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Final Fantasy VII - Unsorted:
    [ link ] - A really nicely drawn and colored Vincent, the way the blacks and reds contrast each other, it's almost like the red is glowing, which really works for this character.
    [ link ] - A FFVII:AC Cloud illustration that has some really awesome lines and details.
    [ link ] - Another really nice Cloud AC illustration that has some neat coloring/shading.
    [ link ] - Oooh. Beautiful fanart of Cloud, Sephiroth, and the clones. *__*
    [ link ] - More prettypretty Cloud and I just... really like the lines and vivid, almost CG-style coloring of this one.
    [ link ] - Lovely black and white Sephiroth that appeals to me for the level of detail put into it, the way it feels like a manga/doujinshi splash page.
    [ link ] - It's the delicate lines of this one that appeal to me, the way it accentuates the glowing colors. Sephiroth's eyes are just so pretty. And, of course, yay for Sephiroth/Cloud.
    [ link ] - I think I just like shading to the characters' hair... well, that and naked!Sephirtoh x Cloud. <3
    [ link ] - Cute CG-style Sephiroth and baby!Cloud in his lap! AWWW. <3
    [ link ] - *squees* RENO! Reno with beautiful hair and this lovely softened touch to the image and gorgeous eyes and the sexy body language and clothes and--*squees more*
    [ link ] - I just really like the details of Cloud's sword here and the pretty, dark colors used. <3
    [ link ] - Nice Cloud done in that realistic CG style and the lines are actually pretty well-done and the feel of it is quite like a poster for the movie.
    [ link ] - *squeaks happily* Cid and Vincent and cute chibis and ADORABLENESS THAT MAKES ME SQUEE and pretty colors and it just makes me giggle. XD
    [ link ] - Really kick ass Vincent illustration, the texture of the image is somehow really depthful, almost like I could feel the rough paper quality to it and, just, the detail and the color and so much red, but dark red, the kind that suits the character and this is just an awesome illustration.
    [ link ] - Nice Sephiroth in the Lifestream. ....I think I just like stuff that glows? XD
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn Cloud (I love the way his eyes look and the perfect shape of his face), but, really, it's the chibi Reno biting on his head that's hilarious. XD
    [ link ] - Another soft, pretty Cloud fanart that uses light, airy colors that work surprisingly well for the character. His blue eyes are lovely and, hell, even the smile on his face is just pretty.
    [ link ] - Semi-chibi-esque Vincent fanart that's really well-done, I love the dark reds and the wind effect and the bat wings in the background, it's both pretty and cute at the same time.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice Cloud fanart from the game, the way it's textured/shaded looks really great and I love the blood splatters on his sword.
    [ link ] - .....Yuffie and Reno. But it's so pretty! I love the colors that almost seem to glow.
    [ link ] - HUGE Sephiroth and Cloud illustration, but, omg, so pretty and it really, really looks like it could have been doujinshi. And I mentioned Cloud's gorgeous, right?
    [ link ] - More adorable KH-based fanart, this time with chibi Cloud and Sephiroth and I adore their KH outfits and THE MATCHING WINGS, EEEEE.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Sephiroth x Cloud fanart that could also have been doujinshi, that's how nicely done the lines of it are and I love the dotted shading that's just like in doujinshi and the soft blue color is just beautiful and, of course, any time someone shoves Cloud into Sephiroth's arms, I'm happy. ♥
    [ link ] - Cute CG-style fanart of Cloud and Sephiroth facing off again.'re totally detecting a theme by now, aren't you?
    [ link ] - Whoa. Very nice fanart of Sephiroth and his clones from AC. The colors are gorgeous and, man, his eyes.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful black and white Sephiroth with a gorgeously drawn black wing and the pose, I love the drape of his clothes and the hand reaching out and the way the shades of gray all come together with this image. *__*
    [ link ] - Y'know, Vincent against a red moon backdrop should be cliche or tiring by now, but it's artists like these that totally make it still *__*-inducing.
    [ link ] - Ditto this one, where his eyes practically glow, yet... still so not tired of this kind of pretty art.
    [ link ] - Another nice (pencil art?) illustration of Sephiroth, where you're not quite sure if he's calm, smug, or planning something. But, man, he's pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn Kadaj (complete with insane look) and JENOVA-inna-box, I like the soft green shades of it.
    [ link ] - Oh. Oh, man. Sephiroth in the middle of Nibelheim's flames and the colors are gorgeous and the pose and his clothes and the lines of his hair are all gorgeous and it's FIRE and it's PRETTY, OMG.
    [ link ] - Closeup of the above link, where you can see Sephiroth's face a little better and, god, even his eyes (which are beautiful) practically glow amongst the bright fires in Nibelheim and it just looks so cool.
    [ link ] - Non-firey (and non-shirt-wearing! XD) version of the pose from above, where Sephiroth looks very nice, yes.
    [ link ] - Soft and pretty Cloud/Tifa from AC and I just like the almost-fuzzy effect of it.
    [ link ] - For some reason, this just utterly cracks me up. ♥
    [ link ] - Another cute fanart of the Sephiroth clones from AC.
    [ link ] - [ - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 - page 5 - page 6 - ] This starts out as a cute little b&w comic, then starts to get colored and it's all really gorgeous stuff... but the great thing about it is the storyline, which is CRACKING MY SHIT UP. HAHAHAHA, CLOUD SUMMONING THE ULTIMATE WEAPON AGAINST THE SEPHIROTH CLONES, HEE HEE HEE. God, the ending is just the best thing ever, too.
    [ link ] - Cloud and Tifa! Totally hitting my quiet shipping instinct for these two and it's a lovely scene from AC.
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed Vincent, it's the way his face is drawn that really wins me over.
    [ link ] - Heeheehee. Tifa and Aerith kicking the crap out of Cloud shouldn't be this amusing or this cute, but it is.
