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    [ link ] - Really nice colors on this Ritsuka.
    [ link ] - Another adorable Ritsuka.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Ritsuka, with glasses. <3
    [ link ] - Beautiful Ritsuka, I love the coloring of it especially.
    [ link ] - Cute Soubi and Ritsuka fanart.
    [ link ] - I really like the way your gaze drawn to Soubi's eyes here and the coloring for his hair is shiny. :D
    [ link ] - Cute and adorable little Ritsuka illustration, I think the artist's style works well with the character.
    [ link ] - Ooh, I adore the softened look to this b&w image of Ritsuka, the lines of the image are so pretty that the whole thing just works together.
    [ link ] - OMG, this is beautiful. The lines are fantastic, it looks really professional and you could almost mistake it for official art. Just... love.
    [ link ] - *fangirls* Several adorably cute mini-comics and then a Ritsuka/Soubi "Who's on top??" fanart that's not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite work-safe. ....and we all know which way I'm pulling for. >D
    [ link ] - Aww, this is an adorable happy!Ritsuka fanart that actually has some really nice lines to it, the whole thing is so sharp and clean!
    [ link ] - Lovely WIP of Soubi, Ritsuka, and Yuiko! The lines are lovely and the expressions lovely and just... yeah, the whole thing is soft and pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Seimei, holding a heart and... blood splatters in the background? Somehow entirely appropriate. Not to mention Seimei looks lovely and so... Seimei.
    [ link ] - Awwwww! *squeaks happily* Cute Ritsuka/Soubi fanart with sleepy!Ritsuka draped across Soubi's lap. How could I not squeak happily?
    [ link ] - I really love ryo_hakkai's colors, they make her images just glow. And I like the way she often includes Yuiko in her illustrations, which makes this a nice little group illustration.
    [ link ] - Uwaaaah! Soubi with his arms around Ritsuka, both of them on their knees, and somehow this just... feels like the series, that dull, muted ache sort of feel that permeates everything, even the happier moments.
    [ link ] - I am always happy to skip gleefully over to illustrations where Soubi is kissing blushing!Ritsuka on the cheek, especially when the basic lineart of the image is really good, like it is here.
    [ link ] - WOW, this is gorgeous. The details, the coloring, the soft shading, the lines, the almost-kiss, the expressions on their faces, the way it looks like professional CGing from a game or somesuch... wow, just SO PRETTY. *__*
    [ link ] - The proportions may be a little off with this one, but the details and colors are still so damned pretty that I'm in danger of drooling on myself, I suspect.
    [ link ] - OMG! Sakki! And LOVELESS! Soubi and Ritsuka! In beautiful traditional clothing! IT IS SO PRETTY THAT I FLAIL IN INCOHERENCE.
    [ link ] - I don't normally do Ritsu-sensei (which may be more because there's not much of the character out there in the first place), but I'm glad I clicked on this link. The artist's shading is really pretty and I really like the way the eyes are accentuated.
    [ link ] - Colored version of a previous sketch and, omg, it's so pretty. The colors used are wonderful and complement the lineart wonderfully and it practically glows and it's got Yuiko, Ritsuka, and Soubi in kimono~~! SO PRETTY.
    [ link ] - Cute lineart of Ritsuka/Soubi, where Ritsuka is cute when he's frustrated.
    [ link ] - Cute oekaki (I assume?) of Ritsuka and Soubi, I think maybe I just like the pose and that the colors seem really well done to me somehow.
    [ link ] - CHIBIS! CHIBIS CHIBIS CHIBIS! I utterly love chibis, honestly. Even if it's a little, "....." inducing, I don't care, because Ritsuka riding on Soubi is adorable in so many ways.
    [ link ] - I love this artist's work so, so much, so to see her do Ritsuka and Soubi? Eeeeee. The CGing is so good that they could almost be official art, honestly, they really do look like trading cards or a pencilboard or some such.
    [ link ] - Chibi animated Ritsuka! That blinks! Cutely! In a big, fluffy, fur-trimmed coat! With pretty colors? What is not to love?
    [ link ] - Tiny little Ritsuka in Soubi's clothes? Including the glasses practically falling off his face? Awwww! ♥
    [ link ] - Whoa, very nicely detailed Ritsuka, the level of effort that must have gone into the clothes and hair and eyes and everything else is tremendous. Plus, that is totally a LOVELESS-style pose!
    [ link ] - I think I just like that the artist really did put in a lot of detail to this image, Ritsuka's clothes and the bandages around his hand look really good.
    [ link ] - I really like the way the sweep of Soubi's hair blends into the flowers here, the way the piece uses these dark golds and greens that somehow really feel like a LOVELESS piece.
    [ link ] - I really like the way Ritsuka's hair falls over his face here and the lovely vivid colors, the way his purple hair contrasts nicely with the bright blue of the sky, and whatever softener the artist used on the image works really nicely.
    [ link ] - Ritsuka in a very bright, vividly colored CG. Which I probably shouldn't like as much as I do, but....
    [ link ] - This completely and utterly hits my submissive Soubi kink. So pretty and so hot. NOT WORK SAFE.
