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Naruto - General/Other:
    [ link ] - Holy crap, the cute!
    [ link ] - Yondaime, baby!Naruto, and an empty bottle. OH MY GOD THE CUTE.
    [ link ] - Neji and Naruto, I love the way this one looks.
    [ link ] - *snorks* I ♥ Kakashi and totally wish he actually had done this at some point in the series.
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten, the colors suit it really well, the pose is neat, and it's just pretty somehow.
    [ link ] - Really cool Sasuke of him barrelling down the hall towards Itachi with the Chidori in hand, the pose and lightning affect are fabulous.
    [ link ] - I really love the blurred effect in this image, it works well with Lee's speed and the whole motion/flow of the image looks fabulous.
    [ link ] - I think I really like this one of Orochimaru, there's something about the proportions and surety of the lines (for all that it's an oekaki image) that really appealed to me.
    [ link ] - ANBU!Yondaime. There's just something about the line of his body, the way his eyes look, or the golden color of his hair or the details of his hand and weapon that just really struck me.
    [ link ] - I really do seem to have a thing for ANBU!Yondaime or just little things that impress me. The way the blue of his eyes stands out so vividly against the other colors or the way the ends of his hair are shaded that just look so cool.
    [ link ] - REALLY cool Orochimaru, the lines and colors all come together really well, but it's that look on his face, the intense light of his eyes that's just... so damned impressive.
    [ link ] - I couldn't help being won over by this illustration, it's the way the colors come together and the comic-book-meets-anime style of the image and Kakashi in mid-fight with the dual swords that's just really kinda cool.
    [ link ] - Very nicely detailed Itachi fanart.
    [ link ] - I have a great love for strongly drawn lines, the way there's a lot of detail and the image has a good, solid layout. And I'm really quite in love with the fur of the fox around Naruto's neck here.
    [ link ] - The higher saturation of the colors works well for this image, it goes nicely with the sharp lines and, god, Naruto's eyes and that beautiful tree that's so red it's almost blinding. *__*
    [ link ] - Very nicely drawn young!Orochimaru in red.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Haku illustration, I love the faint swirl of his hair and the snow and the gentle expression on his face.
    [ link ] - Aww, Orochimaru-tachi chibis should not be this cute. But damn if I don't want to snuggle them. XD
    [ link ] - I adore this one of Hinata, the pose/layout, the expression, her eyes, the way she's standing up and fighting here, it's just great. Even the almost-sketch-like style works wonderfully for it.
    [ link ] - Ooh! Chibi-esque and beautifully colored versions of Itachi, Yondaime, and ANBU!Kakashi, where I just absolutely love the little details of this piece. And they WOULD make excellent bookmarks!
    [ link ] - Sasuke! Naruto! SPRITES! FIGHTING! Like straight out of a GBA game (THAT I WOULD SO PLAY)! With dialogue and the most hysterical ending. Just... so much love for this. XD
    [ link ] - Very pretty, anime-style Tsunade, that may be a little simple in design, but she's wearing a pretty dress and looks really nice! That's all I care about. XD
    [ link ] - Really fantastic (I adore the soft colors *__*) Halloween fanart of Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru, the costumes for each of them are just fantastically done.
    [ link ] - Nicely done black and white sketch of serious!Lee in the middle of a swirl of leaves and mid-fight. There is never enough shiny Lee fanart! &hearts
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Hinata fanart in traditional clothing against the background of the Hyuuga house and it's so pretty, especially for an oekaki.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute Naruto Christmas chibis! And who can resist Naruto dressed up like an elf? Or Sasuke in a blue Santa's hat?
    [ link ] - Very cool, stylized Obito, which I wouldn't have thought I would like, but it somehow makes for such an awesome fanart here.
    [ link ] - Team Gai CG done in the anime style that's so damned good it really, really almost could have been official. <3
    [ link ] - Oh, god. Wibble-worthy Lee and Gai under an umbrella in the rain and smiling and it's the kind that just warms your heart.
    [ link ] - Gai and Lee! Hugging! And my heart continues to break in the best way possible! ;__;
    [ link ] - Gai and Lee training in sunset and, god, this is just so great! :DDDD
    [ link ] - I really love the way this ItaSasu (which isn't really, but) looks, the details of the birds and their clothes just have a neat effect.
    [ link ] - More lovely Haku fanart, with half a broken mask on his face and just... you can really get a sense of the emotion from this one.
    [ link ] - Very, very nicely done fight between Lee and Neji, the blurred effect of the image works really well to show off the movements and there really is a great sort of... flow to the image.
    [ link ] - ADO~RA~BLE~ Team Gai chibis and they were just SO FREAKING CUTE, AWWW. ♥
    [ link ] - ANBU!Neji and his costume is just gorgeous. The details on the sword are just... *__*
    [ link ] - Slightly older versions of several Naruto characters and, wow, the details and lines of this one are nice. *__*
    [ link ] - Wow, beautiful Haku illustration, the shading on it really contributes a lot to the image.
    [ link ] - Bright, colorful, interesting perspective on this Lee fanart, that's actually really strongly done, the linework is very nice.
    [ link ] - This is now my new favorite Naruto fanart! Jiraiya, Yondaime, Kakashi, and Naruto! It's very nicely drawn, but also gets much love from me because the artist actually remembered Kakashi in that little chain of teachers and students, eeeee. ♥
    [ link ] - Adorable Halloween Naruto with some really great colors--I love the way each of the trio's eyes look and the costumes are so cute!
    [ link ] - Adorable Sasuke and his mother and it's also so pretty, I love the sunset style. *__*
    [ link ] - AWWWW! Kiddie!Lee standing on top of a summoned (?) turtle and HE IS SO ADORABLY CUTE EEEEE.
    [ link ] - Really kickass Chouji, I love the wings behind him and the determined set to his body language.
    [ link ] - *squees* Sand family! Baby Gaara! Cute sibling interaction! SO ADORABLE!
    [ link ] - Chibi Temari that is the cutest thing that I have just about EVER seen. *wants one!*
    [ link ] - Chibi Orochimaru and how the hell is it SO CUTE?? XD
    [ link ] - Shino fanart that has this really fantastic cel-style coloring to it so that it almost looks like official art!
    [ link ] - Chouji... um, I think it's oekaki? But it's in the same style as the above link, so it looks just amazingly like the official anime art.
    [ link ] - I can't decide if it's Naruto's expression or the snow on Sasuke's head that makes this image. XD
    [ link ] - I. Love. This. One. Sasuke's reflection in a bloody scratched Konoha forehead protector and the CG is awesome in this one and just... wow.
    [ link ] - Omg, I love this one of Tenten, it's beautifully done CG that just looks so professional in her face and I love the colors and just... eeeeee.
    [ link ] - Itachi and Kisame fanart that I just sort of liked a lot.
    [ link ] - ....this is just adorably cute. 'Sasuke learning how to fly' should not be this adorable, but it totally is. XD
    [ link ] - ....chibi Akatsuki members in a band. Omg, the cute.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god, this is a gorgeous Neji/TenTen kiss, I love the soft coloring and the way their faces look. *__*
    [ link ] - Shikamaru and Temari and Ino! Plus, it's actually really quite pretty.
    [ link ] - Very cool older!Rin and I really like the way she's been aged here and the very nice highlights of her hair and the overall strength of the image.
    [ link ] - Really cool b&w of an older Neji as ANBU and I love not only the details but the totally condescending look on Neji's face, it's great.
    [ link ] - Lovely Team 8 fanart and I love the colors and, omg, Kiba is adorable. So very pretty.
    [ link ] - Really, really gorgeously done Itachi fanart that uses the vibrant reds that nearly glow and everything is soft and pretty and dangerous.
    [ link ] - This one actually looks really kinda cool in full view, the characters are rather nicely in the style of the anime and I like group images? :D
    [ link ] - Tenten looks a little off here, but I think the artist has a lot of potential, the rest of the image is really strong. Plus, it's cute to see Tenten giving Neji the glass while he cringes at its contents/whatever. XD
    [ link ] - A very nicely done Kakashi, Rin, and Obito fanart, I really like the softness, the way it's almost out of focus, but that's not quite it. It just looks really cool/good.
    [ link ] - Another interesting take on Team Yondaime, though, with the characters looking slightly older somehow. I like the perspective/concept of it and the white background actually redirects the focus very nicely.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god, Lee should not be this cute! But I do have a weakness for the big eyes and his Ranma-like braid before he cut it off.
    [ link ] - More cute Lee fanart in b&w and the details of the autumn leaves around him look fantastic.
    [ link ] - Really, really beautiful Neji fanart with his hair swirling out around him and a surprisingly soft look on his face.
    [ link ] - I really like this one of post-time-skip!Hinata, her hair loose and free behind her and a soft smile on her face and she's just so... delicately lovely without actually being delicate.
    [ link ] - Really beautiful dramatic!Neji, I love the sweep of his dark hair against the dark background, the intense look on his face, the unwinding bandages, all of it is so pretty.
    [ link ] - Pretty Hinata fanart. She looks different with her hair up as she does in this image, but the artist is so talented that I fawn anyway.
    [ link ] - Cute chibis of Team Gai and they're ALL adorable. There's not nearly enough fanart for this team. :D
    [ link ] - Really pretty Shizune and Kurenai having tea together fanart, there's something about the softness of the lines around their hair and eyes that I just love.
    [ link ] - I don't normally go for the chibi style of art this artist uses... except the whole thing is so damn cute that I can't even pick out a favorite part of it. The pretty pastel colors, the SasuNaru cuteness, Temari smushing a Kon plushing onto Gaara's head, Gaara's extremely beautiful expression....
    [ link ] - Really, really nicely done Sanji with all these bright, solid colors that are cool... but mostly it's the pose, omg.
