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Sailor Moon:
    [ link ] - Really nifty Zoisite.
    [ link ] - I am ready to call this the coolest Beryl fanart I've ever seen.
    [ link ] - This is a gorgeous Eternal (I think?) Serenity--I've always adored that dress of hers and seeing the light, airy way this image shines, while still being very intense and having a really cool perspective and just being generally awesome... well, yes, I love this one. XD
    [ link ] - Amazingly detailed Artemis and Luna as humans... the outfits they're wearing are gorgeous, but, seriously, look at the level of detail on everything, from the fringes to the sleeves to the shading of the folds of cloth to the ornamentations to, hell, even the BACKGROUND. This is gorgeous.
    [ link ] - Very pretty bookmarks of the Inner Senshi, I'm just somehow really enjoying the jewel-tone-like coloring and the level of detail and the way each pose is a little bit different. It's little things like that that make me like stuff, I think. :D
    [ link ] - High school/student council AU Kunzite/Zoisite shouldn't be this lovely, but the sempai/kouhai vibe that I picked up off it, combined with the beautiful shoujo-ness off it is just... beautiful and I adore it so madly.
    [ link ] - Sailor Moon chibi wallpaper! I love the series of the Inner Senshi in the middle of their attacks, so it ends up being adorably cute and really pretty at the same time.
    [ link ] - I am utterly in love with this image of Kunzite and the gorgeous blues and whites that are just this side of cel-style coloring and the hint of Zoisite's golden hair at the edge of the image and the amazing sense of cool (temperature-wise) from the image.
    [ link ] - Lovely Sailor Mars image in the middle of fire swirling around her and a burning ofuda in each hand and, damn, she looks great. <3
    [ link ] - Awwww! Sleeping chibi Usagi with cute little Luna on her head and the coloring and solidness of this image are really good.
    [ link ] - I like this one, it's almost like colored pencils...? I'm not sure. But I like the solidness of Usagi's uniform and the way her hair swirls around her.
    [ link ] - Another interesting style for Usagi (or, well, Serenity, really) and I think it's probably pure CG and I love the folds of the dress and the sense of isolation/desolation around her on the moon.
    [ link ] - Mars again, this time with some really interesting textures to the image and I really love the colors/shading somehow. They make the image dark while still being full of color, it's a good mix for Rei.
    [ link ] - Same style as the above, this time with Venus and warmer golds and yellows mixed in for her coloring. It's not something I'd want to see 24/7, but Minako looks really nice here, I think.
    [ link ] - This time, it's Mercury and I love the blue shades and the softness of her hair that somehow reminds me of water and makes this image just so neat.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Haruka and Michiru sleeping in bed together, only the sheets around them and their shoulders bare and roses strewn around them and there's this gorgeous light, airy feeling to the piece that I love.
    [ link ] - More cel-style fanart, this time of Sailor Moon on the moon, looking back at Earth and I love that you don't even have to see her face to feel the emotion of this piece.
    [ link ] - Squee! While I'm not the biggest Chibi-Usa fan in the world, she does get some of the prettiest fanart, especially when she's in the same outfit as Serenity and they're curled up together as mother and daughter. *wibbles with love*
    [ link ] - Lovely Rei in a black dress as the wind sweeps her hair around her and I love how pretty Rei is here.
    [ link ] - I'm always sort of impressed when artists can get down the cel-style coloring and drawing so that it actually looks almost professional, especially when they combine it with an interesting concept, like Usagi tangled up in rose vines here.
    [ link ] - A very nice Usagi fan cel and the artist did a terrific job of capture the anime's style and the coloring and making everything look right.
    [ link ] - Awwww! Cute little chibi Serenity and I just love the colors.
    [ link ] - A really beautiful illustration of the artist's idea of the moment when Sailor Cosmos decided to run away to the past to try to prevent the future war that was breaking out and... I'm really impressed by the background details of this one.
    [ link ] - Have I never seen this one before? If I have, I've blocked it out. Because, omg, beautiful Kunzite and Zoisite and long, flowing hair and soft, warm pastel-like colors and it works for them and is one of the prettiest things just about ever. Homg.
