ] - ISHIDA AND NEMU FANART. PRETTY ISHIDA/NEMU FANART. MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. It really is a very lovely, beautiful set of fanart illustrations. ♥
    [ link ] - Byakuya and Kaien! In Academy clothes and then Shinigami robes! I adore the style of the artist and this friendship, because you know it was a beautiful thing.
    [ link ] - This should not be as awesome as it is, but it's just... Grimmjow as Grinch!Santa and little chibi reindeer Ulquiora and, goddamn, do I love this. XD
    [ link ] - Very pretty Kira illustration, I love the use of colors and the heavier lines around the eyes that draw my gaze and make him look so lovely.
    [ link ] - Yumichiki licking Ikkaku's head and, okay, maybe I'm caving just a little bit on the pairing. (It's not that I don't like them, it's just fandom is... *waves hand vaguely*) Just a fun, cool image here.
    [ link ] - Cute, cute, cute little chibi versions of Yumichika and Ikkaku, the expressions on their faces are great.
    [ link ] - It's the colors and highlights of this one that just completely do me in. Renji and Rukia just have such pretty coloring here. *__*
    [ link ] - Very nice sketch of Byakuya asleep under the tree, and later with Renji nearby, it's very pretty and I like that the artist does a good job of capturing the Bleach style.
    [ link ] - Really pretty Rukia fanart that uses the dark colors of her hair and robe balanced against the bright purple of her eyes and the soft background really well.
    [ link ] - Holy hell, this fanart of Aizen/Ulquiorra is gorgeous, the colors are used beautifully, the way their eyes draw in your focus and the beautiful lines and I am totally attempting not to drool on myself. So. Hot.
    [ link ] - Ishida and Ichigo and it's that kind of art that's got just a hint of something like chibi-esque, but they still look full-sized and then it combines with the really kick-ass detail on their clothes and the pretty coloring and makes something that's really good. XD;;
    [ link ] - Really nicely done Byakuya fanart, both detailed and pretty colors and I just... there's something about the manga-esque style of it that really appeals to me. His hair and eyes are gorgeous. *_*
    [ link ] - More of k_shi's gorgeous Aizen/Gin fanart for 30_kisses and I'm absolutely enthralled with the way she draws them, there's such a distinctive style to the texture and the soft colors against the black water (?) is so pretty.
    [ link ] - More of Byakuya and Kaien being friends. This time drunk. Or at least one of them is. XD
    [ link ] - Hee. Izuru, Shuuhei, and Renji in a great pose. (I love the choice of characters for this one, too.)
    [ link ] - Gorgeous RenjixRukia fanart and the intimacy of the almost-kiss is so very hot here. It's also the coloring and the softener filter on it and the whisps of hair floating around their faces and Renji's hand and Rukia's eyelashes, omg. Beautiful.
    [ link ] - Really beautiful illustration of Byakuya and Rukia in the background with Ichigo in the dark coat flaring around him in the foreground.
    [ link ] - Yachiru playing with Zaraki's hair! IT NEVER GETS OLD. ♥
    [ link ] - Pretty Rukia fanart with some really cool uses of dark tones at night and a bright moon above and those black butterflies that I really like.
    [ link ] - Renji's Bankai and there's something about the use of colors here that I really like.
    [ link ] - More Renji fanart and this one might be a little not-safe-for-work, but it's not really explicit either. It's just Renji lying back, his hair spilling everywhere, the tattoos on his body looking quite hot. I usually associate red with the character (obviously), but the blues and blacks work really well with this image.
    [ link ] - Colored version of the previous one, so now there is a lot more red in the image and it still looks cool. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite version, actually.
    [ link ] - Very hot Renji fanart, the colors are vivid and I love him having a fistful of his own hair like this.