    [ link ] - Really kickass Kiba fanart, the colors and the pose and everything about it scream action and kickass...ity.
    [ link ] - This one of Neji is gorgeous for the colors and the details and the background even when he's just sitting on the porch like that.
    [ link ] - Really pretty Tsunade, there's something about it that's not... three-dimensional precisely, but there is some texture to it.
    [ link ] - Nice cel-style art for the members of Akatsuki.
    [ link ] - Hee! Tsunade would never spoil Naruto like this, but there's something so damn cute about this!
    [ link ] - The colors of this Itachi fanart are just... so vivid and the cel-style animation is terrific and I really, really like it.
    [ link ] - Sakura vs Sasori, I really like the sense of motion with this image.
    [ link ] - Really, really well-done Itachi and Deidara cel-style art with them in suits and ties! Yet still hot.
    [ link ] - Beautiful ANBU!Sai fanart, I can't decide if I like the lines or the coloring better.
    [ link ] - Nice Deidara fanart of him mid-flight and just out range of a bunch of explosions and the sense of motion in it is well-done.
    [ link ] - Very hot almost-naked!Tenten that looks very much like the anime's style.
    [ link ] - The Naruto girls in a hot springs? Drawn nicely? I'm always up for that. ^_~
    [ link ] - Do you know how often you find Iruka fanart like this? Of him being really kick-ass and cool and fighting like this? Almost never! Hence, I love this fanart. XD
    [ link ] - More cute fanart of the girls of Konoha, it's not perfect, but it's got the spirit of them down well, I thought.
    [ link ] - Hinata post-time-skip and, wow, she's actually got curves and stuff that you can really see in her mid-action pose like this.
    [ link ] - The Uchiba brothers dressed in leather (I think?) and looking seriously, seriously hot.
    [ link ] - INO-SHIKA-TEMA CHIBIS! Really, really adorable, brightly colored chibis!
    [ link ] - This is one of those Itachi and Sasuke fanarts that is so sharply detailed and colored in the cel-style look that I probably could have believed it was official art. Just. Whoa, gorgeous red moon night there.
    [ link ] - This one of Anko and Kakashi is really kinda pretty/hot.
    [ link ] - The Naruto kids and there's really something wrong with ALL of them and the chibis here gorgeously illustration that. XD XD XD
    [ link ] - Really nice muted colors on this one of Sasuke missing his mother.
    [ link ] - Pretty older Hinata, I like the way her hair came out here.
    [ link ] - Cool image of Naruto and Yondaime, I like the concept/poses of it.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Deidara in modern clothes.
    [ link ] - Neji's hair blowing in the wind and the background sunset set a very nice mood here.
    [ link ] - Neat shiny!Naruto, I like the CG style.
    [ link ] - Haku in mid-action, looks cool.
    [ link ] - Bleach!Naruto, which looks both cool and kinda pretty.
    [ link ] - The sense of motion on this Kiba fanart is really well done.
    [ link ] - Sasuke card, the coloring is nice on this one.
    [ link ] - Yondaime card, there's something about his expression that I really liked.
    [ link ] - The colors of this Tayuya illustration are lovely, I really like the moon in the background and the sense of... almost musical.
    [ link ] - Very nicely done Sasuke with the black marks all over him and the ultra-fine lines. The colors are really good, too.
    [ link ] - Orochimaru isn't a character I usually think of as only "pretty", but it works well for this image, very nice use of almost glowing whites and dark shades of black.
    [ link ] - Really amazingly done blend between cel-style and painting-style, gorgeous use of the vivid red for Sasuke and Itachi's eyes.
    [ link ] - You wouldn't think such light, soft blues would work for an Itachi/Sasuke image, but I really like it. It's almost doujinshi-like.
    [ link ] - Cool little oekaki of Naruto and Kyuubi that's almost... cute. Almost sweet.
    [ link ] - Sasuke fanart with watercolor-like colors that's really, really pretty.
    [ link ] - Post-time skip fanart that's got some great colors and some great details. I love the inclusion of all the other characters, while keeping Sasuke and Naruto in the foreground the most.
    [ link ] - Whoa, CG-style Hinata is hot.
    [ link ] - I can't stand how cute these team 8 chibis are. They're just. Just. GOD. SO ADORABLE.
    [ link ] - ....LOL.
    [ link ] - I've come to really like this artist's style that goes with with WJ series; the art is almost rough, except that's not it. Maybe 'stylized' is the word I'm looking for.
    [ link ] - ....ouch. You don't even have to see Naruto's face to feel the melancholy of this one.
    [ link ] - Kakashi Gaiden/Team Yondaime fanart and, god, little!Kakashi is always so damn adorable.
    [ link ] - Nice painting-style young!Kakashi fanart.
    [ link ] - Okay, technically not gen, but it's not really about a pairing so much as the punchline that had me rolling around trying not to die of laughter. The cute art is just a complete bonus.
    [ link ] - Holy crap, why is Gaara in a panda suit this freaking cute?
    [ link ] - Nicely detailed Shikamaru and Temari, very cute and very cool at the same time.
    [ link ] - Pretty Haku and Zabuza, I really like the basic lineart of it.
    [ link ] - Very cute Naruto kidlets at the movie and it's actually really adorable and sweet/funny.
    [ link ] - .....AWESOME. Naruto kidlets at the movie part II and RIGHT AWAY from Gaara's first words, I was practically howling with laughter. All of this is FABULOUS, every single character and their crushes and asdlfkjasdlf;kjasdlfkj THE END OMG.
    [ link ] - I love the Part II look for Naruto and when you add in the Nine-Tails look to that... fabulous fanart.
    [ link ] - Baby!Gaara is so cute here that I think my ovaries are threatening to explode.
    [ link ] - Beautifully colored Hinata valentine art. *♥ her*
    [ link ] - Really cool Shikamaru fanart and I love the colors of it.
    [ link ] - Very nicely done hot!Neji fanart.
    [ link ] - Omg, adorable Ino and Hinata oekaki! I am totally in love with the cute barrett in Ino's hair.
    [ link ] - I can't decide what I like best about this modern clothes picnic fanart, whether the colors or the clothes drawn on the girls or just how cute they all look.
    [ link ] - Sakura and Hinata in beachwear and I love the clothes (again), but it's more than that, it's more about the way the artist draws the flower in Hinata's hair or the graceful lines used on their bodies. I love how cute they are.
    [ link ] - Team Gai oekaki with modern clothes and I love the artist's style in this. Love it so much.
    [ link ] - There's something about this Hinata fanart, it's not quite RL-esque, but there's a certain sharp quality to it that impressed me a lot.
    [ link ] - Really nice Naruto Part II-based fanart in celebration of the new series, I especially like the composition/layout of it.
    [ link ] - This is sort of a seriously awesome crazy!Iruka fanart, the lines of it are faaaantastic.
    [ link ] - I often like those images where the face is half one character, half another, but this one is sort of awesome for the creepy Nine-Tails half.
    [ link ] - Very nice Part II group image, I've always really liked the artist's coloring and this one is no exception.
    [ link ] - Cool Sai fanart, I really like the way he looks, the way the brush looks, and the background behind him.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Tsunade fanart, I keep getting caught up in how entrancing her eyes are. Even all bloody like this, she's completely hot.
    [ link ] - Really pretty Yondaime fanart in watercolors, very nice fall-warm colors.
    [ link ] - Lovely team 8 fanart that's more green grass and pretty water colors and lazy afternoons. Very nice.
    [ link ] - Hot Part II Sasuke fanart and I still love his outfit, very detailed and almost like a painting.
    [ link ] - Totally cute "Rasengan Legacy" fanart, with little chibis hanging all over Yondaime, I love the concept of stuff like this.
    [ link ] - I love the bright, glowing colors of this one, even more than how pretty the characters are.
    [ link ] - More nicely done Part II Sasuke fanart. I really like the amount of detail that's gone into the image.
    [ link ] - Fantastic Orochimaru oekaki, the sharpness of this is great.
    [ link ] - Very hot Uchiha brothers fanart, again Sasuke's hair looks great.
    [ link ] - Very, very cool Sasuke fanart. It looks great both in the smaller version and in full view, a very nice watercolor effect.
    [ link ] - ....I totally LOL'd at this. That's really just kind of awesome.
    [ link ] - Nice Sasuke fanart, I like the perspective of this one.
    [ link ] - Hee! Naruto and Lee and playing a Wii and asdlfkjasdfl;jadsflj HAHA. ♥
    [ link ] - Really cool Naruto fanart, I really love the way the two oversized swords he's holding look (well, sword and brush?), it's just really well put together. <3
    [ link ] - An interesting style for the Hyuuga family, it works well with the patterns used and these characters.
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi trio, the expressions on their faces is worth it alone.
    [ link ] - A really awesome younger Orochimaru image with really great cel-style-esque coloring.
    [ link ] - .....I am weak to the adorableness of chibified Sailor-Moon-style girls of Naruto. XD
    [ link ] - I really love this "first day on the job" Yondaime fanart looking out over Konohana.
    [ link ] - Naruto (post-time skip) group fanart, I really like all the detail put into this.
    [ link ] - I love the idea of Kyuubi meeting a baby!Naruto like this, it's such a cool concept paired together with the artist's style.
    [ link ] - Very, very hot samurai!Sasuke fanart which looks really fantastic.
    [ link ] - Whoa, gorgeous Naruto and Sai. (I'm not sure, this is probably gen, but....) The detail on this one is gorgeous and I love the shiny, bright colors.
    [ link ] - Adorable Kiba/Hinata puppies ala Lady and the Tramp.
    [ link ] - More cute KibaHina, this time with the theme of Little Red Riding Hood and they're both so cute.
    [ link ] - I had to laugh a little at this fanart of post-Neji using his Byakugan on Tenten, especially since it's so cute.
    [ link ] - Very nice Neji/Tenten fanart, I really like the use of flat colors and the clothes on them, yes.
    Naruto cast as Vocaloids that's really pretty.
    Team Minato awesomeness. XD
    Team Hebi in stripes, very nicely done.
    The young women of Naruto that's really cute and bright.
    I really like the colors of this image of Hinata and Sakura.
    Beautifully done older Naruto surrounded by the people he knows.
    Nicely done Ino image.
    The geniuses of Konoha, very solidly done.
    Really cute and nicely done Tenten image.
    Very nice team seven art.

