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Kingdom Hearts - Unsorted:
    [ link ] - I've mentioned that I refuse to be a KH fan, yes? Okay, just getting that out of the way. That said, somehow this is always one of the prettiest Riku/Sora fanarts I ever come across, there's just something about the way they're drawn here that's my favorite.
    [ link ] - I'm impressed by the costumes and the lights of the background/floor with this one. Though, seriously, boys should not look that hot in those clothes.
    [ link ] - I love the way the colors and lines blur at the edges to show the effect of motion and the way the colors are that soft sort of CG that I find to be so, so pretty.
    [ link ] - Blind Riku and I really love the lines and fall of his hair.
    [ link ] - Very nicely drawn Sora, the detail on his clothes is very nice and it just has that KH feel to the coloring.
    [ link ] - I love that this one really does feel like a promotional poster or pin-up art of some sort. The details of Sora's clothes are really well done, too.
    [ link ] - More KH fanart of Sora that could look like poster art and the concept of this one seems to go really well with the game.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Sora fanart done in probably my favorite style of art. The colors are so lush and rich, the dark blues of the background and Sora's outfit going with the soft brown of his hair, the bright blue of his eyes and so pretty.
    [ link ] - Cute Riku and Sora--I'm especially fond of the way Sora looks, the artist really nailed how cute he can be.
    [ link ] - Roxas and Sora this time and the detail is really terrific. Their hair, their clothes, their key blades, the soft coloring, it's all really well done.
    [ link ] - Awww, Riku, Sora, and Kairi with the Pooh characters. I am rather charmed by the cute.
    [ link ] - The CG style is used well here, especially for Sora's character--the detail is really good and I like the colors a lot.
    [ link ] - Wow, really nicely detailed Roxas and I love the warm gold colors of it.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Roxas and Sora!
    [ link ] - Sora on the beach and the artist uses really nice warm reds and tans and browns, almost like a sunrise here, but not quite.
    [ link ] - Beautiful sunset reds and oranges and hints of green, all the bright colors that remind me of the game. And, okay, the Riku/Sora kiss was good, too.
    [ link ] - Wibble-worthy Axel/Roxas kiss sketch.
    [ link ] - Roxas and Sora and I love the way the warm reds and oranges of the characters actually go with the bright blue water/space/whatever background. Plus, feathers! :D
    [ link ] - Gorgeous Axel vs Roxas image. The mid-air poses of both, the incredible strength of details of their clothes and keyblades and hair and faces and just everything. Seriously one of the best from the fandom, I'd say.
    [ link ] - Awww! Riku/Sora/Kairi trio pic with the papou fruit and it's just so CUTE and ADORABLE like the KHII trio should be.
    [ link ] - CUTE CHIBIS, HEE. Happy couple Riku/Sora and adorable Axel and enraged Roxas and it shouldn't be that cute, but it issss.
    [ link ] - In a way, I almost can't decide which I like better, the colored version or the b&w sketch, but both are cool. Sora/Roxas and the artist has an almost realistic style, so there's a ton of detail around their hair and eyes.
    [ link ] - One of the neatest things about this b&w sketch of Roxas vs Riku is the sheer detail put into it (as well as that I really like the perspective), both in Roxas' weapon (even if it was traced, like she says) or clothes, but also in all those little Heartless running around in the background.
    [ link ] - The amount of detail put into the characters' hair or the solidness of their faces or the softeness of the b&w sketch or the neat perspective, whatever it is, there's something about this one that I like a lot, too.
    [ link ] - I should run screaming away from the OrgXIII x Riku NC-17 fanart. But when Di-chan draws it, I'm sort of forced to go, ", that's kind of hot. She sucks for making me like this." But it's really kind of hot. :O