Bleach - Gen/other:
    [ link ] - Nicely done Ukitake fanart, I love the clean colors of this.
    [ link ] - Really, really pretty/hot Orihime in her underswear. The sunlit morning feeling of this is just... happy, soft, and sweet.
    [ link ] - Really, really cool group illustration for Bleach with Shinji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Ichigo--an odd group, but the art is so cool I barely even thought twice about that.
    [ link ] - More pretty Ukitake colored pencil (I think?) fanart that I liked.
    [ link ] - Hot, hot, hot Yoruichi. Who should always wear a crop top like that. Always.
    [ link ] - Kickass group Bleach illustration and I love the soft colors and the way the characters circle around in a spiral like they're drawn, it somehow feels so very... Bleach.
    [ link ] - Cute Academy days Rukia, Renji, Momo, and Kira. It's bright and adorable. :D
    [ link ] - Kickass Hitsugaya fanart, he looks a little bit older and it's just... the cel-style coloring and the details and it's just... really pretty.
    [ link ] - Sad!Rukia fanart and the heavy moon and the pretty moonlight and Rukia's crying and the hell butterfly... all so pretty.
    [ link ] - Whoa. Gorgeous Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.
    [ link ] - Pretty Rukia mid-bankai and the use of whites, blues, and blacks is really, really nice.
    [ link ] - Omg, chibi Bankai Renji and his expression is adorable and I really want to snuggle with him for awhile, okay?
    [ link ] - Wow, a really awesome Hirako fanart, the white suit looks... well, strangely good on him.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Byakuya/Rukia fanart, the reflection-like concept works very well here.
    [ link ] - This Grimmjow fanart has no right being this hot. The use of color is fantastic, though.
    [ link ] - Chibi Bleach mafia that is the cutest thing just about ever omg.
    [ link ] - Chibi Bleach Host Club and I LAUGH at the casting. XD
    [ link ] - Cel-style Ishida that is still one of the hottest things ever.
    [ link ] - Coloring of that image of glasses-less!Aizen so it looks like a cel image and omg HOT.
    [ link ] - Ishida and Chad post-level-up, again with the cel-style art and looking gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Very nice Urahara/Yoruichi, I really like the hug from behind pose, it shows off just how hot Yoruichi is.
    [ link ] - Interesting fanart of Yoruichi, Urahara, and Shuuhei.
    [ link ] - Whoa, this is a gorgeous fanart of Ulquiorra and Grimmjow on a dark, moonlit night. Creepy and beautiful at the same time.
    [ link ] - Pretty black&white Byakuya and Hisana and I love the shading/shadowing and the wind-blown look.
    [ link ] - Cute Orihime fanart, I like the gentle feeling of this one.
    [ link ] - 12th Division fanart that's really sort of cool and oddly creepy at the same time.
    [ link ] - The detail on this Ishida piece is really kind of stunning, not to mention how hot he looks. *__*
    [ link ] - A rather cool Grimmjow illustration, the rough style goes well with it.
    [ link ] - An Ulquiorra image that is sort of creepy and sort of really beautiful. Just like he should be.
    [ link ] - Another Ulquiorra image that uses really fantastic colors and makes him creepy beautiful.

Bleach - Ichigo x Orihime:
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Ichigo and Orihime fanart, I really like the quiet sweetness of this one.
    [ link ] - This is a really cute, sweet fanart of Ichigo and Orihime laying together outside and I'm just sort of entranced by the details, the bits of clothing and accessories and just... the quiet happiness as she lays back on him and his hand isn't quite tangled in her hair.
    [ link ] - Very nicely detailed Ichigo/Orihime fanart and there's something about the clothes or their positions or the concept of it that I just really like. Also, well. OTP and all. Shush.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, gorgeous coloring of That Page from the recent Bleach chapter, it almost looks like cel-style coloring but... prettier. Also, SPOILERS.
    [ link ] - There is something about this that I love, maybe it's the composition/concept or that I really love the Hueco Mundo arc or because they're holding hands. Whatever, I like this. *_*
    [ link ] - Awww, omg, this is adorable! The hand around her waist and the sleigh ride and Ichigo's cranky expression and I am flailing over here.
    [ link ] - This one looks really good with the full view, the lineart of Orihime's face is especially lovely and, of course, I'm deeply in love with the poses here. Just. *happy sigh*
    [ link ] - I really love the style of this one, especially with the orange colors that are so vivid here.
    [ link ] - *flails* OMG SO CUUUUUTE. I love how happy this image is, how bright it is with the coloring of their hair, but also the way it's just sweet and light-hearted and happy. ♥
    [ link ] - ....I am a sucker for cute ribbon-tying and soft, warm colors that fit the characters.
    [ link ] - Totally cute, brightly colored (which works for these two) Valentine's Day fanart. Much fluffy feeling ensued on my part.
    [ link ] - This is a really gorgeous piece of the two of them back to back and I'm completely in love with their expressions, their hair, their hands, their poses, just... everything. So pretty. *_*
    [ link ] - Ichigo is so smooth, I love it. XD
    [ link ] - Really cute Ichigo/Orihime title-page-esque art, where I love the sparklies and how freaking cute Orihime is.