Naruto - Kakashi x Iruka:
    [ link ] - It's the detail of the kunai pinning the blanket down that kills me. Plus, you know, the cuteness of the chibis.
    [ link ] - I think it was somewhere around Kakashi's answer that I started cracking up and was completely won over. But make sure to check out chibi-Sakura in the links, too! SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - I ♥ the chibi-KakaIru, it's the colors that somehow make the CG style here work.
    [ link ] - More chibi-esque style KakaIru cuteness! :D
    [ link ] - ......LOL. MY FAVORITE FOR THE DAY. ♥
    [ link ] - ....holy crap, they're cute as kids. Especially when Kakashi is giving Iruka a piggyback ride.
    [ link ] - I really like this one, the reds and whites are pretty and there's a nice, soft intimacy to it.
    [ link ] - I will never get tired of chibis holding hands because of art like this, awwww.
    [ link ] - There is something about Kakashi's hand gently on the back of Iruka's neck that makes me melt here.
    [ link ] - I never tire of chibi cuteness, especially not with hearts and Valentine's Day. XD

Naruto - Hatake Kakashi:
    [ link ] - CHIBI KAKASHI SO CUTE. I CANNOT HELP USING THE CAPS LOCK KEY TO DESCRIBE THE LEVEL OF CUTE. SO CUTE, OMG.     [ link ] - Kakashi tarot card and I love him as an ANBU and just... Kakashi as a tarot card! Squee. :D
    [ link ] - I've watched this thing three times now. It has no business being this cute, the background music has no business being this catchy, the animation has no business being as charming as it is, and the goddamned thing has the best ending ever. I fucking love this thing. ♥
    [ link ] - I love this one of younger!Kakashi sitting on a scarecrow and reading his book--it's both so cute and such pretty art.
    [ link ] - Baby ANBU Kakashi SO CUTE *FLAIL* ....that's really about all I have to say.