Kingdom Hearts - Gen/Other:
    [ link ] - A really very cool fanart poster-like illustration of the Roxas and the rest of Twilight Town scenes and I love all the detail of it and just.. the artist's style is cool, okay?
    [ link ] - Aww! Group image of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, they're adorable in the grassy field and eating their ice cream here.
    [ link ] - *snickersnort* This is great, I love the expressions and hair and everything, but it's totally the amusement factor that makes this image totally win.
    [ link ] - KH chibis, so adorable!
    [ link ] - Really cute Sora and Kairi fanart, there's a lot of nice detail and good colors, but it's just... warm and sweet and I think that's what I like most about it.
    [ link ] - Kairi and Namine loosely connected by ribbons and they're so cute and happy and smiling and, awww, I really do like them! ♥
    [ link ] - Cute drawings for some keychains and I'm such the sucker for the nearly glowing eyes. I love that kind of thing. Also, holy crap, the cute!
    [ link ] - Really cool trio fanart of Riku, Sora, and Roxas, done in that not-quite-painting style I really kinda like. I also LOVE the detail on the clothes. And the hair. *_*
    [ link ] - Sweet Kairi fanart, I really like the reds and pinks and auburns used here.
    [ link ] - Awww! Adorable Hyner and Roxas glomp! So cute.
    [ link ] - Riku and Namine back to back, Dian's use of light, airy colors perfect for this image. The blues are just so pretty.
    [ link ] - I love, love Dian's take on the little Heartless, she manages to make them so cute and somehow so interesting, even when they're just standing around, little hands cupped over their chest, looking for something that's not there. This is beautiful. ;__;
    [ link ] - *snort* Roxas has two tails in Atlantica and Sora's expression is priceless.
    [ link ] - Dian has been doing the KH characters in other classic Disney poses, which is awesome. This time it's Roxas pulling a keyblade out of a "stone" and it's totally Hayner's expression the background that makes this.
    [ link ] - alsdkfjal;skdjflasdjf, Riku, Sora, and Kairi in the classic pose in the spaghetti dinner from Lady and the Tramp. It's pretty and awesome.
    [ link ] - Riku and Roxas fighting while in freefall; I like the background the skyscraper here.
    [ link ] - Roxas and Riku kissing is pretty... but also really sad because of everything you know it means. The single tear sliding down Roxas' face is lovely.
    [ link ] - Axel's expression as little pixie Rikku just about drops over his face is kinda priceless. Also, prettypretty colors.
    [ link ] - Beautiful doujinshi page from Dian (page 4 out of 5), her layout and attention to detail is wonderful. Her skyscraper is gorgeous and I love Riku and Roxas' hair.
    [ link ] - More lovely attention to detail with their swords and the mid-fight poses and it really looks like doujinshi, you know?
    [ link ] - Really beautiful Riku, Sora, and Kairi. The coloring (and lack of coloring in the right places) is just as gorgeous as the sense of togetherness as all three of them hug each other. ....or the two of them hug Sora a lot.
    [ link ] - More adorable art with Riku and the triplets being... well, loveably retarded.
    [ link ] - This is actually from an Axel/Roxas doujinshi, but I was sort of struck by how gorgeous Riku is here and couldn't get very far past that. *__*
    [ link ] - I dunno if it's the colors or details or Axel looking hot or even Fujin's O_O expression as her ice cream goes flying, but whatever it is... I love this image. XD
    [ link ] - This is really kind of a cool image of all the Organization members in a line, they're all in suits, but they all have their own distinctive flair.
    [ link ] - Adorable Roxas and Sora in heartless and dusk costumes.
    [ link ] - Roxas, Axel, and the Twilight Town gang, very pretty, great lines and colors.
    [ link ] - Axel and Sora and I am in love with Axel's white outfit. The composition of this one is nice, too.
    [ link ] - I'm not sure if I love the details of this one (omg, Riku and Sora's clothes--!) or the concept of it, the two of them inside and Roxas outside. Very cool.
    [ link ] - Really awesome Xigbar fanart.
    [ link ] - This one looks even better in full-view, there's a lot of detail in Sora and Roxas' faces and clothes that you might miss otherwise. Very nice, I like the concept and execution of it.
    [ link ] - Nice sketch-like image of Halloween Town!Sora and Jack Sparrow, done like it was drawn on parchment.
    [ link ] - KHII bookmarks of Sora, Riku, Roxas, and Axel and they are the cutest things ever.
    [ link ] - Incredibly awesome, detailed, fabulous fanart around the theme of Sora and "My Heart's a Battleground". Very cool.
    [ link ] - Aww, original trio fanart! Very fun, solid detail level/coloring.
    [ link ] - I really like poster concepts for KH, especially when they're pulled off well. The positioning of each character here is really nice, it all balances out well.
    [ link ] - Adorable Christmas chibis of Kairi and Namine. Adorable.
    [ link ] - Seriously, what is it about Halloween Town art that's so fabulous? The detail on this is incredible, right down to the squishy worms of Oogie Boogie as they... um. Well. I'd rather not think about that part.
    [ link ] - Chibi Sephiroth, Sora, and Cloud, SQUEE THEY'RE SO PRETTY AND ADORABLE.
    [ link ] - KHII sprites and they are the most adorable things ever omg.
    [ link ] - Ahahahaha, KH gang at the beach + FFVII:AC SHM + blindfold games = great amusement.
    [ link ] - Really cool, very detailed Sora and Roxas b&w image.
    [ link ] - This is an utterly gorgeous Riku vs Roxas fanart, I cannot praise it enough.
    [ link ] - You have to fullview this, but it's sort of awesome, KH characters ala jrock! I love the style. *_*
    [ link ] - .....yeah, it's going to take awhile before this stops being hilariously great.
    [ link ] - Awww! Roxas surrounded by kid versions of the rest of the KHII cast. SO ADORABLE.
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored Namine and Kairi image, where both of them are so pretty.