    [ link ] - It's the pose and sense of mid-motion as Sephiroth leaps forward, the way his hair streams beautifully behind him and the perspective of the sword reaching towards the foreground that make this really cool.
    [ link ] - Very nice, bright CG of AC!Cloud on his bike with that big-ass sword of his. XD
    [ link ] - Whoa, another gorgeous CG of Reno, the detail on his hair is incredible, the level of skill with this makes it look like it could have come straight from the movie.
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed KH version of Sephiroth and Cloud and, yes, my fangirl did a little happy sigh at the grabbiness of it.
    [ link ] - Heh, great expression on Reno's face here. XD
    [ link ] - I am always, always up for shirtless!Sephiroth with the one black wing. Especially when he looks so pretty like he does here.
    [ link ] - Really gorgeous AC-style!Sephiroth... actually, he looks better here than he does in the movie during Nibelheim. ;__;
    [ link ] - Broody!AC!Cloud CG that looks really, really good, very in-line with the style of the movie without being too derivative. <3
    [ link ] - Cloooooud! ;__; Poor sweetie, so overwhelmed with angst. So missing Sephiroth's wang. So much piled onto him in so short a time. He needs hugs, yes.
    [ link ] - Cool Reno fanart, I like the pose with the gun and the smirk on his face.
    [ link ] - Heeheehee! Chibi-Kadaj and Chibi-Who-Is-It-Under-The-Blanket, which is just so freaking cute. XD
    [ link ] - Pretty KH!Cloud, I really just like the brightly colored highlights in his hair somehow.
    [ link ] - Pretty blood-splattered Sephiroth and I really love the texture of the image and the way his eyes just about glow.
    [ link ] - AC!Cloud with a crumbling and blood spatters and gorgeous detail on his hair. *__*
    [ link ] - Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz chibis that are just about the cutest thing ever! XD
    [ link ] - Really, really nice Cloud and Aerith fanart, I love the streams of Lifestream around them and Cloud's pretty white wings.
    [ link ] - Cloud and Squall! It's actually really well done, the level of detail on their clothes and in the background is tremendous--just look at Squall's belts or the guards around Cloud's wrist or Squall's jacket, it looks really terrific.
    [ link ] - CLOUD NO GO. HEE HEE HEE. The CG style and coloring of this is really terrific, almost professional-level even, but it's the concept that does me in.
    [ link ] - Prettypretty AC!Cloud in the rain and somehow the soft, pastel backgrounds really work for this one. Well, and the beautiful shade of his eyes. <3
    [ link ] - Oh, god. My love for Zack is never-ending. Especially when he's trying to get Sephiroth to smile. Bodily. XDDDD
    [ link ] - Oooh, lovely poster-style fanart of the main characters from FFVII:AC, including Zack! Tifa and Sephiroth are especially just so pretty, which makes me happy.
    [ link ] - It's the soft, pretty colors that win me over with this fanart--the blue of Cloud's eyes is just so pretty and the blues and reds of the whole thing come together really well.
    [ link ] - CHIBI CLOUD. WITH A SUPER-HAPPY, WATERY-EYED LOOK OF JOY. As he exclaims with happiness about his favorite shopping product. CUTE BEYOND THE TELLING OF IT.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth in mid-Omnislash from AC and the golden Clouds and the pieces of the buster sword swirling around Sephiroth and just the whole composition of this are all gorgeous.
    [ link ] - SO. CUTE. Sephiroth-clones and chibi Cloud and beautiful lines and coloring and the kind of cuteness that makes me squee. Especially the pout on Cloud's face! XD
    [ link ] - Really cool Vincent fanart, the details are really great, the layout of the image is great and really feels like video game fanart, and the whole thing comes together just grandly.
    [ link ] - Cute Yazoo fanart, I really like the way his eyes practically shimmer from behind his hair.
    [ link ] - .....*cracks up* ZACK. Stealing Cloud's swim trunks. In chibi form. And, god, the expressions. It's all so cute and hilarious and even pretty! XD
    [ link ] - O...omg...! This is gorgeous! A FFVII:AC poster-style fanart and the light, airy colors work beautifully and the layout of the image is tremendous and Sephiroth floating above Kadaj like that... gorgeous. I can't say that enough.
    [ link ] - By the same artist above, another Sephiroth illustration that just takes my breath away with how pretty it is. His hair is beautiful.
    [ link ] - *cracks up* Ahahahaha, Reno. So amusing. (Poor Tseng, really.)
    [ link ] - Pretty orange-colored almost-lineart/sketch (?) of Reno that really works for the character.
    [ link ] - It's the enraged chibi-Sephiroth that makes this so cute. XD
    [ link ] - AC-style CG that of Cloud with these beautiful golden colors that looks just so, so pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored and shiny little chibi Cloud with his AC design. I WANT ONE. RIGHT NOW.
    [ link ] - This is a really, really pretty Yuffie fanart, the colors are just lovely and I really love the style it's done in. *__*
    [ link ] - Most people have probably seen this by now... but the Cloud song! It's so cute! XD
    [ link ] - This... this made me laugh. And want to demand someone fic it. XD
    [ link ] - The colors of this AC!Cloud admist swirls of the Lifestream are the kind that practically glow, which really works well with the movie's style.
    [ link ] - ...heeheehee. Wallmarket!Cloud never stops being funny. Especially when it's beautifully colored and I adore the lines of it.
    [ link ] - Oh, you have no idea how much I wibbled over this illustration. Practically fell onto the floor in a puddle, I did. Sephiroth teaching Cloud how to use a sword and, god, the lines are so pretty and Cloud is so cute and Sephiroth is so hot and just... eeeeeee. ♥
    [ link ] - KH!Sephiroth and you can see his lovely green eyes and the lines and details of this one are really nice!
    [ link ] - Soft, pretty Cloud and Aerith surrounded by sakura.
    [ link ] - Zack! Aerith! Covered in splotches of food while in cooking gear! I am flailing from the cute!
