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Marvel - Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men:

    I kind of keep watching this gifset from when Thor got into the plane to pick Loki up, like, over and over. You know those reunion moments that are built up through time between movies and even the beginning of a new movie? And how they have to be done perfectly to be satisfying? Holy crap, this one was so satisfying. Picking Loki up by the collar, Thor's hand on his throat and jaw like that, the sheer posessiveness of it and anger and relief and love and just everything in that moment. I think that's when I knew, yeah, I was onboard this train. It certainly didn't help that, as the movie went along, Thor's ENTIRE MOTIVATION was LOKI LOKI LOKI! How am I supposed to resist that?
    "Sorry for my brother, guys, but thatís ok, I just take him home."
    Something about this gifset of the Avengers needing good PR is beautifully done and makes it nearly impossible for me to not crack up every time.
    I was sort of not sure how to parse my feelings on Clint/Natasha, because I liked the idea, but I wasn't sure how it would translate re: my feelings to fic. Then I saw this gorgeous fanart and, okay, I am definitely two steps closer to really needing a lot of fic where they make out.
    I would watch the shiiiiiiiit out of this sitcom.
    And then we have one more step closer to saying YES ALL THE CLINT/NATASHA FIC PLZ.
    Thor/Loki sketchdump that is not quite porny all the way, but is definitely NSFW.
    Loki - God of Fire is really pretty with the magic effects.
    Ugh. So many feels for Thor - "Forgive me, Brother."
    A three page comic (one, two, and three) that's got some non-con elements, but is beautifully drawn and angsty just like I wanted. NSFW.
    Also what I wanted? Straight-up, NSFW THOR/LOKI PORN, YES.
    Oh, good. More Thor/Loki kissing. Well, close to kissing. It's borderline NSFW. And it's pretty gorgeous.
    I cackled way too hard at this mini-comic. Thor will always love Loki, no matter if he's adopted!
    Well, hello, naked kissing times. NSFW.
    A re-imagined post-quinjet brawl scene that is both heartbreaking and totally hot.
    Fuck all of you, kitty ears on Loki are awesome.
    Thor picking Loki up to take him home after that scene in Stark Towers and the atmosphere of heartbreak and love between them is just, ugh, FEELINGS. It's gorgeously done, too.
    Dramatic!Loki is always somehow heartbreaking to me.
    Oh, goddammit, Loki in modern clothes is way too good looking.
    Tarzan!Thor and Loki is something that I totally needed in my life, yes.
    As I watched this set of dancing characters go through each cycle of the animation, I got more and more sucked into it, letting out one of those embarrassing fannish breathy "oh"s by the end. Fuck all of you, this is where I live, okay.
    Young!Loki in a fight is gorgeously done.
    Tie-tying is a weakness, yesssss.
    Other things I have a weakness for? Loki curled against Thor's side while Thor puts a hand on his head gently.
    This time it's both Thor and Loki with cat ears. Bless.
    FRIGGA READING TO BABIES!!! I am not sure I can contain my feelings at all this adorableness.
    Over the shoulder Thor/Loki kiss and, oh, is that a collar around Loki's neck? .....hiiiiiii.
    Thor and Loki noticing differences in each other.
    Younger Loki and Thor fighting a bingelsnipe where they look fantastic.
    Thor's hair is always amazing.
    Stop making me laugh, fandom! This shouldn't be as hilarious as I find it! Except, holy shit, that's adorable and omg colors!
    Cat!Loki and Dog!Thor = YES GOOD.
    The tags on this post, in combination with the gifs from the end of the first Thor movie, THEY MAKE ME HAPPY. And make me laugh.
    All Loki wants to do is read and his life is really hard, okay.
    Well. The examination of this scene in the added text has me going to go sob into my pillow tonight now.
    Loki is trying to read, Thor. Stop making his life difficult. No, wait, I mean don't ever stop. NSFW.
    Oh, FUCK YOU, Jeremy Renner, I am not getting involved in your Jeremy Renner/Scarlett Johansson rpf. No. And fuck you again. Seriously. Fuck your adorableness.
    You are all going to have to go on without me because I cannot handle anything anymore, because I am now just going to lie here, trying not to feel everything at once.
    Fuck you and your feels. I am not reading your hipster fanfic inspiration for Thor/Loki feels. And I am NOT opening that fic link in a new tab right this second. Nope.
    So, after the Avengers version, now there is an X-Men version of needing some good press. Oh, laughter.
    I find myself looking at a bunch of Loki gifs and having way more feelings than I ever used to now. I'm not sure if I'm good with this or not yet. Seriously, what are my feelings even doing anymore?
    I had this same thought, but eventually dismissed Loki speaking in English as being one of those "I doubt they really speak English, either, so they probably have some magical power that lets everyone understand them no matter what language, because they are gods. And then, oh, right, Allspeak.
    I'm kind of screaming right now because Tom Hiddleston with cat ears is, like, the best thing this fandom could do.
    OH GODDAMMIT FUCKING FEELINGS every time I see precious darling Loki's face. I hate my feelings right now.
    I seriously just about cried with laughter at Loki and Sleipnir here. And then got into a conversation with Siobhan about Norse mythology being the original mpreg series and how, yeah, I'm even more okay with that than usual. Wtf is my life even doing anymore.
    This is an interesting discussion about Loki's motivations in the movie and something that I'd been slowly piecing together but this threw it into a lot more clarity. That final shot in the movie with the final villain? I'm pretty sure that's fucking Thanos. YOU DON'T MESS WITH THANOS. Once Loki has himself trapped in this role, it's not just about unleashing the Chitauri on the Earth, it's about how it's too late for Loki to escape Thanos anymore. He can't let Thor help him, even if he wants to let Thor help him, because THANOS. Either this plan works or he's dead. Worse than dead. And I find myself really hoping that Thor 2 (or at least a fic author) deals with this all coming to light and we get into the really sticky issues between them, because it's not just that Loki's being all secretly woobie or anything, he really is off his rocker in a lot of ways, so full of anger and arrogance. But I think there's more to it than that and a;sdflkja;slkjakl I want it so bad.
    Oh, sweet jesus, these outfits are killing me.
    I really am delighted by all of these tags describing Loki's day according to timestamp. It's "#5:02 convince Hawkeye he is in fact a hawk" that always gets me the most because l;asdkfjal;skjlakjs crying that is the most beautiful thing ever.
    I hate feelings and what they're doing to me because, ugh, HIS FACE.
    Have I said enough times yet that Loki's face is amazing?
    Ugh. This Loki fanart of him when he was younger has some gorgeous colors, too.
    So, I keep watching these gifs, even though I've seen them before a bunch of times, because this is the moment that really tipped me over into shipping Thor/Loki. The way Thor grabs him by the collar to haul him up, then his hand on Loki's throat/jaw, the sheer intensity in that moment, the way there was such a charge to it.
    More PRECIOUS ADORABLE BABIES with all of the Avengers.
    Another one of Loki and Thor with the bingelsnipe and this one is totally hilarious. And then the more serious aftermath of the fight which is a) beautiful and b) totally filled with feels.
    xparrot linked this Loki motivations discussion and it was super interesting! I would read the shiiiiiiit out of that fic.
    But then it also sparked this discussion, which was already in my head, but catalyzed by the post and I just have a lot of thoughts/feelings on what I feel like MUST be going on with Loki in the movie to get his motivations and actions to make sense to me. Because, honestly, if something more wasn't going on with him (even if it was just that he was terrified out of his mind about Thanos, which, you know, is probably smart of him), I will flip all the tables for it making no narrative sense.
    Look, I just have a whole lot of feelings for Thor/Loki hugs, all right.
    Gorgeous fanart of Loki on the throne, wow.
    Another gorgeous series of images of Thor, Captain America, and Loki, where the colors and detail are amazing.
    Thor/Loki kiss in black and white that has some really stunning lineart to it. I also really like the artist's Loki in color and Thor babysitting baby!Loki and Thor/Loki blood licking.
    Oh, man, Athena-chan is one of my favorite artists and her Loki art is just as gorgeous as everything she does.
    ANIMAL AVENGERS, yesssss, they are the cutest.
    Nicely done Thor and Loki stare-off in a light sepia.
    While I'm getting all up on the Marvel art, here, a stunningly gorgeous Scarlet Witch. If Wanda isn't in the Avengers movies at some point (or the X-Men movies, I'd be okay with that, too) I am going to flip all the tables.
    Loki's return to Asgard with Odin and, ugh, feelings.
    Loki and Sleipnir! Happy Mother's Day! Oh, this fandom is the best.
    Thor kissing Loki's forehead (and everything of Loki's face) is beautifully done.
    I never seem to tire of really lovely Loki portraits in fanart.
    More Thor/Loki forehead kissing, yes and thank you.
    Getting back to the rest of the Marvel universe--Gambit and Rogue being super pretty.
    Another gorgeous Wanda piece, ugh, I love her so much.
    Ororo in a gorgeous outfit that I totally want to be a real thing.
    I think I'm partial to Namora just because she has such a great character design.
    Another beautiful Loki portrait with colorssss.
    Rogue in flight.
    You know who is always precious? babyLoki, ugh, darling.
    Okay, Loki and Thor as djs should not be this intriguing to me.
    TINY BABY KITTY LOKI AND CRYING KITTY LOKI BABY oh sweet jesus what are my feelings even doing anymore.
    It's not something I crave all the time, but every so often an artist does a really gorgeous Thor and Loki genderswap that turns out to be really cool.
    A beautiful sketch of Loki that has some great texture and colors.
    Polaris, Magneto, Havok, Scarlet Witch, and Val Cooper. If you switched Val out for Pietro and added in Crystal, this would be my favorite thing ever. The way their family reaches pretty much EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING in the Marvel universe always makes me laugh. Seriously, they've covered the Avengers, the X-Men, and even the Inhumans!
    Omgggggg, Billy with tiny!Teddy kissing his cheek is the most adorable EVER.
    Gooooorgeous Billy fanart because apparently I'm off in the Young Avengers corner of fandom again. Oh, like I ever left.
    More Billy fanart that's gorgeous. And a b&w/sepia one of Billy and Tommy.
    I love love love this Rogue sketch and the light, airy colors.
    Stunning use of red in this Black Widow image, wow.
    Loki with his knees folded up as he sleeps against them inspires a lot of feelings again.
    Thor holding an injured Loki in Frost Giant form. And another by the same artist, of Loki working a spell that has the same lovely colors. OH AND THOR AND KIDLET!LOKI WHO IS SITTING ON HIS SHOULDER, YES. (I totally cheat on my NO JIM UNTIL THIS MOVIE THING HAS RUN ITS COURSE with fanart. Because I can never resist fanart.)
    More beautiful Wanda art. And a gorgeous one from Adam Hughes.
    One of the greatest pieces of Avengers fanart I've ever seen is All Ages Scarlet Witch which is a comic I would read the absolute shit out of, for real.
    Oh, man, Medusa and her hair are still as stunning as ever.
    I still have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to finding Namor really goddamned hot, but... well, that fanart is gorgeous.
    Hulk and Hawkeye working together., I think I'm glad they didn't try to adapt Clint's costume into the movies. ilu, Clint, but it's still hilarious.
    More Thor and kidlet!Loki as they're in the woods on a walk together.
    Gorgeous fanart of Loki in full armor, yes.
    Thor and Loki when they were younger, interacting as brothers do.
    Natasha and Clint and their weapons.
    Loki commanding the crowd to kneel in mostly b&w with splashes of color that look amazing.
    Okay. Okay. Lady Loki in Lolita is kind of ridiculously pretty.
    Oh, Loki / Born To Rule in closeup is so gorgeous.
    I like the way this artist thinks. Yes. WHAT IF WHEN THEY GOT BACK TO ASGARD? WHAT IF? (Just a smidge nsfw.)
    Thor and kidlet!Loki in the most precious of hugs.
    More Loki art with colorsssssss.
    Have I gone on about this piece yet? In the aftermath of their epic adventure fight against the bingelsnipe? Because I really love it so much. Feelings. ;__;
    I would read this fic, the more cracked out, the better. Or semi-serious if they could manage it.
    Slightly younger Thor and Loki returning home. I like how Thor apparently doesn't know how to wear a shirt. Thank goodness.
    I am kind of in love with this shot of Tom Hiddleston as Loki on the set because it's one of those that shows just how perfectly he captures Loki's character.
    If you don't read this interview snippet from Tom Hiddleston about the effect his role has and just want to weep with feelings, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU.
    In a way, it's sort of heartbreaking, but it's also hilarious: Loki's reaction face to the above conversation is pure hilarity.
    So, yeah, another gif of the scene in the plane and this one is cut to make it look even more like Thor is about .2 seconds away from kissing Loki than usual.
    Oh, jeez. Thor and Loki chibis and Loki totally hates him, no really. :<
    Goodammit. Thor and Loki graphics are way too ridiculously pretty.
    It's the tags on this gif that make me think, yes, yes, I would read that fic (again), like a hundred times (again).
    I'm laughing right now because this comic is ENTIRELY ACCURATE to at least half of the Thor/Loki fic I've read. (I'm not complaining, btw.)
    So, I pretty much watched this video of the Avengers cast being a bunch of beautiful human beings with my feelings on my sleeve. Goddamn feelings.
    I was hoping to avoid too much of an urge to rewatch the original Thor movie, but this gifset (and the commentary in the tags) is weakening my will something fierce.
    Thor/Loki curled up in bed together with very nicely done sexytimes. NSFW.
    Thor and Loki as precious darling babies and, oh, my heart at the gorgeous colors.
    Oh no. Thor and Loki in suits. My weakness, how did they know.
    Loki cheats at video games is impossibly cute and I would totally want those.
    Where the Wild Avengers Are, I'm not sure I can contain myself at how cute this is.
    Thor kissing Loki's cheek is adorable, aww.
    Okay, I laughed kind of really hard at this.
    Gorgeously drawn Thor and Loki, ahhhhh, so pretty.
    The Avengers in masquerade masks is really cool.
    The Avengers Alternate Ending comic is silly and totally adorable.
    Thor and Loki relaxing on a beautifully sunny day in a watercolors style that's really lovely.
    Loki in full armor is ridiculously good-looking.
    Kidlet versions of Thor and Loki in pjs curled up in bed together and it's the sweetest thing ever.
    Fuck this post and it's tags for talking about that scene on the ground after the plane, where Thor and Loki first reunite. There's so much I want to say about that scene, so much in the subtle little expressions and ways they touch each other, not just about a ship, but about the relationship all the way around. These tags hit on a lot of it, how Loki's response is so telling even without it having to be anviled into us. When he can't hold the trickster grin, when he can't smoothly come up with a witty rejoinder, that's when you know that this is under Loki's skin. And Thor. Oh, Thor. Who is only just beginning to learn how to not merely smash his way through things, but he is not a wordsmith, so it's so hard for him, trying to find his brother again, the one that he loves so dearly, and Loki keeps turning away from him. asl;dfkjalskj FEELINGS, FUCKING FEELINGS.
    I've scrolled by this mini-comic about five times today and I have the same intense reaction every time. Every time.
    So, I got to the fourth set of tags on this post and realized, yes, yes, I would read that Avengers AU fic. I would read it like it was my JOB.
    More Thor and Loki kidlet feels when they used to share a bed because of nightmares as a kid and aaauuuughhh stop it fandom. No, wait, don't stop, ever.
    A rather succinct summary of the Thor/Loki relationship, from Loki's side, anyway.
    Ahhhh, Thor grabbing Loki by the collar, along with some gorgeous lines to this piece, is super appreciated.
    More adorable Loki fanart with pretty colors.
    Well. I just laughed really hard again.
    More terrible laughter.
    Okay. Okay. Fuck every last person on the planet, because the intense Loki feels I now have after this discussion are a weight on my chest that's far too heavy. I know it's a ridiculous thing to get that worked up over fictional characters but I am now filled with all the Loki feelings, so this just makes it worse. It's not necessarily even in a romantic way--though, goodness knows I'm happy to go down that road--just that Thor's affections being turned to someone else deeply wounds Loki and it's... it's not healthy, it's not a good emotional response, it's not balanced or fair. But it breaks my heart all the same.
    This Thor/Loki hug helps bring my feelings back under control a little bit. Or at least redirects them.
    Nobody loves Loki. Except for the bajillion who do.
    I know it's terrible, but this mini-comic from the "You come home." scene makes me laugh every time. (Some )
    Oh, no. Right in the fucking feelings.
    Loki fanart that is gooooorgeous.
    Loki, God of Cats should totally be a thing. Is it a thing? Because it should be.
    Another gorgeous Black Widow fanart.
    I hate the world and all the Loki feels in it and, fuck, I'd just started getting out of that WAH MY HEART mode and now I'm RIGHT BACK THERE because fucking Loki. A lot of the headcanon in this is what I've seen in a lot of fic, but the last part, the idea of why he tried to destroy Jotenheim is a new way of breaking my heart. Excuse me, I need to go do some gross sobbing.
    So, I hate everyone again for this Loki fanart.
    Loki's life is really hard, you guys.
    Loki cat should also be a thing, especially in itty bitty form.
    Baby Brother Knows Best is really lovely. And then another one of just Loki by the same artist.
    I also like this Loki fanart, too.
    Ahhh, a beautiful sketch of Loki in his suit.
    Thor and Loki in modern clothes is pretty great, but not as great as kissing fanart is.
    Loki fanart with really vibrant greens.
    Gorgeous image of Loki in full armor in black & white, a panel from an in-progress doujinshi. Which I clearly want.
    Oh, man, Thor vs Jormungandr is gorgeous.
    Thor and Loki changing shirts in black & white sketch with some very nice lineart.
    Oh, my god, look at these precious Avengers babies holding hands!! The Steve - Natasha - Clint hand-holdings are amazing, but, ugh, Thor - Loki hand-holdings. EXCUSE ME, I MUST GO VOMIT UP FEELS.
    More meta that breaks my heart, on how Thor has viewed Loki's actions through the events of The Avengers. I don't think Thor writes Loki off as being unable to be saved when Loki drops him from the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, because he still tries to get through to Loki in the middle of the Chitauri invasion, but I think this post is right on in a lot of ways, especially how Thor seems to view this as sort of a more severe version of a tantrum from Loki... until he sees that it's not just a tantrum that something is truly wrong here.
    Loki and Thor, back to back, in full armor is very nicely done.
    I DO NOT EVEN CARE if this makes me a terrible person, but I want fic based on this art of Loki with the Avengers waiting on him because, well, mpreg. DO NOT EVEN CARE HOW TERRIBLE THAT MAKES ME.
    Avengers Assembled with the group free falling through the air is really kinda neat.
    NO. NO. FUCK THIS FANART AND EVERY FUCKING FEELING IT GAVE ME. FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME WANT TO CRY AGAIN, I mean, little babies Thor and Loki as Frigga reads a story to them, done gorgeously? NO. FUCK YOU. (excuse me, who allowed this piece of perfection to exist, that's just RUDE)
    More of Frigga and her sons and, jesus, this just punched me in the feelings as hard as the previous one.
    Here, have a bunch of Loki sketches. It's Thor's "explanation" that especially made me laugh.
    I am starting to think that I would threesome ship Steve/Natasha/Clint. Somebody needs to help me out of this.
    Oh, no, Thor and de-aged Loki in the bath, scrubbing the kid's head, THAT IS ADORABLE.
    Loki takes what he wants, okay.
    I don't know what's better: the Pokemon versions of Thor and Loki or the comment about Gengar!Loki's attack. Either way, this is beautiful.
    Run, little Avengers, run! SO ADORABLE.
    Gorgeous black and white image of Loki and Thor, where Thor has just gotten soaked in coffee and Loki is... Loki.
    And more gorgeous fanart, this time of Jotun!Loki on his throne.
    I love mashups of all the things I love--chibis, Thor/Loki, and cat ears. Yes.
    Genderswapped Avengers fanart is pretty gorgeous. And then bonus genderswapped Loki.
    Thor/Loki kiss that's very pretty.
    I may have clapped a hand to my chest and very nearly fucking cooed over Chris Hemsworth's answer to "Your favorite kiss?" Fuck you and all the feelings and your perfect face, Hemsworth.
    Oh, my god. This post (with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in costume on the set) is amazing. THE TAGS, they leave me crying.
    It might be because it's after midnight as I stumble over this, but this Hawkeye manip is leaving me with some awfully shrieky laughter.
    Every so often, you come across a post on tumblr where you realize, yes, you have FOUND YOUR PEOPLE. This is one such post. I honestly don't know what I expected when I hit play, but I don't think it was that. And now you can all shun me, I don't care, I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE. [Some ]
    The captions on this set of gifs are also hilarious.
    I was reading the tags on this post and it talked of Loki's plan to help Thanos get the Infinity Gauntlet and I think I actually physically recoiled in horror because I knew, I KNEW, THAT FUCKING IDEA WOULD HAUNT ME. That Loki is playing the long con here is an idea that just fucking ninja attacked my brain and isn't fucking leaving now. Though, I would also be content with Thanos showing up in Asgard and they have to deal with him that way, just DEAL WITH IT SOMEHOW, but I can't lie. The idea that maybe the ending of The Avengers was part of Loki's larger plan to do something for Thanos, that's going to eat at me now.
    Every time I see this text from Asgard about that "burdened with glorious purpose" line, I lose it.
    Thor and Loki chibis sleeping on each other, animated. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
    Fuck anyone who doesn't understand why I love Thor kissing Loki's hand fanart.
    I love the description of this Thor/Loki fanart: "Loki is in heat(I don't know why he go into heat:D) So he gets out of control himself." YES GOOD. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. (Also, it's pretty. tumblr version.)
    John Everett Millais's Ophelia ver Loki.
    "Green is not a creative color, Loki.", in chibi form and oh SO MANY FEELINGS.
    Thor/Loki morning after, NSFW.
    I'm kind of screaming at how adorable these chibis are.
    "I see you driving 'round town with Thor I love." Yes, good.
    Half-naked Loki with a bright red apple in hand is always appreciated.
    Ahhhhh, colorsssss! This Loki fanart is beautiful.
    Okay, the internet needs to stop kind of making me want to ship Hawkeye/Loki. Like, seriously. (Though, I love Loki hiding behind Thor when the Hulk comes after him.)
    Wow, the detail on Loki's armor is amazing here.
    This post made me laugh, too. []
    Excuse you, giving me this many feelings is just rude.
    Loki is totally awesome at waiting, I don't know what you're talking about. []
    Thor will never spot him here, nope.
    Snow White and the Huntsman AU with Thor and Loki, yesssss.
    The greatest cosplay I will ever see.
    Thor/Loki kiss.
    I'm not sure if I properly ship Tony/Loki or if I just really want the super hot porn.
    This joke has yet to get old. Same for the Pokemon crossovers.
    Gargoyle!Loki and Gargoyle!Thor. Yes, good.
    Excuse you, who gave you permission to be this hilarious and this goddamned adorable? It's RUDE.
    YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. My heart cannot take all the chibi Thor/Loki feels.
    Thor/Loki hugs do make things better.
    Favorite lines from Loki fic, set to gifs from the movies, yessss, this is a good idea.
    Loki with an injured Thor.
    A beautiful piece of Thor and Loki with the glass wall between them and all the ouchy feels.
