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More info can be found here, as to what I'm hoping to accomplish here and what I will/won't be doing. Also, please keep in mind that the same rules apply for pixiv and tegaki accounts as regular j-fanart sites: don't use the art unless you get permission.

The art links will be grouped into three catagories here, organized by the site they're linked to. With deviantART and tegaki, you won't need an account to view the art, but do DO NEED an account with pixiv to view the art there. I no longer have a guide to signing up on pixiv, but I would think it wouldn't be difficult to Google it if you're really interested.

There are going to be some broken links here and I'm sorry about that, but the time it would take to weed everything out would be impossible to manage. My apologies for it, but hopefully there'll be something else on the site that'll grab your interest instead?

As I have largely stopped doing link recommending (given that I've largely moved over to tumblr), I don't forsee a lot of updating to these pages once they're up to speed. However, I still frequently browse deviantART and fave everything I like, so I have a fair massive favorites collection, sorted into folders for each fandom.

    [ avatar: the last airbender/the legend of korra ]

    I got a bit of a late start here, so this isn't as massive as I'd like it to be, considering all the talent in the Avatar fandom, but it is a good start. I generally tend mostly towards canon pairings and standalone art.
    [ bleach ]
    Since moving to tumblr, I haven't really kept up with this section, so it's kind of a mishmash of mostly gen stuff with a few of my usual pairings thrown in.
    [ cartoons ]
    A smattering of various cartoon series that didn't fit elsewhere, usually of the very nostalgic variety.
    [ default/everything else ]
    Anything that couldn't fit anywhere else or couldn't justify a big enough section for, it'll go here.
    [ dragonball ]
    Mostly gen, with an occasional splash of pairings, mostly of the canon variety.
    [ final fantasy vii ]
    While I like all of the FFVII characters and have a good variety of standalone characters, I largely focused on Sephiroth, Cloud, and Sephiroth/Cloud here.
    [ final fantasy xii ]
    I focused on Fran and probably Balthier/Fran a lot in this fandom, so that's probably where most of my art recs will go as well.
    [ inuyasha ]
    I cannot resist all that gorgeous Sesshoumaru fanart the fandom does, so there's a lot of that in here, honestly. But I also liked a fair amount of gen pieces and this has a smattering of everything, including a few pairings, mostly Inuyasha/Kagome and Sesshoumaru/Kagura.
    [ kingdom hearts ]
    After KH2, wow, was there some really stunning art in this fandom! I liked Riku, Sora, Riku/Sora, Roxas, Axel, and Roxas/Axel mostly. I occasionally went in for some gen stuff or standalone stuff, but it mostly centered around those four characters.
    [ loveless ]
    I was ravenous over LOVELESS for awhile and pretty much hunted down every last piece of art for it on devART at the time.
    [ marvel ]
    This page is ridiculously large. I pulled from devART and tumblr mostly, but I searched high and low for art when my MCU thing hit, largely anything to do with Thor and/or Loki. Mostly Loki. And almost all Loki pairings. Occasionally some 616 stuff sneaks in there, especially bb!Loki or Lady Loki, or the occasional X-Men stuff, but largely it's MCU!Thor/Loki. And a lot of Jotunn!Loki and Lokitty and all that stuff that I love. It should all be pretty clearly marked, if you want to avoid certain things, though!
    [ naruto ]
    I largely went with the popular pairings for Naruto, with KakaIru and SasuNaru, but then veered off into totally obsessing over NejiHina for awhile. But it's probably only half of the stuff here, the other half being gen or standalone stuff.
    [ okami ]
    Not a lot here, but I got in a good start with some lovely pieces, because, oh, this game deserves so much gorgeous art.
    [ one piece ]
    Mostly gen/unsorted art here, but a handful of ZoSan and LuNa pieces as well, as those are the two ships I give the most attention in this fandom.
    [ prince of tennis ]
    Tenipuri never had as much western art as it did eastern art, but, oh, some of the pieces definitely were lovely!
    [ sailor moon ]
    One of the best things about the Sailor Moon fandom is that there's a strong devART presence for the fandom as well and so many stunning pieces! Since moving to tumblr, I've fallen away from doing this type of rec, but my devART Sailor Moon folder is still the biggest one there and there's still an active, thriving fandom, and, wow, so many amazing, amazing pieces.
    [ sherlock ]
    I'm sure this section isn't complete, I remember doing more Sherlock link recs, but until I find them, this section will be pretty small.

deviant art:
    [ default/everything else ]

