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Foster's Home for Imanginary Friends:
    [ link ] - Foster's Halloween! Mac as Superman! BLOO WITH KRYPTONITE CANDY. That's great.

Invader ZIM:
    [ link ] - This is quite possibly the prettiest Invader ZIM fanart I've ever seen. Tak looks fantastic.
    [ link ] - Neat image of slightly older looking Zim and Dib, I like the artist putting their own style on it.
    [ link ] - There's just something about this sketch of Zim rolling a Katamari ball that made me laugh.
    [ link ] - A really great ZIM wallpaper, I love that he looks almost scary. Almost.

Jem and the Holograms:
    [ link ] - Nice, solid Jem fanart with a lot of bright colors.
    [ link ] - This is a gorgeous Stormer fanart, the level of detail and use of color is fantastic.
    [ link ] - Cool little Jem and Pizzazz fanart.
    [ link ] - RL-esque fanart of Danse and I'm totally over the moon for the way her hair is drawn.
    [ link ] - More from the same artist as above, this time with Aja and I looooove the way this one came out.
    [ link ] - Another one of Raya and the colors of this are fantastic.

Powerpuff Girls:
    [ link ] - Awesome Powerpuff Girls as teenagers and I love the vivid colors and the costume designs. Strangely, I don't even mind them being very obviously, uh, older because it looks so kickass.
    [ link ] - I have an insane love of stylized stuff like this, I love the girls and I love the designs for each one of them. ♥
    [ link ] - I should hate something titled "PPG - Wedding Day", shouldn't I? But the different dresses for the girls, the way they still work in themes, but keep them individual and the great use of colors... yeah, I squeed.

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