    Screaming at how badly I want this USB drive, oh my god.
    This took me a moment to get, but when I read the tag on this Loki gif, I laughed hardcore.
    I am currently internally screaming at Loki's hair in a ponytail in this summer at the beach AU art.
    Forehead kisses and apologies make me all ;__; so fuck you for that fandom.
    Goddammit. Fucking Loki feels. And this gif is even more with the fucking Thor/Loki feels.
    Okay, seriously. I cannot ship Hemsworth and Hiddleston because they speak English and THEY MIGHT FIND THE PORN and, no, okay, no. But that also means they need to stop touching each other like that.
    Seriously. I'm not shipping this rpf ship, SO STOP IT. STOP BEING ADORABLE. Fuck you, Hemsworth.
    I am more than okay with NSFW Loki fanart. Anyone who judges me can GTFO.
    Oh, no. Now I want the Inception!Avengers AU like you wouldn't believe. LOKI AS THE MARK. YES.
    Fucking Thor/Loki feelings, goddammit.
    I hate how much this fandom makes me laugh when I feel like a dick for laughing at Loki.
    Sometimes you come across some Loki art with kitty ears and realize all over again, yes, yes you have found your people.
    Same goes for when a series of lolita dresses based on the Avengers' costumes are pretty great but also I NEED THAT LOKI DRESS.
    You know what I never get tired of? Loki and Sleipnir, especially when Sleipnir is in MLP:FiM style.
    Loki meets the Doctor, yesss.
    Avengers Assemble is adorable, especially for Thor holding Loki's hand, who's annoyed and red-faced about it. Yes, good.
    I've seen the first few parts of this tumblr tread about Thor vs Loki borrowing horses, but then I got to the later responses and... this fandom is the fandom of MY PEOPLE.
    Little chibi baby Loki is adorable.
    Loki with Avengers plushies in an animated gif is adorable.
    "So, Loki, what's it like to have Thor right beside you when it's your nap time?" PRECIOUS BB!LOKI'S FACE. Also, from the same askblog.
    Did I link the Tarzan!Thor fanart yet? Because, if not, that is a shame, for I love it so.
    I just-- This Thor, Loki, and Hulk comic is the most adorable thing. Loki's posture in the final image! Yes, perfect.
    This take on Loki and Tony's conversation made me laugh.
    Awww, Loki and his kids.
    Chibis of Thor giving Loki a piggyback ride with their adorable :D expressions, awwwwww.
    Internal screaming at new levels for Thor and Loki chibis as Thor uses Mjolnir to fly and Loki rides on his shoulders. With bonus gorgeous coloring!
    Bawwww, Thor and Loki as kids reading a book together. Fucking feelings.
    Loki in his armor is gorgeous.
    I don't care how many times I see it, this comic of Thor thinking he's found Loki makes me laugh every time.
    Oh, no. Little kitty Loki chibis in various poses, THEY ARE THE CUTEST.
    Gorgeous watercolors on Lady Loki.
    Thor taking care of a sick Loki is pretty A++++. I need that fic, you guys.
    Marvel movieverse characters sorted into Hogwarts houses. Yes, good.
    Thor and Loki with breakfast in bed, Loki only in a shirt and glasses while he reads, Thor trying to distract him, holy shit, I'm not sure I can take this.
    Ahhhhh, Hawkeye and Black Widow in Budapest with some gorgeous color choices.
    Awwww, Young Justice (the cartoon) versions of Dick, Babs, and Tim. MY HEART, you guys.
    Thor and Loki take a walk on Midgard.
    Thor loves his bro, awww.
    Oh, man. Thor and Loki in winter and the detail on this is STUNNING.
    One of the only times a tornado, rainbow, and lightning bolt have been seen together. I am totally onboard with thinking, yes, this is what happens when Thor and Ororo bang. Which I totally wish would be a real thing. (But, then, I also wish Logan/Ororo was a thing and that Pietro/Ororo was still a thing. SIGH.) While I'm talking about the comics here, I do also think it would have been awesome if the X-Men and the Avengers could have been in the same movie, because OH MAN Thor and Ororo working together would be amazing. Though, mostly, I want either the Hulk or Thor giving Logan a fastball special because that would be THE MOST AMAZING. Sigh, but that'll never happen because of the different studios and all.
    I see you stroking Mjolnir there, Hiddleston.
    Steve/Loki art that is also gorgeous.
    "I do not care what you would have, brother." Yes, good.
    Internal screaming at Thor/Loki scarf sharing.
    There is nothing about Thor scolding Loki that is not perfect.
    I love that the final thought on this fanart is, "I wonder if Thor's dick would get frostbite?" MY PEOPLE. p.s. pretty sure it would. ....I'm surprised that hasn't come up in fic yet, what with Loki being an evil little shit and all.
    More gorgeously colored chibi piggyback rides with Thor and Loki.
    Thor and Loki with cats and dogs, yes.
    Thor and Loki on a unicorn. Because fandom can.
    Fucking rpf urges, yet again.
    I've seen this several times, but this line from the Thor script from Loki's burn on Volstagg never gets any less great.
    The retelling of the Thyrm myth in the tags seriously had me laughing until there were tears in my eyes, okay.
    I love the gifset of how Thor is the movie of Loki being a little shit.
    Thor/Loki porn, yes, good.
    A cute fanart of Thor and Loki hugs that's actually sweet.
    Adorable Thor and Loki chibis as Thor tries to get his brother to come home again.
    Beautifully done b&w fanart of Thor and Loki, where Loki wants the Tesseract back and Thor just wants Loki back. MY HEART, sob.
    Ahhhh, beautifully colored Thor and Loki fanart again.
    Thor shushing Loki.
    AVENGERS ANIMALS part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - There was some serious internal screeching going on over here, especially when I got to #4, SCREAMS, MY PEOPLE LET ME LOVE YOU FOR ALWAYS.
    I'm pretty sure this is what we all would have liked to have done to that glass wall Loki was behind.
    Not precisely porn, but still naked Loki wrapping his arms and legs around naked Thor is super pretty and still NSFW.
    Loki straddling Thor's lap is very nice, too.
    Ahhhh, gorgeous, intense Loki fanart with great use of limited color.
    Thor and Loki in suits, yes, please.
    This artist did a MOE MOE series for the Avengers, yes, good. Loki - Thor - Iron Man - Hawkeye - Captain America - Hulk
    Have I linked the alternate subs for the Tony/Loki convo? I probably have. They still make me laugh.
    Right now, I hate the internet and all its Loki feels because I can't handle all of them, sob.
    And then more fucking Thor/Loki feels, with gifs + song lyrics that are kind of making me want to cry.
    Loki's reactions when people talk about Thor, yes, good. [SPOILERS]
    You guys are lucky I don't instantly reblog every gorgeous Loki photo I see, because IT IS A STRUGGLE NOT TO.
    Fuck all of you and your fucking Thor/Loki feels.
    I may have linked this one before. I don't care. Gorgeously colored Loki fanart, yes.
    Never enough Thor/Loki hugs. Never.
    It's the last one of this series of Asgard Family macros that really sealed this for me.
    Oh. Suit porn and Loki sitting in Thor's lap with an arm around his shoulder. This artist knowsssss me.
    Thor's solution to the Coke problem made me laugh.
    Little kitty Loki does what he wants, Thor, which includes bathing in a teacup. Adorable.
    I did one of those internal screeches at this post. One of those REALLY LOUD internal screeches that was followed by shrieking laughter.
    A gifset of Loki starting to talk about his anger in the post-quinjet scene. I was originally just going to let it pass, trying to save up my feels for a longer, more comprehensive post somewhere, but then I was weak, shut up. [SPOILERS]
    I agree with this discussion of the scene on Stark Tower with Thor and Loki.
    I would totally read a fic with Loki being the villain on purpose, because that'd be super fun.
    Why do you make me hurt you? The one I want to protect above everything? Well, fuck you guys, I didn't need my heart anyway.
    Thor missed his brother, oh, no, so many feels. ;__; Especially the way Loki's just knocked right off his feet and Thor's got his arms around him and that one protective hand at the back of Loki's head, EXCUSE ME, I NEED A MINUTE TO FEEL THINGS.
    Oh, good, Thor/Loki sexytimes, good. NSFW.
    Goooorgeous Loki, Fenrir, and Sleipnir fanart, wow. The fullview on devART is even better.
    Another gorgeous Loki fanart with him turning Jotun when he touches the casket and you guys have noooo idea how badly I want to see Loki use that Casket, especially in a fight against, say, Thanos.
    I am trying very hard not to be one of those fans, the ones that scream at every Tom Hiddleston interview or speech, but I am rapidly approaching that. Also, jesus, this is not helping me to not ship you two, Hemsworth and Hiddleston!
    However, this one of RDJ and Chris Hemsworth makes me laugh, especially with the tag.
    It's the music that's perfect with this set of Loki gifs. [SPOILERS]
    So, this is an amazing and hilarious gif.
    You ever have one of those internal screeching moments because you love something so much? Yeah, that's me about a dozen times a day in this fandom. But, come on, Thor and Loki solve their differences through MarioKart? With Thor as Mario and Loki as Luigi? That deserves some internal screeching.
    Okay, more internal shrieking laughter because this fandom is beautiful.
    Oh, nooooo. Fanart of Thor asking if Loki's okay and my precious baaaaabiiiiiiieeees. [SPOILERS]
    Flipping tables is not enough for Loki's anger management.
    I cackled at this fanart as well.
    Oh. Gorgeous fanart is gorgeous.
    Beautiful fanart of Loki casting a spell on Thor. While they're naked in the water together. Yes, good.
    Ahhhh, gorgeous Loki photoset with some great coloring.
    I'm just going to roll around and cry from lolz for awhile while I embrace how fandom can dirty up EVERYTHING when it comes to Loki.
    I don't care how many times I see it, jiuge's Loki art is always STUNNING.
    Oh. That Animal Avengers image that's going around is great, but bonus art for it is EVEN BETTER, oh my god.
    Well. This gifset just crushed my heart.
    Yeah. I laughed quite hard at this fusion.
    This Thor fanart is so darling.
    I love that I didn't even have to click on Play to know what song went with this Loki gif.
    Dishevelled Loki in a bathrobe looking most displeased. Why, yes, this is very welcome.
    Watch it for the color porn INDEED.
    I need to go to bed by this point, because Thor forgiving Loki and Loki's face and body language are threatening to make me tear up.
    Thor with a cat and Loki with a dog are both super amazing and perfect.
    I'm just-- All of thse are amazing, but #4 just-- Excuse me, I have to curl up under the desk and try not to hyperventilate from lolz.
    I would read this in a fic.
    Yeah, this is about how my headcanon goes, too.
    .....yeah, well, fuck you, Hiddleston. If I start shipping you with Chris Hemsworth, it's going to be all your own fault.
    p.s. Stop being so goddamned good-looking.
    It's the bonus gif on this post of Tom Hiddleston talking about Loki that really gets me.
    I hate myself, but I'm not saying no to Hulk and Loki. HULK SMOOCH indeed.
    Excuse you and your face, that's just rude.
    Also rude? Half naked Loki fanart that's way too gorgeous. RUDE.
    You know what I would watch the shit out of? A Thor anime. Fuck you, I would eat that up like candy.
    Loki and Sleipnir running through a field together, fuck, this is really sweet. So is Loki with the rest of his kids, too. UGH, FEELINGS.
    Oh, lord. Thor and his new baby brother (who has kitten ears) is so adorable I may just have to curl up on the floor and you'll have to leave me there.
    I kind of have ridiculous feelings for Thor and Jotun!Loki who is wearing a crown of ice.
    Excuse me, I need to fly into a shrieking fit over Thor and Loki in a Cinderella prompt where it's midnight and Loki's turning back into Jotun form.
    The coloring on this post-Avengers Thor and Loki fanart is gorgeous. [SPOILERS]
    This post is a really fascinating look at Loki and gender, which is a topic I've been itching to dive into. There's not a lot of hard evidence in the movieverse canon itself (and much of Loki's gender fluidity seems to be born of either his comics counterpart stealing Sif's body or from the original mythology where he became a mare and gave birth to Sleipnir) but this post does a gorgeous job of pointing out the parallels and circumstances that Loki could find himself in. And I think that's one of the best things fandom has done with Loki--they've taken this character and given him such a wide range of being genderqueer and genderfluid and possibly trans* (or as a metaphor for being trans*--why his body may have always felt wrong to him, why something always felt off about himself), all in the scope of being incredibly sympathetic and obviously incredibly loved. He may be a villain in the canon, but fandom doesn't treat him that way. So an essay about Loki and gender and sexuality is fascinating. While I think fandom tends to exaggerate some things (I rewatched the movie and the Warriors 3 + Sif seemed to accept Loki fairly well, it's not as acrimonious as much of fandom would portray), it is still true that the Asgard we see is not a progressive place, gender-wise, no. And I think it's fascinating to tie up Loki's potential issues in Thor--who is the epitome of masculine (and super fucking hot), which he may be drawn to, but also hate at the same time because of everything his issues are wrapped around. (And, oh, that Natasha point is something I definitely want to chew on some more.)
    JUST HUG IT OUT GUYS, I am in favor of this plan.
    Thor, he is TRYING TO READ, STOP BEING RUDE. Except, no, wait, continue as you were.
    Loki and Thor in a Disney-esque-style AU which is so good for me you don't even know.
    Oh, look at this darling little shit, I love Loki so.
    I am having a case of the rpf feels again. This time with Evans and Hiddleston.
    At the same time, jfc, Hemsworth and Hiddleston are killing me here with this kind of thing. Also, I really want that Thor/Loki fic, where Thor grabs Loki by the arm to haul him off.
    Thor and Loki cracky art that's really cute and pretty.
    Gorgeous fanart of Loki holding the Cosmic Cube.
    Possessive Thor is always a welcome sight. Maybe a little nsfw.
    So, this is how Loki's part of the Avengers should have gone. Yes. [SPOILERS]
    Ah, a lovely black and white sketch of a Thor/Loki kiss.
    Little Loki cat licking its paw, SCREAMING AT HOW CUTE THIS IS.
    And more Lokitty with a butterfly perched on him, sooooo adorable. And then little Lokitty king which is also adorable.
    Thor and Loki in their Tales of Asgard designs and they are PRECIOUS.
    So, I may enjoy Thor grabbing Loki's hair to pull his head back and then nearly kissing him.
    Oh, Loki and Sigyn casually meeting is gorgeous. As is the artist's other one of Loki noticing Sigyn across the room.
    Kidlet Thor and Loki being silly together is adorable.
    Aww, Loki and his glow stick of destiny are adorable.
    Loki kissing Thor, yes, good.
    SCREECHING LAUGHTER at Thor getting into Loki's porno stash. I know it's probably an old joke by now, but it still makes me laugh every time.
    Another Thor/Loki kiss.
    I have a lot of feelings for this photoset collection of Thor and Loki as kids, if Loki knew he was a Frost Giant and it was slowly eating at him.
    Ahhhh, Thor/Loki shower times, both before and after, in some lovely sketches. NSFW.
    So, uh. I want all of these things in fic. Like REALLY BADLY.
    I would be totally okay with Loki not knowing how to wear a shirt far more often like this.
    Thor kneeling to Loki on the throne is beautifully sketched here.
    Well, there's nothing suggestive about Thor and Loki wrestling like that, nope.
    Oh, I laughed SUPER HARD at Thor trying to take Loki's powers and the rest of the Avengers are like, "" (Scroll down to the comments for translations that'll help.) [SPOILERS]
    Aww, look at these previous babies from Journey Into Mystery.
    Thor and Loki and Loki is kind of heartbreaking and says so much.
    Okay, so, I can't precisely ship ship Loki and Natasha (no matter how cute this is) but I could sort of... do rivalsex? Like, they're interested in each other because they can sharpen themselves on each other in a way that they can't with other people.
    Look at these adorable baby chibis!
    Nooooo, stop it, my heart can't take precious baby Loki lost in the forest.
    An adorable sketch of Loki reading in a tree while Thor watches him from the ground.
    Oh. Oh, no. An animated gif of Sleipnir sleeping in Loki's arms and IT IS THE CUTEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, I totally let out one of those fangirly breaths that was ridiculous, but I don't care because FEELS.
    Precious darling babies Thor and Loki as kids in a lovely watercolor style.
    Thor and Loki chibis are adoooooorable, all the more so for their precious little faces as they have the same old argument.
    Hawkeye in his nest.
    Young Loki and dandelion fluff is the sweetest thing, oh no.
    Like, I never know who I'm finding hot, Loki or Sif, but Lady Loki is still really hot.
    I laughed pretty hard at Tony accidentally getting his shirt ripped off when the Iron Man suit comes off and how he handles it and Loki's reaction. [SPOILERS]
    Loki was playing with a rabbit, so Thor is the cutest EVER.
    Which of the Lokis has the prettiest hair? with bonus reaction shot.
    Thor and Loki are pretty adorable as kids, especially when Loki's life is really hard, you guys.
    Little kidlet kitty Loki, still the best? Yes. Still the best.
    One more hilarious comic by this artist, where Thor summons Mjolnir and Steve gets a surprise. SO HILARIOUS.
    Loki and Thor playing as kids and, oh, my heart.
    Thor/Loki sketchdump is nicely done.
    Thor takes Loki's spear and total fucking cuteness happens.
    Get in, loser, we're going shooting made me laugh, too.
    This comic just made me laugh.
    It's a quick sketch, but I really love this Thor/Loki image.
    Cat Loki and dog Thor, while Thor just flops right onto him. Yes, excellent.
    Thor and Loki babies that are precious and darling as Loki helps cut Thor's hair.
    Another take on "Now give us a kiss." the author thinks. I approve.
    The Avengers all sleeping in a pile is an adorable sketch.
    Oh, Theresa Cassidy does not get enough love. This is gorgeous.
    Thor and Ororo chibis are adoooorable.
    BABY AVENGERS (well, Thor and Loki here) ARE SO CUTE. And OH MY GOD baby Natasha and Clint are HILARIOUS and SO ADORABLE.
    The internet needs to stop making me think about Hawkeye/Loki. No, seriously.
    Loki and his kids are adorable.
    Thor and Loki on the Rainbow Bridge, watching the stars.
    SCREAMS, Sailor Loki henshin sequence, GOD, I LOVE THIS FANDOM.
    Odin and Sleipnir from the movie and Loki's reaction, it makes me laugh EVERY TIME.
    All of the Avengers is a lovely piece of art.
    Thor/Loki x 2, from the movieverse and Tales of Asgard.
    Sometimes this fandom really loves me, because it gives me an animated gif of Thor almost kissing Loki and then lolz at the end. Bless.
    Gorgeously colored post-battle Thor and Loki, with Thor's arm slung over Loki's shoulder and, ugh, blood should not be that hot.
    Oh, jesus, this Loki fanart is gorgeous.
    I really like the colors and smooth lines of this Thor/Loki almost-kiss.
    The lineart of this Thor/Loki piece is really nice, but also Thor's arm around Loki and at his hip, the other hand taking one of Loki's? Yes. Yes, thank you.
    Thor/Loki kiss with Thor holding Loki's hands above his head, yes, I do appreciate that.
    tumblr always brings me the best gifts: Thor and Loki on the Rainbow Bridge, capped in the best way possible. Yes. Yes. Good.
    Thor knows how to share his popsicle with Loki, yes, good.
    Cute Tales of Asgard style Thor and Loki!
    Loki's vacation is seriously the most adorable thing.
    I know it's totally against Loki's characterization and he never would, but a sketch of Loki asking Thor to take him home totally does happy things for me.
    Beautifully colored Thor and Loki in full armor and cloaks.
    Thor and Lady Loki, as she lounges on the throne and him on the floor, that's pretty hot.
    Thor and Loki share a bath.
    Loki, god of cats, no, that sounds about right.
    Thor and Jotun!Loki share a kiss.
    Thor/Loki princess style carrying, does it ever get old? NOPE.
    Well, I just laughed ridiculously hard at why Thor's hair looked so rough in The Avengers.
    Well, maybe Thor is drunk, but that just makes Loki's face even better.
    Thor just really misses his baby brother a lot, okay.
    The most touching scene in The Avengers. [SPOILERS]
    Oh, just. Never change, Thor.
    No, Thor, you cannot skip studying today.
    A cute fanart of kid Loki with some nicely done colors.
    So, one thing that's good about fandom's preference for tying Loki up is that there's a lot of really hot art for it.
    Loki curled up on Thor as he sleeps, ugh, feelings.
    So, I'm having a problem again. Even the rest of the cast knows that Hemsworth is Hiddleston's favorite. And they apparently metaphorically hold hands. And part of me is like, "Good lord, just enjoy their cool friendship, you know that's all it is." And of course that's all it is. But I have no problem with rpf and they are not making this easy.
    You know what never stops being kind of funny? That story Tom Hiddleston tells about Mark Ruffalo and the fan who went up to him in Moscow.
    Oh, congratulations on your face, Mr. Hiddleston.
    Well, all right. Now that you've said it, Mr. Hiddleston, you can't take it back and it's mine now.
    "Yes, let's go and throw ourselves through a tree." oh my god I love them so much.
    I will find and reblog every macro making fun of Loki's "glorious purpose" line that's possible.
    Loki in his armor with gorgeous greens and golds, wow.
    Always, always blog about Lokitty in pretty colors, yes.
    This fanart of Loki when people don't listen to him (and the artist's comments) are funny, but... it's also kind of true. The only time people listen to Loki is when they shouldn't. When he tries to tell them a valid point, nobody listens! It drives me nuts when people do that to me and I'm not even an entirely different species that I've been lied to about my whole life or responsible for an entire Realm.
    A pretty Loki sketch.
    Gambit in a red and black outfit and, oh, yes, do want. And then the version with a bit more color.
    Loki in the middle of a major magical attack.
    This Iron Man from the movieverse is one of the best RDJ-based fanarts I've seen.
    Loki curled up into Thor's shoulder is one of my favorite poses ever.
    Kidlet Natasha Romanova is sooooo adorable.
    Loki in glasses is kind of really hot, I can't lie.
    Thor and Loki lounging in bed while Thor watches his baby brother sleep. (mildly nsfw for sheets that just barely cover the sensitive bits)
    Tales of Asgard Loki is a precious darling, omg.
    I may have screeched a little at Loki and Fenrir because that is so goddamned cute.
    Clint and Natasha with a little morning training and, yeah, that's about how it'd go.
    Lady Loki and a raven are super hot.
    Loki in green, black, and white, with some really sharp lines.
    More adorable and precious kid Loki.
    I like semi-stylized art and this Black Widow piece is really lovely.
    Oh, sweet jesus, nobody does suit porn in this fandom like Loki does.
    Chibi-type Black Widow is also super adorable.
    Precious baby chibi-esque types give me so many feelings.
    Loki the Thoreador is kind of hilarious but also kind of great that all he's wearing is Thor's red cape. And a smile. (Okay, and his helmet.)
    Pepper Potts with the reflection of the arc reactor on her chest, which is a lovely piece.
    Black Widow in black, red, and white is a really nicely done piece.
    Softly done Loki sketch.