    [ link ] - I really like this one of Zoisite, it's something about all that long, golden hair, the vivid green eyes, the jewels in his hair or around his ankle or the pale skin... something about this image really appeals to me.
    [ link ] - The colors of this are just the prettiest, shiniest things ever. Plus, omg, the CUTE! Usagi in a cute little version of her Serenity outfit with a stuffed bunny and I'm delighted, yes. XD
    [ link ] - There's something about the pose or the colors of this one of Sailor Moon that I just REALLY LIKE. It just... looks really good somehow, I can't quite put my finger on why.
    [ link ] - Really pretty and nicely detailed Endymion and Serenity, I love the flow of her dress and the huge, full moon in the background.
    [ link ] - Another pretty Serenity and Endymion, I really like the way they actually look like adults here, but still recognizably themselves.
    [ link ] - I love all the detail put into this one of Eternal Sailor Moon, the way Usagi's hair is in these beautiful long swirls and it really does look a lot like Naoko's work. ♥
    [ link ] - I think I may have linked this one before, but I really love the way each of the Senshi look enough to link it again. The colors of this one are just lovely.
    [ link ] - Beautiful Venus fanart, I'm just quietly in love with the soft anime-style colors and the cleanliness of the lines/colors/shading.
    [ link ] - I have a sort of weakness for this style of art, combined with the shining colors and the smooth lines. :D
    [ link ] - Another pretty Sailor Moon fanart with tons of details on the clothes and long swirls of pale white hair and a beautiful moon in the background and I am in such a girly mood now. XD
    [ link ] - Absolutely beautiful Chibi Moon that looks like she's almost in mid-transformation from the pose and it's so good that it could have come straight from a promo card, except that I think maybe it's a little too pretty for that. Everything about this is fantastic, all the little details and the sharp, clean lines and... *hand flail* everything.
    [ link ] - Another image that almost looks like it was done in colored pencil or something so that it captures that manga feel like the original series again. Plus, okay, yes, Eternal Moon and ribbons and swirling hair and long, ultra-thin limbs, I'm a sucker for that with Sailor Moon. XD
    [ link ] - It's the clothes of this one that got me, because it's neat to see Usagi in such an interesting long skirt and black shirt like this. Though, I do like the way the artist used a lot of pink and orange in the image as well.
    [ link ] - Really, really solid Chibi Moon image, the proportions look really fantastic (for an anime character, that is XD) and the details (especially around her eyes or her staff) are fantastic and I love the softness of all the white and pink around her.
    [ link ] - Chibi-Usa in casual wear and I'm really sort of impressed with how well the artist nailed the anime's style for this fan-cel.
    [ link ] - Eternal Sailor Jupiter! Cool. While her costume isn't that different, there's something really neat about the whole concept and execution of it here.
    [ link ] - Today's apparently a good day for Chibi-Usa fanart. This is a wonderfully detailed fanart of Small Lady and all the necklaces and bracelets and earrings should almost be overloading, but they're so thin and delicate that they look beautiful together like this, I think.
    [ link ] - Very pretty Usagi fanart, there's just something about the pose, with her hair streaming forwards like that, that I like.
    [ link ] - More Chibi Moon fanart, this time with a bit of a costume redesign to add a ton more rainbows and extra bits of leace or beads or flares of fabric and I really like how the whole thing came out.
    [ link ] - An almost magic-marker (though, that's not it, it's just what it vaguely reminds me of) looking Chibi Usa fanart and you'd think that much pinkish-purple would be too much and yet. I really kinda like it.
    [ link ] - I have a fondness for Chibi-Usa when she's older with the black moon mark on her forehead and the way her hair is swirling around her like ribbons here is really quite cool.
    [ link ] - Aww! Black Lady and Misstress Nine chibis! So cute and I love the colors like crazy.
    [ link ] - Adorably cute chibi-ish Uranus and Neptune and I love the way the colors look here somewhow. It's something about Michiru's hair that I like--maybe it's just the shades that I'm really fond of.
    [ link ] - Cute little chibi-esque Zoisite.