    [ link ] - Zack and Aerith on a windy, grassy hill and I think I could OTP these two somehow. *__*

Final Fantasy VII - Gen:
    [ link ] - Very cool fight between Kadaj and Cloud, the details are very well done and I love the dull colors that manage to practically glow.
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi Cloud! Plus, pretty colors and lines.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Cloud and the wolf. The wolf looks great, it's fur almost looking soft to the touch. The background is particularly reminscent of the movie as well.
    [ link ] - Little chibi Cloud with that determined look on his face is so cute that I can barely stand it.
    [ link ] - This is one seriously hot Reno with his shirt unbuttoned. :9
    [ link ] - Sprites! So completely adorable and perfect omg.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud fanart. It's three of my favorites and one of my favorite, pretty styles.
    [ link ] - Bwah~ Sephiroth vs Cloud at playing video games, with chibi Kadaj lurking in the background, wanting to play, too. So cute!

Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth x Cloud:
    [ link ] - Sephiroth playing with a little Cloud puppet doll and, even aside from the reference, I really kinda like this one, it's somehow... cute, while being dark. Sort of?
    [ link ] - Oh, good lord, AC chibis with pretty glowing CG eyes and I just want to cuddle them! SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - Awwww. Chibi KH!Sephiroth handking chibi KH!Cloud a rose for Valentine's Day. I realize I shouldn't be so dippy about it, but. Well. Yes.
    [ link ] - More pretty KH-style CG that makes me fall for the characters all over again--I really do love the outfits and the lovely coloring and the way their eyes glow in this.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god, this is gorgeous, the softness of their hair, the beautiful lines of their faces and the soft colors that are just stunning and the way it blends together and omg SO PRETTY. *__*
    [ link ] - Another nicely done Sephiroth and Cloud from FFVII:AC, I especially love the strong details on their outfits and the way Cloud's hair actually looks like hair here.
    [ link ] - This one is a little overly large, but, god, it's worth it just for the expressions on their faces and the whole concept. I laugh quite amusedly.
    [ link ] - Really interesting KH design again, I especially like the layout of this page.
    [ link ] - Very nice, strong sense of details, their clothes are brilliantly done and, of course, I'm a sucker for any time Sephiroth is pulling Cloud close. <3
    [ link ] - I liked this whole comic, it's very pretty, but it's that final panel of Sephiroth that just floors me and leaves me in a pile of wibbling goo. Also, yay for KH missing scene! ♥
    [ link ] - CHIBI CLOUD AND SEPHIROTH PLAYING CHESS, OMG, SO CUTE. Plus, the colors are really pretty, too!
    [ link ] - Chocobo!Cloud never stops being funny. Especially not when he's got a chibi Sephiroth riding on his back. *beams*
    [ link ] - I like the back to back sketch-like Sephiroth and Cloud here, but it's the little chibis at their feet that totally make this image. :D
    [ link ] - KH chibis! With surprisingly good detail, actually, and they both look so adorable and I just want to cuddle little KH!Cloud. ♥
    [ link ] - I like the pretty colors (Sephiroth's eyes are very nice) and the shounen ai content, but I think it's Tifa and Aerith's expressions in the background that made me the most amused of all.
    [ link ] - Cute, chibi-esque Sephiroth and Cloud sketch and the hand-holding and the wings and, omg, the belts that are so perfect. *__*
    [ link ] - This is one of those images that I really like because the details are good, because the artist makes really good use of sharp b&w lines and perspective and even if all you see is Sephiroth's back here, goddamn, is he cool. *fangirls*
    [ link ] - More chibi cuteness! The almost-faded coloring is very nice and the lines are great and the chibis are actually really cute! :D
    [ link ] - I think maybe I just like the coloring of this one or the really well-done uniforms they both wear or maybe the dark, starry night. I tend to be a sucker for those things.
    [ link ] - This one is just amusing--very nicely detailed KH Sephiroth and Cloud trying to use their one wing each to fly and, naturally, things do not go all that well. XD
    [ link ] - Larger, more complete version of one of the above illustrations, where there's all this gorgeous wispy hair and beautiful color and, god, Cloud's hair. *__*
    [ link ] - I actually like the lineart of this image the best, you can see the artist's strength in the lines and the details best here, the way there's all this swirling hair and feathered wings and capes and it just looks really kinda cool.
    [ link ] - So I have this weakness for b&w lineart and SxC shounen ai, right? So, yeah. This image makes me happy. XD
    [ link ] - Despite that I actually like the b&w lineart version of this image better, I still think the shading is really neat here and more than worth a look.
    [ link ] - I feel like I may have linked this one before. But seeing as I can't find it... anyway. Sephiroth pressing Cloud up against a wall, one hand next to his head and smiling down at him? Oh, yes, I think that deserves an "Eeeeeeee." XD
    [ link ] - Nicely done KH!Sephiroth and Cloud again. <3
    [ link ] - Ooh, pretty Sephiroth and Cloud and the black materia and pretty crystalized lifestream stuff. XD
    [ link ] - This? Is awesome beyond the telling of it.
    [ link ] - I just... really adore the coloring of this, the way so many colors are blended together and it never overwhelms, instead it just looks stylized. Also, a great use of wings. *__*
    [ link ] - The first version of a KH!Sephiroth/Cloud fanart Di-chan drew for me because I went looking for KHII j-fanart for her and I love her coloring style, it's those highlights and shades around their hair, the hints of blue in their wings, the long, lean lines of their bodies... so pretty. ♥
    [ link ] - I really am very fond of this artist's style, she has this way of using heavy lines in just the right places to make a really cool, distinctive, pretty style. And, eeeee, Sephiroth/Cloud this time! I really do love the way the color of their eyes stand out, too.
    [ link ] - The final version of Di-chan's fanart above, where she's smoothed everything out and you can see more easily that Sephiroth is unzipping Cloud's shirt and I really love the green glow of his eyes, the way he manages to practically loom even while being way inside Cloud's personal space, the really lovely detail on their clothes and swords, all of it.