    Thor with kid!Loki curled up to sleep together and, oh, my heart. (p.s. fuck you, fandom, for tempting me with JiM while I'm still in the middle of my movieverse feels.)
    Speculation on a post-Thor 2 Loki. [SPOILERS for The Avengers]
    Black Widow and Maria Hill is really neatly done.
    Tom/Loki fanart with some lovely pastel colors that work for the image.
    This is EXACTLY how it went when Thor and Loki returned to Asgard. [SPOILERS]
    Thor just wants to play with his baby brother, okay.
    Another gorgeously done Black Widow piece.
    Loki really does grow on a person and this evolution made me laugh.
    "Do not test me, brother." Hi, yes, good.
    You know what makes everything better? Thor hugging Loki, yes.
    Oh, god, the noise I made at tiny kitty Loki, for serious.
    Odin's original plan is still a good one and we should all remember it.
    Snow White and the Huntsman is a thing in this fandom, yes? Yes.
    I would totally wear this shirt and laugh and laugh and laaaaugh.
    Awww, LOOK AT THE CUTE BABY NORSE GOD BROTHERS, for they are adorable.
    Another of Loki in his armor that's really pretty.
    I legitmately burst into laughter at this photomanip and will be unable to get that pose out of my head for the longest time.
    Thor just picking Loki up to take him home is always and forever one of my favorite things.
    A gorgeous image of the two sides of Loki, male and female.
    Overly accepting Thor is one of the greatest memes in this fandom.
    Excellent fanart of Natasha and Clint in black, white, and red, which makes it very striking.
    Whoa, STUNNING Clint/Natasha fanart, with kissing even!
    Another gorgeous Clint/Natasha fanart, with bandages and bruises and cuts being kind of really hot.
    Black Widow and Hawkeye standing on debris, ready to fight.
    A lovely fanart of Loki in the forest.
    Black & white image of Loki and Lady Loki that's lovely, too.
    Oh, I am totally in love with Thor and Loki in this broad strokes kind of style.
    Loki's birthday present for Odin and their reactions makes my face hurt.
    So, this piece of Thor/Loki AU fanart is super hot, but even more so because I am still enamored with Loki's emo black nail polish.
    I think this is a scenario that ever Thor/Loki fan has asked themselves at one point or another.
    Loki is loved by many and this is totally adorable.
    This gifset of Thor and Loki doing what they want makes me laugh whenever I see it.
    Loki in a suit and Thor's hand gently touching his face is lovely.
    Thor and Loki chibis are, like, everything that makes this fandom wonderful--Thor telling Loki to come home, Loki's cranky face, hand holding, and kitty ears on Loki. All of this is good.
    Loki and Thor and Thor and Loki puppets and there is nothing about this that is not perfectly darling.
    YES. YES. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS FANDOM NEEDED? THOR/LOKI VAMPIRES. *checks one more item off list*
    Oh, no, Thor's FACE while teasing kitty Loki! HILARITY. Though, Lokitty's face is super hilarious, too.
    So, I was browsing around tumblr again today and, jfc, Tom Hiddleston is seriously not helping me with this whole desire to ship him with Chris Hemsworth. I had no intention of doing so! But then he keeps being adorable about their relationship or just adorable in general with his perfect face and then fucking Chris Hemsworth is a perfect human being and I just want to screech and launch myself into the sun so I can burn up with all these feelings.
    There's a reason superheroes shouldn't wear capes, no matter how awesome they look.
    Thor, please. Let Loki have his dignity. Or not.
    I experienced the most intense emotions for Frigga and her sons when I saw this fanart.
    I think I may have broken something internally when I saw Thor carrying a sleeping Loki from when they were younger. Sweet jesus, the feelings on this one!
    Oh, sweet jesus, little kidlets Thor and Loki for Avengerstuck are THE CUTEST.
    Precious baby Thor and Loki for Children's Day, ugh, FEELINGS.
    One of the things I really want from fandom but have been denied (for the most part) is Thor literally throwing Loki over his shoulder and carting him back to Asgard. I know, I know, it should be terrible and I should be ashamed. Fuck you, no, I want it A HUNDRED MORE TIMES and I love this one without irony.
    Gorgeous fanart of Thor and Loki falling down, which gives me a lot of feelings.
    More Journey into Mystery Thor and Loki hugs that warm my soul.
    Chibi Thor and Loki hugs are something I will never get enough of, NOPE.
    Dark epic fantasy Loki is gorgeously done here.
    Hawkeye hitches a ride on all the other Avengers.
    Fuck yes, brothers in hoodies, this is a good thing.
    More Loki and the Huntsman art, which I want to be a thing for awhile longer, yesss.
    BJD Loki is AMAZING, seriously, that's the kind where I can understand spending that much money on one of those things.
    Loki and Thor sketches in color, which are simple but lovely.
    Jotun!Loki fanart is always so interesting, especially how the artist drew his markings here.
    Okay, this time it's Huntsman/Jotun!Loki kissing and bless this artist. And then one more.
    Chibi piggy back rides when it's time to come home are seriously melting me. [SPOILERS]
    More adorable kitty and doggy art and you can all just go home if you're sick of this by now, because I'M NOT.
    Loki in that very nice black suit of his, yes.
    Double Loki in an almost kiss and not as much clothing as usual. Yes, good.
    A beautiful black and white sketch of Loki, with the Frost Giant blood in his veins.
    Lokitty with little Thor doll is so fucking cute, you guys.
    Gorgeous fanart of Loki controlling Thor with some really great colors.
    Gorgeous picture of a slouching Loki on the throne.
    You know what's also super hot? Thor and Lady Loki, especially when she's crawling all over him.
    More of Thor and Loki in animal ears.
    Oh. So, there's this fanart of Thor putting his head to Loki's chest and saying, "You have a heart. I hear it." and I just fucking melted.
    Chibi Avengers keychain set with beautiful colors!
    Lovely coloring with black & white & red, especially with Loki's eyes as he wraps himself around Thor.
    I did some serious internal screeching at Thor and Loki on the beach because OH MY GOD THAT IS PERFECT AND ADORABLE.
    Loki in that black suit is still super hot.
    I also kind of had a bit of a fit at Loki trying to resist kissing Thor and totally failing.
    Oh, man, hipster Loki and fratbro Thor is a thing I need in my life.
    JiM!Loki and Leah are seriously a light in my life. So is bb!Loki doing Thor's hair while Thor smiles fondly at him. Fucking feelings.
    Lilo & Stitch crossovers are the greatest, especially when Lilo is doing Loki's badness level.
    Loki and Fenrir, which is gorgeous and touching.
    Thor and Loki good night with cuddles.
    Loki knitting in and of itself is pretty great, but then you actually look at what he's knitting and you fall in love with the world again.
    More Lokitty. Yup.
    And still more cat!Loki and dog!Thor.
    Thor and Loki chibis where Thor's sorry about breaking Loki's helmet and it's sooooo adorable.
    Frost Giant problems are so hard. :|
    Thor hugs and asking Loki to come home, still breaking my heart? Still breaking my heart, yes.
    Loki and Thor curled up in bed together.
    Beautiful but kind of heartbreaking Thor/Loki gif.
    Thor, stop, the Midgardians are looking.
    Oh, good, the Thor/Loki doujinshi does exist and it's one that I clearly want.
    I had the worst internal screech when I saw bb!Loki and Sleipnir. Like, fuck you, fandom, for all these feelings inside me.
    You'd think I'd get tired of cat!Loki and dog!Thor, but then they're just walking along and holding hands and I'm ready to roll around on the floor and wallow in feelings again.
    Bawww, Thor/Loki hugs that break my heart.
    Thor/Loki darkness is really lovely.
    Thor, Thor, let go of his face. No, shhhh, just come home.
    Loki does what he wants, Thor!
    Loki and Thor on a swingset, which is impossibly adorable when in chibi form.
    Itty bitty Loki kitty doesn't want to share his pudding, but that's okay because Thor has him instead. SO CUTE.
    Avengers chibis all sleeping in a pile    Thor's bb!brother is the CUTEST.
    bb!Loki showing movie!Loki cute cat videos omg.
    Now I want all the fic where Loki gets a cold and is a little crab monster about it.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous Loki painting.
    Another gorgeously colored Loki piece where the golds are sooo shiny.
    I would read the shit out of Asgardian uncles babysitting, especially if it's with the Spiderbaby.
    Ugh, look at this precious adorable baby.
    A poisonous dream is beautifully done but ahhh my heart.
    Oh, man, I don't know what I love better, Thor and Loki dancing or THEIR CLOTHES.
    So, this Thor watching conversation with a tumblr user and father is AMAZING. Part one is pretty great, too.
    I would read the shiiiiit out of a fic where bb!Loki idolizes Thor and vows to marry him when he grows up, which is super adorable until he DOES grow up and then it's like WELL UM and then they get married.
    Beautiful, swirly, and chaotic Loki commission that's perfect for him.
    Adorable bb!Loki is adorable!
    Oh, I just about let out a screech at Loki's army because UGH I WANT ONE.
    I would totally read a Thor/Loki Viking AU, yes.
    PERFECTION: Well, that was tedious. ....wait, so why HAVEN'T I seen a shitload of Avengers/Sherlock crossovers?
    I can't lie, Baldur/Loki would be pretty hot, too.
    A really pretty but sad Loki/Sigyn goodbye. And another Loki/Sigyn piece before he has to leave for awhile.
    Loki vs Tony in the most hilarious fusion ever was pretty great.
    Oh shit PRECIOUS BABY COSPLAYERS oh my god the cuteness is killing me, especially Natasha and Loki, those children are DARLING. No, wait, they're ALL DARLING.
    Loki vs Thor on the Rainbow Bridge which has a really cool style to it.
    Bros before heroes is kind of darling.
    A really lovely Thor piece.
    Loki and baby Sleipnir ugh soooo cute.
    Loki with his hands bound and shirt halfway undone is not bad at all.
    I've probably linked the Thor/Loki lion/panther family art before but, fuck you, I came across it again tonight and, holy shit, feelings.
    I really, really want to find this oneshot comic that's movieverse-based and, ugh, I am the worst. My inner comic geek is crying right now, but that's okay because THOR AND LOKI WORKING TOGETHER. THOR PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND HIS BABY BROTHER. Fuck you all, that is something I need, okay.
    Yesssss, this is the good stuff. Loki is burdened with glorious--
    The tags on this post about Loki's motivations and thoughts at the end of the movie, about "give up this poisonous dream, you come home", about how Loki kind of did seem to give up, because now he had all of Thor's attention, he had everyone's attention, and isn't that what Loki desperately wants?, is interesting. I'm not sure I'm quite buying it yet, because Loki's motivation is also FUCK ALL OF YOU I WANT TO BE THOR'S EQUAL not just have their attention, but I have noted before that, really? With all his magic and all that time he was alone on the floor of Tony's place, he couldn't force himself up and out of there? He couldn't magic himself up another copy? It's not like he was drained of magic at that point, so why not at least try one thing? Because the illusion trick always works on Thor, why not with the other stupid Avengers? So. I think there's a lot to be examined there. [SPOILERS]
    A snippet from an interview with Chris Hemsworth about Thor's view on Loki, including his own take on how it's like, as an older brother, he's the only one allowed to be angry at Loki. YES GOOD.
    Oh, you know what is super, super fucking hot? Svadilfari in human form. Yesss.
    You know what ELSE is super fucking hot? Loki/Natasha, wow.
    A gorgeous take on Hela, aahhhh.
    You know what? I am fully prepared to ship Loki/Amora. YUP.
    Appa!Avengers are super adorable, too.
    Once again, I want all of these outfits. All of them.
    Does Thor look to be in a gaming mood?
    These Thor/Loki doodles are pretty amazing, too.
    Oh god crying at Tony and Lady Loki and a redo of that scene introducing Tony's ridiculous plane. Hilarity ensues because they are both the worst. And by that I mean THE BEST.
    Doggy Thor just wants to play with his brother, come hooooome, Lokiiiiiii.
    I sincerely, truly, genuinely love that I took one look at this Thor/Loki dancing gif and IMMEDIATELY knew what song that was, before I ever clicked on it. I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. My people, I have found them.
    Oh, man, shirtless Norse bros is definitely a thing I need more of.
    Well, that's just a waste of good wine.
    Thor/Loki half-naked kiss sketch, why, yes, thank you. [NSFW]
    I may have linked this one before but whatever I don't care. This Thor/Loki kiss as they're both halfway out of their clothes and lounging on a really huge bed and Loki's got cuffs on his hands on Thor's leaning over him while kneeling between his legs while Loki pushes up to kiss him back? My new favorite fanart piece.
    Loki as Snow White and Thor kissing him awake and, oh my god, this is gorgeous and perfect.
    What if Thor fell with Loki? Annnnnd now I want that fic.
    Thor and Loki precious darlings and hugs. Good.
    This is a seriously gorgeous piece of Natasha fanart, wow. The artist also has a really good one of Bruce, too.
    Another gorgeously done Loki fanart as well.
    Thor and Loki as bb brothers, awww.
    This macro set seriously sent me into a fit of giggles when I saw it.
    Speaking of giggle fits, this Hawkeye fanart seriously had me cackling, once it sunk in. I also very much appreciated the artist's Clint/Natasha art.
    Let's file this under fic I would totally read, if that were Loki and Thor.
    More of Loki and a kitty, which is kind of threatening to make me coo.
    A quick chibis doodle of Thor scooping Loki up to make him go swimming with Thor, YES, GOOD. The artist also has a nicely done SHUT UP, BROTHER, AND COME HOME NOW piece.
    A gorgeous, gorgeous Steve Rogers piece, wow.
    Adorable celebratory Avengers and Thanos in the background.
    Avengers movie poster style image that's really cool.
    Another Natasha fanart in a stylized look that I really like.
    Oh, sweet jesus, this photoset AU prompt, edited to show Loki being gifted to Thor, is amazing. The expressions on their faces, holy shit.
    Loki and another lost creature, aww.
    So, Sailor Loki is, like, my new favorite thing now. Though, I can't lie, Sailor Hulk and Sailor America are also seriously, seriously great.
    Bawww, baby!Loki--with a baby spear even!--is precious and adorable.
    Gorgeous Thor and Loki with wings is gorgeous.
    Oh, no. Thor on the broken Rainbow Bridge, with words from The Avengers just breaks my heart.
    Also by that artist, Loki, Odin, and Laufey and a whole lot of heartbreaking feels.
    Another gorgeous Billy fanart as he's in the middle of a spell.
    Loki in his armor being gorgeous, as usual.
    The progression of Loki being laid flat on his back and where we all hope to see it go. Yes.
    I've seen the original gifset before (fuck you, Hemsworth, for being such a life ruiner) but accompanying fanart is even more perfect.
    Okay, I changed my mind. I'm not just interested in it in 616, but I would totally do movieverse Thor/Ororo.
    Dog!Thor and cat!Loki are ridiculously fucking cute, good lord.
    Thor and his precious baby brother chibis.
    Naked kissing times with Thor and Loki, bless this fandom. A little bit nsfw.
    Loki in lovely shades of green as Thor's hand reaches for him.
    Fffffff, oh, Thor is the best ever when he decides to have fun with Loki laid out on the floor.
    Jotun!Loki with some really good detail.
    Oh. Oh, no. Fury telling Thor a bedtime story had me just utterly lose it by the end. Bless this fandom.
    How Fury wakes up the Avengers is perfect and hilarious.
    Post-movie, Thor visiting Loki in his prison and it's... not nice, but I can't say it doesn't intrigue me a little. [SPOILERS]
    Holy shit, this ring is amazing.
    Awww, this comic about how Thor likes Loki's body (mostly his hands) is really cute.
    Thor and Loki in the morning and, oh, Loki's bed hair is super excellent.
    So, apparently, I need to find the Burger King Thor tie-in comic that this panel is from because of reasons.
    A wild LOKI appeared! BLESS THIS FANDOM.
    A really beautiful picture of Lady Loki in those shades of green and gold.
    In black & white this time, but another very nicely done Lady Loki.
    Thor/Loki hugs in chibi-esque form are great, especially with Loki's perfect face.
    Oh, noooooo. Thor, Loki, and Odin for father's day and my heart can't take all the bb!adorableness in it.
    Gorgeously done Jotun!Loki holding Thor's helmet.
    Another Father's Day pic, with chibi Loki and Odin doll, my heartttttt.
    This set of sketch dumps (mostly with Thor and Loki, but a bit of Tony at the end) are precious and perfect.
    This comic looks pretty amazing, seriously.
    Oh, yes, good, so good, Avengers and Pokemon.
    Lady Loki and Thor is pretty gorgeously done, too.
    So I pretty much screeched my way through this dog!Thor and cat!Loki sketches because they're amazing.
    Loki and his kids is precious and darling.
    Thor and his new baby brother is also just so precious and adorable.
    Kid Ikol is darling, especially for the look on his face.
    Holy shit, this is some intensely good Loki cosplay in an amazing suit.
    Oh, jeez, Odin holding bb!Thor and bb!Loki and, no, I didn't need to feel anything else today, that's cool.
    I'm not usually a fan of punishment!sex (to put it mildly) but this art is really pretty and I view this pairing as it being more about angry!sex than actual punishment. But I'll still put a warning on it and for being NSFW.
    The moral of the story is apparently that Loki gets knocked up REALLY EASILY, this is one of my favorite things about fandom.
    Nicely done black & white image of Loki curled up on himself. I also like Thor & Loki and lightly colored kissing from the artist as well. As well as a good fuck me now!Loki. Oh and Loki practically in Thor's lap in more of the artist's pretty and sharp black & white.
    Thor and Loki dressing up as Dragon Age 2 characters is pretty neat, too.
    Oh, sweet christ, the chibis in this image are ridiculously cute, I just want to vomit sparkles and rainbows. The artist also has an adorable Clint and Natasha waiter AU that's SUPER CUTE. And red riding hood!Thor with wolf!Loki that is the CUTEST FUCKING THING.
    I really liked this Thor/Loki image, there's just something about it, even beyond the amazingness of the black emo nail polish and the pose of Loki wrapped up in Thor's arms as he lays on Thor.
    Oh, man, I definitely want to know who the original artist of this comic/doujinshi is now.
    Would you look at all these precious little Loki faces?
    Lokitty doesn't like when Thor pays attention to other people. By the same artist, LOKI IN A CAT SWEATER and his helmet. Yes, good.
    Who wants an army of Tom Hiddleston? ONLY EVERYBODY.
    Lokitty getting his ears petted is always welcome.
    Thor/Loki and a noodleshop with that recent pic of Tom and the bandana as inspiration. Also, Loki is a cat by the same artist, yes good.
    Thor waited, like, two hours to finally do this.
    A painting like style on this Thor and Loki in bed is lovely.
    Jotun!Loki on his relationship with Thor is gorgeous, wow. p.s. I will read that fic every time I come across it.
    Yesssss, HIPSTER LOKI AND THOR with Loki totally sitting in Thor's lap.
    Another painting-style image of Thor and Loki.
    Now that Loki is deaged, has his relationship with Thor changed? THIS IS ADORABLE.
    There is no way those shirts can be real. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.
    There's something about this Lady Loki sketch that's lovely and sly and elegant.
    A mix of movies and comics design for Loki with the longer hair that looks a lot better than I would have thought the comic design would look on Loki!
    Vampire!Loki, yes. Yes, good.
    Oh, jiuge's art is gorgeous and this new Loki fanart is stunning as always.
    Loki and Sleipnir, which is really quite touching.
    I wouldn't have thought I'd be so taken with this song for Loki, but listening to it in another window while I surfed around, I realized, yes, it's another one of those with "she" in the song, but what're you gonna do?, and yet now I really want a vid for Loki with this song because the entire thing would fit better with the context of other scenes, some earlier and some later than this one.
    Yessss, the more complete collection of Sailor Avengers, which are AMAZINGLY designed. Seriously, Sailor America is perfect. Well. They're all perfect.
    Loki will have that drink now, in a reversal of their situations, and that... is kind of really hot.
    Oh, man, now I really hope that someday Avenging Spider-Man has a Deadpool and Spidey team up, even if Deadpool's not actually an Avenger. THIS WOULD BE SO GREAT IN THE RIGHT HANDS.
    A really lovely Dark Phoenix image.
    A very nicely done Tony portrait. Also by the same artist: Loki, Steve, and Clint.
    Loki vs Water made me smile.
    Gorgeous fanart of Loki and the Casket. And a Thor and Loki one by the same artist that's just as gorgeous.
    When the X-Men meet Thor and Loki is really cute.
    Loki wearing a snakescarf is seriously pretty great.
    Very pretty Thor and Jotun!Loki in an almost kiss.
    Another Loki portrait that I really liked.
    Thor and bb!Loki in a hug, aww.
    Whoa, this Loki/Black Widow art is kind of really hot.
    I am starting to really enjoy all the fanart coming out of Loki in that bandana of Tom's and all the perfect AUs from it.
    Okay, seriously, the way Tom looks at Chris is making it kind of hard not to ship it.
    More adorable ramen noodle AU doodles!
    Ugh, all the feelings this set of Thor/Loki sketches gives me--!
    I think this comic makes me laugh less for the Pepper stuff and more for how I would read the shiiiit ouf of protective big brother!Thor throwing Tony across the room for his impure intentions towards his precious baby brother and Tony's not down with that, oh no.
    Adorable art of Thor and Loki growing up, aww.
    Loki as an angry confused teenager (with black birds and black outfits) is something I would also read the shit out of.
    A wounded Loki limping along and, oh, my heart.
    How do I even begin to explain Loki Laufeyson? With so many hilarious references.
    This set of Thor sketches with Loki being an absolute little shit in a modern AU setting is HILARIOUS. (Even bigger view on devART.)
    Also by the same artist, Thor and Loki on a lovely day in Asgard, with a light kiss. Ugh, feelings.
    Oh, man, Thor conning his way into Loki's bed just by being a persistent puppy and Loki's totally not happy about this nope not at all FACE at the end.
    As if I weren't already burdened with a hundred feelings, then I got to fucking Frigga and her sons and, shit, ANOTHER TRUCKLOAD OF FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.
    One more by this artist--Thor's friends welcoming him home is sweet.
    No, wait, ONE MORE, Thor and Loki curled up in bed, asleep together is melting me.
    Okay, fuck, more feelings with a heartbreaking hug as Thor holds Loki close. Fucking Loki Feels.
    More Loki/Natasha art that continues to make me think, yeah, that'd be hot.
    Thor's various ways of carrying bb!Loki is fucking precious.
    I enjoyed this series of Thor/Loki answers to the domestic meme.
    Gorgeously done Lady Loki fanart again.
    Nicely done Thor reaching out to Loki towards the end of the movie. [SPOILERS]
    Very pretty F4 image with Sue out in front.
    Egypt Avengers is nicely done as well.
    Loki and Sherlock and scarves, yes.
    Loki in battle with a bit of a stylized look. And also Black Widow by the same artist.
    Another Snow White and the Huntsman AU image that I'm enjoying.
    A series of Lady Loki in various outfits that are all gorgeous.
    Wahhhh, Thor and Loki farewell and, no, this fandom is not allowed to fill me up with the sads!
    The Thor trap made me laugh kind of a lot.
    Modern AU Thor and Loki, especially with Thor's messy hair and Loki in a sweater vest. Yes.