    [ link ] - Ritsuka! Beautiful Ritsuka with gorgeous eyes and pretty rain effect and everything is just fuzzy enough and it's so pretty.
    [ link ] - I think I just like the way the blue of Soubi's eyes stands out amazingly well here and the softness of all the fuzzy fur trim.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god. Ritsuka surrounded by a dozen or more Soubi dolls. SO CUTE. Plus, the coloring and lineart are really pretty good.
    [ link ] - Cute, sweet Ritsuka and Soubi with some nice cel-style coloring to it.
    [ link ] - Beautiful, beautiful Ritsuka bookmark that is gorgeously detailed (I'm in love with his clothes) and gorgeously colored and looks so soft.
    [ link ] - Oh, man, I just never get tired of this kind of coloring, especially for a series like LOVELESS where the jewel-tone-like colors fit well. Plus, hey, semi-chibis!
    [ link ] - Cute Ritsuka and Soubi illustration, there's just something about it that I like.
    [ link ] - I don't think I've seen this one of Ritsuka and Soubi from this artist before? Regardless, it's beautiful.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Youji and Natsuo Valentine's Day fanart, the colors are amazing and I love, love the clothes.
    [ link ] - I really love the colors of this one of Soubi and Ritsuka, their eyes are lovely.
    [ link ] - Another cute Valentine's Day image, this time with Soubi, Ritsuka, and Seimei.
    [ link ] - .....I'm just sort of a sucker for this style of design, all right? Plus, Ritsuka looks cute done in all light purple here.
    [ link ] - I love the coloring style here, so many different shades coming together, then mixed with something that's almost like sunlight filtering through leaves and it makes Soubi and Ritsuka look beautiful.
    [ link ] - I. Uh. MaynotentirelyhateSeimeixRitsuka. Especially not when it comes to nicely done CG fanart like this where I really like the hair and ears.
    [ link ] - Awww! Cute Ritsuka and maybe I'm just feeling soft because of the flower in his hair. <3
    [ link ] - How've I managed to miss this one for so long? Beautiful sunset colors with Ritsuka and I love the way his clothes and hair match without losing him.
    [ link ] - *wibbles like mad* Ritsuka and Soubi and chibis and gorgeous coloring and hand holding and beautiful coloring and scarf sharing and... it's an effort not to spazflail over this one. A great effort.
    [ link ] - Very, very nice oekaki of Soubi, I love the look of his eyes as he looks through his hair.     [ link ] - Okay. The LOVELESS piggyback just owns me. Srsly.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Ritsuka illustration.
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored Soubi and Ritsuka and makes me want more of them. T___T
    [ link ] - I love the softened colors with Ritsuka here, the way it's almost hazy but the lines are still somehow so sharp, it's one of my favorite styles. Plus, I love Ritsuka's clothes. ♥
    [ link ] - More just lovely Ritsuka and Soubi coloring and I'm utterly charmed by Ritsuka's clothes and ears.
    [ link ] - I really like this one, it's almost like... not chalk or charcoal, but something that creates a hazier style and it works so well with the colors here.
    [ link ] - I love the concept of this one, Ritsuka on one side with the chain around his neck, Soubi on the other fighting, both of them surrounded by what seems like miles and miles of ribbons and somehow the b&w quality of this one only makes it better. The sharp lineart and then soft shading around their hair and eyes... lovely.
    [ link ] - Okay, this isn't technically a piece of fanart, but the coloring is fan-done and it's so pretty and I really like what the artist did with it, so onto the list it goes.
    [ link ] - .....okay. Ritsuka and younger!Soubi should not be this damn cute. But they are. ♥
    [ link ] - I like something about this one a lot, something about the multiple highlights in purples and blues, something about the clothes and the poses, something that really reminds of the official art.
    [ link ] - I may have linked this one before, but I kind of really don't care because it's beautiful, the way the artist draws their hair and clothes, the soft, pale colors, the manga delicateness, all so very, very pretty.
    [ link ] - B&w comic style and the screentones are beautiful, I love the layout of this one.     [ link ] - Another b&w comic style fanart that uses beautiful shading/screen toning and, god, Ritsuka and Soubi look so pretty.
    [ link ] - Very cute Ritsuka fanart, there's something about the lines of it that I like.
    [ link ] - This is a beautiful Soubi fanart, the colors and textures of it are just stunning, from Soubi's hair to the fluffy white jacket. Just... so, so pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Cute Ritsuka fanart that I like because of the clothes and attention to detail with just about everything. It's just... neat.
    [ link ] - After browsing the artist's Naruto and Bleach stuff, I'm happy to see LOVELESS art, too, especially when the cel-style art and the gorgeous colors/details are so, so pretty with Ritsuka and Soubi.
    [ link ] - Very detailed Ritsuka art with a lot of random bits of clothing and accessories that's rather in the style of the original manga.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Halloween Ritsuka and Soubi, the colors are very lovely, very bright and glowing, but the basic lines are lovely as well.
    [ link ] - CHIBIS MAKING A SNOWMAN! The cutest snowman ever, too, omg.
    [ link ] - Pretty Ritsuka fanart, his expression is so... sad, yet adorable.
    [ link ] - Pretty Zero boys and Ritsuka, I like the way their hair looks and the soft colors.

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