Kingdom Hearts - Riku:
    [ link ] - Strangely, Riku-only fanart seems to be a bit rare. But this one is starting to help make up for that.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous fanart of Riku standing in front of the skyscraper, the way the background twists around him, the beautiful colors, the way he's standing, all of it is really beautiful. *__*
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Gorgeous, gorgeous Riku in mermaid form and the silver tail is just so pretty.
    [ link ] - This one looks even better with full-view. The colors and details are terrific and I really like the mirror image of Riku's two outfits from KH.
    [ link ] - I have such a weakness for this kind of coloring.
    [ link ] - Whoa, RL-style CG and Riku's hair is gorgeous. The whole thing is fantastic really.
    [ link ] - A beautiful image in the style of anime cels, I'm completely gone over the coloring here.
    [ link ] - I really like the way Riku's KHII clothes look on him and the sense of darkness creeping up on him and the blindfold are nicely done.

Kingdom Hearts - Sora:
    [ link ] - PIRATE SORA. This shouldn't be quite so awesome, somehow, and yet... the artist is really great at drawing the character and, man, the details. XD
    [ link ] - Sora sitting in front of a keyhole and I really like the almost-white background to bring out the bright colors of his outfit.
    [ link ] - Sora riding a Chocobo and that's all this fanart needed to be awesome... but it's still great on a technical level, too. Zomgz, I'm totally in love with her style.
    [ link ] - Very nice water-color-style image of Sora with headphones on and a bit lost in the music, somehow the style really works for it.
    [ link ] - Very nice Sora sitting alone on the ledge in Twilight Town and the background use of oranges and golds is very nice. I also like the feel of the way Sora is sitting here somehow.
    [ link ] - Supremely cute Sora fanart from Halloween Town, I love the almost sepia tones (can't think what else to call them), it's very Tim Burton-esque in its way.
    [ link ] - A vaguely older Sora in formal clothes (sort of looking like a knight or a lord, as Dian says) and I continue to love her colors.
    [ link ] - Anti-Sora in the right hands can be really kinda creepy. .____.
    [ link ] - Part 2 of Dian's doujinshi and the layout of this is really evocative, the way you can never quite see Sora's full face and the way shadows crawl over the piece.
    [ link ] - Very nice use of reds in this post of Sora and the layout of it is neat, too.
    [ link ] - Really, really kick-ass version of Sora in his different forms, I love the detail and coloring of this one.
    [ link ] - Pretty Sora fanart, I like how soft everything looks against the light blue sky.
    [ link ] - From a ways back, this didn't really strike me that much, it was almost change that I happened to look at it in full-view. There is something about the subtle quality to Sora's expression that made this image gorgeous, I thought.
    [ link ] - Wow, gorgeous Sora, I love the silvers and grays of his outfit as it glows and crumbles around him.
    [ link ] - This is gorgeous and creepy--Sora beautifully drawn while he naps under a tree and Heartless creeping up on him and... wow, so pretty. *_*
    [ link ] - Nicely done Sora in his red outfit. I really like the background and Sora's pose.
    [ link ] - What is it about Halloween Town!Sora that produces such gorgeous art?
    [ link ] - Seriously! What is it about Halloween Town!Sora that inspires this kind of thing?
    [ link ] - This is really well-done, it's very solid in that professional sort of way. And I like the warm colors and the way the keyblades turned out.
    [ link ] - Omg, Sora in a Chocobo next! Beautiful. XD
    [ link ] - Cute, clean Sora. Very, very nice.
    [ link ] - Nice CG of Sora, I like the colors that look much like the original game.
    [ link ] - More pretty Sora, I like the soft, almost glowing haze on it.
    [ link ] - Samurai Soldier Sora looks sort of awesome here, the outfit itself looks amazing.