    Loki and Chris Hemsworth and guess who is the most adorable little shit ever.
    Thor and Loki holding hands, excuse me, I have to go vomit up rainbows at this now.
    Holy shit, medieval fantasy Avengers are GORGEOUS.
    Thor and Loki when they were younger, with Loki patting Thor's back consolingly.
    Thor/Loki curled up in bed together with bonus black emo nail polish.
    Chibi versions of kitty!Loki and lion!Thor, which are adooooorable.
    Oh, I really like the blue colors on this Thor/Loki almost kiss.
    The colors on this Loki image are gorgeous, especially his eyes.
    "Now give us a kiss." Yes, good.
    I may have screeched a little bit at this Avengers AU video, because that is a thing I very much wish to exist.
    Thor's hair evolvement. I APPROVE. I approve really hard.
    Oh, this is a beautiful Loki piece, with him reclining in a really great pose.
    Super Odinson Bros = YES GOOD.
    Sketch of Thor with his arm around Loki that I really liked.
    Gorgeous Loki in the snow, wow. I especially love the flecks of green in the Jotun!Loki half.
    Holy shit, Tom Hiddleston referencing THAT Loki story? I just-- I just kind of very carefully assumed he didn't know.
    Such a pretty collection of Loki art.
    Fucking rpf ships. And then there's fanart for that, which is pretty great.
    Sleipnir wants to know if he'll ever have a brother or sister, THIS IS SO CUTE.
    Black Widow fashion is GORGEOUS and I want ALL OF THOSE OUTFITS.
    Lokitties galore is kind of precious. Fuck you all, THEY'RE PRECIOUS.
    A painting of Loki as the blue creeps up his skin.
    Awww, adorable Teddy and Billy hugging.
    Avengers in a box are pretty adorable and look really cool.
    Sometimes I love fandom so much I kind of hate it. Frigga with her baby boys, while she reads to them, done so gorgeously, is one of those times.
    No. No. Why would you hurt me with Tony and Loki, each celebrating Father's Day in their own way, why would you do this.
    Okay, not only are Tony and Pepper hilarious but now I really, really need them to smoosh their faces and junk together.
    as;ldfkjal;skj The Avengers play Clue, this would be AMAZING. And a gif series where you can make up your own Clue game.
    Loki at the point of no return, baww.
    A series of X-Men sketches is entirely great, so much adorable and hilarity, even aside from my total Gambit love.
    I really like this Pietro and Wanda image, an idea of what they might look like in the next Avengers movie. Also by the artist, Natasha telling Bruce to get some sleep is cute. And one more: A beautiful picture of Amora.
    Speaking of Amora, I am fully prepared to ship the hell out of Loki/Amora in Thor II, should it come to that.
    Ahhhh, I really want more Wanda and Hope interaction, I WANT IT SO BAD.
    A really pretty Scarlet Witch print.
    Loki and Lady Loki in a really lovely stylized look and, oh, both their outfits are gorgeous.
    Precious adorable baby Thor and Loki sleeping on the same bed together.
    Kid!Loki with a magpie's shadow, which is nicely done.
    Thor and Loki in modern clothes with Loki in Thor's lap. Well. Loki in modern pants. He doesn't appear to have a shirt.
    Oh, jeez, Thor laying with his head in Loki's lap, telling some story or other, while Loki idly braids his hair. Fucking feels.
    Thor kissing Loki's forehead, much to Loki's surprise, is adorable.
    I really like this X:EVO Rogue, the colors have such great shading on them.
    Thor hugging Loki is totally like trying to hug a cat. With bonus suits!
    It took me awhile to get the joke on this one, but once I read the comments, OH. OH. And then I totally snorted with laughter.
    Oh, I had to laugh at "Oh Thor", a fan fiction because IT'S TOTALLY TRUE, LOL.
    bb!Loki in green pjs is so adorable, a;slkfjal;skj.
    Very pretty Thor/Loki kiss.
    Thor giving his baby brother a very enthuiastic hug.
    Based on that photo of Tom holding the hammer....
    Totally NSFW art of bending Loki over the nearest counter, which I'm not sure if it's AU or just them on Midgard or what, but is very welcome.
    More of kid!Loki done in some really pretty greens.
    I would like more art where Thor just picks Loki up, who is totally embarrassed by it but still maybe kind of loves him.
    Thor/Loki kiss in black & white, with bonus emo black nail polish!
    kid!Loki just totally lounging around in a beautifully done image.
    Look at these adorable chibi Avengers!
    Thor hugging Loki is really sweet.
    I would also like more art where Loki's only wearing a shirt, probably Thor's shirt, and sitting in Thor's lap.
    And now I'm kind of crying at this Thor and Batman crossover.
    Loki in a suit is stunning, wow.
    I have a never-ending weakness for Thor and Loki curled up in bed especially as Thor sleeps on him while Loki is trying to read.
    Loki brushing Thor's hair is pretty great, because Loki is a little shit.
    Thor sleeping on Loki, while he's trying to read, is kind of delightful.
    A beautifully colored Thor and Loki in Tales of Asgard style.
    Awww, more Thor and Loki chibis that are beautifully colored and SO CUTE.
    Gorgeous Loki fanart, wow.
    Ahahahaha, I would totally read fic about Thor trying to steal Loki's food.
    Oh god bb!Loki and Thori who is licking his face is the CUTEST EVER.
    Thor giving Loki a cat is the greatest thing.
    Things I enjoy: Loki's hair in a ponytail while Thor has two drinks to cool himself off.
    There should definitely be more Thor and Loki high school AUs.
    The various versions of Loki is nicely done.
    Loki will go anywhere with Thor, ahhhh, so gorgeous!
    Okay, this is actually more Thor/Loki biting than anything, but you know what this fandom needs? MOAR VAMPIRES.
    I am having one of those moments where I just want to roll around in the feels because LOKI AND HIS KIDS AHHHH SO MANY FEELS.
    Okay, wow, Loki and Lady Loki in matching lingerie should not be that hot AND YET. NSFW.
    So, uh. Thor as Drogo is one of those things that is SO GOOD FOR ME, like, I need that AU a hundred times over. I am not kidding.
    Gorgeous image of Thor wrapping arms around Loki, who leans back into him.
    More mahou shoujo Loki (with bonus Tony reaction) is always appreciated.
    Journey into Mystery version of Thor hugging his baby brother and, oh, god, so many feels.
    You can't leave the kitties alone or they'll start multiplying like wildfire.
    A beautiful Loki in slighty more casual clothes and I really like the artist's colors.
    Ahhh, gorgeous Jotun!Loki with magic in his hands.
    I have a hard time not wanting to screech and fly off into the sun at Loki and his kids on a good day, much less when they're beautifully colored and all curled up together and, oh, man, little baby Hela and the Loki plushie in her arms, just leave me here to wallow in my feels, okay.
    Loki sketches where nobody touches his pudding (AND BLACK EMO NAIL POLISH, YES) are adorable and the best candy and super hilarious.
    Journey into Mystery!Loki braiding Thor's hair is seriously the cutest fucking thing.
    Fandom's favorite Lokis is pretty accurate.
    D'awwww, bb Thor and Loki as they're playing with their little wooden weapons are adorable!
    Another time I want to screech and fly off into the sun? A sketch dump of Thor and Loki where they are SO ADORABLE and TOTAL HELL to share a bed with Loki because he's all over the fucking place, including wrapping himself around Thor or forcing him off onto the floor while Loki drapes over the edge AND THEN BEDHEAD ON BB!LOKI. BEST BEST BEST.
    This t-shirt design of Loki and Ikol (also on devART here) is really kind of awesome.
    Loki's victory gives me a whole lot of feels. As it does to Loki apparently, too.
    Thor and Loki chibi doodles are also pretty adorable.
    bb!Loki with giant black wings and a terrifying glow and smile to his face, noooo, bb....!
    AHHHHH X WOMEN FASION ALL OF THOSE DRESSES ARE AMAZING AHHH SO GOOD. Ororo and Mystique's dresses are especially stunning. Oh, and I would totally wear Betsy's dress. And ahhh Rogue how are you so fine all the time?
    Oh, chibi Thor for Thorsday is THE CUTEST.
    Well, one way to deal with Loki trying to enslave the world is to distract him in other ways, like by fucking him until he stops trying to take over the world. I approve. NSFW.
    Half-naked and groggy from just waking up is a really good look for Loki. A bit nsfw.
    I love sketches that have a loose, comfortable, intimate feel to them, especially when Loki curls up next to him to calm/comfort Thor after his fights with the Einherjar guards.
    Oh, man, Loki accidentally reading a scary story to Thor and Baldur when they're all precious little babies is one of those things that I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I KIND OF HATE IT. Like, fuck you for all these feelings inside me!
    Ahhhh, this Loki image is so beautifully colored, too.
    I have often wondered why I don't see more Avengers/Sherlock crossovers, but, suddenly, there's a photoset for an AU crossover that kind of took my breath away in the last gifs with how AMAZING that would be and fuck every last one of you who doesn't understand my pure pure love for this.
    You know those things you kind of love so much that you hate them a little? Thor and Loki's baby girl. Like. Ugh. Fuck you, fandom, for this amazingness, because now I have to go lie in a pool of my own feelings on the floor. Also lovely by the artist is Loki and an OC playing chess that's gorgeous.
    The Frost Giant and the Huntsman, fuck you again, fandom, for delivering me all the things I never knew I desperately needed.
    Oh, I'm definitely becoming a little weak to Jotun!Loki, especially when he's naked and sitting on an equally naked Thor's lap. NSFW.
    I am really kind of digging this artist's style--the Avengers in an adorable group + everyone fighting over each other to not touch their stuff + adorable Tony/Loki kitties + Thor/Loki chibis and, yes, Thor making rabbit ears on Loki + chibi Tony/Loki smooching + more smooching + you can find the artist's devART account here. It's very chibi-styled art, but I kind of love it ridiculously, because it's all SO CUTE.
    A lovely Loki piece with his Jotun side starting to seep through.
    Ohhhh, sweet precious baby Loki doesn't want to be lonely and, ugh, it's so adorable and smooshy and sweet and fuck you all I love it.
    A very cool, very nicely done stylized Sif image as she fights a Frost Giant.
    Ahahaha, oh, Loki's viewing of Midgard as he drives away from the bunker is adorable and hilarious.
    Omg, I'm not sure if this is adorable or heartbreaking! bb!Loki putting on his helmet, the one of his older self.
    Loki being surrounded by magic as he sleeps, while Thor leans over him.
    Kitty!Loki and doggy!Thor piled together as they sleep is seriously goddamned adorable.
    Thor coming to take Jotun!Loki home, but realizing home is wherever Loki is.
    Little miniature Loki and his staff are really quite precious.
    So, apparently, Thor giving a sleeping Loki a piggyback ride is the new thing that I desperately needed in my life.
    Okay, so, this image doesn't exist, no matter how beautiful it is, because if it did exist, then I would have to huddle under the desk and never come out, lest the feels consume me whole.
    If Loki was de-aged and Thor took care of him, WHY ISN'T THIS A REGULAR THING IN FANDOM? FUCK YOU, FANDOM, I WANT IT.
    Okay, so, this Loki fanart piece (with a snake!) is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen in awhile, jfc.
    I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but I love this artist's art and boxer!Thor with business man!Loki, yes, that would be good.
    Fandom is amazing. You know why? Because someone posts Tom Hiddleston and a horse and you KNOW why they did it. Or at least how a good chunk of people are going to take it.
    THOR AND BB!LOKI HUGS, yes, I need more of this.
    Beautiful image of Thor and Loki with their weapons and armor.
    Thor/Loki kissing, yes, good.
    omg, I want this to happen in a fic or something, where Thor just takes off with Loki again, who is like PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THOR YOU ARE A GIANT DICK OMG BROTHER PLEASE, all while Thor thinks it's great fun.
    I laughed pretty hard at this dashboard screencap.
    Also, things that I need more of: Loki and bb!Thor, especially when they're reading a giant magic book and Thor's not getting it easily and Loki's got his emo black nail polish on and ALL OF THIS IS GOOD FOR ME.
    Yes, good, more Thor/Loki Huntsman AU art, this is a thing that should keep happening.
    Loki in his armor doing what he does best--being gorgeous.
    Nooooo, stop breaking my heart, you guys.
    Loki, quit being a brat! Thor loves you! is definitely the best way to describe this adorableness.
    Stop making me sad, fandom!
    Oh nothing to see here. Just a late night swim. Camping and stuff. A bit nsfw.
    From Eidolon, Jotun!Loki is very pretty.
    I have a weakness for Prince Loki on that horse, not even for the usual reasons, just because, unf, Loki, you are the most attractive.
    Thor holding onto Loki in the tattered remains of his cape and, oh, my heart.
    Holy shit, this Lady Loki + JiM!Loki cosplay is fucking PERFECT.
    Ahahahha, Thor trying to protect sweet bb!Loki's eyes from the kink meme, despite that we all know half of the requests were probably from him anyway.
    JiM!Loki trying to teach Thor how to use the internet is amazing and beautiful.
    Lady Loki and JiM!Loki is amazing, seriously.
    Ahhhh, Jotun!Loki in dark colors is beautiful.
    Frigga with infant!Loki and toddler!Thor is just the SWEEST THING EVER, ugh, my heart.
    bb!Loki helping Thor work out is so fucking adorable.
    Another of Jotun!Loki, this time in a really fantastic costume design for him.
    Thor/Loki hug, where Thor is naked and I assume makeouts are to soon ensue.
    Oh, wow, Loki with semi-transparent horns has the most beautiful coloring.
    Gorgeously colored Lady Loki is gorgeous.
    The first time I saw Khaleesi Loki, I think I made some seriously inhuman noises, holy shit. I cannot even express my love for this fandom in words anymore.
    An animated black & white lineart gif of Thor and Jotun!Loki kissing is lovely.
    Soft, pretty colors on this Loki image are lovely.
    Tokidoki versions of Loki, or Lokidoki, are pretty precious.
    I dunno why, but I'm just oddly charmed by Loki and Natasha chibis holding hands, especially with Loki's "I'm not embarrassed about this, I'm totally not" adorable face.
    Chibi versions of Thor and Loki with their loves is cute and amusing!
    This Steve/Loki piece is really pretty and is reminding me that, yeah, I do still kind of ship that from time to time.
    More Jotun!Loki fanart that's really kind of amazing.
    Ahahaha, good luck dealing with THAT in the morning, Thor, indeed.
    Holy crap, gorgeous Thor + The Huntsman + Henry V AU art, wow.
    Oh, I love that FOR ONCE, Loki is the one bothering Thor when he's trying to read, in this adorable (and super pretty) AU.
    You know how sometimes you just, quite simply, have FOUND YOUR PEOPLE? This interviewer (in an interview with Tom Hiddleston) is of my people.
    Also, seriously, Tom Hiddleston needs to just fuck off with his perfect fucking face already, he is ruining my life.
    Okay, a better note to end on for today (other than fucking Tom Hiddleston, the life ruiner) is bb!brothers with Thor smooching Loki's cheek and it's ADORABLE.
    The colors and detail on this Loki piece are stunning.
    Loki wearing nothing but Thor's cape, which has some gorgeous color to it and looks great in close-up. Also, by the artist, Loki and one of his army is so darling and perfect that I can hardly stand it. And more heartbreaking Thor/Loki again. And a stunning Lady Loki. And ahhhhh Thor and Loki and Toothless from HTTYD, where Toothless is Thor and Loki's kid, which would be AMAZING.
    Loki leaning on Thor, pressing his forehead to Thor's shoulder, ugh, that hits me where I live. Also, did I link Thor and kid!Loki? Because I love allllll the de-aged fic/art. ALL OF IT.
    I have, once again, experienced the feeling of loving something so very much that it's kind of whipped back around to hate. How dare this fandom give me such gorgeous art of Frigga and her sons, especially with baby Loki held in her arms while kid!Thor looks curiously and brightly at him. Jesus, what is this fandom doing to me.
    "What would happen if Loki turned into a Frost Giant during 'relations' with Thor?" Well, look at it this way, Thor, a frozen tongue still isn't worse than frostbite on your dick. :|b [NSFW]
    Ahhhh, more gorgeous colors on an image of Loki controlling Thor with the Tesseract and telling Thor to kill them all.
    Speaking of things I love so much I kind of hate them! A bunch of Lokitty chibis and FUCK YOU FANDOM CHIBI LOKITTY SHOULD NOT GIVE ME THIS MANY FEELINGS I HATE YOU ALL.
    A pile of sleeping baby Avengers is totally fucking adorable, especially baby Thor just taking up way too much room.
    Loki and his army is perfect.
    More of de-aged Thor as Loki takes care of him (though, this one shows the progress of Thor growing back up into an adult) and ahhhh I want all the fic of this.
    Also, SCREECHING NOISES at Loki taking care of bb!Thor, no more human noises anymore.
    Fuck, this fandom is eventually going to make me ship Chris/Tom if they keep drawing gorgeous art gifs of Tom stretched out on the sofa when Chris just comes along and grabs his foot when he settles down and then Tom gets up and practically slides into his lap and, ugh, the easy, casual intimacy and familiarity, it's my weakness.
    Thor wrapping his cape around Jotun!Loki and kissing his shoulder and wanting Loki to just come home and, ugh, FEELINGS everywhere.
    The Avengers and Loki are all just so busy! And ADORABLE. Also, the artist draws some great faces on poor Loki's face when, ugh, PERSONAL SPACE, THOR.
    Thor and Loki back to back and in full armor.
    Even in chains, Loki is still like trying to herd cats, Thor. Good luck with that.
    Ahahahaha, GAG JOKES, god, I love this fandom.
    Thor's life is really hard, you guys, he has to choose between food or Loki, WHY CAN'T HE JUST HAVE BOTH??
    Loki's hierarchy of needs is pretty accurate.
    I would really like a whole series of fic where Loki obnoxiously texts Thor, whether about what he wants for dinner or just to be a troll. Also, Thor and Loki in the summertime with Thor parking himself in front of a fan and Loki reading on him. Yes, good.
    You know, I think I would read highschool football player Thor, if done by the right author.
    Teenage Loki wearing nothing but a towel and asking if Thor will help him with his nail polish. Also good.
    Thor and cat!Loki wrapped up in his arms, neither of them bothering with shirts, yes, that is good for me.
    Loki and Lady Loki in his lap, ugh, why are you so hot, Loki.
    Okay, seriously, I don't even care if this Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston image is photoshopped or not. Apparently, that's where I am in this fandom now.
    Well, of course Thor wouldn't ask for directions. Or admit they were lost. And, of course, it'll end up like this. Yes, good.
    You know what's weird? I'm not used to Thor being attractive. Like, I've seen Thor around the 616verse for years and years, never have I been attracted to him, even in that way that you're attracted to drawings on paper. But suddenly Chris Hemsworth comes around and it's like JESUS HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SO SUPER HOT and now Thor is like the hottest ever in my mind. *throws hands up*
    I love love love photosets for AU fic ideas, especially ones that end in Thor peeing a circle around Loki and saying, DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF. I'm just going to be over here, pining away, until I get this AU.
    Black & white lineart of Thor wrapping an arm around Loki, who is clearly trying to punch him, but is actually showing that he's happy about it. Ugh, feels.
    Thor telling Loki to give up his poisonous dream, along with touching his face, and ahhhh my feelings.
    ....whoa, boxer AU Loki, who is in a suit, by the way, is super fine.
    I am now forever sad that this scene wasn't in the Avengers movie.
    Two younger Thor and Loki sketches! One with them posing together, the other where teen!Loki is sitting on teen!Thor's back to help him do push-ups. YES THANK YOU FOR THIS I LOVE THAT SCENARIO.
    There, there, Loki. We all know the solution is a GROUP HUG.
    The more I stare at Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Daredevil, the more I just keep laughing at it.
    Whyyyy does this fandom keep giving me the sads? That's not cool, you guys!
    All right, that's it. This fandom is officially perfect. Loki and his kids. Out for a walk. Perfect.
    Thor and Loki have the same hairstyle, which is kind of amazing. Oh, Loki.
    Ahhh, Loki in dark colors and vidid green looks really cool.
    Little tiny Lokitty screaming at Thorkitty DON'T TOUCH HIS TAIL and Thor totally doesn't fucking listen.
    More Jotun!Loki from Eidolon and, oh, man, someday I am going to tackle that fic.
    Oh, Loki with Lady Loki sprawled all over him, both of their hair slicked back like that, that's kind of really hot.
    Movie poster image of the Avengers in a stylized look that's really cool.
    Precious baby Loki chibi is absolutely darling.
    I sincerely, truly, deeply need more Loki and kid!Thor fic in my life.
    Henry V and the Huntsman photo manip. Yes, good.
    Chibi Loki telling everyone to kneel! never gets old for me.
    Awww, chibi Thor and Loki in bright, gold colors is lovely!
    Awww, kidlet versions of Thor, Loki, and Balder.
    Oh, I really like this style and color scheme for this Loki piece.
    Apparently, I'm running into a lot of chibis today, but it's so hard to resist when Thor and Loki are holding hands and I'm weak.
    Oh, god, Thor lets Loki wear his helmet, in chibi form, and it's SO FUCKING ADORABLE but also so so hilarious.
    Oh, no. I just burst into cackles at Thor asking which food to spread all over Loki--all while Loki is tied up and not really in any position to choose--and then Thor's reason for asking. Perfect. [NSFW]
    More Loki with cat ears which is actually a really beautiful image. But. Also. Lokitty.
    Loki sitting in Thor's lap, done in bright, surprisingly lovely colors.
    Oh, Loki, Prince of Ice is really wicked looking.
    I-- I am all for Huntsman/Jotun!Loki with bonus pregancy and baaaaabyyyyyyy.
    Ugh, so many feels at Frigga and her baby boys.
    Avengers gowns, the complete collection, is gooooorgeous.
    a;sdlkfjasl;kj oh my god, I've seen the Loki ring before, of course, but this bonus drawing is PERFECT.
    Litty, bitty, chibi Loki kitty is daaaarling.
    So, when I played the audio on this post, with this gif, I did not expect that. And now I'm crying.
    Ahahaha, omg, of the top ten most popular tags on tumblr, Tom Hiddleston is #3 and Loki is #9. Amazing.
    And then more Thor and Loki chibis! And another chibi kitty Loki being all hissy and rage faced!
    Loki in anime style and fuck all of you I would watch that.
    This artist really does do some absolutely lovely Loki/Sigyn art.
    Thor ready to take Loki for his walkies made me laugh.
    Another anime-esque style to this Loki sketch (or at least a stylized look) is neat.
    A Thor portrait that I liked a lot.
    More of Loki and kid!Thor. Yes, give me all of these.
    Oh, sweet jesus, I think I just about pulled something trying to stifle a shriek of laughter at Jotun!Loki dakimakura PROBABLY NOT BEING A GOOD IDEA. [NSFW]
    Modern AU of Thor and Loki from that FRIENDS fusion fic, which I am never going to read because "Unrequited Thor/Loki" DOES NOT EXIST in my world. No arguments. But this art is lovely.
    Leah and Loki sleeping on each other is adorable and lovely.