Naruto - Lee x Sakura:
    [ link ] - Chains and sakura trees and CHIBI CUTENESS. <3
    [ link ] - I've seen this before, but it is still the most awesome thing ever. The whole thing just makes me laugh like a maniac and wibble insanely at the same time and, god, the graphics for it are perfect. Just... so awesome. I totally want to play it as an actual game.
    [ link ] - Awww! Cute sketch of Lee kissing a grumpy Sakura doll that has this really pretty, light coloring.
    [ link ] - Oooh. Part Two-style Lee and Sakura kiss and there needs to be more fic like this. *__*
    [ link ] - Lee and Sakura both giving a thumb's up/Nice Guy pose? I suspect I am going to hurt something with the squeeing over the cute. XD
    [ link ] - *squeaks* Aww! Sakura returning the heart kiss, so adorable!
    [ link ] - Lee! Sakura! Bee! Booboo kiss! AWWWWW!
    [ link ] - Hee! Lee and Sakura in place of Syaoran and Sakura in TRC and I just love the expressions on their faces as well as the really nice detail of the clothing. XDDD
    [ link ] - Awww! Yay! It's been ages since I've seen any LeeSaku fanart, much less with a hint of kissing and looking pretty like this! ♥
    [ link ] - This is a really fantastic Lee painting, the composition of it is great and I love the way the colors came out. (Also, Sakura! ♥)
    [ link ] - Okay, this is more Lee-centric than it is LeeSaku, but tiny little Sakura is the corner, so it'll count. GOOD GOD is this chibi Lee with kitty ears the CUTEST THING EVER HOMG.

