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Final Fantasy XII - Gen:
    [ link ] - Very nice group image poster-style illustration of Fran, Balthier, and Vaan.
    [ link ] - I want these sprites like you would not believe, they're so adorable!
    [ link ] - I am firmly believing this is gen, shush. Really beautiful Basch and Noah fanart. ♥
    [ link ] - This is quite possibly the greatest FFXII fanart I saw all that week. Seriously. I just. LOL'd.

Final Fantasy VII - Balthier x Fran:
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi almost-kiss! Fran's WTF face is adorable.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous image of Fran's hand on his shoulder, the light colors and swoopy lines are fabulous.
    [ link ] - Very cute Balthier/Fran oekaki, I especially like Fran's hair a lot.
    [ link ] - Okay, not actually Balthier/Fran, it's more a Balthier piece while he's holding a Fran plushie, but it's pretty and technically both of them, so here it goes. XD

Final Fantasy VII - Fran:
    [ link ] - Why is Fran so hot? Why is her costume so ridiculous yet I cannot hate it even a little bit? *_*
    [ link ] - See, I feel like I should hate this pin-up style image of Fran in sexy underthings, but... hot! She's so hot, how can I not love it?
    [ link ] - Detailed and super-hot Fran in mid-leap and with a bow. Lovely.
    [ link ] - Another illustration where I like the CG effect and the nice amount of detail the artist included.
    [ link ] - Semi-chibi Fran (not much, just a little) is surprisingly cute and still surpisingly sexy. Nice!
    [ link ] - There's something about the almost delicate quality of the lines that's gorgeous on this piece.
    [ link ] - Nice close-up of Fran, I like the warm colors used here.
    [ link ] - Oh, man, the level of detail and background put into this is fantastic, Fran looks amazing and her hair looks amazing and her bow looks amazing and the ruins in the background look amazing and... as;dlfkjs, yes.

Final Fantasy XII - Penelo:
    [ link ] - Very nice Penelo fanart, I love the wings of the Chocobo and the quiet, peaceful feeling of the image.
    [ link ] - Adorable bright, sunny Penelo fanart that has a tone that's just right for her.

Final Fantasy XII - Other:

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