    Hela from Journey into Mystery and, also by this artist, a Jormugandr reference and another one, which I love how much like his father he looks.
    Loki with the Tesseract is also very nicely done.
    Another Loki sketch that I liked the almost washed out look of.
    A really cool Thor/Loki sketch with their helmets turned into actual horns and wings.
    I sincerely, truly want a million fics of Tony hitting on Lady Loki while Thor just fucking LOOMS behind them to put a stop to this.
    More of Lady Loki being super hot.
    House of M fashion with the Magnus family is amazing.
    A black & white image of Loki in a suit.
    The intense, vibrant colors of Lady Loki as she practices her magic are gorgeous.
    Gorgeous fanart of Thor.
    Another really beautiful Thor piece.
    Aww, chibi Thor and Loki piggyback ride is adoooorable.
    This Lady Loki cosplay is pretty terrific, I really love her dress especially.
    Another AMAZING Thor fanart piece.
    This Thor piece has a lot of really fantastic detail, too.
    I've seen a handful of Loki/Sigyn pieces in fandom now and I'm not sure I could read fic for that, but it's kind of great to see artists' take on the character.
    Omg, Loki and his kids, which is gorgeous, and ahhhhh I love his kids (in human form, too!) SO MUCH.
    Ahahaha, Thor and Loki in the Thrymskvitha tale.
    Thor and Loki doodles are cute and made me smile.
    I also liked this black & white sketch of Loki and Natasha.
    Thor and Loki should hug more often. Comicsverse with this one, but that still applies.
    Oh, Frigga and bb!Loki sketches are a surefire way to my heart.
    Some very nicely done Lady Loki sketches.
    Black Widow and Hawkeye in black & white that's very nicely done.
    Loki and Lady Loki curling up into sleep together is really beautiful.
    A really lovely Scarlet Witch portrait.
    Sigyn greeting Loki post-Avengers.
    Oh, bb!Thor and bb!Loki are also a super huge weakness and they are SO CUTE here.
    A Magneto image in various shades of red.
    Loki on a throne in yellow, black, and white.
    You know what I would love? A fic with Natasha speaking Russian and Loki speaking right back to her because he speaks Allspeak.
    Erik and his bb!twins while they watch Mr. Xavier's Neighborhood, which is beautifully done.
    Cute art of Natasha curled up on Clint to take a nap.
    Bawww, another lovely sketch of Frigga and a younger Loki.
    Apparently, it's hug your baby Loki day, because this time it's Odin's turn and AHHH MY HEART.
    Thor vs Loki from the end of Thor.
    And another Odin hugging baby!Loki and, oh, my
    And one more of Odin holding kidlet Thor and Loki, ugh, feelings.
    Gorgeously detailed and colored Thor art.
    Okay, setting aside that Loki set the trip to Jotunheim up, I still love how fucking difficult Loki's life is, you guys.
    Loki kissing Natasha's hand and I... am not opposed.
    Black Widow and a spider.
    Black & white art of Fenrir, Hel, and Jormugandr which looks amazing! I absolutely love their human forms and the details on them. *__*
    Thor forgiving Loki does things to my heart, okay.
    Some really cute Thor and XMFC crossover doodles, with bonus Lady Loki interacting with Erik. That'll end well.
    Chibi-esque version of Lady Loki and I like the barely there costume.
    Loki's costume looks totally excellent, Thor's not being mocking at all, nope. And Loki's not a little shit, either.
    An illustration seriescalled Darkness Coming: page 1 + part 2
    Lord, little bb!Jotunn!Loki is THE CUTEST THING EVER.
    Oh. Lady Loki in chains is... that's kind of really hot.
    Loki and Jane in a ballet AU, which is really beautifully done.
    Frigga and her babies is ridiculously feelings intensive and wonderful.
    Thor and Loki on the Titanic, which is pretty great, ngl.
    Thor drunkenly asking Loki to dance with him? Shit, yes, I would read that fic.
    Jotun versions of Helblindi, Loki, and Byleistr look really cool!
    Odin and bb!Loki and his helmet's too big and UGH PRECIOUS BABY LOKI and Odin totally agrees and this is good for my heart.
    This is the most wrong thing I have come across all day. And yet. I cannot stop laughing or stop loving it with something genuine in my heart. It's so-- a s;dlkfjal;skj!
    Loki would absolutely wake up with the most adorable bedhair. It must be so amazing.
    Lady Loki in the Avengers would be super hot, omg. THAT SUIT. Even the gag is seriously hot on her. Also by the artist, Lady Loki in chains in color. Super, super hot.
    Thor giving Loki airplane rides, which Loki is SUPER THRILLED about, is adorable as all get out.
    Sweet jesus, these Thor and Loki gowns are fucking GORGEOUS.
    Thor pulling Loki into a hug, who isn't fighting it for once, and is even smiling about it. Ugh, feelings.
    And then Thor kissing Loki and the way his hand wraps around the side of Loki's neck like that, the way Thor so often touches Loki there, ugh, that's so good for me.
    Lady Loki being all gorgeous and stuff.
    I approve of Thor's various ways of carting Loki around. (I think that's movieverse!Thor with JiM!Loki and 616!Thor with movieverse!Loki? ....I'd read that fic.)
    bb!Loki lounging around while Ikol perches on his papers as Loki tries to read them. Darling!
    Ahhhh, this royal family comic is gorgeous and omg Thor and Loki's kid--! I need a ton of stuff from this universe right now! And then one more of Jotunn!Loki and Thor and their kid. UGH, FEELINGS.
    A series of caps from Blade & Soul (a Korean MMO) where the characters were customized to look like Thor and Loki and, holy crap, those are gorgeous. Loki's face is especially just fucking perfect.
    Black & white sketch of Thor carrying Loki, which is messy but lovely for it.
    Okay, Loki and Bruce having a baby might be random, but I am totally in favor of it, when it's this fucking sweet.
    Oh, shit. Loki in glasses and a suit, while he holds his helmet in one hand. So many of my favorite things!
    A cute little sketch with Loki decorating a sleeping Thor with flowers while they lounge in a field. Adorable!
    Dog!Thor and cat!Loki curled up together in a field (well, Thor has wrapped Loki up in a hug, same diff) which is adorable.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous piece of art with Thor pulling Loki into his lap to kiss along his neck and, ugh, Loki's hand in Thor's hair to hold on, SO GOOD FOR ME.
    More adorablenes with dog!Thor and cat!Loki, which is also hilarious.
    Gorgeous painting of bb!Loki picking up things he shouldn't, done beautifully in poster-style.
    Thor and Loki as kids getting into trouble together... and then getting into makeouts together, which is completely adorable and wonderful. Especially when Loki's teasing gets him into trouble and Thor is... well, Thor.
    Thor tying back Loki's hair while Loki sleeps in a chair.
    Oh, jeez, look at these precious adorable little shits when they're just babies!
    Thor kissing Loki's cheek and telling him he loves him. Ugh, feelings.
    Thor/Loki sexytimes, NSFW.
    Holy crap, this series of black & white images of Thor and Loki out on an adventure, then taking shelter together, sharing Thor's cape, then fucking under Thor's cape, ugh, gorgeous.
    Kind of crying at Thor treating Fury like his dad and asking him all sorts of stuff.
    Babies Thor and Loki as Thor comforts crying baby Loki, ugh, adorable.
    Thor and Loki sharing Thor's cape and not much else and happy and smiling.
    Thor helping to wash Loki's hair, which involves Lokitty and Loki wrapping himself around Thor. While naked. Yes, good.
    Teenaged Thor and Loki fighting back to back and, oh, I seriously need more of this kind of thing in my life.
    Thor holding baby!Loki in his arms and, ugh, seriously, where is all the de-aged Loki fic that I need in my life?
    So, Tony gives Thor a camera to capture those special moments and, holy shit, LOKI DOES NOT APPROVE, THAT'S NOT COOL, THOR but, oh, my heart is full of love and joy now.
    My Little Loki is the best of this I've seen yet.
    Absolutely STUNNING Lady Loki cosplay.
    Black & white sketch of Loki in a fur trimmed coat that's pretty gorgeous.
    Thor meets his new baby brother, Lokitty.
    Loki being the most amazing troll
    Emo teenage Jotun!Loki fanart. A thing I needed in my life.
    A beautifully done Loki portrait in lovely dark colors.
    Ahahahaha, Thor deciding Loki's hair needs a wash, which goes about as well as trying to wash a cat. And then another, this time chibi, comic to go with it.
    This fandom seriously needs to quit turning me into goo just through Thor and Loki sketches, goddammit.
    There is nothing about this comic of Loki going shopping that's not perfection.
    Gorgeous art of Loki starting to turn into his Jotunn form.
    Thor and Loki in the morning! With Loki and some beautiful bed hair. Yesss.
    A younger Thor and Loki with a cat, which is simple and sweet.
    You know what I need? Fic of Odin and Frigga actually adoring Sleipnir.
    These Gambit and Rogue dolls look amazing, I seriously want ones of my own. *__*
    Another Loki portrait that's very nicely done.
    Thor and Loki walking together, Thor's arm around Loki.
    I have this deep and abiding love for this kind of Asgardian justice because I am firmly onboard with the idea of making Loki sit in the corner for a couple of hours to think about what you've done, young man for his punishment.
    Gorgeous Gambit and Rogue and I am totally in love with the way Rogue is casually sneaking Remy's shirt up there.
    Beautifully done Loki tearfully kissing Thor's hand as they're surrounded by fire.
    I love this one of Lokitty because of the expression on his face, that is half adorable and half ready to rip your face off.
    Thor and Loki "attending" one of Odin's council meetings, set some time after Tales of Asgard.
    A really great looking Avengers lineup of Steve, Natasha, Loki, and Fury. And then the other half with Thor, Hulk, Tony, and Clint.
    I really like the soft, cool blue shades in this Thor/Loki piece.
    So, I never realized that Loki in chains and the flimisiest outfit ever, a thrall or slave, was a thing that could be this intriguing.
    Bawww, the world needs more Thor/Loki hugs. Forever and ever. Especially with bonus PERSONAL SPACE, THOR at the end.
    You know what perfection is? Thor carrying movie!Loki over his shoulder and Jim!Loki under his arm. There is nothing that can compare to this now.
    Loki in an Edwardian era suit. Yes, good.
    Ohhhh, no. More of Thor with kid!Loki and, seriously, where is my de-aged fic?? I will complain until I get it!!
    Thor and Loki in adventure/fantasy style clothes (besides their usual ones).
    Thor gets a present from Stark and puts it to good use? Instant hilarity.
    A beautiful painting of Thor and Loki that gave me a lot of feels.
    Thor and Loki as Jotunn!kiddies AU is adorable omg.
    Loki lounging in Thor's lap, while their clothing barely hangs closed. Good.
    Thor pulling Loki up to come join him, ahhh, such adorable babies!
    Sometimes I really hate this fandom. Because it provides me with black & white shadow art that just tears my heart to little pieces and now I have to go gross sob for awhile.
    I would do a lot for a Lost in Midgard fic with Thor and Loki.
    Holy shit, this series of Loki and Natasha cosplay is GORGEOUS. And then another one of Loki WITH HIS MAGAZINES that is so perfect that I cannot even speak of it.
    Thor is very subtle in his messages asking Loki to come home. Very subtle.
    Oh my god. Thor washing Loki's hair, who is thrilled about this manhandling btw, with little rubber Avengers toys floating in the bathtub, is like the new best thing I have ever seen.
    Aww, happy Thor and Loki are my favorite. Shhh. Happy Thor and Loki!
    So, this Fandral/Loki fanart is intriguing and, hey, kissing!! I... would not be opposed to reading fic of Fandral trying to woo the super hot prince, I can't lie.
    Well. Fuck you, tumblr, for giving me all the fucking feelings at this Loki post.
    More stunning Lady Loki cosplay, holy crap. As is bb!Loki with the most adorable face EVER.
    A handful of black & white lineart of Thor and Loki.
    Thor and Loki on a moped is way cuter than it has any right to be.
    Loki melted because of Thor is adoooorable.
    Eight character traits of Loki is gorgeously done.
    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? It's the final panel of this comic that really makes this.
    I know I maybe shouldn't, but, whatever, you guys, I love Thor and Loki hippies because flowers!
    Have I linked Thor and Jotunn!Loki in a Cinderella AU before? Because, holy shit, I would read the shiiiiiiit out of that.
    Speaking of Disney!Loki, Loki in that style never gets old me. Neverrrrr.
    Holy shit, Thor and Loki pixel sprites! These are going on my blog at some point, because SPRITES ARE MY WEAKNESS, YOU GUYS.
    Thor kidnapping Loki is a thing I think should happen more often. Especially when chibi Loki's face is just so annoyed...! Also by the artist is Black Widow and Lady Loki Yes, good.
    Thor kissing Lady Loki is a lovely painting-style image.
    Omg, Jormugandr helping daddy humiliate uncle Thor had me legit bursting into laughter and then my fucking heart swooned because of how adorable this is.
    Things I desperately need more of in my life: Thor/Loki roadtrip, especially when art like this is so gorgeous that it kind of makes me hate everything.
    I literally choked on my drink a little bit when I saw this Ant Man fanart and now it is the only plot of the upcoming Ant Man movie that I will accept.
    Team building with the Young Avengers is adorable and Billy hates them all so fucking much. Also from the artist, Teddy is totally going to drop Billy right into the water because it's funny. Also! Model AU with coats in winter ahhhh yes good! Also ADORABLE NERD BABIES with Billy and Teddy wearing Tony Stark and Spider-Man t-shirts respectively. And ONE MORE OKAY because model AU Teddy/Billy with Eli/Kate in the background and I think I exploded into a shower of OTP sparkles. No, wait, I lied, Billy and Teddy with Billy's younger brothers because, oh, my heart.
    Loki wearing a green scarf that slowly turns to red where Thor touches it. kid!Loki reading "How to get rid of your annoying brother." while kid!Thor has no concept of personal space. Thor hugging his baby brother. All of these are good things.
    Ahahaha, Sherlock and Tony are both dicks, so of course this would eventually happen.
    And then a Sherlock/Avengers gifset crossover with Loki peering into Sherlock and a;sldkfjalskjal oh my god yessss.
    Loki casting magic with some very pretty colors and rather angry smile.
    Gorgeous Loki portrait.
    Loki and his newborn monster kids is really quite lovely. [a bit NSFW]
    Holy crap, Lady Avengers are all SUPER FUCKING HOT.
    More of Thor and Loki dancing, yes, good.
    Beautifully colored Loki tempting Thor, likely to anger. And on purpose.
    Kid versions of Thor and Loki as Thor presses a kiss to Loki's forehead, SO CUTE.
    Thor and Loki in Midgard style clothes. AMAZING Midgard style clothes. With Thor's jacket having kittens and rainbows on it. Yes, good.
    Loki is totally not jealous, shut up, Thor!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous art of Thor carrying Loki home. Ugh, all the feelings.
    Thor is a obnoxious whether he's a dog or a god. Sounds about right.
    Thor and Loki in period-esque style clothes. Well, half in period-esque style clothes.
    Oh, no. Little chibi Loki asking for our world, please, is too cute.
    Loki and Lady Loki in black & white is really pretty hot.
    The bandana joke is still funny, I don't even care.
    Thor vs chopsticks ends in the best possible way. Chibi comics are good for me, yes.
    More adorable Lokitty and cats, aww.
    Loki leaning on Thor in the snowfall.
    Thor and Loki chibis and going home, baww.
    I am so weak to Loki in that anime-esque style, especially when it comes with such pretty colors.
    Yesssss. Animated chibi Lokitty sprite. Yessss, good.
    Stunning key art of Loki vs Iron Man, wow.
    A bunch of Avengers sketch dumps and the Thor/Loki ones especially just made my heart ache.
    Thor should know better than to sleep on Loki, honestly.
    I don't even give one iota of a shit about how ic/ooc this is, Loki Charming Prince is so good for me. Such pretty colors!
    It's never too late for Thor/Loki hugs. ;__;
    Oh, sweet jesus, this is a stunning Remy/Rogue piece of an almost kiss.
    There should always and forever be more Thor/Loki hugs, yes.
    I cannot pick a favorite of this series of sketches, because OMG LOKI'S FACE but also Thor just hauling Loki over his shoulder like a sack of rice and saying, let's go home, brother, that is so good for me BUT THEN CHIBI THOR PROTECTING CHIBI LOKITTY FROM THE RAIN and fuck anyone who tries to make me choose.
    The artist also has another series of sketches that are also pretty great, especially Thor's lack of personal space in more than half of them.
    The other thing I love? Thor just grabbing Loki by the wrist and cheerfully dragging him off, when Loki's like NOOOOO LET GOOOOO and it's a super adorable Midgard Vacation or whatever that I want desperately.
    The only other plot of the upcoming Ant Man movie that I will now accept.
    Oh, jesus, little baby Jotunn!Loki is too cute for me to handle.
    Frigga with baby Loki in her arms and I'm melting into goo now.
    Oh, well, hello, Loki in different styled armor/clothes, because you are really good looking.
    Ahhhh, Frigga and her kids being amazing and badass and omg her hairrrrr.
    Oh, god, I want this pregnant Loki in a fic SO VERY BADLY. IT IS ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.
    Stay classy, Thor. Stay classy, future king of Asgard, steward of the Nine Realms. Yeah.
    Thor mistaking a goat for Loki has yet to get old, too.
    A series of Thor and Loki as kiddies, awww, darlings!
    I have a lot of feelings for Loki reading, while Thor lays on him and, instead of getting tetchy, Loki reads aloud to him. So, so many feelings.
    Also by that artist, SOMEONE forgets to pack the rain cloaks and you know what that means, Thor.
    I... I would be down with some Loki/Wanda interaction, done like this.
    Ahhh, I really enjoy the upside down side by side pose and it's nice to have a Thor/Loki one. And it's also nice to have a Thor/Loki kiss as well.
    I love all the different designs for Loki-themed lolita dresses and this one is no exception.
    A messy sketch of a Thor/Loki modern AU that I find intriguing.
    Adorable Thor and Loki holding hands in the grass from when they were younger.
    There's not a lot of Steve/Loki fanart out there, much less porny art, so, hey, this is very welcome, thank you. NSFW.
    Wow, gorgeous, gorgeous Lady Loki art.
    A bunch of really cute Thor/Loki sketches.
    Another Thor/Loki piece with them in Midgard-style clothing, including Loki in a suit!
    Thor and Loki in bed together, which maybe a little bit nsfw, but not terribly.
    Thor wanting to keep Loki Jr. made me smile.
    Loki sleeping on Mjolnir is really preciously adorable, awww.
    SHRIEK, SAILOR SHIELDLIGHTS, THE S.H.I.E.L.D. CHARACTERS AS THE STARLIGHTS FROM SAILOR MOON. Also by the artist is Steve having redesigned the costumes and now they are a matched set and it's AMAZING.
    Tony and Loki making out on the couch while watching a movie. Yes, good.
    Oh, god, kid Loki racing to catch up with Thor when they were younger and MY HEART OKAY.
    Do they use Jotunn!Loki as a fridge in the summer? YEP. And I can't remember if I linked it before, but Loki and his kids having fun is seriously the best thing in this fandom.
    Thor and Loki on a lazy morning in bed oh god this is so good for me omg Loki's hairrrrr. And then another beautiful one of them in bed, foreheads pressed together and just happy.
    I love that art that looks like it's coming out of the computer screen, especially when Loki is literally trying to claw his way away from Thor, which is just not happening.
    I still have yet to tire of photosets that show Loki's body is ready from that scene on the Rainbow Bridge. Bless you, fandom.
    Loki in chains and minus a shirt while Thor pulls him close, also minus a shirt. I like you, fandom.
    Team Red continues to be the best.
    Another really nicely done Thor/Loki kiss sketch.
    Look, Thor just has a lot of feelings when he thought his baby brother was dead, okay.
    PRECIOUS DARLING BABIES AS BB!LOKI READS A STORY, I am just going to roll under my desk and have all the feelings inside me.
    I love this trend of various Thor fusions and this is amazing.
    It's good to know some things will never change.
    Adorable Thor and Loki where bb!Loki falls asleep on Thor while reading.
    Oh, jesus, cat!Loki getting drunk and rubbing up against doggy Thor and licking him and I don't know if I want this as animals being cute or if I want it as regular Thor/Loki with Loki drunkenly draping himself all over Thor. Because both would be AMAZING.
    Loki rearranging Tony's hair is pretty great.
    Sometimes I hate this fandom and the beautiful graphics they make.
    Thor messing with the weather is not Loki's favorite thing about him, no.
    JiM!Loki is a precious darling baby troll.
    The Asgardians all in summer wear with some really nice lineart.
    Thor putting his hands over Loki's ears, who covers them with his own hands, and, oh, feelings.
    Beautifully done Lady Loki art with some nice textures on the wolf fur and glowing colors.
    Chibi Lokitty as a watch count gif is adorable! With bonus pretty greens and Lokitty in a suit! Also by the artist, Pikachu!Thor and Lokitty with cats.
    Another Lady Loki, this time in golds and softer greens that are lovely on her.
    Shirtless!Loki, yes, good.
    Hope crawling all over Nathan and I'm just going to be over here full of a lot of intense feels. And lolz at Nathan's face.
    Thor smooching on Loki who isn't expecting it, yes good.
    Sometimes I really hate it when art gives me all the feels for BOTH of those fuckers, dammit.
    Truck Driver!Thor and Street Boy!Loki AU, I... I would read that fanfic. Also, this is beautifully done.
    A photoset of that scene on the quinjet = instant reblog. Always.
    Thor and Loki lounging around in bed, done in painting style, the sheets carefully draped around them.
    Sometimes I really think I could hate Tom Hiddleston because fuck him and his perfect face and his talking about how hate and love are united by passion which means no matter how much he hardens his heart he still cares about Thor ugh FUCK HIM. *rolls away to lay in a puddle of feels*
    Oh, I really love the style of this Loki piece, it's super pretty.
    Kid!Loki holding onto his father's hand and, ugh, way to punch me in the feelings.
    Thor and Loki in knee-deep water, happy after a fight.
    Lady Loki my little pony, yes, good. And then Thor Pony and Loki Pony.
    Loki draped over a throne floating in space.
    Gorgeous Loki in his armor with the impression of gold horns on his head.
    Beautifully done, lightly colored Loki piece, with the impression of him in snow.
    Pregnant Loki in floral print and sunglasses and sipping his drink because this artist knows fandom.
    Oh, sweet jesus. I don't know what I expected when I clicked on this Loki song, certainly not with that Loki bitchface gif, but I don't think I expected what I got. I genuinely laughed until I cried and I just-- there is NOT ONE SINGLE PART of this that's not perfect.
    Gorgeous set of Jotunn!Loki (with Thor/Loki in one of them) for "Lost and Found". So, so pretty.
    Really beautiful cyborg Thor fanart, wow. Also by the artist, devil!Tony which is gorgeous. And cyborg ninja Natasha. And super gorgeous Tony being mindcontrolled art.
    Don't bother him when he's watching his show, Thor. Also, never leave them alone for two hours, not unless you want to come back to that, Tony. Also, Thor and Loki are not ready for kids, no. Crying.
    I approve of this method of interrogation, Thor. And the aftermath is pretty great, too.
