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Inuyasha Fanart - Unsorted:
    [ link ] - Heeheehee.
    [ link ] - Hahahaha, omg so cute. XD
    [ link ] - This is good enough to almost pass for official art, I think.
    [ link ] - Most people have probably already seen this RL-style Inuyasha, but I still have to include it on my list of links because, goddamn, is it ever brilliantly done. There is no part of this that's not amazing... though, I do keep staring at those ears. *__*
    [ link ] - I really am just so impressed with the CG-style art of this, because it gets the feel of the anime down damn well. To the point that I love looking at illustrations even with OCs, because they look like they could have come from the series.
    [ link ] - Eeeee! I don't normally fangirl-fangirl much over Inuyasha fanart, but I am a sucker for soft, pretty colors that are used well and the sakura in the background of this illustration combine with the beautiful lines of shirtless!Inuyasha and there's just something so great about this one.
    [ link ] - Another really fantastic looking Sesshoumaru, the lines of his body in mid-leap like this look so great, especially since the artist is really, really good at the proportions. And, omg, I love the big fluffy boa/tail/whatever that thing is.
    [ link ] - I really like the sweep of Inuyasha's hair and shoulders here, the whole youkai!Inuyasha looks really good here.
    [ link ] - Awwww! Chibi Inuyasha crouched down and looking so cute that I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him for hours! +__+
    [ link ] - I doubt I could tell you what sets this image apart for me, it's just something in the expression or the fantastic proportions or the softened touch to the image. Whatever it is, I adore a good Inuyasha fanart.
    [ link ] - Very nicely done Kouga fanart, I like the vague almost sketch style of it.
    [ link ] - Very cool style for an Inuyasha fanart, the lack of defining black lines really give it a neat effect while still being just beautiful.
    [ link ] - Really cool muted cel-style Inuyasha image, I really like the lack of black lines in a lot of spots with this image as well.
    [ link ] - I have a weakness for Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in the same image together, especially when there's a lot of really good detail, a lot of sharp lines and they just look so CUTE.
    [ link ] - I love the coloring of this one of Kouga and his pack, the golden colors are bright and lovely and I really like the way it makes the teal of his eyes stand out that much more.
    [ link ] - Oh, such a lovely image of Kagura flying on her feather, the white background going so well with the whites of her kimono and the soft expression as she lifts her face up to the wind and the sense of relaxation and peace is wonderful.
    [ link ] - Really fantastic Shichinintai illustration, both beautiful and dangerous and the sense of power even from such lovely characters here is really great.
    [ link ] - Lovely, soft, gentle Kikyou illustration and I love the almost peaceful feeling of it.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Sesshoumaru with such a great use of white and light colors that I'm completely over the moon over here.
    [ link ] - Another gorgeous Sesshoumaru that uses white very well and the soft colors, especially the reds and purples, blend into it so, so well. Also, HAIR. ♥
    [ link ] - Bankotsu and Jakotsu leaning against a tree and it's the same as the rest of the artist's images, terrific details and warm colors and that anime-and-fanart-in-one style. Plus, I love the almost peaceful expressions on their faces.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice Jakotsu and Bankotsu illustration with bright colors that remind me of the anime while still being a little soft in that fanart sort of way.
    [ link ] - Really pretty Bankotsu about to be killed and there's something about his expression or the snow falling that I really like.
    [ link ] - Wow, this is a really beautiful Kagura illustration, the lineart and coloring of it reminds me of doujinshi (in a good way), it's really well done. I love the hints of nudity without being too graphic and her eyes look lovely.
    [ link ] - Omg, awwww! Kagura and Rin walking through a river together with Kagura carrying her and it's so adorable somehow. Or maybe it just hits me exactly the right way. I totally want fic now. Also, the caption = ♥ XDDDD
    [ link ] - This time, it's Kagura and Rin playing tug o' war with Sesshoumaru's tail (or whatever one thinks that fluffy thing is XD) and it's really quite adorable.
    [ link ] - Heehee. The boys and girls in school uniforms and all the various couples amuse me great. Especially the first two. XDDDD
    [ link ] - Wow, I adore this style, the soft pretty colors that are kind of CG-ish, but somehow... well, softer than that. Maybe it's the use of pinks, whites, and reds that makes me think that, but there's also just something to the sweep of Inuyasha's hair. And it's adorable the way he's holding the heart-shaped box of candy and blushing.

Inuyasha - Gen/Other:
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, gorgeous fanart of Inuyasha and Kikyou (with some SPOILERS for recent manga chapters), so much that I can't even begin to describe it in a way that wouldn't take three paragraphs.
    [ link ] - I have a lot of affection for Inutaishou fanart, especially when he's with Inuyasha's mother and it's such a quietly simple, elegant position.
    [ link ] - Amazingly done Kouga fanart, it looks almost like watercolors and I love the details and just... eeee.

Inuyasha - Inuyasha x Kagome:
    [ link ] - Really pretty and detailed Inuyasha and miko!Kagome and I love all the streaming hair and the red&white background that goes with the image fantasically.
    [ link ] - Awww! Inuyasha and miko!Kagome and a GIANT DOGGY and I really love the almost muted colors, the way the reds and off-whites and hints of gold come together in this image. Plus, all the little curls of fur or folds of clothing or blades of grass have this really pretty soft quality to them.
    [ link ] - Very cute Inuyasha/Kagome kiss, it's got a solidness to the lines/proportions that shows promise.

Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru:
    [ link ] - Sesshoumaru fanart against a sunset, there's something about the deceptive simpleness of this one that gets me.
    [ link ] - Beautiful cel-style Sesshoumaru where the lines of it are just damn good.
    [ link ] - Sesshoumaru fanart and I like the details of his hair and clothes a lot, the mid-jump pose is really kinda nice.
    [ link ] - Wow, this is an awesome Sesshoumaru (and Jakotsu who seriously, seriously could have been straight out of an official image) that both looks really, really good and looks really, really professional. God, how much do I love Sesshoumaru in the morning mists here? Soooo much. ♥

Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru x Kagura:
    [ link ] - Really lovely Sesshoumaru and Kagura in the moonlight and I love the composition/layout of the image and the amazing amount of detail and just how... pretty it is.
    [ link ] - Omg! Kagura and puppy!Sesshoumaru and it's SO FREAKING CUTE. ♥
    [ link ] - Another illustration of Kagura and puppy!Sesshoumaru and I cannot get over how cute and quietly pretty the artist does her art like this.
    [ link ] - Chibi-esque Sesshoumaru and Kagura and the coloring is really good for what looks like it could have been colored pencil. And, well, holy shit, the cute! XD
    [ link ] - Really, really pretty and detailed Kagura and Sesshoumaru and I love that there's just so much here. From their clothes to their hair to Kagura's accessories to the leaves floating around between them, it's so very pretty.
    [ link ] - Sesshoumaru/Kagura Christmas cuteness with mistletoe and reindeer antlers. XDDD
    [ link ] - I love the loose, relaxed air (yet still two obviously powerful youkai) of them together like this... and, okay, the idea of them being parents? asdjalsdflaksd, screw canon, that totally needs to be fic. *__*

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