    This is the catch-all section and therefore probably going to be the largest of the devART pages. There are far too many series to list, but basically a) whatever's popular and b) whatever I'm most into that particular week. Primarily anime/manga or video games, but occasionally I branch out.
    [ cartoon various ]
    This section isn't as big as I'd like, but I wanted to separate them out so that they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle of the anime/manga stuff. Mostly things like Powerpuff Girls or Foster's or what have you.
    [ disney ]
    It's a little amazing how much Disney fanart is out there if you take the time to poke around. You'll find a lot of The Princess and the Frog, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty & the Beast here, but also a fair amount of Aladdin and even Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Basically, if it was Disney and pretty, I snapped it up.
    [ comic books ]
    I originally just thought I'd do a smidge of surfing for comics art and so I dumped everything together... and then, somehow, I found myself with a ton of recs in various DC/Marvel fandoms and... I was too lazy to go back and sort. So, this page is kind of a mess, but at least there's a lot of art to get you started? All my usual character/pairing preferences are reflected here as well!
    avatar: the last airbender
    The majority of Avatar fanart you'll find is on devART and every so often I go through on a huge binge. I'm split between character stand alone stuff (since that's where most of the awesome comes in) and the canon pairings, but it should be all labeled pretty well.
    It surprised me how much Bleach art I found on devART. These days I mostly go for my favorite pairings (Ichigo/Orihime or Hitsugaya/Matsumoto when I'm in the mood for it or Renji/Rukia, etc.) but sometimes I'll find some truly amazing Shinigami or Arrancar pieces that I can't resist, either.
    No matter how much time goes by, I still have a great love for Dragonball art and there are still artists out there doing amazing stuff, images that could almost have been done by Toriyama himself, that's how well they nail the canon style. I'm all over the place here, but there'll probably be a big focus on the Saiyajin, I'll grant.
    final fantasy vii
    For awhile there I sought out pretty much every single Sephiroth/Cloud image I could find. And I've combed over the site for Zack/Aerith art as well. And there's some incredibly Sephiroth only pieces. And just some incredible pieces of all the characters. My preferences are pretty obvious, but if it was pretty, I was probably all over it.
    final fantasy xii
    FFXII was never a super huge fandom, but I certainly made an attempt to hunt down as much of it as I could. I lean towards Fran art because she's such a beautiful character to draw, but as long as it was pretty, well, you know.
    I was never that big into Inuyasha on my own, but there was a period where I could hardly browse devART without tripping over art for it. And eventually I started caving and recommending a lot of it because it was just so damn gorgeous. I had my pairing preferences, but the gen section will probably always be the biggest.
    kingdom hearts
    Speaking of fandoms I went through a period of combing through devART for! It's the one place to get a decent amount of KH art since j-fanart sites are either non-existant or locked tightly down because of Disney Japan. There's some gorgeous stuff here and a lot of it. I'm pretty much a Riku/Sora and Roxas/Axel fangirl, but occasionally there'll be Final Fantasy stuff in here or a lot of group art that's cute.
    I combed through devART to find all the LOVELESS art I could get my hands on, because I had such an obsession with the series for awhile. Mostly Ritsuka or Soubi based art, but occasionally branching out. I did manage to find a decent amount, at least!
    There is so much Naruto fanart on devART that I couldn't possibly begin to comprehensively go through it, so... I pretty much stuck to looking for pairing art (KakaIru, SasuNaru, NaruSaku, NejiHina, InoSaku, etc.) whenever I got the urge and then occasionally browsing faves and finding gen stuff. This will... at least get you started.
    No matter what art sites I go to, eventually I start looking for Okami art because I love it that much. There's really not a super ton of art for it on devART, but I certainly did my best to find all of it. Mostly gen stuff, there were a handful of really amazing pieces. *__*
    one piece
    I'm half gen half pairings with OP on devART and the site rewards me pretty well with both. There are some truly epic group images that nail the spirit of Oda's manga and then there's some fannishly satisfying pairing stuff and I love both dearly.
    prince of tennis
    By the time devART came around, Tenipuri was kind of on the going downhill side, but there's still enough there to give this its own section. Mostly I'm going to be all over Seigaku and my usual pairings, but of course Hyoutei and Rikkai will get some stuff as well.
    sailor moon
    I'm not sure what it is about Sailor Moon that keeps me coming back to searches for it over and over, what makes me really thrive on fanart for it, but I really do. I love group gen stuff, I love epic UsaMamo stuff, I'm super easy for any of the Senshi in transformations, pretty much whatever I can find, I'm all over.
    For the most part, I stick to Pixiv for my VOCALOID fanart fixes, but... sometimes Western artists come up with some really pretty stuff! So, every so often, I can't help myself and go looking for a bunch more pretty art for these characters!