    Oh, noooo, little baby Jotunn!Loki in a cell, I'm not sure my heart can take this.
    Bathtime with Thor and Loki chibis. Yes, more of this, please.
    Gorgeous Loki underwater as he falls downward.
    An eight page series of mini-comics of Loki and the Huntsman crossover that's gorgeous! page 1 + page 2 + page 3 + page 4 + page 5 + page 6 + page 7 + page 8
    Beautifully done Loki Nouveau. And then a Mucha-style Loki piece by the artist as well.
    Oh, now I desperately want fic based on this, because Loki having the flu as seen through Thor's pov (and then the real Loki) is SUPER GREAT. There's also a chibi version of Thor having the flu that is super cute, too.
    The fight between Loki and Thor on Tony's rooftop, baww.
    Summer-themed Thor and Loki and, oh, jeez, their hair being pulled back is perfect like that.
    Loki shaving Thor's beard and, oh, ugh, the intimacy is ruining me here.
    How to deal with all quandaries relating to Loki, is how I feel about this, yes.
    This mini comic never gets old, with Thor figuring out an awesome way to stay cool in the summer.
    ACCEPTED HEADCANON for Loki and Thor being little shits during the Odinsleep when they were kids.
    Oh, well, I just laughed forever at Loki and his dog.
    Reasons why Thor called Loki a cow shouldn't make me laugh, but. >_> NSFW
    Oh, god, Loki's kids are the very best ever when introduced to their new stepfather. I just cracked right up at their precious faces. Also discussing children's names had me laughing pretty hard, too. Also! Loki singing to their baby is so A+++ that I can't hardly handle it.
    So, an animated gif of Loki dancing shouldn't be this amazing, but I am totally gone on his clothes, okay.
    I am mad at everyone who makes me want to ship Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, because this isn't cool, fandom. Fuck you guys.
    A series of Loki (and Thor/Loki) sketches, both from in-movie canon and from when they were younger.
    Beautifully drawn Thor/Loki happiness, with a kiss to Loki's forehead and a lovely sense of intimacy.
    So, this Thor/Loki piece, with Thor pulling him close and almost kissing him, is gorgeous.
    Morning in Asgard is super good for me, with Thor's giant arm just casually thrown over Loki as he continues to sleep and Loki's trying to get him to move, and there's a distinct lack of clothes, bless you, fandom.
    A re-meeting of Loki and Spider-Man is perfect.
    Ahhhh, I love Loki's kids being jealous little shits.
    I would totally read a fic about construction worker!Thor and Loki in a suit, I would read that so hard.
    No, no, Loki is totally paying attention, Thor.
    Jotunn!Loki in a red hoodie. Yes, this is a good thing.
    Holy shit, I want this Pokemon team. (Eh, like half of them weren't already my favorites anyway.)
    Wait, wait. Is this a The Cutting Edge AU? HOLY SHIT, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.
    Thor and Loki wearing suits and Loki working on Thor's tie, while Thor wraps arms around him. Bless this fandom.
    "Do not test me, brother." = the best for me because I was just going on about this, how Thor is not a gentle person at heart. That he's capable of being gentle, that he's good-natured, he's even often kind. But he is a warrior and he's dangerous, he will always be terrifying for all that power he wields and the strength of temper behind it. Thor loves with a fierceness, so imagine, too, what his real anger would be like. (Not that I don't love cuddly!Thor from fandom, I EAT THAT UP, but I do wish more would remember oh, hey, Thor still really, really likes beating the shit out of and killing things. Thor's true anger would be fucking terrifying.)(Loki, fandom often does better with. Big surprise, considering how intensely we all fan over Loki, of course. XD)
    So, pirate!Thor and merman!Loki should be a thing. Bless you, fandom.
    Oh, no. Loki holding baby Thor (or at least I think it's baby Thor? I'd be okay with it being their kid, too, just saying) just totally reduced me into a melted pile of gibberish.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous Thor and Loki piece, mid-battle, but also... not?
    A really lovely Loki portrait in muted colors, except for the vibrant green.
    Precious baby JiM!Loki and Thori which is perfect.
    Adorable chibi-like Thor and Loki in the clouds, done in bright colors.
    Lovely black & white Loki piece with flowers falling around him.
    Also by that artist: a series of Loki images (and a Thor/Loki kiss) that are all beautiful. Also, Loki in a thick cloak is beautifully done.
    Another series of Loki sketches with bonus Thor/Loki and Steve/Tony (I think?), which includes doctor!Thor and nurse!Loki in his lap. Bless you, fandom, you are the best.
    Oh. Loki asking Frigga if she loves him and that's a silly question, of course she does. My heart.
    Shit, this is the most horrible crossover ever and yet it makes the fandom perfect now.
    Loki and his kids, who, by the way, continue to be the best.
    Oh, jesus, I need this as a fic, STAT.
    Goddammit, fandom, stop trying to win me over to Spideypool, no matter how hilarious it is!
    I legitmately kind of flailed with laughter at this two-page mini comic.
    I kind of burst into laughter at the evolution of Loki's helmet and his look for Thor 2.
    Gorgeous modern day punk-ish Thor and Loki with beautiful colors.
    Chibi Loki writing in his diary is seriously fucking precious.
    A beautiful Thor/Loki doujinshi cover and I NEED IT. It's not enough that it exists, I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.
    Loki with Huginn and Muninn is very intriguing to me....
    Is that... nerd Loki? In a cardigan, glasses, and a headband? I love this fandom a lot.
    Loki with a gun in his pants. Once again, bless this fandom.
    A nicely done Thor/Loki kiss lineart in b&w.
    .....and then Loki kills his brother. And I don't think many would blame him.
    I am once again experiencing that feeling where I love something so much I hate it. Ask the odd couple from Asgard on Thor and Loki's first time and, oh, hilarious and then MY HEART. SO FULL OF LOVE. NSFW.
    Also from that amazing ask blog--what would Loki do if Thor decided to be with Jane Foster?, and the beautiful simplicity of the answer was perfect.
    Also also! Loki's not into horses, okay. And I was crying by the end.
    Black&white almost kissing Thor and Loki with cuts and scrapes and blood and fingers tangled in hair and everything being perfect.
    Things fandom needs more of: Thor yanking Loki along for a ride when throwing Mjolnir around.
    So, uh. Tony and Loki in formal suits is pretty hot.
    Do you know why I'm crying? Because Thor is the most amazing obnoxious brother ever. Loki's face is perfection.
    I... would really like more Avengers/Harry Potter fusions, yes, please.
    Oh, sweet bb!Loki holding out his arms to Thor who's about to pick him up and, oh, my heart.
    So, okay. Thor/Steve is kinda hot drawn like this. And so is this one.
    I also kind of find this Loki to be super hot in those modern clothes.
    Thor and Loki in black modern-ish clothes which looks fantastic.
    Oh, ask the odd couple from Asgard continues to be my favorite ask blog in this fandom when answering the question of what Odin and Frigga think of their relationship. Perfect.
    I can't remember if I've linked this before or not, but! Thor and Loki kissing gif with bonus Loki reaction = UGH SO MANY FEELINGS.
    A set of Thor and Loki each with the other as a de-aged baby in their arms and the amount of feelings this stirred up in me is painful. But, c'mon. Baby Loki in the onesie with the angel wings and horns on the hood while he sleeps on Thor's chest. If you don't have feelings for that, we will never truly understand each other.
    I don't actually see a lot of Jotunn!Lady Loki in fanart, which is a shame, because this is pretty awesome.
    Beautiful piece of Loki falling backwards in water.
    And another really pretty Loki piece.
    I think one of my favorite things about this Thor and Loki piece (aside from the pretty coloring) is the hint of stars in Mjolnir's surface.
    Sleepy Loki and itty bitty Thor curled up with him, aww.
    Thor and Loki as babies meeting for the first time and, oh, feelings at how adorable and precious they are.
    Oh, bb!Loki with a giant stuff Stitch doll and then Thor and Loki babysitting and Loki finally giving bb!Peter the stuffed Stitch doll. These things threaten to make me fucking coo. Also, from that artist, Thor with a Loki kitty and the expression on that cat's face as Thor tries to pet him is the best. Oh, and more babysitting hilarity.
    Loki curled up with a doggy that's reminiscent of Thor is a surefire way to kind of make me want to just lay down and die of feels.
    Why do I find Homestuck homages so hilarious? But they are.
    Thor removing the muzzle from Loki and, um. That's very pretty. And NSFW.
    Oh, holy shit, what a feelings bomb in a conversation between Loki and Hel. That's gorgeous.
    And then there's Thor holding baby Loki for the first time as Frigga gently places him in Thor's arms and I'm just-- leave me here to wallow in my feelings, okay.
    Loki and Serperior in chibi form. Yes, this is a good post. As is all of the Avengers with a Pokemon.
    Beautifully detailed Jotunn King Loki, where I especially love the crown.
    I like the headcanon in the tags of this post, which is a NSFW art piece.
    There is something about this Loki sketch that's really intriguing to me.
    Okay, younger Loki should not be allowed to be this darling.
    So, of course I've seen that gifset of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans talking about who would be better to date, Thor or Captain America, but now there's a bonus set of Thor/Loki chibi doodles that seriously had me just about irl cackling at how hilarious and perfect that was. Slightly nsfw.
    "Sleep now, world domination later." Ugh, I hate feelings, I don't want them anymore.
    Loki and Lady Loki sketch that looks really good.
    Thor, Loki and Balder and, oh, Loki hates his brothers both so much.
    More kid AU adorablness with Thor and Loki and Balder. Balder the Brony even. Adorable!
    Wow, this is a gorgeous Loki on an icy throne with birds and skulls and magic, all beautifully detailed.
    Another awesome Avengers/Harry Potter fusion that's beautifully drawn.
    Another Jotunn!Loki with horns and I love that bit of fanon, fuck all of you pointing out that Jotnar don't really have horns.
    Why does fandom keep trying to make me cry? It's not cool, you guys.
    Oh, this is a gorgeous, gorgeous series of sketches of Thor/Loki, some Steve/Tony, and a little other. My favorite is this beautiful Thor/Loki piece, wow.
    Whoa, hello, gorgeous Loki piece and I am in love with all the jewelry and armor-like sleeves and lack of the rest of his shirt and that hairrrrr.
    Thor and Loki as kiddies, with Loki cutting Thor's hair and I'll never get tired of this kind of adorableness.
    I don't usually hold to movieverse Lady Loki looking like Sif (despite that the idea is often inspired by Loki stealing Sif's body in the comics, that's not the route it took in movieverse fandom, where Loki's female form is his own, which is way, way better), but this art is really gorgeous and I love the way it blends the two characters.
    Bless this fandom. The Huntsman, Loki, and Thor as the two of them glare over Loki trapped between them and, like that gorgeousness wasn't enough, then there's chibi art of them in animal forms by under-base that's just so beautiful I could cry.
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who finds it amazing when Loki gets cold and Thor's a total big brother about it.
    I love it when fandom's like, hey, let's draw an epic pic of Odin announcing Thor and Loki's marriage, with bonus redhead!Loki to go with it. I never want this fandom to end.
    Omg, I kind of love this human version of Sleipnir, I kind of want that to be a thing now!!
    I am super ready to ship Loki and Amora in the movieverse, should it come to that. Though, also, I just really want them to be BFFs, too. I want a million fics of that. Because it would be amazing.
    Another gorgeous Loki fanart.
    I don't even know where to look on this set of beautiful art pieces, because they're all stunning. The lines are so pretty and sharp and I love this style and, oh, this artist's Loki is so gorgeous and I love the Thor/Loki ones with a fiery passion but THERE IS ALSO WANDA excuse me I'm just going to go have a bunch of feels now.
    SHRIEKING LAUGHTER at this answer from ask the odd couple from Asgard response to what kind of kinks they're into.
    Also, from that ask blog! Thor, Loki, Chris, and Tom on movie night and I love the references to fandom culture but also THE EXPRESSIONS, they are so great. Every time I look at Loki's face in the final panel, I just crack up again.
    This Loki and torn cloak piece is one of the prettiest things I've seen, but fuck this artist for breaking my heart.
    Adorable, adorable art of Thor and Loki as kids, with some really lovely, bright colors.
    Thor telling Loki that he should not even dare to disappear on him again and, oh, jesus, feelings. Also by the artist, Thor/Loki almost kiss and I'm really fond of the way Loki looks in this lineart. And I love art like this one of shirtless Thor and Loki, both for the hotness and for showing how Loki can be relatively the same size as Thor, except totally not at all the same size.
    The world needs more Loki cuddling, especially when nobody listens to him complaining because he complains about everything.
    Two posts of photo sets from the same artist (set one and set two) are fantastic, because Thor picking Loki up and hauling him off to bed because he needs to sleep or because Loki leaning on Thor in his sleep or because the two of them sleeping in the same bed or because bittersweet closeness between the two of them or because Loki wants Thor to sleep with him. I just. Loved every single one of these with a passion.
    Thor and Loki at different ages in their lives.
    This ask blog just makes me cry every time. It's the faces, they're so perfectly hilarious.
    Loki with a bunch of labradors climbing all over him. Good.
    I have a weakness for anime-style art, especially when it comes with pretty colors on Loki.
    The same can be said of this one of Loki laying back in a pond of water with his formal suit on.
    Thor going down on Lady Loki in a sketch and, um, hi, yes, more of this, please.
    AMAZING FANART of dedaged Avengers with bright, vivid colors and a bunch of shit going on and I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART.
    Two kid Lokis--Aesir and Jotunn, the precious darlings.
    Excellent JiM!Loki cosplay, if a touch heartbreaking.
    Thor and Loki and a sleepy morning in bed and that's always good for me.
    Pretty art of Jotunn!Loki in soft blues and grays.
    Oh, man, I love all the fanart of Loki in Midgardian clothes.
    High school AU with makeouts in the classroom after school. Bless.
    Loki in his suit from Stuttgard.
    Balder x Lady Loki is really beautiful and, um, yes, I think I would totally read that fic.
    Okay, ask hipster!Loki is a thing that I always need in my life now.
    More gorgeous Jotunn!Loki.
    "Did you cheat on Thor when you took over Clint?" has the best answer from ask the odd couple from Asgard and a;sldkfjal;skj oh my god their faces. Somewhat NSFW. Also, if there's not a sequel to this one I am going to be so resentful.
    I'm okay with being a terrible person and wanting this.
    So, between this photoset from the end of Thor and this fanart strip about Loki's entire journey so far, I now have a "fuck this fandom" tag on my blog. Because, seriously. Fuck this fandom.
    Thor and Loki chibis being adorable.
    Crossing Thor/Loki with Tangled. Yes, good.
    A lovely photoset of Thor and Loki in black & white.
    No, it's totally cool to make me gross sob this early in the morning.
    Another excellent lineart of Jotunn!Loki, mm.
    Loki and Thor and animal ears and tails and babies with ears and tails!
    Movies Loki meets JiM!Loki and Thori. Yes, good.
    So, uh. I would read the shit out of this AU fic, goddamn.
    Collage of Thor and Loki and so many feelings omg.
    A Loki shopping day is darling omg.
    Oh, man, this artist is seriously one of my favorites in the fandom, for creating the best animated gifs of Loki and Sleipnir, especially with hyper!Sleipnir and put-upon!Loki.
    Thor's seduction technique could definitely use a little work.
    Thor with a bunch of mini chibi Lokis is pretty darling. (Or is it Chris Hemsworth with a bunch of Loki dolls? Either way.)
    More of Jotunn!Loki in furs and jewels.
    Holy shit, Lady Loki is super gorgeous here.
    Another gorgeous Lady Loki in black & white, with almost a softened filter over it so it's super pretty.
    Loki and Discord is pretty fucking perfect, okay.
    Thor and Loki in the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Yes, good.
    Thor giving baby Jotunn!Loki a scarf, even if he doesn't really need it, it'll give him comfort. Ugh. Fucking feelings.
    A bunch of adorable Avengers sketches.
    Why would you give me feelings like this? Fuck you, fandom.
    So just how did Loki know when he succeeded in hiding from Heimdall's gaze? Perfect answer.
    Oh, jeez, precious darling baby Odinsons and kisses on the foreheads, so adorable.
    Stunning picture of Thor kissing Loki while he's trying to read and laying in Thor's lap.
    Oh, god, this domestic kid Avengers AU art series is the greatest thing in my life right now.
    Fantastic lineart of Jotunn!Loki.
    Aha! I knew I would eventually see the Thor and Loki MLP crossover gif again, where this is the most accurate summation of Loki's life.
    Wow, this Thor/Steve doujinshi in Chinese is gorgeous. NSFW.
    Lady Loki bribing Thor into doing some shopping is the greatest thing I saw all night.
    Well, except for the super super hot Loki x Lady Loki that's slightly nsfw, omg.
    The real reason Thor got banished made me laugh pretty hard, too.
    Gorgeous sketch of Frigga with baby Loki that I love dearly.
    I can't remember if I've ever linked this before, because I know I've seen it, but it's still fucking amazing: Lady versions of Thor, Loki, and ODIN, FUCK YEAH.
    Tony, Steve, Thor, and Loki all have differing levels of skill when it comes to letter writing.
    I love this Lady Loki piece because that is one hell of a walk, the body language is fantastic.
    I accept this headcanon about Frigga doing what she wants, Thor.
    Happy birthday to Chris Hemsworth, with bonus Thor and Loki hilarity.
    I really like the smooth, soft lines of this Loki piece.
    Loki is getting real tired of your bullshit, Odin. Oh, jesus, I love internet memes.
    Excellent commentary on the post-credits scene that captured my thoughts perfectly.
    I genuinely burst into laughter at Thor summoning Mjolnir.
    You know that evolution of Loki's helmet for Thor 2 with the horns sticking straight out? This series of 4koma illustrations based around Loki's new helmet had me just about crying with laughter at the hilarity of Loki's life.
    I really like the way the artist tailored Lady Loki's armor to her form and the saucy, sly look on her face.
    Omg, adorable Pietro and Wanda, so cute!! And then the artist also gave me a feelings attack over them.
    Oh, now I, too, want bb!Loki and Billy to team up, I need this in my life, okay.
    I still need Pietro and Tommy interaction like you wouldn't believe. Why, WHY will Marvel not give me a monthly Magnus Family Feels book? I WANT IT.
    I think I'm starting to ship Balder and Loki.
    So, uh. Earth X Lady Thor/Sif kissing is pretty hot.
    A slightly nsfw Lady Loki lineart that's seriously pretty hot.
    Thor kissing along Loki's neck while holding his wrist, done beautifully, wow.
    I'm not sure if this is Loki or Lady Loki in lingerie and I honestly can't decide which would be hotter, especially with Thor's hand between Loki's legs like that, wow. NSFW.
    I am seriously enjoying this blog of Disney Princess Loki, this time with Loki as Ariel.
    Really pretty image of Loki regenerating and I like the glowing effect.
    You know how I know the internet loves me? Sailor Moon!Loki and Tuxedo Mask!Thor. That has happened now and the internet can never take it back.
    I love how Loki is pretty much throwing himself into Thor's arms to kiss him.
    Thor and Loki in animal costumes is kind of ridiculously adorable.
    Oh, the little Thor and Loki themed headphones (each with the other's theme) in chibi form is just so adorable.
    The level of detail on this Jotunn!Loki is fantastic.
    Stan Marsh reassuring Loki that, as hard as your life is, at least you don't have to deal with Eric Cartman. TRUTH.
    Thor and Loki wrestling turns into Thor and Loki kissing, as it always should. And I love the looser, more casual clothes they're wearing, too.
    Okay, wow, Thor and Lady Loki, who is sitting on his lap and there are hands being raked through hair, that's, um. That's really hot.
    Beautifully done black & white sketch of Loki babysitting Peter.
    Holy shit, mer!Loki is badass. Crown Prince Thor kind of breaks my heart a little, though.
    Precious baby kidlets of Thor and Loki as the artist goes through Loki's day.
    A Thor/Loki piece called Sweet Pudding Morning is gorgeous, for the happiness and adorableness and quiet intimacy of lounging in bed without any pants on and the almost kissing. Ugh, so many feelings for this fandom.
    Thor/Loki porn that I may have linked before? Either way, worth it again. :9 NSFW.
    More Thor/Loki porn that's really good for me. It's not as NSFW, but still.
    Really cute brothers hugging time button.
    Thor and Loki sharing ice cream with cute, bright colors.
    I am very skittish about a mash-up between Avengers and Saw, but this first chapter is super, super intriguing.
    So, I still kinda ship Steve/Loki and this is cute.
    I'm weak to clothing designs, so this new outfit for bb!Loki really caught my eye, especially the almost whispy, magicy look of it.
    I would totally read a Thor/Loki coffee shop AU.
    Awww, Lokitty just wants to rule, stop trying to tame him, Thor!
    Oh my god the most accurate summary of the various Lokis.
    I am laughing so hard at hipster Loki's choice in soy products and Thor's feelings on that.
    Animal ears+tails with Thor and Loki at the beach and Lokitty is as charming as ever. Also by the artist is more animal chibis and Loki being a biter. Which... yes. OH AND. Lokitty plus... fox... Tony, I think? Which is very nicely done.
    I actually kind of really liked this set of animal themed costumes for Thor and Loki, especially Loki's works really well.
    I would read the hell out of a killer + FBI fic AU, especially if it were as hot as this. NSFW.
    Oh, these black & white images of Thor & Jotunn!Loki in their wedding attire are beautifully detailed, wow.
    Somehow I missed this one of Ric's, a multi-image doodle set of Loki trying to wake Thor up and then Tony having to listen as Thor finally does wake up. Perfect.
    I am completely and utterly cooing at the precious little fuckers of this li'l Avengers AU art. Especially Wanda and Pietro's little precious faces. Also, Magneto combing his baby girl's hair had me practically on the floor at the cuteness. OH AND AGAIN. Magneto and the twins meeting Xavier, THIS IS SO CUTE I COULD PUKE RAINBOWS.
    Some really sharp, fantastic lineart and muted colors on this Loki image.
    This set of images is pretty great--especially chibi Lokitty (fuck all of you, I love this without a hint of irony) and Loki walking home with a cat perched on his hand to lick his face and UGH FEELINGS.
    Another series of sketches, from the Thor/Loki AU fic "How I Met Your Father" and I especially love the illustration of Sleipnir, Hela, and Fenrir.
    I really liked the way this stylized Thor/Loki piece looks in full view, the details are really fascinating. But also the bonus chibi extra of hilarity! Also, yes, of course that woudl be their wedding picture. Maybe very slightly nsfw.
    Fuck this fandom for having chibi sketches with the words, "I hurt myself by hurting you." written across the bottom and having it give me a bunch of feels.
    I never seem to tire of Thor/Lady Loki, especially when Thor's getting really handsy with her.
    Wow, another Lady Loki that's just gorgeous.
    I would really love to know the source of this young Loki from Tales of Asgard, because that's really pretty.
    There is absolutely nothing that is not amazing about this collection of moe Loki illustrations, which contain so many Japanese tropes that I think maybe I hurt something.
    The level of cuteness of this Tony series of images, showing him interacting with the other Avengers, is ridiculous. I love it so much.