    [ link ] - This isn't necessarily my favorite art style and I should probably be "...." over protective!Sephiroth, but... the way the wing sweeps across their bodies, the way it's just such a quietly intimate piece, it gets to me. Total OTP love.
    [ link ] - This has a softer style than I'm used to, it looks like a cross between air-brushing and semi-realism or something... but whatever it is, it's interesting.
    [ link ] - KH!SxC with bright, cel-style coloring? Mid-fight? Fantastic expressions? Yeah, I was so there. ♥
    [ link ] - Sephiroth, Cloud, Dark Depths, wings with tons of feathers, unzipped shirts, Sephiroth holding Cloud down against the ground, an almost kiss between them? This is why I'm happy to be an SxC fan. Ahvia does lovely work with them.
    [ link ] - So much detail in this b&w image! *__* It's the way Sephiroth's hair falls against Cloud or the details of his uniform or the tons of hair they both have or the hand on the back of Cloud's neck to hold him in while he smirks and Cloud looks out of it and has tears on his face. This is rarely a nice pairing, but it's still a beautiful one.
    [ link ] - Fwuuu, Sephiroth and Cloud kiddies sharing ice cream on a sunny beach and it's so cute, yes.
    [ link ] - It's the colors of this one that I really like, I think.
    [ link ] - Pretty colors and adorable as all hell! These little chibi keychains are beautiful.
    [ link ] - The soft winter colorrrrrrrrrrrrrrs of this are so so so pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - *giggles* I ♥ this, so cute and funny!
    [ link ] - The use of Sephiroth's reflection in this one is so cool omg.

Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth:
    [ link ] - I have a real fondness for b&w lineart that's crazy-detailed like this one is, that makes good use of all that hair and feathered wings, yet doesn't overwhelm the image too much.
    [ link ] - Okay, so Sephiroth's hair looks totally '80s, I actually kinda like the way this was drawn, the sparse use of color is kinda neat.
    [ link ] - Good shading + Sephiroth + prettypretty wing + lots of detail on his uniform + nice use of color + hot!Sephiroth = me happy.
    [ link ] - Interesting style with this one of Sephiroth, the shades of blue used instead of white combined with some really, really solid lineart make for a very cool image.
    [ link ] - Gah, the wing in the background! The strokes and lines of it are so pretty and I'm utterly in love with the cool expression on Sephiroth's face and the dark slate grays and blues used in this image.
    [ link ] - More pretty b&w!Sephiroth with a ton of hair and ton of detail in the image and the black materia in his hand.
    [ link ] - There's something strangely alluring to me about the simpleness of this image, the way the lines are actually rather lovely and deft, despite being so simple.
    [ link ] - Again, my weakness for b&w!Sephiroth and tons of detail on outfits and, you know, GOD OF WAR!Sephiroth. XD
    [ link ] - A good Sephiroth oekaki that I like mostly for the dark expression, I suspect.
    [ link ] - I have no idea what to call this style, a mix between a painting and CG, but it looks COOL with Sephiroth here. Zomg, the flare of his coat is just nice.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Sephiroth in flames with a surprisingly tender expression on his face and gorgeous, GORGEOUS eyes and I love him so much. *__*
    [ link ] - Sephiroth. Jiggly-puff. Karaoke. I have NO IDEA what's up with this, but I find it amusing as hell anyway.
    [ link ] - So, I shouldn't be all gaga over the wings in FFVII, but I am, especially when an artist puts a cool, creepy spin on them like this. Seriously, shaded face + molting wings + claw-like hands = COOL.
    [ link ] - Hi. Sephiroth is hot. HOT. Yes. *__*
    [ link ] - You know, this actually looks like Sephiroth, the elegant arches that the original designs had, yet still OMGSOHOT. I love, love his eyes, too.
    [ link ] - CG Sephiroth in the flames of Nibelheim and I love his clothes so much. And, man, the hair. *__*
    [ link ] - I think I just appreciate the lines of this the most, the way a lot of time and effort obviously went into the details of it.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth with a nice flare to the image, the way everything is floating in the wind looks really nice.
    [ link ] - Another image that I appreciate for the attention to detail and the pretty Nibelheim flames in the background.
    [ link ] - This is the kind of image that's the reason I have such a weakness for b&w Sephiroth fanart because the lines are so elegant and so sharp and the details are so impressive that the whole thing just comes together to be really powerful somehow.
    [ link ] - This is another one where I can't quite describe the style, it's almost like cel-animation mixed with CG animation and it should be jarring, but instead somehow winds up looking so very cool and hot.
    [ link ] - Same style as the above and I really, really like the lack of defining black lines when used like this, it really makes Sephiroth's hair stand out and his eyyyyyyyyyeeees. *__* (Even if they're not green like they're supposed to be.)
    [ link ] - Sephiroth. In glasses. Hi. I'll be over here in the corner now with my bucket to catch the drool, yes.
    [ link ] - Bored chibi-esque!Sephiroth? So cute. Awww. :D
    [ link ] - Interesting Sephiroth sketch that makes him look a lot younger, but I really like the blue/white shading for his hair and the way his eyes really stand out still.
    [ link ] - I am easily won over by Sephiroth with almost feline-like eyes, so.
    [ link ] - Again, there's something about the lack of defining black lines yet still making the image so sharp that really intrigues me.
    [ link ] - I also have a weakness for glowing stuff, especially in the FFVII fandom with the Lifestream and all. XD
    [ link ] - Beautifully illustrated Sephiroth, his hair is just gorgeous and the expression on his face says so much and is yet so unreadable and the slate blues are used really well here.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth in the midst of the flames of Nibelheim just never gets old when done up all pretty like this. XD
    [ link ] - I love this one, the lines of it are just so brilliantly done, so professional looking (like I might have believed it had been official art if it weren't in the artist's own style) and the wisps of smoke and hair and all the details is just... zomg, beautiful.