Kingdom Hearts - Riku x Sora:
    [ link ] - I love Dian's use of coloring with this Riku/Sora fanart, the way she draws is lovely, the way there's a light, airy feeling even when it's a bit of an intense image, but there's something about the soft, light coloring against the darker colors of their clothes that totally gets me.
    [ link ] - I really like the pretty, glowing colors of this Riku/Sora image, the way the blues are so bright against the darkness in the background, the way Riku's hair and eyes are just so pretty.
    [ link ] - Very nice Riku/Sora illustration and woozy!Sora as he leans on Riku who's trying to get him through a door... SO CUTE OMG.
    [ link ] - Riku, Sora, and ice cream should not be this hot--*is shot for the terrible, even if unintentioned, pun* (Also, the chibis totally make it.)
    [ link ] - [Note: SPOILERS for KHII!] O...omg... so pretty and so sad and beautiful art!     [ link ] - *squeaks* Awww, the cuteness of Riku/Sora chibis and beautiful, beautiful bright, almost pastel colors and beach clothes! *melts*
    [ link ] - More of the same type of coloring, the soft ones that are almost pastel, which makes Riku's eyes practically glow even in an already bright image... and then there are wings. I love wings.
    [ link ] - More cute chibis, with soft pastel coloring and AWWW Sora could not be cuter.     [ link ] - Really awesome CG of a Riku/Sora fight. It's not necessarily pretty in the traditio
nal way (except that, yes, it is, because the CG work is fantastic), but I really find the perspective interesting. Also, I totally have a thing for that style that's like all those CG games, you know?
    [ link ] - .....*wibbles* Hugs and almost-kisses and CG like from CG games and bright colors while still being so many blues and rain and this one really hit me the right way.
    [ link ] - I've always sort of liked b&w when used well, which this artist does. Sora especially looks great and I love the wing-thingies in the background.
    [ link ] - Very, very pretty colors on this one, they're light and almost glowing and I love their hair and everything about this image.
    [ link ] - It's kinda cool to see that scene where Sora runs to catch Riku's hand on the island as darkness swirls around him, only with their KHII designs.
    [ link ] - I don't think I could describe this if I tried. Except to say: SO FREAKING CUTE OMG.
    [ link ] - I have a weakness for white backgrounds and light colors like this. Also, Riku/Sora omg yay.
    [ link ] - The Christmas chibi cuteness owns me so hard. ♥
    [ link ] - Very nice Riku/Sora illustration.
    [ link ] - Completely hot almost!kiss with Riku and Sora from towards the end of KHII and god it's so pretty.
    [ link ] - Nicely done fanart of Riku crowning Sora, the surprisingly bittersweet but not emo feeling of this one is well done.
    [ link ] - Adorable Christmas fanart and Sora in his Halloween Town outfit and a matching Riku one! So much cute.