    Yeah, that's about how Thor would travel through the desert all right.
    Thor and Loki at different ages, wrestling, very nicely done.
    Sometimes I love fandom so much that I kind of don't know what to do with myself. Especially the train of responses to a Loki gif, with the ant/boot line.
    Clint and Natasha with Merida as the daughter is darling.
    So, Marvel clearly remixed the original Norse mythology, meaning Odin's not half-Frost Giant himself, Thor is actually Frigga's son, there's no Balder yet in the movieverse (though, he exists in 616, of course), etc. But this three image Loki set made me crack the hell up, especially at his face in the last one.
    Loki in exile with only a hint of color is really pretty.
    Oh, no. bb!Loki walking in the forest is too much cute for me to handle!
    Really cute and brightly colored Clint and Natasha chibis.
    Okay, fantasy Avengers (ala WoW, etc.) are pretty rad.
    I am IN LOVE with the colors on Loki and Sleipnir here.
    I laughed quite a bit at the subtitled internal thoughts during Loki's scene with Laufey.
    Yeah, I'd ship Svadilfari/Loki like this.
    I saw this Thor/Jane vs Thor/Loki meme hit the tags a bunch of times in one day--and with good reason because yeah that's a pretty accurate portrayal of fandom.
    Okay, so, I really laughed at Loki's internal monologue here. Like, a lot.
    Jfc, who lets me go on tumblr like this?
    Thor giving Loki a piggyback ride from their childhood, omg precious.
    Thor trying to get Loki to smile as he takes a picture of them.
    I just want all the Midgard AU fics with Thor and Loki, why is that so hard to come by?
    Thor carrying Loki to bed, who is super fucking thrilled about it, yes good.
    Thor and Loki sharing a scarf on a chilly autumn day.
    Oh, I am totally in love with the colors and textures of this Thor and Loki piece, the smoothness of it looks amazing and I just want to touch... everything.
    I found myself really rather liking these Loki sketches, which have a lot of potential in them. Plus, bonus Thor/Loki and Tony/Loki.
    This happy birthday cover with kid versions of Thor and Loki is precious.
    More Harry Potter!Loki, yesssss.
    Oh, man, Thor and Loki in yukata after having won a goldfish at a festival and I love cultural references like this!
    I love the sharp, clean lines of Thor holding Loki close, almost anime-esque style.
    A black & white lineart of Jotunn!Loki holding his heart in his hands, gorgeously done.
    Ahhh, bb!Loki playing the piano while bb!Thor watches and grins at him!
    The tags of this Thor/Loki piece describe it pretty accurately: #one of the weirdest kinky thing i've ever drawn #what is this even #master Loki getting fucked by pet Thor? #idk #thorki #oh must be an aftermath then I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE. A little bit nsfw.
    Coulson should never have let Clint watch Brave. I love the Avengers being dorks!
    Oh, man, Viking!Thor and kid!Loki is a thing I would read the hell out of.
    A Chris/Tom black&white fanart in manga-esque style, with bonus kitty ears/tail on Tom. This fandom is precious.
    Loki is pretty, so his mom must be pretty, too. Gorgeous Farbauti. HEADCANON ACCPETED.
    A Thor and Loki after the bath sketch. A bit nsfw. And another one of them in bed together in the morning. Oh, and Thor would totally be a furnace when you curled up with him.
    Oh, Loki the Asgardian Prince with Gungnir in his hand and wings on his back is GORGEOUS.
    Chibi doggy Thor licking chibi Loki's face, ugh, adorable.
    Really adorable cosplay of bb!Loki and Leah kissing over the table of the booth they're sitting in.
    Adorable bb!Loki hanging off Thor's shoulders and making adorable raspberry faces.
    616 Thor and Loki are just so cute I can hardly stand it.
    Part 1 of Thor being totally subtle about trying to get Loki to come home.
    Well, that's one way for Loki to avoid Thor talking him into yet another round, I'll give him that.
    Thor with his hand on Loki's head as he cries shouldn't work, but I kind of loved this one anyway.
    The Thor cast as birds, from various moments in the movie. Goddamned adorable.
    Nooooo, don't make bb!Loki sad like that...!
    I accept this headcanon of Loki and Selina being BFFs. As well as the Avengers on Christmas. Yes.
    Pretty image of Thor and Loki
    I'm serious that I want a Thor/Loki waiters AU fic someday.
    Thor hugging Jotunn!Loki is full of way too many fucking feels, stop it.
    A series of sketches of Thor and Loki (with bonus bit of Odin) that're nicely done.
    I never get tired of Loki sitting on Thor while he does push-ups. This is a good thing.
    I love anything with Loki (or Lady Loki here) discovering all the good things about Midgard. Especially with bonus Thor having to hold all the shopping bags.
    This Thor and Loki in modern clothes image, as they come to a new world together, is nicely done in full view.
    No. Why are these chibis so cute? Stop it.
    I love it when Thor clearly thinks Loki is the cutest. Well, Lokitty.
    Thor and Loki as happy young kids, nooooo, my heaaaaart.
    Anime-style Thor and Loki high school AU, yes, bless you, fandom.
    Little baby Loki does what he wants, Thor.
    I can't remember if I linked Loki has a cold before or not, because it's pretty great either way.
    Lady Loki in winter and surrounded by black birds.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous version of Lady Loki being envious and only wanting to be Thor's equal.
    Tales of Asgard Thor and Loki being adorable and lounging around.
    Loki pretty much sitting in Thor's lap is very pretty, too.
    Yessss, I have been waiting for Hercules!Thor and Megara!Loki, which is perfect.
    Oh, man, Kevin Wada's style is amazing on Thor and Ororo and my level of wanting them to kiss is RIDICULOUS.
    Little chibis are adorable, especially when chibi Loki is smirking and painting his nails a glorious emo black.
    Doodles of Thor and Loki as kids, so many adorable adventures!
    Thor and Loki lounging in bed together, with Thor's head in Loki's lap, as he reaches up to touch his face.
    Black & white sketch of a lovely Thor/Loki kiss.
    Gorgeously done JiM!Loki with Thor's head in his lap as his big brother naps. My heart, okay.
    Tales of Asgard Thor&Loki, plus the two of them lounging together, so close that they whack their heads together. Adorable!
    Good Tony/Lady Loki headcanon. Good.
    I never tire of Loki in therapy.
    More Thor and Loki sketches that are pretty much perfect.
    Oh, the detail on this Loki image is so very striking.
    Very lovely image of Jotunn!Loki as puppetmaster with miniature Thor and Odin on strings.
    More from that really amazing cosplayer!! Loki trying shawarma and then Loki and Natasha go for ice cream and, oh, god, they're both brilliant.
    Really nicely done Thor surrounded by thunder.
    Thor and Loki face a lot of dangers when they're out adventuring, but Loki's not afraid of savage beasts or ice giants, because, no, the worst is still to come.
    I honestly don't know what the best part of this animated gif of Loki poledancing is, if it's Loki himself or the expression on Thor's face.
    GORGEOUS Farbauti and bb!Jotun!Loki and everything is happy and wonderful.
    GORGEOUS Thor and Loki in the shape of their initials and, oh, the stylized look and details on this are gorgeous.
    I totally let out a screech when I saw Odin holding baby Thor and baby Loki because, oh, my heart.
    Oh, an au with Jotunn!Loki and Jotunn!Thor could be really interesting!
    Beautifully, beautifully colored Loki and Leah.
    Thor alternate ending that I highly approve of. Good post!
    More gorgeous art of Loki in a suit and Thor in jeans+t-shirt on a windy day.
    Thor and Loki wearing each others' clothes and complaining has yet to get old.
    Kid Loki allllll alone in that huuuuuuuge bed of his on a dark, scary night and then Thor's there with him, too, because he doesn't want to sleep alone, either, and SO CUTE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.
    Thor and Loki each taking care of their hair before bedtime, hee.
    Hipsters Thor and Loki are precious darlings.
    Loki curled up with Sleipnir, both of them naked in a field.
    Lovely black & white image of Loki wrapped around Thor, who holds him up and, oh, feelings for the apology/comfort.
    Beautifully and vibrantly colored Loki art.
    Thor and Loki and dango are precious and adorably colored.
    Ask the odd couple from Asgard and Thor and Loki's movie night and Loki's pretty picky = lolz.
    Thor and Loki in traditional Korean wedding attire is delightful.
    ....yes, I think Thor 2 should definitely go like this cuteness.
    Thor and Loki chibis being possessive. Yes, good.
    More protective special brothers, with them as kids in modern clothes. And then Tony and Loki in a drinking contest, that Loki is winning handily, YES GOOD.
    Sketch of Thor and Loki holding hands while Thor sneaks a kiss. And, oh, one of my favorite things in the world is sleep cuddling, I want all of it.
    Do you know why fandom is the best? Because fandom draws Loki in a Japanese seifuku and makes it a little nsfw. I think I love it just for my worlds colliding.
    Ugh, so many feelings for Thor hugging Loki close in a beautiful image.
    What makes adorable fluffy dates really fun (aside from, fuck you, sometimes I like fluffy things) is the accompanying text from the artist, where Thor asks Loki to please not burn down the establishment when things don't go perfectly.
    Oh, such gorgeous art of Thor of spring and Loki of winter. Also, oh, my god, so perfect, post-Avengers Shawarma scene where, okay, so that's what they did with Loki, crying now at Thor with his brother.
    Chibi Loki does what he wants, Thor.
    I still want a Thor/Loki cafe AU so bad. :<
    Yeah, that's about how things would end up, when Loki gives Thor a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. And then Loki riding Thor in a NSFW image.
    Pretty Jotunn!Loki with some nicely done detail.
    Is that vampire!Loki that Thor encourages to bite him? Oh, man, give me that right now.
    Puppy Thor asking Lokitty to come home, so adorable omg.
    Loki when people are watching vs when he thinks no one is watching.
    A sketch of Steve hugging Loki and asking him to join the Avengers. This is good for me, yes. Also, this series of sketches is pretty gorgeous.
    A nicely done piece of Loki's three kids (well, most popularly known kids), all biting and stomping each other.
    Loki with his spear from in The Avengers, done in a sort of painting-like style.
    Goddamn, every time I think Lady Loki can't get any hotter, suddenly she does.
    I always think, man, I would read more Tony/Loki fic if Tony complained a lot about how your brother is really, really going to kill me dead in it.
    Oh, wow, that is one super fucking hot Tony/Loki kiss right there.
    Goddammit, as if the Avengers gag reel and behind the scenes stuff weren't enough, no, now there's beautiful commentary. My favorite, of course, is the bit about how now we know what a playful in bed Loki looks like. Bless you, everyone.
    Another Avengers alternate ending.
    It's Loki's face in the last panel that makes this so perfect.
    Well. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that we all know what happened in this scene.
    Thor takes Loki back to Asgard.
    And then some Thor/Loki sketching, which is a smidge nsfw.
    Yessss, more Hogwarts!Thor/Loki, I need all of this.
    Super pretty Loki portrait.
    So, I legitimately laughed out loud and Other Villains vs Doom, because internet memes are the best.
    I had one of those internal shrieks at Hela's drawing on the fridge that all the other Avengers helped fill in.
    I also laughed pretty hard at this Loki animation.
    A series of Thor/Loki illustrations, some are a bit nsfw.
    Gorgeous Loki and Iron Man kiss with some really vivid colors.
    I have been looking forward to this! Loki and Snape, who's speaking of Asgard's mascot now.
    Oh, chibis going swimming and no, Thor, he doesn't need to warm up first, just let him-- oh.
    Thank god this isn't real or I'd spend all my money on it.
    Very pretty b&w sketch of Lady Loki and a serpent.
    My three favorite Lokis in b&w.
    Thor vs Coulson about who is the bigger stan is kind of amazing.
    Fingers tangled in hair and arms looped around each other and Loki's emo black nail polish. All things that are good for me.
    Loki is sexy and he knows it and as;dflkjasl;kj bless Tom for that finger biting, for real.
    Okay, Thor!Loki and Avengers!Loki is pretty hot there.
    I may have totally let out of a bit of a wheezing laugh at Loki and Tony's battle of wits.
    Oh, hello, Loki suit porn.
    Loki and Natasha playing cards is something I would totally love to see.
    Loki's solution to the icing problem made me laugh pretty hard.
    Avengers High School AU comics! Yes, good. Exam cheating + S.H.E.L.D. cafeteria at lunchtime.
    .....I would read this AU fic.
    I love how romance novel-esque this AU fanart is, but also Thor bending Loki over the blacksmith table like that is very nice.
    Sleipnir fanart is the best fanart.
    Thor and Loki domesticity is super fucking cute, okay.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous fantasy style armor for Thor and Loki with some seriously amazing colors.
    Yessss, I still love a boy and his dog!!
    Goddammit. Thor and Loki traveling home at the end of the movie in little chibi doodles should not make me this emotionally weak.
    Thor and Loki sharing a scarf, this is a thing that needs to happen even more often.
    I, uh. Need this Loki doll. For reasons.
    Really lovely black and white image of Loki leaning back against Thor.
    Black & white Loki in modern clothes, yessss.
    A series of black & white sketches of Thor and Loki, a few may be a little bit nsfw, but only a little.
    Okay, Holidays at Stark Tower (part 01 + part 02) with Thor & Loki's daughter, is totally cute.
    Thor leaning his head against Loki's shoulder, who has his arm over Thor's shoulder? Yes, give me that.
    Jotunn!Loki with a lion and then baby!Loki with a stuff lion, oh my god feelings.
    Oh, I love cat!Loki a lot, especially when an artist really nails the feline smirk.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of Loki and Lady Loki.
    Tony does not appreciate Thor and Loki fighting, okay.
    Thor and Loki as adorable baby kids.
    Loki x Lady Loki is still super hot.
    These Thor/Loki heartfelt vows on their wedding are beautiful. I cried.
    Oh, look at this precious darling child Loki in his adorable fuzzy cloak, so adorable I can hardly stand it. Also by that artist, Loki with a miniture Thor! Just leave me here to wallow in my feelings at mini!Thor reaching out for Loki with a beaming smile and heartmarks, okay.
    Adorable group Avengers art!
    Thor and Loki with stuffed animals, which is amazing because Thor is holding the sleek black cat to put a paw up against the giant golden bear's nose that Loki is holding and a;sdlfkjaslkj Loki's faaaace. This is everything I want (from work-safe art, I mean) I want in fanart! When I can't stand how adorable something is, fuck you, I love it with my whole heart.
    Thor and Loki a little banged up but not too much worse for wear. At least Thor isn't.
    Always and forever, I will love Thor cheerfully tossing Loki over his shoulder and walking off with a happy, "Let's go home!" because, yes, that's how it should have ended if you don't want to break my heart into a million little pieces. Same for Thor picking Loki up again and I'm having one of those moments where I want to tell the whole world to just fuck off because I love this pairing and sometimes I just want them to be happy and I just want Loki to know that he's loved and for Thor to just cut through all the crap they go through in the movies and be adorable and happy again. *sullen*
    Thor and Loki walking through the snowy woods at night together.
    Thor and Loki sketch of them kissing, yes, good. Especially with Loki's shirt half off him, even better.
    Possibly, I've seen this one before, but whatever. Thor and Loki kissing while splattered with blood? Yep, still good for me.
    I am still just charmed by this artist's stylized Thor and Loki. And one with Thor/Loki and Steve/Tony.
    Adorable chibis in a different clothing style.
    Thor covering himself in puddings so Loki will pay attention to him.
    I'm still not fully onboard with the theory of total mind control, but Loki being influenced by the scepter? Oh, hell yes, I'm up for that. And then fanart based on that photoset that went around is lovely. And then a cute follow-up post with bonus adorable doodle!
    So, there's this artist with a Bruce/Loki AU where they have a kid and, holy shit, I am going to eat it up like candy, too. Everything in the Rama tag is adorable, but some favorites are: pregant!Loki being demanding in a really terrifying way and Hulk holding baby Rama and a;sdlkfjal;skja feelings okay.
    Things I am weak to: Loki straddling Thor's lap while they wrestle, choking him and then kissing him while Thor gently touches his face, not really affected. BONUS ASGARDIAN CLOTHES, yes, give me more of that, fandom.
    Adorable kid!Thor and kid!Loki telling bedtime stories.
    Beautiful, beautiful piece of Thor and Loki as kids, sharing a bed, with their hands clasped in sleep, as the blankets swirl and swirl around them.
    Thor and Jotunn!Loki.
    I would totally, totally read an AU where Thor teaches Loki how to shoot a gun, based on Knight and Day.
    I just really like wings and an airy feeling to fanart, okay.
    Shirtless and only wearing sleeping pants in the morning and an almost kiss? Yes, good.
    Thor/Loki first time post-Avengers (and still having the muzzle on), which is NSFW.
    "Once upon a time an asgardian prince kissed a frog." would have been great enough on its own, but the bonus chibi reactions made it even better.
    Thor and Loki laying back together.
    Chibi Thor and Loki holding hands and going home and Lokitty is totally pissy about this and just a;sldkfjasl;kj fucking cute!
    Thor and Loki each with dolls of the other. And then Loki's follow up. Yes, good. All the joy.
    This fandom is seriously hurting me with all the gorgeous high quality photosets of Loki's perfect fucking face. And how Thor's kind of in his personal space a lot. Also, the high quality photoset of Loki laid flat out on the rocks on his back, one hand pressed tightly to himself after the rough treatment? Who needs context. It's almost as great as the other moment that doesn't need context.
    MLP!Loki is beautifully described as: You moody little shit. Yes, good.
    Nicely done sketch of Thor asking Loki to stay.
    Oh, man, Hulk/Loki chibis (with bonus Thor knocked out in the background) should not be this adorable.
    Thor hugging Loki who can't return home. Ugh, feelings.
    This Mean Girls: Avengers photoset pretty much had me in tears.
    I am intrigued by this AU art with Thor exploring somewhere and Loki as... a ghost? something supernatural? in chibi form.
    I am not sure what's going on in this image, but the chibis are adorable and it looks hilarious.
    Loki with a serpent wound around him done in some really lovely black & white.
    Lovely underwater Thor/Loki, which is a bit nsfw.
    Gorgeous piece of Loki holding his helmet and Thor's cape.
    I like these sketches of Loki and Tom.
    Loki with bird!Clint as a pillow, in chibi form. Adorable!
    Another pretty Loki sketch in black & white. Sometimes it amazes me how much artists can convey with seemingly simple lines.
    Comics-based (or EMH-based?) Thor and Loki with baby versions of themselves.
    Omg, I felt kind of horrible for Loki in this high school AU series even as I laughed.
    Black & white sketches of Thor and Loki being total brothers. TOTALLY ADORABLE LITTLE SHIT BROTHERS.
    Silenced but not defeated.
    Pretty b&w lineart of Thor and Jotunn!Loki.
    Beautifully colored Loki leaning on Thor's shoulder.
    An interesting Loki piece with his helmet cracking and falling away from his prone form.
    More of the Disney!Thor/Loki, this time with an Aladdin fusion.
    Adorable kidlets hugging each other and it's so cute and happy!
    The day Loki discovers Photoshop. Yes, good.
    This photoset with the "You think you know pain?" question is THE WORST. WHY WOULD YOU POST THAT.
    Loki flipping a coin is pretty great.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous art of Loki with wings again.
    Kid Loki with a magpie, oh, jeez, my heart.
    Loki wishing the fucking rain would go away already, hee.
    Thor and Loki holding hands while on their thrones. And, oh, I really love Thor bothering Loki while he's trying to read.
    Loki holding the Tesseract and I really like the way it glows.
    Loki lounging about on the sofa is done in a lot of dark colors.
    Pregnant!Loki demands Thor scratch his back properly, done in chibi form, and, oh, I would read the hell out of that fic.
    This is a stunning take on Thor and Jotunn!Loki.
    Oh, man, paper child Lokitty with a Mjolnir keychain is painfully cute.
    Loki and Thor curled up in bed together with some nicely done bright colors.
    Holy shit, the level of wanting I have for this custom Loki My Little Pony is ridiculous.
    Gorgeous Thor, Lady Loki, and Balder as the children of the House of Odin.
    I, uh. Am kind of really not averse to Balder/Loki, especially Balder/Lady Loki.
    I also really liked this lineart of Lady Loki, too.
    Thor and Loki in a band (orchestra?) au that I... yeah, I think I'd read that.
    Awww, cute little toddler Thor and baby Loki!
    Loki leaning back to rest against Thor.
    Another stunning fanart of Lady Loki, wow.
    Thor and Lady Loki in masks for a masquerade ball and omg that is so good for me.
    And then one more super hot Lady Loki piece because I love her face and body language.
    I would also not be averse to shipping Lady Loki and Sif.
    A very NSFW Thor/Loki follower count pic.
    I like how this Jotunn!Loki looks almost Disney-ish.
    Possibly linked before, but still gorgeous: Thor and Loki in black.
    Brightly colored memories of Thor and Loki.
    Thor and kid!Loki braiding his hair and omg the cuteness...! And then another one by the artist that's just so fucking cute!
    Thor and Loki and food and suit porn. Yes, good.
    Loki with his arms around Thor's shoulders as he pulls him close, in strong colors.
    There is nothing about this morning rituals art that is not SUPER CUTE.
    Thor and Loki cats as Thor wants him to come home.
    Oh, this Loki and Clint image is really simple and gorgeous.
    I had to smile at Tony being paranoid about Thor finding out about his relationship with Loki on a cute ask blog.
    Loki being an evil little shit to Thor and teasing him horribly is adorable.
    Thor and Loki sharing a bike ride is pretty adorable, too.
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who had that thought about the tie-in Thor comic.
    Thor and Loki taking a ride together definitely made me laugh.
    OMG, YES, MORE OF THE KID AU. And this time Tony meets Balder and Loki has had enough of this shit and a;sdlfkjaslkj oh my god my heart.
    Animated gif of Loki sitting in Thor's lap and kissing him and, oh, man, YES GIVE ME THIS.
    Loki as a little shit re: the others going for food always makes me laugh.
    Loki and Loki and baby Jormundandr and Fenrir, oh, my heart.
    Frigga reading to Thor, Loki, and Balder is one of my favorite pieces in this fandom pretty much ever.
    Loki and a shirtless Thor, excellent.
    Yeah, Loki probably would laugh in nsfw circumstances at Thor. NSFW.
    A photoset of Thor/Loki and Steve/Tony with some really nice lineart.
    Thor and the Warriors 3 + Sif.
    Pretty sketch of Loki lefting Tony up into a kiss.
    Cute Loki refusing to share his ice cream treats.
    Oh, um, hello there, amazing cosplay gifs of Thor and Loki making out.
    Loki pole-dancing-meets-Disney's Esmeralda is a great addition to this artist's Disney!Loki.
    Loki in a tree reading, while Thor watches him from the ground, which is adorable.
    Loki, Lord of the Aesir is pretty amazing.
    A huge, huge weakness I have (besides two characters sharing a bed) is two characters sharing a set of pjs.
    Thor has a good dream and bawwww feelings over cute comics. ): But then the artist made it better with GET ALL THE BITCHES TO KNEEL with Loki that cracked me up.
    Thor and Loki lounging in bed together.
    Little adorable chibi Thor and Loki animal sketches.