    [ link ] - More Sephiroth with prettypretty hair. And sparkly. XD
    [ link ] - I like the detail that went into this one, it probably took a lot of time to draw all that and I appreciate that in art.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth with one wing and feathers floating around and tons of hair and a dangerous pose? Eeeeeeee, fangirl ahoy~!
    [ link ] - Omg, Sephiroth's eyes and those candles and, holy crap, this is awesome. *__*
    [ link ] - I believe Noel found this one and... yes, I have to give it to her. This one wins. It so wins.
    [ link ] - Watercolor-like Sephiroth! Prettypretty hair and he's actually smiling and not in an evil way and he looks hot! *loves*
    [ link ] - ...........XDDDDD Adorable and much amusement.
    [ link ] - Pretty highlights in Sephiroth's hair and pretty green eyes and a nice set of colors with this one, too.
    [ link ] - Another sketch-like image of Sephiroth that has a lot of fine detail that makes the image work, I think.
    [ link ] - His hair doesn't look quite arch-y enough, but, man, the details of his face are so pretty here, the eyes and nose and mouth look just lovely.
    [ link ] - AC!Sephiroth and, man, his eyes are so green and he looks so gorgeous here. *__*
    [ link ] - I really do have a strong fondness for soft lines with these characters, especially when used to draw all that pretty hair and the pretty wing and it's all in pencil so it looks so soft.
    [ link ] - Then, in comparison, you have this much sharper, harder style where the contrast is much more apparent and that, too, works really well, especially the top of his hair and his face, like it could have come from a doujinshi.
    [ link ] - Theeeeen back to the softer style again and, omg, I had to love this one for the way the artist drew his hair and the gorgeous lines of his eyes. *__*
    [ link ] - I do so love it when Sephiroth's uniform is drawn well and the artist somehow manages to make the whole thing come together.
    [ link ] - Nicely colored Sephiroth in the mako reactor (I think?) and the hints of green are really nice.
    [ link ] - Omg, I love this one of Sephiroth, it's just so... the swoop of it looks terrific, the way his uniform flares out, the way his hair swirls, the perspective of it, it's all just... so cool. *__*
    [ link ] - ....hi. I'm going to be over here in the corner drooling, okay? Okay. Because, wow, this is a gorgeous Sephiroth, the colors and lines are just amazing and he is so very, very, very hot. This one shot right up on my list of Favorite Sephiroth Fanarts Ever.
    [ link ] - A little cuter than I usually go for with Sephiroth, but I utterly love the coloring of this one, Sephiroth's eyes are just beautiful with this CG/jewel-tone coloring.
    [ link ] - I... really had no idea what to expect when I clicked onto this link, other than I figured that the AC!Sephiroth action figure would be "dancing" somehow. I did not expect to burst out with spasms of laughter because, oh, my god, that's just geniusly put together, there's something about it that just... spasms of laughter, I tell you. It starts a little slow, but by the time you get to the part that repeats... genius, I tell you again. It hit me at exactly the right time in exactly the right mood.
    [ link ] - Interesting bloody Sephiroth mid-fight illustration.
    [ link ] - Beautiful naked!Sephiroth in blue and the lines are so... pretty without distracting from Sephiroth's large, powerful frame.
    [ link ] - Naked!Sephiroth and the details of this one are really nice.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god, the detail and texture of Sephiroth's wing is amazing here. The swooping lines of his hair and the shadows/black magic curling around him are incredible as well. This is gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Chibi KH!Sephiroth and that expression of his OMG SO CUTE. XD
    [ link ] - I'm sorry. I have to go drool on myself now. This is one of the most gorgeous FFVII fanarts I've ever seen.
    [ link ] - Closeup from the WIP version of the above and Sephiroth continues to be insanely hot.
    [ link ] - Another super-hot Sephiroth. As it should be. (The expression is totally awesome, too.)
    [ link ] - Somehow I'm just totally in love with the shine on these colors, it actually works for the character with this particular illustration.
    [ link ] - Man, the detail on this Safer!Sephiroth image is really terrific.
    [ link ] - Adorable (and pretty colors!) Sephiroth keychain-style image! <3
    [ link ] - I really like the use of blues and greens in this image of Sephiroth in the reactor, it does well with that whole unholy feeling of that place.

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud:
    [ link ] - It's just... the entire image is really nice, but it's Cloud's eyes that just floor me every time here.
    [ link ] - CHIBIS CHIBIS CHIBIS. BEAUTIFULLY COLORED CHIBIS. The art is beautiful and, god, the colors are just stunning and I squee from cute.
    [ link ] - .....NEVER NOT FUNNY. Also, not a bad manipulation, really.
    [ link ] - There's something about the faintly muted tone to the colors that I just liked with this one.
    [ link ] - Very nicely CG'd mid-action Cloud where the shading is really cool-looking.
    [ link ] - Cute Cloud with sparingly used colors that I really like for the strong basic lineart underneath.
    [ link ] - More pretty KH!Cloud, this time all bloodied up and with tons of buckles. I love buckles. :D
    [ link ] - This is more of that style with Cloud that lacks a lot of dark lines to define his face, but doesn't suffer for it, instead it makes it an interesting style.
    [ link ] - Another one like the above and I like the mid-action pose here.
    [ link ] - Pretty CG Cloud in a field of flowers and it's just really pretty. <3
    [ link ] - I really love the way most of the image is all these pretty, warm colors at sunset/sunrise and then the blue of KH!Cloud's eyes just stands out all the more for it. Plus, omg, adorable. ....shut up, he is! XD
    [ link ] - This is a different style than what I usually see for KH!Cloud, the hair looks a little off (it could just be windblown, too), but the CG is so good and I love the coloring that I find it really hard to quibble. :D
    [ link ] - More KH fanart and Cloud's so pretty when he's all beaten up after a fight. ....what.
    [ link ] - .....or at least I want to smush him with lots of hugs after he's gotten all battered up in a fight.