Bleach - Renji x Rukia:
    [ link ] - Bleach geeks! Renji and Rukia totally GEEKED OUT, only it's so incredibly Bleach splash page-like in the design that it's just awesome.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Renji and Rukia, there's something about the almost chibi-esque style to them that just charms me as well as OMG COLORS PRETTY COLORS!
    [ link ] - RENJI AND RUKIA BUNNY COSTUMES OMG SQUEE SO CUTE EEEE! ....I am reduced to incohere squee.
    [ link ] - Renji/Rukia and asdlkfalskfalskdf part of me loves that scene because it's so heartbreaking and effective, but the rest of me is crying at how stupid they both are. This captures that really well.
    [ link ] - Cute, adorable Renji and Rukia when they were younger. :D
    [ link ] - That scene where Renji takes off with Rukia away from Aizen is still one of my favorites, so I loved this fanart from then.

Bleach - Hitsugaya x Matsumoto:
    [ link ] - Omg! Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, not quite chibi, gorgeous cel-style coloring and SO FREAKING CUTE. HITSUGAYA HAS A BOW IN HIS HAIR. How can you not love that?
    [ link ] - bubblebath!Matsumoto and shrimpy Hitsugaya looking cranky!embarrassed as all hell as he about slides down into the water? OTP so hard. ♥
    [ link ] - Ooh, I really like this one of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto! Aside from that they look great (I love the clothes and hair), I really like the use of color here, their eyes are lovely.

Bleach - Ichigo x Orihime:
    Pretty Ichigo/Orihime almost kiss.
    Ichigo and Orihime hugging doodle.
    Pretty Orihime image, plus Ichigo chibi plush.
    Pretty watercolor-like style Ichigo and Orihime bookmarks.
    Ichigo and Orihime wedding that's really lovely. *__* I love her dress and her hair and the kissss.
    Ichigo and Orihime hug in the rain.
    Really lovely Orihime and Hollow Ichigo, which looks fantastic in full view.
    ....okay, I may be a big ol' girl, but this Ichigo/Orihime comic where they're kissing in the grassy hill overlooking a carnival? I don't care about (potential? idk) tracing, it's pretty anyway.
    Oh, this image of Ichigo and Orihime close-up after the fight with Ulquiorra is beautiful, I love the softness of it.
    The intensity of Hollow Ichigo's eyes and grin with Orihime in the background is lovely.
    Ichigo and Orihime CHIBI HUG OF SUPER ADORABLE! XD

Bleach - Single character:
    Grown up version of Yachiru.
    Orihime fanart that's adorable as she's wearing a white dress and hat and smiling broadly.
    Renji's Regret has some really intense reds.
    Gorgeous Shirosaki image, I really like the cg style.
    Ichigo is a bit off, but Orihime looks lovely here and I love her hair so much.
    Adorable image of Orihime in a winter coat that's really cute.
    I love the soft colors of this and Orihime's pretty hair.
    Another pretty Orihime image, I love the soft sunset colors.
    Really fantastic Renji with his Bankai, very nice.

Bleach - Group:
    Chibi espada tea party, lolz.

Bleach - Other pairings & duos:
    Awww, Orihime and Rukia chibis that're cute.     Pretty Byakuya and Hisana in pretty traditional clothes.
    Orihime and Rukia chibis that are SUPER CUTE.

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