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Prince of Tennis - General/Other:
    [ link ] - Whoa. VERY pretty Ryoma.
    [ link ] - ZOMG, chibi Fuji SO CUTE.
    [ link ] - Tezuka, Fuji, and Ryoma, nicely drawn.
    [ link ] - CHIBI KAIDOH! <3
    [ link ] - /........./
    [ link ] - Interesting Hyoutei fanart.
    [ link ] - Oh, well, now this will just never not be funny. I suspect that it's amusing to me because I've seen the pic it's based on, like, twenty times on 4chan, to the point of irritation almost, and then... THIS. HA HA HA HA HA, AWESOME.
    [ link ] - .........Rikkai in Wonderland. With Sanada dressed as Alice and Yukimura in a playboy bunny outfit. My brain has shut down and all I can think now is, "Huh. I wonder if Pengie has seen this yet?"
    [ link ] - VERY nice Shinji/Kamio, I really like the bright colors that constrast against the darker Fudomine uniforms, but without being gaudy about it. :D
    [ link ] - Hee! Prince of Tennis meets Naruto with MIZUKI AS OROCHIMARU. To Yuuta's Sasuke and Fuji as Itachi and MIZUKI IS OROCHIMARU. HA.
    [ link ] - *_______* Yummi Christmas fanart! And, man, the details on Yuuta and Mizuki are just fabulous and the colors and... *flails* so pretty! ♥
    [ link ] - I am quietly weak to the Tezuka/Oishi fanart. Especially when I love the solid colors and Oishi wearing Tezuka's glasses. ♥
    [ link ] - Tennis no Cinderella! Hilarious and REALLY CUTE, too!
    [ link ] - Blah, blah, blah, not my pairing, but this Ryoma/Sakuno fanart is really nice.
    [ link ] - Nicely done Fuji, there's something about the way his hair falls over his eyes that I really like.
    [ link ] - Totally adorable/kinda seriously hot Sakuno pin-up style fanart.

Prince of Tennis - Tezuka/Fuji:
    [ link ] - *__________*
    [ link ] - TezuFuji chibi bubble bath HUG. So much love.
    [ link ] - I think what really makes me like this image so much is the lines the artist uses for it, the way they look overall, but also the way it keeps drawing my gaze back to the intensity of both their gazes. Plus. You know. So pretty. *__*
    [ link ] - Eeeee, I love this one! The concept is so cute (Fuji trying to get Tezuka to eat a bit of chocolate), but it's also the lovely, soft colors and the smile on Fuji's face and the disinterest on Tezuka's and it's just... lovely.

Prince of Tennis - Golden Pair:
    [ link ] - CHIBI GP IN A BUBBLE BATH!
    [ link ] - Chibi GP and cute little leaves.

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