    [ link ] - Again, more pretty sunset colors... and then that gorgeous blue of his eyes.
    [ link ] - Oh, man, Cloud's sword here is just so nicely detailed and I love the smooth coloring of AC!Cloud as well.
    [ link ] - I just like the soft, light, almost glowing effect on AC!Cloud here.
    [ link ] - Nicely done KH!Cloud again, the sharp lineart underneath everything looks good.
    [ link ] - Scratchy sort of illustration for KH!Cloud, but with the combination of the dark dusk/sunset coloring, it actually works really well.
    [ link ] - I think I really just like the colors' shading on this one, the way Cloud's blue eye stands out even among the rest of the shiny colors.
    [ link ] - I'm just constantly impressed by the tons of detail that go into Cloud's KH outfit, his claw and belts look just fantastic. Plus, the pose is really great, too.
    [ link ] - Eeeee! KH!Cloud with materia! There's just a hint of softness to the image that makes it even prettier and the whole thing is just... really nice.
    [ link ] - Even ASIDE from the rainbow theme (which made me go ♥), this is a really cool fanart of Cloud summoning!
    [ link ] - Very, very pretty rough sketch of Cloud, I love the way his hair and eyes look. *__*
    [ link ] - Pretty Cloud smiling and sun shining on him and pretty white wings and it just makes me feel warm and fluffy and happy. ♥
    [ link ] - Awww! Cloud smiling. That doesn't happen nearly often enough.
    [ link ] - Really, really nice Cloud close-up, the strength of the art (you'll see what I mean) is probably the best part about this. It looks like really good CG.
    [ link ] - Really cool fanart of Cloud's bike and sword from AC with Cloud way in the distance in a field of flowers and there's just something really cool about the perspective of this.
    [ link ] - Okay, this made me laugh. What would happen if Fenrir broke down indeed. HEE.
    [ link ] - Okay, this has very, very vague spoilers for FFXII in it, but goddamn this is an awesome Cloud fanart, both in concept and execution.
    [ link ] - Soldier!Cloud, especially when you click full view for this one, is really sort of awesome, the details/style is terrific.
    [ link ] - Totally cute Cloud-onna-Chocobo singing fanart that's way more fun than it should be.

Final Fantasy VII - Cloud x Tifa:
    [ link ] - Oh, good lord, cute little chibis of Cloud and Tifa (seperately) in AC-style... dancing. Plus, the art is actually pretty!
    [ link ] - Pretty AC!Cloud and Tifa standing next to each other and, awww, I do still have a soft spot for them.
    [ link ] - From the same artist, Cloud carrying an unconscious Tifa and it's got that same softness to it that makes me go <3.
    [ link ] - Cloud and Tifa as kids from that starry night flashback and I'm just deliriously in love with the coloring of it. *__*
    [ link ] - Aww, cute Tifa leaning on Cloud's shoulder with a really, really pretty sunset/sunrise background. <3
    [ link ] - Ooh, pretty Cloud/Tifa almost-kiss! I adore the warm colors used and just... *happy sigh of the almost-OTP*
    [ link ] - Awww! Pretty Cloud/Tifa kiss, I really love the sweep of her hair and just the whole... sweetness of this image.
    [ link ] - I think I just like the way Tifa's hair looks in this image. Plus. You know. I like the pairing. :D
    [ link ] - *squees* The cute! The cute Cloud and Tifa chibis that are actually quite well-drawn, but I'm too busy squeeing over ZOMG THE CUTE, EEEEE.
    [ link ] - Cloud doesn't look quite the same with his hair all wet and flat like that, but the art is lovely and I adore the way Tifa looks so pretty here.

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa:
    [ link ] - I love this one of Tifa! I love the swish of her hair, the ton of buckles and straps on her outfit and, omg, she is SO CUTE, eeeeee!
    [ link ] - Interesting take on her fight from AC and, omg, I love the mid-action pose of it, too.
    [ link ] - I really like the soft, gentle feel of this one, the way her hair is swishing in the breeze and the pretty background swirls.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful watercolor of Tifa and I love the dress she's in and the whole light, airy, yet still so weighted feeling of this one. *__*
    [ link ] - Homg, chibi!AC!Tifa and the coloring is beautiful and SO CUTE OMG. I just... I adore this one. A lot. ♥
    [ link ] - This is a beautiful one of AC!Tifa sitting next to Cloud's sword and the coloring is just so pretty and the whole style of it.

Final Fantasy VII - Aerith:
    [ link ] - A nice Aerith illustration with lots of hair swirls and folds of her dress and I like the way her eyes stand out.
    [ link ] - I think I really just like the way her dress drapes over her in this one.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Aerith in the Lifestream, I love the green colors.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Aerith and I just adore the soft, pretty reds and pinks used for this, it really makes the whole thing just lovely.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Aerith in the Lifestream image, I really like the way it's almost... delicate.

Final Fantasy VII - Vincent:
    [ link ] - Cute Vincent fanart that strangely almost makes me want to snuggle him. ^_~
    [ link ] - Another really gorgeous Vincent fanart, I love the one wing and the dramatic pose and the great detail on his clothes and his flat expression that's somehow not flat at all.
    [ link ] - Oh, man, I love this one so much, the pose is just awesome, the way he's standing practically sideways on the rock, but also because there's a ton of detail on his clothes and the way his cape and hair whip around are genuinely dramatic and just look GOOD.
    [ link ] - Very good anime cel-style illustration of Vincent that looks really good and damned professional.
    [ link ] - ....chibi Vincent sleeping in his coffin should not be this cute. And yet.
    [ link ] - I really rather liked pu-sama's Hellsing fanart, so seeing her tackle Vincent's CHAOS form like this is just... holy shit, that's a lot of detail and sparkly coloring. SHIIIIIIINY. *___*
    [ link ] - It's the details of Vincent's hair and the really good use of red that make me like this, I think.