Naruto - Sasuke x Naruto:
    [ link ] - Sakki is awesome and this fanart just proves that all over again. Naruto sleeping half in Sasuke's lap? Should be so cliche. But she makes it WONDERFUL. Oh, I love her art so. ♥
    [ link ] - Beautifully detailed Naruto and Sasuke fanart, I love the way they're 'mirrored' (sort of) on opposite sides of the branch in the tree.
    [ link ] - OMG, SO CUTE. Naruto and Sasuke are adorable, the little spirals on the flowers is adorable, the coloring is adorable, their expressions are adorable and I have such love for this. ♥
    [ link ] - Good, solid pencil-colored (?) Sasuke and Naruto that I like the lineart of.     [ link ] - This is really, really cool. It's Sasuke and Naruto's faces blended together and the vibrant reds and oranges against the black are gorgeous. I love that it actually blends well, too.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and Naruto head to head in an anime-style and I really like the cracked mirror/wall between them.
    [ link ] - More adorably cute Sasuke and Naruto with a happy birthday for devART.
    [ link ] - I like the two of them looking cute and Halloween fanart with fox!Naruto and vampire!Sasuke? Pretty. :D
    [ link ] - .....okay, LittleRedRidingHood!Naruto shouldn't work, but... dude, Sasuke's hot. That's really all I need. Also, I really like the coloring and style of this one!
    [ link ] - Okay, admittedly, Naruto looks about six, but... man, the coloring of this is so pretty and the patterns of their clothes are gorgeous. *__*
    [ link ] - The moment Sasuke and Naruto meet again shouldn't work with these light, airy colors, but... maybe I'm just a sucker for this style. It's still pretty.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and Naruto in big, fuzzy hats shouldn't be this adorable, but it is.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and Naruto sitting in a tree at sunset, very solid, neat fanart.
    [ link ] - Very cool image of Sasuke and Naruto as they grow older, from little kidlets to their teenage forms.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and Naruto combined, Rasengan and Chidori; the art for this is really cool and fits with the characters so well.
    [ link ] - ....I lol'd. It's the chibi horrified reactions from the various characters for this Sasuke/Naruko image that's great. XD
    [ link ] - I really like the sparse use of color here. Also, Sasuke's hot.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and Naruto from Part II and what I really love is the way Sasuke's hair looks so dark, the way the colors blend in this image.
    [ link ] - adfkjadsfl;kjadjslf, why is this so adorably cute? The roses! The heart! Bwah. XD
    [ link ] - I adore the details and the colors of this almost-kiss, the not-quite-faded look (which I don't know how else to describe) looks great.
    [ link ] - Nicely drawn black and white image, the foreheads touching and the lack of shirts is especially nice.
    [ link ] - Omg! How their (chibi) meeting again should have gone! XD
    This SasuNaru kiss is really pretty.
    SasuNaru hug that's really nicely drawn, the artist's lineart is fantastic.