    [ link ] - It's Zoisite's vivid green eyes that win me over here.
    [ link ] - Nice lineart of Sailor Moon, very solid and professional looking.
    [ link ] - Very pretty b&w sketch of Princess Serenity sleeping on the crescent moon.
    [ link ] - I love this one, I love the use of bright colors and the silhoutte of Sailor Moon against the images of the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask. Very pretty.
    [ link ] - Wow, really beautiful Black Lady fanart. Just beautiful.
    [ link ] - ASDLJASDAS THIS IS SO DAMN ADORABLE THAT I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask chibis and smooch marks and asd;fljkasdlfj eeeeeeeeee. ♥
    Black Lady vs Ruby Moon, very pretty cg style.
    Beautiful Queen Serenity with lovely whites and soft lavendar colors.
    Manga-style Chibi-Usa and younger sister that really nails Takeuchi's style.
    Neo Sailor Serenity that's beautiful and even the background cg is just stunning.
    Full version of that gorgeous Neo Sailor Serenity, just as;lkdfjasl;kj so pretty.
    Very cute Chibi-Usa and Diana.
    Sailor Moon doodle, I really like the colors of this one.
    Really pretty manga-style Sailor Moon, I love the soft, filmy feeling of this one.
    Neo Sailor Pluto and I really like the detail of this character design.
    Chibi-Usa and Helios kiss that's super adorable.
    Cute group image with some very bright cg colors.
    Chibi Sailor Moon that's really cute.
    This Princess Serenity does really nicely at the anime style and it's really, really pretty.
    Eternal Moon and Sailor Pluto, I really like fantastic detail on this.
    All the Senshi that's semi-chibi-esque, with amazingly vivid, bright colors, that jewel-tone kind of colors that I am so weak.
    Re-design of Sailor Moon's costume that is really cute.
    Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon that has such strong lines that it could almost be official.
    Vaguely manga-style Sailor Moon that really captures the shoujo feel of it.
    Galaxia's Star Seed again in the pretty, pretty manga-esque style.
    I thought this stylized version of Sailor Moon was kinda really cool.
    Serenity falling towards Tuxedo Kamen in the moonlight and I really like the feel of this.
    Sailor Pearl Moon and I thought the redesign was cool.
    Sailor Moon and a dark version of Sailor Moon, I like the concept and the way it looks almost official.
    Super cute Chibi Moon and Saturn, I really like the finer detail on this one.
    Princess Serenity with soft, glowing colors and lovely little details.
    Chibi group cuteness with bright, vivid colors again.
    A mix of Sailor Moon and elements of Tuxedo Kamen's outfit, which looked really cool.
    Neo Sailor Serenity with a bit of a short skirt, but a gorgeous character design.
    The Universal Scouts, I really like the light, airy colors and the manga-esque style.
    I like the style of this Usagi image, very pretty.
    Sailor Mercury/Ami image that's lovely.
    Painting style Princess Serenity.
    Disney style Inner Senshi, which looks kinda cool.
    There's something about the crazy amount of colors in this Eternal Sailor Moon image that I liked.
    Pretty Princess Serenity on the Moon Kingdom.
    Princess Sailor Moon against a starry sky, very pretty.
    Sailor Moon in a winter lake with a unicorn, which is really pretty.
    Sunshiney little Princess Serenity.
    Super stylized Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, but I love her hair.
    Queen Sailor Moon with a really pretty character design.
    Really cute Sailor Cosmos with very cg style that worked for me.
    Inner Senshi, slightly stylized, but very pretty colors.
    Princess Serenity earth watching, her dress is so pretty.
    Helios and Chibi-Usa hugging.
    Outer Senshi with gorgeous colors and kind of stylized, but I really like it.
    I love the cg of this Sailor Mercury image.
    Chibi Black Lady with super pretty colors.
    Another beautiful Sailor Saturn.
    Haruka and Michiru as chibi angel and mermaid, so cute!
    Beautiful light, airy colors on this Princess Serenity.
    Haruka and Michiru with a formal suit and filmy cloth and violin and roses, very pretty.
    Really beautiful lines and soft colors on this Haruka/Michiru kiss.