    [ link ] - Wow, really nicely done Vincent fanart with a lot of detail and pretty, soft CG-ish coloring that I like so much.
    [ link ] - Wow, I love the... I have no idea what to call this style or even how to describe it. It's almost like a painting, maybe? But there's a certain soft quality to Vincent that makes this look just sort of awesome.
    [ link ] - I'm really becoming quite fond of this artist more and more, there's a level of detail that's so consistent with each new image that's posted and I just... really love the way Vincent's cape swirls so dramatically here.
    [ link ] - Chibi Vincent that's actually really sort of pretty. The coloring/shading helps it along quite a bit (I really love the usage of reds and golds in this one somehow) and I mentioned the whole CUTE thing, right?
    [ link ] - More beautiful Vincent fanart where I really like the highlights of Vincent's hair and cloak, I love the way all the colors sort of but not quite swirl together. ....that's not how I want to put it, but.
    [ link ] - I'm not always a fan of using colors like this, putting in shades of purple or green on people's faces, but the way the artist did this it actually came out really cool and really pretty. Also, I love the basic lineart of this one.
    [ link ] - A couple of neat Vincent fanarts, one adorable chibi and one cool sketch of a more serious Vincent.
    [ link ] - Beautifully detailed Vincent fanart that's just... the tone of it is amazing, the details on Chaos and the roses in the background, every little swirl of Vincent's hair or cloak or fur on Chaos or even the clocks and the coloring... it's all just fantastic. Wow.
    [ link ] - Really love DC Vincent fanart from the back and I'm just sort of quietly impressed by the vivid colors of him against the soft grays and whites of the snowy background.
    [ link ] - I swear to god, I played with this for, like, a good twenty minutes. The adorableness of the art combined with the multitude of options combined with the HEE HEE HEE factor makes this awesome. (Pointed out by a very friendly anon. ♥)

Final Fantasy VII - Cid x Vincent:
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed Cid and Vincent illustration, the colors mesh really well together, I thought.
    [ link ] - Vincent and Cid fighting alongside each other and I like the perspective of Cid's weapon at the bottom there.
    [ link ] - Eeee! Cid and Turk!Vincent 'fighting' against each other and it's just one of those great little concepts. XD
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Vincent snatching Cid's cigarette away, there's something about the artist's style that grows on me every time I see more of her art.

Final Fantasy VII - Reno:
    [ link ] - ....Reno should not be this cute. Reno should not make me want to snuggle him. AND YET. XD
    [ link ] - Cute Reno with some nice lineart that really looks good around the eyes and hair. Plus, I'm just a sucker for pretty!Reno any time. :D
    [ link ] - Sakki drawing Reno? ADLKJASDLJA, YAY. And her sketches of him just delight me here, there is something about the body language, the casual way he stands or tips his head, the way he's thin but still muscled, it's just... yes, RENO. *_*
    [ link ] - MORE SAKKI RENO YAY. She does a tremendous job on his face, it's just so... professional is the word I keep coming back to. Consistent and well-done and RENO and he's hot and, zomg, RENO.
    [ link ] - RENO RENO RENO. I swear, that's about what goes through my head when I see Sakki has drawn more of the character because I love the way she does his eyes and hair and then she puts him in CIVVIES AND IT'S MORE YAY FROM ME. ....I'm also entranced by his hips for no reason that I should be. *__*
    [ link ] - Aww, adorable little b&w sad!Reno that I really like the clean lines of.
    [ link ] - Adorable little chibi-Reno and I'm weak to the cute, okay? :D

Final Fantasy VII - Other:
    [ link ] - I'd seen a lot of these illustrations individually, but I also really like the way the whole thing came together, especially as it shows off all the cool FF chicks. <3
    [ link ] - Cloud and Squall! God, they're both so cute. XD
    [ link ] - ....I shouldn't laugh. It's just... Cloud's expression is so amusing! XD
    [ link ] - Wow, that is one hell of a lot of detail on Sephiroth and Zack's hair. *__* That's also a lot of leather. Almost enough to convert me to maybe liking them as a pairing. Almost.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth and Vincent where it's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. Combined with lots of prettypretty hair, I really kinda liked this one.
    [ link ] - Disappearing!Kadaj from AC and I really like the swirls of mako/Lifestream and the final few black feathers floating down.
    [ link ] - Awwww! Chibi Yazoo and Loz and they are SO CUTE! I love their pretty green eyes, too.
    [ link ] - AC, KH, and FFIX all in one and it looks really cool! I'm growing to be rather fond of the style.
    [ link ] - Black and white of the three silver-haired men from AC and I really like it because, man, Yazoo is pretty here.
    [ link ] - OMG. OMG. ZACK. GORGEOUS. CEL-STYLE, BEAUTIFULLY PROFESSIONAL ZACK. Really, this was very, very well-done, I actually thought it might have been official, that's how well the artist nailed the style.
    [ link ] - .....this made me laugh. Especially Barret. I just.. cracked up.
    [ link ] - Yazoo and Kadaj and hee. <3
    [ link ] - Tifa and Aerith! I suspect I could really have done this pairing, especially the way they both look so pretty here and they're smiling at each other and awww. ♥
    [ link ] - Beautiful KH!Cloud/Aerith doujinshi cover, they're both so pretty. <3
    [ link ] - I just adored the way KH!Aerith looks here, the way her wings are gorgeous, even if Cloud's expression is super-pissy. XD
    [ link ] - Zack! Beautiful, hot Zack. With those gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair and, omg, just yum. :9
    [ link ] - Very nicely CG'd Cloud and Aerith from AC and I love the details and perspective of this one, it's really nicely done.
    [ link ] - ....Sephiroth in bunny ears should not still be that attractive. Yet, he is. Though, I go XD at Vincent's bunny ears, so.
    [ link ] - I really sort of like the heavy, heavy lines around the characters' eyes because it draws attention to the beautiful, bright coloring that's just so perfect for an image like this one.