Naruto - Naruto x Sakura:
    [ link ] - The colors of this one are kind of bright, but it really sort of works for this one of older Naruto and Sakura, especially with the kickass details on their costumes. Oh, man. *__*
    [ link ] - Pretty colors on this sunset almost-kiss with post-time skip Naruto and Sakura.
    [ link ] - Very nice cel-style image of Naruto with his head in Sakura's lap. Sakura looks especially nice in the sunset.
    [ link ] - I have a great love of Part II!Naruto/Sakura and the simple coloring on this one should be flat, but I really, really like the way it looks.
    [ link ] - NaruSaku hug, I like the way this is painted in simple colors but is very pretty.
    [ link ] - Naruto and Sakura ready for a fight; it's a solid image.
    [ link ] - Cute close-up on Naruto and Sakura with pretty colors. Sakura especially looks very nice.
    [ link ] - NaruSaku chibis SO CUTE!
    [ link ] - More cute Naruto and Sakura fanart, this time with tie-yanking and more pretty colors.
    [ link ] - Nice Naruto and Sakura and a bittersweet hug with some nice intimacy.
    [ link ] - Cute chibi Naruto with a boo-boo and nurse!Sakura off to help him! ADORABLE.
    [ link ] - This looks surprisingly good in full-view, I like Naruto's face. I also, of course, like the pose and the kissing, but that's kind of a given.
    [ link ] - How can anyone resist the big-headed chibis when Sakura is healing a scrape on Naruto's knee?
    [ link ] - This is so completely the epitome of cute. The pastel colors just make it cuter.
    [ link ] - Costume designs for Naruto and Sakura in the future and I kind of love the way they've drawn influences from the older ninja, but still have their own distinctive style.
    I'm still kind of really fond of anime screencap-style images, especially with NaruSaku.
    Beautiful image of Sakura kissing Naruto's cheek with lovely colors.
    Nice NaruSaku kiss with intensity.
    Happy, joyful Naruto and Sakura, I like the sepia-esque style mixed with pink and yellow here.
    Another really lovely NaruSaku kiss.
    This NaruSaku kiss is also pretty awesome.
    Gorgeous b&w Naruto and Sakura as she's bloody and holding him.
    Super adorable Naruto and Sakura as kids, aww.