Kingdom Hearts - Roxas x Axel:
    [ link ] - Awww! Protective!Axel holding an unconscious Roxas and it's the way the expression is so intense or the really cool details that I think I like here.
    [ link ] - Axel and Roxas fan-comic and it's just... aww, they are so incredibly gay and the ending is totally touching and I love, love, love the way she shades and the way she draws hair.
    [ link ] - Roxas/Axel smut! (Meaning: Not Work Safe) And, yes, in that order. Which I'm kind of developing a thing for, I don't know why. But it's also a very nice sketch and I like the warm golds and reds of the image.
    [ link ] - Axel/Roxas smut this time and, again, there's something about the not-quite-sketch style, the soft colors, the hotness of the pose, or maybe the expressions on their face, something about it.
    [ link ] - What I really like about this one is the way their eyes stand out from the rest of the darkness of the image, the hint of Roxas' blonde hair, the way they're so close here, the look on Axel's face, aww.
    [ link ] - Omg! Roxas so cute! As is Axel in the background with the hearts and the picture of Roxas, but... the really neat thing about this one is the pretty way the coloring and lineart go together.
    [ link ] - Very cool poster-style art for Roxas and Axel and I really like the use of colors and style the artist has. You'd think the orange background would turn me off, but somehow I like it.
    [ link ] - I love the coloring of this Axel/Roxas image, there's something about the softener filter or the shading or something that reminds me of j-fanart and why I'm so addicted to it, except in an e-fanartist this time! <3
    [ link ] - Another Axel/Roxas in the same style as the above, this time in an adorable picture format and there's ICE CREAM, AWWW.
    [ link ] - Omg, chibi Axel with the devil horns is the cutest thin in the world. Plus, Roxas is pretty. :D
    [ link ] - Roxas and chibi!Axel who has DEVIL HORNS. They're both just... SO CUTE, OMG. XD
    [ link ] - Axel and Roxas playing strip poker by itself would have been enough to make me go ♥, but when it's actually pretty and I love the sharp b&w lines? Even better.
    [ link ] - More Roxas/Axel smut (Meaning NWS) and there's just something about the b&w sketch of it, the way Roxas leans over, the way they're pressed against each other, the long lines of their body. I liked it.
    [ link ] - Very pretty close up of Axel and Roxas, the bright, vibrant colors probably being my favorite part of it. I love the way their eyes seem to almost glow.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Axel/Roxas and the use of red and gold and orange here is really very cool.
    [ link ] - Really cool b&w lineart, I love the way Axel's glove seems to practically come off the page/screen, the use of perspective/whatever to make it almost 3D is kinda awesome.
    [ link ] - So NOT WORKSAFE. Man, Di-chan draws the best KHII porn. From XIII x Riku to ROXAS X AXEL, YES. Not only is her art gorgeous like whoa, not only are her details fantastic, the hair detailed and spikey like I like it, the folds and drapes of clothing lovely, they're hot. Also, she has a fantastic sense of humor and I luffs her muchly. ♥
    [ link ] - Chibi Roxas and Chibi Axel and there's retardation and then there's even kissing~!
    [ link ] - I have apparently made it my mission to seek out every last piece of Roxas x Axel fanart (yes, in that order) and this one totally made my day. The b&w lineart is lovely and I really adore the strong use of black to constrast against the white and I love how you don't actually see that much, but it's still one of the hottest things ever.
    [ link ] - I might quibble that Axel's eyes should be green, but I otherwise really like this one of the two of them leaning in towards each other, foreheads touching. The quiet intimacy illustrations always get me. *wibble*
    [ link ] - *snickersnort* This is great, the whole thing is cute, Axel trying to get Roxas to trust him instead of going with the other and then... the ending and hee hee hee. ♥
    [ link ] - More comic strip amusement with Axel and Roxas and this time with Namine and that's a hilarious ending yet again. XDDDD
    [ link ] - Nice CG-style image of Roxas and Axel, very bright, pretty colors. I especially kinda like the way Roxas' eyes and hair look here, so shiny! XD
    [ link ] - Roxas/Axel all kittified shouldn't be this neat, but somehow it is. The detail and bright colors of this are really pretty cool.
    [ link ] - Omg, this is beautiful! Roxas and Axel fighting back to back, in their black robes, surrounded by Heartless and fire and the colors are these beautiful oranges and golds and reds and asdlfjaldfjalksj, beautiful!
    [ link ] - God, the soft, gentle pastel colors combined with chibi art combined with adorable concept (Roxas and Axel sharing ice cream as chibis) just GETS ME.
    [ link ] - The detail around Roxas' face here is really, really nice, his hair looks fantastic, the b&w style really lets the artist's talent show.
    [ link ] - I really like any time Roxas and Axel kiss. Plus, the colors of this one are nice.
    [ link ] - Axel and Roxas being XD and >_o respectively and I adore what dorks they can be as much as I love the neat styling of the clothes, the Organization design on Roxas' shirt and the way everything looks here.
    [ link ] - Roxas and Axel leaning against each other and I really love the sharp black outlines of this piece, it's somehow really pretty here.
    [ link ] - Have I linked this before? It seems like something I would link. Because it's pretty and the ending totally made me laugh out loud.
    [ link ] - While I like the Roxas/Axel aspect to this, I like the look on their faces, the poses with Roxas' keyblade at Axel's throat, it's actually the keyblade itself. Oathkeeper looks fantastic here.
    [ link ] - Very sweet Roxas/Axel in modern clothes, the forehead touching is always heartwarming.
    [ link ] - Nice coloring (I like the bright red of Axel's hair) and a great fighting pose for the two of them.
    [ link ] - More cute Roxas/Axel, the bright, sunny colors working well here.
    [ link ] - I like the concept of this, Roxas on one side, Axel on the other.
    [ link ] - I really like the composition of this, the way you can only see their feet. Very cool pose.
    [ link ] - And, finally, the Christmas chibis of Roxas and Axel. Yet again, SO CUTE.