    [ default/everything else ]

    One of the best thing about pixiv is that it's much easier to find obscure series than I'm used to, which means I'm going to be all over the map with this section, I kind of expect it to be really huge. I'm attracted to smaller fandoms with pixiv because that's the one place I can count on for stuff like that, but I imagine occasionally I'll still dip into the WJ or FF sections as well. But my aim is to find art for smaller fandoms.
    [ tokusatsu various ]
    Kamen Rider and Sentai were two of the big, big reasons that I got hooked on pixiv, because it's so much easier to find art on them than I was used to, since I don't link toku j-fanart sites (since they're aimed at kids and thus often locked down), but made an exception because you need to sign up for an account on pixiv and it's all pretty fluffy stuff anyway. I go where there's art, so the more current the series, the more art it gets, but I still haunt certain sections. You'll know the ones. >_>
    I started watching AngelBeats! because Pixiv was all over the series and I found that this was a good strategy, because AngelBeats! turned into one of the best anime from 2010 for me. I was intrigued by the story and I loved the characters pretty instantly and there aren't a lot of series that have made me laugh that hard IRL, so naturally I went to see what I could find on Pixiv. And mostly it's a whole lot of Hinata/Otonashi, which I am totally okay with. Not that I don't ship everything, becasue I do!, but Pixiv gave me a real love for that ship. And for pretty art of Tachibana or Yui. And Naoi! Sometimes hilarious art, sometimes amazingly stunning art, Pixiv pretty much has it all with this series.
    arakawa under the bridge
    Arakawa Under the Bridge was another one of those series that I started watching because there was all this amazing-looking art on Pixiv and I got curious about the series. So, I started watching. And completely fell in love and then proceeded to dive into the fandom on Pixiv. I tended to focus mostly on Sister/Maria art, that was totally my ship and my two favorite characters, but I like to think I got some decent Kou/Nino in there as well.
    ARASHI was (yet another) one of the reasons that I got into Pixiv in the first place, actually. I was in the middle of a major fanart hunt for them and was quickly running out of sites, so I'd heard about Pixiv and... well, I was curious. It was one of the easier sites to find what I was looking for on and so I began to haunt the site, waiting for new pieces of art and getting used to the tagging system and becoming more comfortable on it. This page isn't necessarily as big as I'd like it to be, so many other series have caught my attention since then, but it's a good, solid place to get you started.
    When I first started, I just thought I'd grab a handful of Bleach art links and be done with it, that it'd be fun, but nothing major. Little did I know! Bleach is one of those series that I love even when the manga and the fandom both drive me up the wall at times--a lot of this is due to Ichigo/Orihime being one of my Hardcore OTPs, but it's also that the fandom produces lovely stuff when it's being nice and there's a great cast of characters to work with. Mostly focused on IchiHime, with sides of UlquiHime, RenRuki, ByakuRuki, and UraYoru. And large chunks of gen/other pairings--whatever's pretty on Pixiv, I'll probably like it.
    Pixiv is what compelled me to start watching Durarara!! in the first place, because there was so much art for the series popping up everywhere and so much of it was just insanely well done. I tried to resist, but eventually curiosity got the better of me and I tried out the first three episodes that had been subbed at the time. That's really all it took to fall in love with Shizuo and Izaya's dynamic, that's all it took to keep me going with the series until I fell in love with all of it. But the Shizuo/Izaya art is still the main focus of my Pixiv hunts, because the Japanese fandom has gone nuts for them and I'm right there with them, ready to nom my way through all the gorgeous art.
    dragon quest v
    DQV is actually one of the other reasons that I got so hooked on pixiv! I had the worst time finding art on regular fanart sites, then I stumbled over this section and there was this amazing amount of gorgeous art--art of Deborah even! And I now spend hours just combing through the pages happily and putting up a truly ridiculous amount of links.
    Pixiv was basically the reason I started watching Durarara!! because I was curious about the truckloads of art it was getting. Thankfully, it turned out to be a pretty amazing show! I really do enjoy it for its own sake, but... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't all over the fandom because it is such delicious candy. Especially since Shizuo/Izaya pretty much dominates (usually together, at each other's necks, but also seperately) and I'll look around, I enjoy art for all the characters (and have a great love of Shizuo/Celty and Shinra/Celty and the Mikado/Anri/Kida trio), but, yeah, I came here for the Shizuo/Izaya and I most certainly stayed for the insane amount of pretty for them.