Naruto - Uzumaki Naruto:
    [ link ] - Lonely Naruto on a swing and I really like the watercolor-like style to this one.
    [ link ] - Naruto in the snow and, god, I just love the soft colors of this one, the way his blue eyes stand out even against the white-and-blue, snowy background.
    [ link ] - Dude! Cool! Naruto riding on top of Kyuubi and I can't decide what I love more--the swirling tails of the demon or Naruto's mid-action pose. Both are great. XD
    [ link ] - Wow, beautifully colored Naruto from Part Two, the sunset rays shining on him and the blue of his eyes are lovely.
    [ link ] - Oh, my god. Little Naruto sitting on a swing all alone and it's half nailing the official style and half just breaking my heart. ;___;
    [ link ] - Wow, the screen tones for this one do look really nice, but it's also that adult!Naruto and the way he's drawn are just so pretty here. *__*
    [ link ] - This is really kinda cool, Goku on one side, Naruto on the other, both in mirroring poses and I really like the rather professional anime-style coloring.
    [ link ] - Very cool Naruto fanart, I love the shading of it and the mid-motion pose and the very nice colors, the orange actually looks really good.

Naruto - Uchiha Sasuke:
    [ link ] - Rather detailed illustration of Sasuke in the middle of the Chidori and I like the way his red eyes stand out here.
    [ link ] - Wow, really hot curse!Sasuke. The art and colors of this are just simply beautiful, I can think of no other way to describe it.
    [ link ] - Sasuke and a snake and his new outfit and muted colors? Somehow all work together.

Naruto - Haruno Sakura:
    [ link ] - Slightly older Sakura who looks very nicely hot. :D
    [ link ] - There's something about the intensity of Sakura's eyes here that I really like.
    [ link ] - Part II!Sakura looks great and I love the soft use of colors, they really suit her.

Naruto - Team 7:
    [ link ] - Oh, man, I love the colors of this one of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, they really fit with the soft, pretty lines, while still being... solid.
    [ link ] - Gorgeously colored team 7 when they're older fanart--ANBU!Sakura looks gorgeous, Hokage!Naruto is fantastic, and Sasuke in Orochimaru's uniform is one of the best I've seen for that concept.
    [ link ] - Group illustration of team 7 (including Sai) and it's just... I love the clothes and the poses and everything about this.
    [ link ] - Two images of team 7, one happy, one sad, and it's just... quietly really good here.
    [ link ] - Really, really pretty colors on a team 7 fanart, I'm a sucker for cute scenes of them wandering around like this, especially when it's such a bright, happy pic.
    [ link ] - The pretty, light, airy colors with the almost sketch-like style are nice here.
    [ link ] - Good, solid team 7 illustration (with Kakashi even), I like the perspective of it.
    [ link ] - Team 7 post-time skip and I really like both the image for itself and because of Sasuke's design. Quietly very cool little fanart.
    [ link ] - Oooh, really awesome team 7 fanart, I like the redesigned outfit for Sakura and the colors are fantastic.

Naruto - Ino x Sakura:
    [ link ] - Ino vs Sakura, kunai pointed at each other, post-timeskip and, wow, they're hot like that.
    [ link ] - Pretty colors, Part II designs, a great use of white space/airy colors, and girls fighting. I loved that.
    [ link ] - There's something about the clothes in this InoSaku beach oekaki that I really love.
    [ link ] - Wow, this is the hottest InoSaku I've seen in awhile. The colors are great, but it's the way Ino's got ahold of her hands that's really hot here.

Naruto - Sai x Sakura:
    [ link ] - ....Sai and Sakura should not be this cute as cat and rabbit chibis. XD
    [ link ] - The details of their almost modern-style clothes are fabulous, but it's Sakura looking adorable that I really love.