Kingdom Hearts - Roxas:
    [ link ] - Wow! Really, really kickass Roxas in his OrgXIII black robe and with the two keyblades and a black background and it's just... cool.
    [ link ] - I know I shouldn't be amused by Roxas in a maid's outfit, but I really love the colors and the artist's style, it's very pretty.
    [ link ] - Really kick-ass use of b&w tones and detail in this illustration of Roxas with his black robe and two keyblades. It'd be a gorgeous doujinshi, yes.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Roxas, the almost-too-bright, airy colors work really well here.
    [ link ] - Interesting use of colors here.
    [ link ] - I really like the use of colors here, especially for Roxas' eyes, but there's also a ton of detail. <3
    [ link ] - Seriously, anything Halloween with the KH characters has this magical ability to be awesome 95% of the time and this one is no exception at all. Roxas looks amazing, the detail and style of this is fantastic. *_*

Kingdom Hearts - Axel:
    [ link ] - I love the use of sharp reds and blacks with just a hint of green for his eyes with this illustration. Plus. Well. Fire pretty, yes. :D
    [ link ] - AWW! Chibi Axel Valentine image that is the CUTEST THING EVER. I mean. The expression! The heart-shaped cookie! The colors! The chibi! It's all just adorably perfect.
    [ link ] - Oh, god, this little chibi-esque Axel reaching up for the stars and going XD is the cutest thing.
    [ link ] - Axel looking nicely hot with the black thorn-looking... uh... electricity? Magic? Whatever that is right before he summons the steering wheels. XD
    [ link ] - Dude. Pirate!Axel. Awesome! Plus, holy shit, those details. *_*
    [ link ] - asldkfjalsdjkfl;aksdf. Quite possibly the (ha ha) hottest Axel fanart I've ever seen. *__* Seriously gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Close-up on Axel. The way there aren't a whole lot of inked lines except in his face creates a neat effect here.
    [ link ] - Really gorgeous redesign for Axel, along with a great pose for him.
    [ link ] - More cel-style art, the look on Axel's face is really kinda cool.
    [ link ] - Pirate!Axel drawn really well, the whole effect is awesome.
    [ link ] - Axel surrounded by fire, the background looks nice and the colors are well-done.
    [ link ] - Gorgeous, RL-esque style image of Axel, the reds and greens so very vibrant here.

Kingdom Hearts - Kairi:
    [ link ] -
    [ link ] - An interesting take on Kairi, as the picture labels it, Deathbringer!Kairi. I like the way the artist designed her look, too.

Kingdom Hearts - Riku x Sora x Kairi:
    [ link ] - Pretty, peaceful, sweet, lovely fanart of the trio laying back in the grass.

Kingdom Hearts - Other:
    [ link ] - I have a thing for Riku/Kairi and this one has some nice colors and a surprising amount of cool little details when you put it on full view.
    [ link ] - Cute Kairi/Namine fanart, their clothes look nice.
    [ link ] - Organization Gakuen fills me with a glee I cannot express with words. Especially with Axel as the main character.
    [ link ] - I really like the way this Halloween Roxas and Namine fanart looks.
    [ link ] - More pretty Roxas and Namine, this time with a fusing with FFVII that's really cool.
    [ link ] - And yet more Roxas/Namine, I liked the sheets of paper swirling around them.
    [ link ] - Axel in a uniform skirt is never not funny. This fanart is no exception.
    [ link ] - Another really pretty Kairi/Namine, the light and airy colors are perfect for them here.
    [ link ] - Beautifully done Riku/Kairi at sunset/sunrise, I love the colors of this one.

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