    Loki being a little shit is always fun.
    Adorable bb!Loki and Leah.
    Beautifully colored Journey into Mystery fanart with bb!Loki descending down stairs.
    Really sweet Thor/Loki kiss with flowers floating down around them.
    Holy crap, Loki's dress in this dancing pic has some utterly stunning details on it!
    I would do a lot for a Tony vs Loki slapfight.
    I can hardly stand how cute this art is, look at them sharing a scarf and their oversized mugs with "I ? my big brother" and "I ? my baby brother"!!
    I would absolutely read a fic about the Avengers taking Loki home, especially scooped up in Thor's arms like that. Shut up, I have my priorities. p.s. Natasha is super hot omg.
    Thor finding out about his cape is super hilarious.
    Yes, yes, I NEED THIS DOUJINSHI (especially translated) because it's gorgeous.
    Loki and his tea party made me laugh pretty hard. As did the surprise! you're adopted! cake.
    I'm not sure about the caption, but Thor and Loki together is lovely at least.
    Adorable bb!Loki and Thor from a Journey into Mystery piece.
    Noooo, why would you do this?
    Forehead touching makes my heart hurt.
    Loki and Mjolnir is pretty hot, I can't lie.
    Thor decides to take Lokitty home, in adorable chibis!
    Oh, lord, Loki watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, especially Luna meeting Celestia again, is kind of amazing.
    Loki quoting Shakespeare is the greatest macro I have seen in awhile.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous Jotunn!Loki in beautiful, rich shades of blues.
    Another gorgeous, if more softly colored, Jotunn!Loki from Eidolon. And another one from the artist, as this Jotunn!Loki is stunning. Oh, wait, sorry, one more because asl;dfkjasl;jk oh my god so gorgeous.
    Apparently, today was my day to find a bunch of gorgeous Jotunn!Loki art, this time riding on Helblindi's giant shoulders.
    Black & white sketches of Thor holding Loki with the muzzle on (where the arm around Loki's waist to hold him close does a lot for me) and then bending Loki over the bed in a very NSFW image. Both of these are good for me!
    Loki and Thor curled up in bed together, ugh, one of my favorite things.
    More VERY MILDLY nsfw Thor/Loki art, which is mostly just shirtless (possibly pantless? we don't see) almost kissing.
    Chibi Loki sprawled across a sofa to take a nap is pretty fucking darling.
    ask-the-odd-couple-from-asgard answers the Jane Foster question and Loki's face is priceless.
    Oh. Bruce returning the bike he borrowed is the sweetest post-Avengers piece!
    Stunningly gorgeous Avengers!AU in which Loki embraces his heritage.
    Lady Loki getting a shoulder ride from Clint on the beach is greater than it has any right to be.
    More stunning Jotunn!Loki and now Jotunn!Thor art that I love.
    irosyan's PPG-style art is pure joy and delight, as the Avengers jet flies and not everyone rides inside the plane.
    WALL SEX, yes, good, fandom needs more of that, especially when it's NSFW.
    Never let it be said that I pass up a chance to classy up a joint when talking about how Loki could frostbite Thor's dick. NSFW.
    Speaking of tag abuse--I got all up on this one of Thor and Loki as kids with Thor's adorable hair and FIC I WOULD REALLY LIKE, OKAY.
    Also! More fic I would really like--an AU where Thor kisses Loki into his Aesir form for the first time.
    Oh, more STUNNING Jotunn!Thor and kid!Jotunn!Loki, which has some incredible detail on it.
    JiM!Loki crossing his arms with an adorable cranky expression and I can hardly stand the cuteness.
    I really needed a bit more NSFW Thor/Loki porn today, so I appreciate this. Especially since it's kind of super hot.
    Lokitty smoking a cigarette and it's a really interesting blend of cat ears and otherwise fairly straightfoward Loki art.
    Loki grabbing onto Thor's cape while walking behind him.
    Super adorable twirling chibi Loki in chibi form--and what really makes it is the flat expression on his face as he does so.
    Oh, jesus, I had some serious wild laughter at this photoset of Loki screaming at Odin in that confrontation and HOW DARE THE OP MAKE THAT SCENE FUNNY. Except the expressions are kind of perfect.
    Thor's hug attack on Loki does not go as planned. ):
    Loki in Thor's lap is lovely, with soft colors used.
    Bad Loki! is SUPER ADORABLE, okay.
    Cute art of Thor putting an arm around Loki.
    More cute art, this time of pregnant!Loki in comfy clothes, bless.
    I have no idea what's going on in this image, but I want to and it is very lovely.
    I really like this almost vector-like stylized art for Loki.
    Beautiful Steampunk Lady Loki dress design, wow. And another set of Loki cosplay pics in the Steampunk style that're gorgeous.
    Baby variants by Skottie Young!! Including the original X-Men, Deadpool, Hulk, Thor & Loki, and omg UNCANNY AVENGERS BABIES is perfection.
    Loki and his team of Pokemon.
    Stunning Lady Loki cosplay in a gorgeous Steampunk-esque dress.
    I guess today is my day for stunning Lady Loki dresses and I really love the emphasis on the long, lithe form here. I am also very fond of some of the others, including Fury's in this one and Black Widow's here and both Iron Man and Hulk dresses are gorgeous in this one and both Thor and Captain America are both really fantastic.
    Another beautiful dress for Lady Loki and, wow, I love the shoes especially.
    This time it's Thor wearing the cuffs but still with this arms around Loki.
    Thor and Loki go to a carnival and Thor wins Loki the biggest stuffed animal ever and, ahhh, I would totally read that as a fic.
    Adorable doodle about an argument over what's the best food ever.
    Kid Thor and kid Loki sitting in Odin's lap is keyboard-mashing-ly wonderful.
    Thor hugs are the best hugs, all the more so when Loki just stands there and makes faces about it.
    This set of NSFW Thor/Loki doodles from under-base were really nice to see, I have missed this artist a lot! And also Thor with miniature bunny!Loki clinging to his face! And then Thor and Huntsman kissing over Loki, which is half competition and half teasing/punishing Loki and, wow, that's um kind of hot.
    Other things I have a huge weakness for: spooning together in bed, ugh, FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.
    I love how Jotunn!Loki's eyes nearly glow, especially compared to the darkness of the rest of the piece.
    More adorable kid Thor and kid Loki reading stories together at bedtime.
    Thor gets down on one knee because Loki asked and now will he come home? :D?
    Chibis of Thor and Loki as Thor flies and gives Loki a piggyback ride, which is super adorable.
    This Tony/Loki piece as they're kissing while falling together is really beautifully done.
    Thor wrapping his arms around Loki in a hug from behind as they both smile is good for me, too.
    I will never tire of Thor and Loki with kitty ears as Loki licks Thor's ears.
    Thor was nice enough to make coffee for his brother and that mug is perfect.
    And another one with Midgardian clothes, whether mortal!AU or just spending time on Midgard and drinking tea.
    Thor and Loki on Jotunheim drawn to look like Disney princes.
    Thor sneaking up on Loki with a FREE HUGS shirt? Yes, I needed that to exist.
    A royal family portrait with Jotunn!Loki and Thor and their kid.
    More Jotunn!Loki and I like how his costume is similar to but not exactly the same as his Aesir armor.
    Loki falling through the void and halfway turning into his Jotunn form.
    Jotunn!Loki wearing the fiercest heels I've ever seen, wow.
    Thor and Loki smiling and holding hands as they walk is something I needed to make me happy.
    Chibis of Thor and Loki baking are adorable! I'm going to be so sad when this artist finishes their 30 day OTP project.
    More chibis! This time sleeping on each other which is SUPER ADORABLE.
    Another piece of stunning Loki cosplay.
    Oh, hello, Loki in Thor's lap with only a thin blanket barely draped over them and that's all.
    Tom reading from The Red Necklace and fandom picking it up as sassy Madame British Loki with accompanying doodle? Voice porn and hilarity? Sometimes I do love this fandom.
    Beautifully drawn sketch of Thor kissing Loki's forehead.
    Two gorgeous Thor piecesby Marko Djurdjevic.
    An accurate depiction of me waiting for Thor 2: TDW.
    Thor and bb!Loki from JiM being adorable brothers with Thor's arm around his baby brother. Also by the artist, an almost kiss (no, shut up, it totally is, that's what I've decided) with MCU Thor and Loki. And! My new favorite by the artist--Thor hugging the fuck out of Loki.
    Thor tending to Loki's wounds, post-Avengers. Also by the artist, Loki and the Onceler, both in black and green.
    Chibi Loki clinging all over Mjolnir, which does not please Thor at all--adorable!
    Loki knows that Thor would never really hurt him in battle.
    The King and the Huntsman AU crossover is nicely done.
    Loki and Fenrir sketches which are seriously adorable omg.
    Oh, jeez, little bitty kidlet Thor and Jotunn!Loki should not be this adorable, BUT THEY ARE.
    Thor pressing a shushing finger up against Loki's muzzle and gently holding a hand to his neck.
    A series of adorable sketches of Thor and Loki at various ages, probably more 616-based than anything.
    Disney!Loki done in the style of The Princess and the Frog this time.
    Thor/Loki porn which was something I again needed today. NSFW.
    Ahhhh, an excellent Wanda and Pietro in mid-fight.
    Loki leaning against Thor's shoulder curled up in bed together, I think?
    Gorgeous series of Thor and Loki moments across their lives, designed to make me want to cry buckets.
    Thor changing the text on Loki's t-shirt is seriously darling.
    Gorgeous piece of Loki and Frigga as she helps slowly remove his armor.
    Ahhh, a good Thor/Loki kiss is very appreciated.
    Thor and Loki in workman's jumpsuits and, wow, I would read the hell out of that fic.
    Thor would cross the universe for Loki, goddamit, how many times have I seen the plane scene? Art of it should not still affect me like this!
    This Lady Loki lounging on the throne, like, seriously lounging is pretty hot.
    Bruce asleep on a sofa with a jacket draped over him is really sweet.
    Loki asleep on Thor, who wraps an arm around him is both sweet and beautifully drawn.
    Thor and Loki lounging around in half-undone suits is also sweet and very good for me.
    under-base does a sort of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame fusion and, wow, I did not realize how badly I needed Thor in Pheobus' outfit and Loki in loose, drapey clothing in my life. Also, some really cute Midgardian doodles!
    Thor and Loki leaning in towards each other in a black&white sketch.
    Older brother and little brother, in complementary t-shirts and, wow, I would do a lot for more of this.
    Thor holding a scraped up Loki, who is looking worse for wear and in chains.
    Thor and Loki go shopping and Loki wants that Tesseract in the window. NO, LOKI, NO. Also by the artist, Thor and Loki in formal wear and nobody's sure if Loki is running to him or the pudding behind him.
    Beautiful portrait of Loki in black, white, and green.
    Thor and Loki sketches from their childhood, including reading under a blanket together and Thor's head in Loki's lap and piggyback rides! So many of my favorite things.
    Loki and Ikol animated sketch that's stunningly beautiful.
    I really, desperately hope that Thor/Jotunn!Loki where Thor should really be worried about frostbite on his dick is becoming a thing in fandom. I need that to be a thing in fandom.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous colors on this Jotunn!Loki piece, so many shades of blue!
    Thor and Loki and puppies sketches are adorable!
    Little bitty cat Loki and his cat logic with doggy Thor is hilarious and adorable.
    I love how kid Loki with his helmet is also wearing a sweater with cats on it. Like, I don't know what's going on here, but it's really cute!
    Holy shit, Loki of Mirkwood with the branches crown is stunning!
    Thor and Loki in Midgardian clothes again.
    Just a bit of Thor/Loki porn that's NSFW and lovely.
    Loki and Lady Loki is a bit nsfw (for nudity) but is really nicely done.
    Thor with a puppy and Loki with a kitten are done absolutely stunning colors and detail, I cannot even express my love here.
    Jotunn!Loki with snakes wrapped around his shoulders and those giant horns, with lovely detail.
    Lady Loki and Lady Thor are both really super hot and I am pleased by the costume designs for both of them.
    Loki silhouttes with some of his most memorable quotes from The Avengers.
    Another very nicely done Lady Thor/Lady Loki piece!
    Oh, I really like younger Thor and Loki together riding horses through a forest, the background detail is really well done!
    What I like about this Loki piece is the very bright blue of his eyes, I'm a sucker for interesting coloring jobs.
    Interesting coloring jobs always get me, so much the better if there is a lot of touching going on, minus their shirts.
    To be honest, this is exactly what I would do with the posable figures, too.
    Every time I look at these doodles of Loki with a weakness to water (as in 616 Loki), they just keep getting funnier and cuter.
    A Thor/Loki moment that has such pretty lines to it, I especially like Thor's hand over Loki's heart there.
    I've seen a lot of these Loki & Thor/Loki images before but they are ALL STILL SO GREAT. A bit nsfw for anime/manga-style fandom... uh... I don't know what to call it. Costume play, maybe. The drawings are seriously super well done, though!
    bb!Loki giving his big brother a candy necklace and, seriously, that is way too fucking cute. Also by the artist, Loki and Leah BFF reunion is super adorable! And then one more with bb!Loki and an I <3 you t-shirt!
    A mildly nsfw Thor and Jotunn!Loki who is practically halfway into Thor's lap as they almost kiss. Yes, good.
    Thor and Loki in Midgardian clothes and I really like Loki in the longer sleeves to Thor's t-shirt, as well as wearing each other's color!
    More Jotunn!Thor and Jotunn!Loki, where Fenrir was Loki's wolf friend but attacked him one day, so Thor had to kill him. And I am intrigued by this world!
    Holy shit, gorgeous, gorgeous Lady Thor and Lady Loki in manga-esque style with such pretty colors and finely done detail!
    More images of Lady Thor and Lady Loki who are super fucking hot sisters and omg Thor throwing her arm around Loki to take a picture or stuffing her face full of food! SO GOOD.
    This time a genderbent version of all the Avengers, which is also really beautiful.
    Thor pinning Loki to the floor, with a spilled over goblet next to them and a snake curling over it? Hottest thing I saw pretty much all day.
    Loki in his first scene in The Avengers is pretty much how we all look after a long plane ride.
    Thor and Loki kissing in a lake.
    Holy shit, Loki with the Tesseract is stunning.
    Thor pulling Loki in for a quick kiss which Loki is totally happy about, really. I love the details of Thor's hands on Loki's wrist and the back of his head especially.
    Steve admiring Thor's wings on his helmet while Tony is a world of FUCK NO.
    Beautiful Jotunn!Loki with a light pink fur draped around him.
    So, uh. Bride!Loki + Thor/Loki wedding kiss. I have my needs. u_u
    A young Loki wondering if he even has a heart.
    Thor and Loki and suit porn, with some very finely done lines.
    I can't remember if I linked this Thor/Loki piece or not, but either way! Somewhat nsfw half-seen sex.
    Little Loki is super precious when telling all disgusting humans to kneel before him.
    Loki looking down at those beneath him, while holding his scepter, and I really like the colored sketch feel of this one.
    Adorable, adorable breakfast in bed and Loki in an oversized green shirt is fucking precious.
    Loki running off to sneak into Thor's bed during a thunderstorm one night, which is how Thor became "the god of thunder" is super fucking precious, too.
    Doggy Thor lounging on top of Lokitty, who is keeping his fucking dignity, thanks.
    Little chibi Loki draping himself over the Tesseract and heartmarking with an adorable little sly expression.
    Tony in his armor kneeling before Jotunn!Loki, which is super, super interesting to me.
    Loki leaning back against Thor in a black and white sketch.
    Sketch of Lady Loki holding a bloody heart that is both disturbing and hot.
    I think I've linked Thor listening to Loki's heart, so he knows Loki has one, before, but it's totally worth it again.
    Thor picking Loki up for a hug is so adorable omg, especially because of Loki's cranky expression.
    Another super hot Lady Loki and I love how soft and cloud-like her hair looks and all that fur she's surrounded by.
    Cute little Avengers chibis holding hands or sleeping on each other.
    Loki doesn't need more kids, he's got his hands full as it is.
    Chibis of Thor trying to cheer Loki up by sitting with him after his scepter breaks.
    Lokitty draped in Thor's cape, yes, good.
    Loki totally told Thor that pudding was good.
    Beautifully colored Lokitty chibi getting a ride with chibi Thor wearing his helmet, both of them smiling adorably.
    Jotunn!Loki closeup and I like the details on his eyes and, of course, the horns and hair and markings on his face.
    Tony gently reaching out to a wounded Loki from "Off the Record".
    Chibis of Loki being ready to rule the world while Thor says, no, you're coming home :3 should not be this cute, dammit.
    It's the last two panels of this comic of bb!Thor saying he's going to grow up to marry Loki that really made it for me.
    Thor and Loki leaning into each other, including Thor's hand on the back of Loki's head, ugh, so many feelings.
    I really do wish there were more Thor/Loki angels/wingfic in this fandom. Though, this is cute and I really like the artist's light, airy colors.
    Yum, this Thor/Loki kiss sketch is super delicious--very pretty and very hot!
    Adorable chibis with Thor giving Loki a shoulder ride, whether Loki wants it or not.
    Thor's hair annoying the hell out of Loki is kind of great. nsfw.
    Thor and Loki laying in bed together, with Loki just sitting up while Thor still sleeps.
    Thor wants Loki to come home, holding onto him like he usually does.
    Adorable animated gif of Thor kissing Loki's forehead doodles.
    I, un, never realized what a kink I was developing for Loki in lingerie with Thor touching him until I got into this fandom. nsfw.
    Beautifully colored chibis of Thor and Loki and yellow-gold butterflies.
    Loki wrapped up in Thor's cape, literally, is too darling for words!
    Adorable, adorable doodle of sailor Thor and mermaid Loki!
    Thor and Loki first as kids, where Thor is the scraped up one, then after the movie, where Loki is the banged up one and, noooo, my heart--! And then Thor slinging an arm over Loki's shoulder and leaning on him and telling him not to be mad. Much better. And one more this time an adorable chibi set of sulky Loki and chasing after him Thor.
    I think I've linked this one before, but it's always good--don't worry, Loki! You can still be queen! and crying at Loki's face.
    The Huntsman and Prince Hal or possibly Chris/Tom, I can't tell, either way, is really well done.
    Thor/Loki makeouts up against the bookshelf are SUPER HOT and SUPER PRETTY omg.
    Whoa, gorgeous takes on stylized versions of the Warriors Three!
    Loki in very, very tiny lingerie is not something I expected to find this morning or for it to rapidly become a new favorite kink of mine but well. Here I am. And that's really kind of hot. NSFW.
    Ah, yes, more suit porn and cigarettes and Thor holding Loki by the face.
    When they were younger, working together to reach the cookie jar because they're not as tall as they are now.
    Chibis of Thor givig Loki a piggyback ride after the movie is daaaarling, too.
    Thor putting a hand on Loki's head kind of does a lot for me.
    Oh, jesus, Thor and Loki chibis with a quote from RDJ about showing your bad side to see who accepts you and THOR DOES, LOKI is fucking darling.
    Doggy Thor is sad because Loki says he hates him for shedding too much around him, as;dlfjka;lskjslkj wjhy is this so adorable.
    Thor/Loki meme artwork (though, I'm not sure which meme it is
    Loki and the crazy cat lady starter kit are adorable and hilarious.
    A really gorgeous Lady Loki with an outfit that matches MCU Loki's design.
    Another gorgeous Lady Loki piece.
    Lady Loki in a black and white piece that really does a great job on the contrasting/inking.
    And one more super gorgeous Lady Loki with a witchlight/energy ball in her hand as she stands in the snow.
    Thor and Loki sketch and I really love both their expressions.
    Adorable kidlet (street rat versions?) of Thor and Loki holding hands.
    Jotunn!Loki lounging in the snow.
    Holy shit, Loki as a version of Yuki Onna with Thor, which is gorgeous.
    Adorable animated gifs of Thor and Loki as a dog and a cat, wagging their tails.
    A beautiful, beautiful sketch of Thor and Loki kissing. Also by the artist is a lovely sketch of Tales of Asgard Loki.
    A pic inspired by Brave, but I also like to think of it as Thor holding bedhair!Loki, which is a favorite of mine.
    Thor and Loki sitting back to back. And then more from that artist.
    Absolutely adorable kid versions of Thor and Loki in Midgardian clothes.
    Thor/Loki almost kiss in blue that's really lovely
    I would love Loki braiding Thor's hair just for itself, but also casual Asgardian clothes? Bonus!
    Holy shit, Loki in a french maid dress, this artist is clearly my new best friend.
    Thor with that braid in his hair ahhhhhhhh.
    Another image of Thor with the braid. Also, speculation on Loki's hair is pretty amazing.
    Loki being god of trolls re: Thor's hair is pretty amazing, too.
    Thor's hands in Loki's hair while they're both shirtless is one of those super good for me images.
    Shit like this is the reason Loki went bad in the first place, hee.
    Oh, wow, beautifully done images of the Avengers as Angels, which I would have loved for the wings alone, much less how much detail went into each of these!
    Beautiful image of Journey into Mystery's Loki in the middle of a spell.
    JiM!Loki falling backwards with wings of fire that's also beautiful.
    And one more gorgeous JiM!Loki art piece that I love.
    Oh, wait, okay, one more of bb!Loki denying he did anything while Leah flat-out doesn't believe him.
    ....and, well, I can hardly resist this amazing cosplay photo of bb!Loki and Leah, especially with bb!Loki's expression omg.
    Thor and Loki in full armor, including their helmets, which you don't often see MCU Thor with.
    Oh, jesus, this Loki dragon is fucking AMAZING.
    Jeez, chibi Loki on his throne should not be this adorable! I blame the kitten and the alpacas.
    Thor touching his forhead to Loki's.
    Loki's potential Thor 2 hair being like Tangled's Rapunzel's hair? Yes, good.
    Holy crap, Loki as Iron Man (or Tom Hiddleston as Iron Man?) is something I REALLY NEED.
    bb!Loki surrounded by fire.
    Omg, sassy bb!Loki is super delightful, especially after the Thor 2 set photos have started coming out.
    There's always two sides to every story and, noooooo, bb!Loki--!
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, with bb!Loki and Leah.
    Ahahaha, crossovers with The Lion King have yet to get old.
    Possibly I've linked bloody, bruised almost kisses before, but it's totally worth seeing again.
    Thor and Lady Loki draped against his side? Oh, man, yes, do want.
    Thor bopping Loki on the head.
    A couple of Journey into Mystery sketches of Thor and bb!Loki.
    Thor grabbing hold of Loki in his usual way, which Loki is totally thrilled about.
    Really gorgeous Emma Frost lineart.
    Thor and Jotunn!Loki sketch in b&w.
    And then more Thor/Jotunn!Loki, but this time NSFW. (Sort of Huntsman/Jotunn!Loki maybe?)
    Thor giving Loki a stuffed cube for his birthday is just ridiculously cute, okay.
    I think we're all excited for Thor 2--this is adorable, btw.
    Wow, the outfits on Thor and Loki here are gorgeous, all the more so for how they echo the MCU versions.
    Thor/Loki NSFW goodness, yes.
    The newest ask the odd couple from Asgard has Thor and Loki on a date. Yes, good.

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