Naruto - Neji x Hinata:
    [ link ] - Eeeee! Neji and Hinata! On a rainy day and it's so cute and pretty! ♥
    [ link ] - Whoa. Beautiful Neji/Hinata, the lines and colors and poses are just... amazing, the butterfly looks amazing, their clothes are amazing, and I am utterly in love with the sweeps of Neji's hair.
    [ link ] - Hinata cosplaying as Neji! IT IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD.
    [ link ] - ....there is something entirely too cute about school-uniform!NejiHina under a tree where she's asleep on his shoulder and he's practically face-palming. SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - .....again, something SO CUTE about Hinata trying to wrap banages for Neji... and really, really sucking at it. ♥
    [ link ] - Another likable illustration of Neji and Hinata, I just somehow... really kinda like the lines of their eyes and the soft almost-sketch-like style. ♥
    [ link ] - .....I am goo right now. Neji and Hinata festival fluff. Being sweet and NICE and HAPPY and, god, I just want to stare at this and feel all warm and happy inside. You know you love a pairing when fanart can do that to you. *__*
    [ link ] - NejiHina kiss! *flaps hands happily* The touch of his hand on her chin, the blush on her cheeks, it just makes me flutter sweetly. :D
    [ link ] - Omg! Neji and Hinata chibi piggyback ride! I am melting from the cute! *wibbles*
    [ link ] - WOW. Sketch Neji and Hinata as adults and they look amazing, both in terms of the art and as characters. I'm all aflutter over here.
    [ link ] - Awww! Hinata taking a bubble bath with a Neji doll should not be this cute, but, omg, IT IS. <3
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Neji and Hinata in the rain, it's something about the clothing or Hinata's expression as she turns to look at Neji's back or just... something.
    [ link ] - Neji and Hinata in kimono and I really like the details of their outfits and the patterns are beautiful and I love them almost sharing an umbrella like this.
    [ link ] - I may have linked this before. But adult!Neji and adult!Hinata are just... whoa, cool. I love that Neji looks similar to their fathers, but still recognizably himself, and I love the older look to Hinata's face as well. *__*
    [ link ] - Admittedly, it's hard to tell that it's Hinata in the image, but I really like the artist's lines here, I love the poses of their bodies, and I love the way the kiss turned out.
    [ link ] - I think what really wins me over with this one is the way Hinata looks so cute, but the basic poses and concept of this image are really solid, too, I really like Neji's pose. :D
    [ link ] - Oh, oh. I have a think for black and white lineart when it comes to these two, especially when the lines have this soft, delicate, fine edge to them and they're wearing beautiful clothing and there are birds landing on them. Eeee.
    [ link ] - The color version of the above, with even more background detail added in and I really love both versions. This one... just... reminds me of everything I love about Neji and Hinata, wrapped up in lovely fanart.
    [ link ] - Pretty NejiHina b&w illustration from Part II and I love the strength of the image, the artist has really started to get good, and the clothes and the hands and the hair and I adore this one.
    [ link ] - Awww, cute and sweet NejiHina underneath a three, with a sleeping Hinata's head on Neji's shoulder and it totally makes me squishyhappy. ♥
    [ link ] - Awww, cute NejiHina plushie love. XD I really kinda like the purples and blues used here, too.
    [ link ] - This one actually looks better in the close-up than I was thinking it might, for all that it's sketchy, the colors are well done and bring the image into focus. And, yeah, okay, I'm easy for NejiHina when they're face to face like this. :D
    [ link ] - I think I might have linked this before. Regardless, it is an awesome one of Neji and Hinata in the middle of a jutsu with the yin/yang symbol in the background.
    [ link ] - I can never remember if I've seen NejiHina art before or not. But worth another link because it's Part II, Hinata's hanging on to Neji's arm, and I like the artist's clean but pretty style.
    [ link ] - I'm still completely gone on this pretty one of them at the carnival. Their eyes and Neji's hair are gorgeous.
    [ link ] - The light colors and thinness of the lines work well with these characters again.
    [ link ] - A little off, but I'm totally overlooking that for the historical/European style clothing and tons of roses in the background. :D
    [ link ] - Oh, my. Beautiful colors on this one of Neji and Hinata, so much that I get distracted by them and their pretty eyes and the bird out of its cage, perched on Hinata's hand, that I almost missed their kimono being casually loose. A lovely image all the way around.
    [ link ] - ....hee. The chibis just make it funnier. XD
    [ link ] - What's this? NejiHina fanart I'm relatively certain I've never seen? And it's really kinda totally pretty!
    [ link ] - Granted, I liked this one for the NejiHina kissing, but I do think the artist has a lot of potential and I totally think she should draw more of them.
    [ link ] - OMFG, SO CUTE! Between the chibis and the shiny coloring, I'm just delighted at this image.
    [ link ] - I really like the yin/yang style of this, as well as the really nice bird imagery.
    [ link ] - Christmas cuteness! And I like the poses, too.
    [ link ] - Awww! Chibi blobs kissing! So much with the adorable cuteness.
    Aww, Hinata wrapping a scarf around Neji on a snowy park bench.

Naruto - Shikamaru x Ino:
    [ link ] - Adorable chibi hand-holding! So cute.
    [ link ] - More absolutely adorable chibis, this time in Halloween costumes.
    [ link ] - Awwww! This is adorable and I love the details and how cute Shikamaru and Ino are together on the hammock and the colors are pretty and--! <3

Naruto - Zabuza x Haku:
    [ link ] - Cute illustration of Zabuza and Haku... somehow I don't even mind the uber-cuteness of the art. :D
    [ link ] - Dude. Whoa. GORGEOUS Zabuza and Haku illustration, the details of it are fabulous and Haku's eyes are beautiful and the whole thing just looks SO AMAZING. ....did Zabuza always have an ANBU tattoo?
    [ link ] - Really nicely done watercolor (?) Haku in his fighting outfit and mask, the way the lines of his hair and clothes sweep is really pretty.
    [ link ] - Really, really gorgeous Haku fanart, the colors and swirls of his hair/clothes are just beautiful.

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