    Beautiful details on this Uranus and Neptune image.
    Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru at a carnival.
    Tall and slinky Black Lady.
    Beautiful details on the beads and lace of this Princess Serenity image.
    Inner Senshi image with soft, shiny colors.
    Neo Sailor Serenity prettiness, I like the character design again.
    And then the full version of the above.
    Sailor Fisheye! The concept alone is pretty neat, but I like the costume design, too.
    Outer Senshi with costume upgrades, I liked the look of this one.
    Inner Senshi group image that does really well at getting down the anime style.
    Pretty Eternal Sailor Moon done in the anime style with soft pinks and greens and yellows.
    Usagi in a white dress and huge wings.
    Sailor Neptune attack along with the artist's updgraded costume, very nicely done.
    Another lovely Princess Serenity with wings.
    Fantastically done anime-style image with Sailor Moon costume upgrade. Surprisingly the use of gray in the costume works for me.
    Pretty Makoto image.
    Uranus and Neptune attack, in the artist's updgraded costumes.
    One more fantastic group image with the artist's upgraded costumes.
    I-- I think I might be developing a thing for cosplay because of Sailor Moon, but this Serenity costume is really lovely.
    Pretty poster-style image of Serenity again.
    All of the Senshi in one pretty, bright image.
    Serenity and Endmyion embrace that looks pretty in full view.
    Haruka and Michiru look amazing in this image.
    Another with Haruka and Michiru in pretty dresses and touching hands together.
    The Senshi as kids on a summer vacation and it is seriously adorable.
    NSFW Haruka and Michiru lounging in bed together, naked and with body paints.
    Group Sailor Moon image.
    I'm just really fond of the pretty pastel colors on this Princess Serenity image.
    Pretty Usagi wallpaper, it's simple but really lovely.
    Gorgeous Rei image.
    This Princess Serenity image looks really nice in full view.
    An interesting take on Black Lady surrounded by dark crystals.
    Cute Easter Usagi image, I smiled at the pun, of course.
    A picnic with Setsuna, Chibi-Usa, and Hotaru.
    I like this series of beach volleyball with the Senishi: Usagi and Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru, Makoto and Ami, Rei and Minako.
    There are some gorgeous colors on this Usagi wrapped up in ribbons image.
    Super cute chibi Princess Serenity in the fall, I really like the slick colors.
    Naptime for Usagi and Luna.
    Really cute Chibi-Usa and Helios, I like the slightly darker colors.
    Chibi version of Eternal Sailor Moon that's very cute.
    Yaten image that's really nicely done in the style of the anime.
    A nice little Usagi image in a black shirt and snow in the background.
    Another pretty costume design for an upgraded Sailor Moon.
    Eternal Neo-Princesses that has some nice detail in full view.
    Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity, nicely reminscent of the manga style.
    Princess Serenity skating on a lake.
    Sailor Senshi versions of the Amazoness Quartet.
    Princess Serenity in a top hat looking fierce.
    Moon Kingdom with the Senshi.
    Usagi playing the DS.
    Beautiful Serenity and Endymion against the moonlight, trying to save her.
    Haruka and Michiru at a formal dinner.
    Haruka and Michiru in formal clothes against a moonlight night.
    Usagi in a pretty red dress.
    Chibi Moon and Helios almost kiss, very anime cel-style.
    Sailor Neo Moon with Chibi-Usa, really neat design.
    Beautiful Princess Serenity cosplay.
    Ladies of the Moon done in the manga-esque style, I liked this.
    Princess Serenity with the Silver Crystal against the full moon.
    Awesome looking Sailor Pluto.
    Sailor Moon in Kingdom Hearts clothes.
    Usagi and Mamoru almost kiss.
    Serenity and daughter, lots of folds of clothes and beautiful hair.
    Gorgeous Sailor Cosmos cosplay, absolutely everything about this is beautiful from the costume to her eyes to the accessories.
    Princess Serenity in the moon kingdom, a butterfly on her hand.
    Another beautiful Princess Serenity cosplay.
    Serenity staring intently and ripped dress, very pretty.

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