    [ link ] - Sephiroth, Cloud, and Vincent in chibi-esque style, cutely done in pencil and it's just... adorable, yeah.
    [ link ] - Cloud in a dress will never not be funny. Especially when Aerith is happily shoving him into something pink. And what I wouldn't have done for the sailor fuku she's holding in this one. XD
    [ link ] - Pretty AC-style bookmarks and, man, that Vincent one is nice.
    [ link ] - .....♥ Hee. Yes. Yes, Sephiroth is the prettiest and I totally believe Cloud thinks that. ^_~
    [ link ] - ....*cracks up* AWESOME. I don't know what's better about this, Chocobo!Cloud sitting on Reno or Reno's XP EXPRESSION over it. XD
    [ link ] - It's the pissed-off!Cloud and Sephiroth in the background that really made me laugh here.
    [ link ] - Oh good lord. Chocobos and Mog should not be this freaking cute. Or this nicely drawn. XD
    [ link ] - Amusement. Lots of amusement at the Turks' expense. XD
    [ link ] - .....I am won over by the cuteness that is Tifa in this illustration. And Aerith with snow on her head. And, omg, Zack. Such a cute little brat. XD
    [ link ] - I've mentioned that Zack's hot, yes? Because he is. Especially swinging that buster sword around. *__*
    [ link ] - Cute Zack and Cloud, I think the eyes made me wibble the most somehow. Well, that and Zack's hot. :D
    [ link ] - Nice b&w lineart of the group and it's the little details of Aerith looking over at Zack or Vincent standing in the background that made me smile.
    [ link ] - *squeaks happily* Zack and Aerith sleeping in bed together! Hi, I'll just be being a dippy fangirl over them in the corner now.
    [ link ] - ....*cracks up* I love this one. LOVE IT. XD
    [ link ] - I'm fairly certain I've linked this one already... but, damn, it's such a gorgeously drawn one of Zack and Cloud that it's totally worth linking again.
    [ link ] - Oooh, very pretty AC!Cloud with Zack's eyes in the background and I love the way everything looks. *__*
    [ link ] - Very cute Yuffie fanart and I like the shiny coloring on this one.
    [ link ] - KH2-style Cloud and Leon and, omg, the colors and lines and details of this are just gorgeous. *___*
    [ link ] - ZACK! Eeeeeee. I love the way his hair looks, I'm such a sucker for good hair, but the great big grin also just makes me melt into goo. ♥
    [ link ] - I'm not sure the faces are my usual preference, but I really love the coloring (Zomg, Cloud's eyes *__*) and the layout of it is just awesome. Also, the inking of this = ♥
    [ link ] - Zack! Aerith! Flower date! And it's pretty! Plus, I utterly love the smiles on their faces, this is just... totally my WAFFy OTP. ♥
    [ link ] - asdlkflaskjdflajsd, CHIBI VINCENT AND RED XIII SO CUTE OMG. Just. Homg. So cute.
    [ link ] - Really beautifully colored Kadaj CG.
    [ link ] - It's the little panel in the bottom right-hand corner that really makes this for me. I mean, yes, Zack is very pretty and the snowman!Cloud is cute, but... hee.
    [ link ] - Zack, Cloud, and snowmen and Cloud is adorably cute as he blushes and I still love the snowmen. XD
    [ link ] - I love, love the top two panels of this one. So pretty and I love the perspectives and the sketch-like quality of them... and then that final panel is just awesome. XD
    [ link ] - ....this should not be funny. But somehow it is. I think it's also that Sephiroth still looks pretty that helps win me over. Also, funny.
    [ link ] - ....heeheehee. I ♥ this comic, it's actually kind of pretty, but it's totally the last panel of the comic that just makes it hilariously great.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Lucrecia fanart and I just... love the bright, easy way of this image.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Kadaj, one even I'm a little starry eyed over and I don't tend to get that way with Kadaj fanart often.
    [ link ] - Rufus and Vincent fanart, which isn't a pairing you find all that often (I think this may be the first fanart of them I've seen), but I do so love Di-chan's fanart and I love the lines of their hair here.
    [ link ] - ...........*snickerfits* Great comic with Zack and Cloud and Sephiroth and snowballs. XDDDDD
    [ link ] - I... I... I just... the expressions are too perfect. The final panel is too perfect. I laughed so hard at this one.
    [ link ] - I wouldn't have thought I'd be a fan of the SHM/Vincent fanart here, but there's something about the really pretty use of colors that just gets me. Also, it's kinda hot.
    [ link ] - Really, really hot Sephiroth and Zack lounging around without shirts. *loves*
    [ link ] - Sephiroth/Zack sketch that's really kinda hot and beautiful and there's something about all that hair and the way Sephiroth is pulling him backwards that's just... pretty.
    [ link ] - Wow, really, really pretty group image! *_*
    [ link ] - Cloud and Vincent in a WIP poster-style fanart for AC, which looks really cool so far!
    [ link ] - .......Sephiroth and the clones ROAD TRIP. Not only is the concept awesome (Cloud as a hood ornament just completely makes me crack up every single time), but Dian's art is lovely, too.
    [ link ] - Lovely almost-sketch of Sephiroth, Zack, and Cloud singing. It's just. It's really cute, fun, light-hearted crack, so I just smile hugely when I look at this. ♥
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Aerith and Tifa under a tree together. The colors, the detail, the way they're leaning on each other... it makes me wibble so hard.
    [ link ] - Seriously, why the hell is this Reeve/Vincent fanart this goddamned gorgeous? It's incredible.
    [ link ] - This is a gorgeously colored bloody and wounded Vincent.
    [ link ] - Very nice Vincent and Lucrecia fanart, I love the almost-not-quite-unfinished look to it.
    [ link ] - Omg, I love this fanart of Sephiroth and Lucrecia, right down to the gentle tone and the soft, pretty colors. It's such a lovely, peaceful piece. ♥

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