    final fantasy vii
    Between Dissidia and VII, I wasn't going to stand a chance at not falling to the charms of pixiv. There's a huge section of VII art and I'm slowly going through it all--I tend towards my usual pairings (Sephiroth/Cloud and Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa) but it's the same with the sites proper: If it's pretty, I'm probably going to be all over it.
    final fantasy xiii
    You know what I love about Japan? They ship Hope/Lightning with me! Sure, there's eventually art of almost everything and there's a solid amount of Fang/Vanille to be had, all of which is nice to find after having played the game, but. Lightning and Hope are easily the biggest reason I'd want to come running to fandom and Japan provided nicely. Especially with older!Hope/Lightning as well as some really sweet in-game moments. I'll try to make this a balanced section, but. I'm here for the OTP, mostly.
    final fantasy dissidia
    Dissidia is one of the big reasons that I fell for pixiv in the first place. There was just so much beautiful art that I couldn't stand not eating it up like delicious candy. Which means this section will be pretty huge because I can't stop now that I've started. I blame the adorable 589 art that's ridiculously addicting.
    fullmetal alchemist
    You know, I didn't actually expect that much from Pixiv when it came to FMA, because it's been several years since the fandom's biggest haydays and so I thought it'd have cooled down. And maybe it's not quite as insane as it used to be, but I've found a lot of art I really adore there! I'm still largely a Roy/Ed fan (and a Roy fan in general) but surprisingly I tend to go for a more gen approach to the characters and the art I'm on the lookout for. Occasionally pairings come up, but I'm really about the single character stuff or the awesome group images the most.
    gundam 00
    After marathoning the first season, I fell pretty hard for the series and Pixiv was there to help draw me in. I did a lot of regular fanart sites recommending, but I spent a fair amount of time here, as well. Mostly I went for Tieria pairings (Lockon/Tieria being my favorite, but with a good mount of Allelujah/Tieria and Setsuna/Tieria) but occasionally you'll find Allelujah/Marie and Setsuna/Marina as well.
    heartcatch precure
    Pixiv is also responsible for my watching Heartcatch Precure because I'd seen so much art of it on the ranking pages and was super curious! It came around at pretty much the right time for me, after I'd started watching Sailor Moon again and was in the mood for magical girl anime, especially one that's got a style that's right inside my wheelhouse. I love the light, pastel colors, I love the cute flower-based uniforms, I love the surprisingly genuinely good series this turned out to be! I'm not particularly fussed about ships, I mostly go for gen stuff, but I will admit to a particular love for Kumojacky, so that'll show up, too.
    junjou romantica
    I was a little shocked to find much Junjou Romantica art on Pixiv, because BL series almost never get very much art! Every time I've looked, it's been really quiet, so I didn't expect much. And it's never going to be a huge, bustling fandom, but! There are a handful of artists that do some amazing work and I'm so glad that I have another place for my fix with this fandom! I think Usagi/Misaki is the most popular pairing, but there is some really cute Nowaki/Hiroki art as well, which is where the majority of my focus is going to lie.
    Whether it's because I was mostly out of the fandom by the time Pixiv came along for me or because it's a little difficult to make my way around, I'm not sure, but I didn't feel like there'd be a lot of Naruto art that I'd come across. Surprisingly, I found a decent amount, though! Enough to give it its own page! And, even more surprisingly, I'm fairly even across the board here, rather than just focusing on Kakashi like I usually do.
    odin sphere
    Odin Sphere is yet another reason I got hooked on pixiv! I've browsed a lot of j-fanart sites for the game, but I craved more art and suddenly I hit up pixiv and there was this huge gallery and there was so much gorgeous stuff and I was done for. There is some truly amazing stuff here, some really stunning art to look at.
    one piece
    I've been a OP fan for years and I've loved fanart for the series for a long time, of course, but I didn't originally think I'd find that much art there. I was mostly a ZoSan fangirl at the time and they were a bit quieter on Pixiv. But then I caught up with the manga, realized that I wanted D-Family art like you wouldn't believe and there was some amazing Luffy/Nami art after Strong World and then there was a ton of gorgeous art of the Shichibukai after recent events and then... well, eventually I found myself spending a lot of time on the OP tag!
    After playing Platinum, I went looking for just a bit of art. I could hardly remember anyone's names but I liked Hikari pretty well and I'd have shipped her with just about anyone! Mostly, I just did a few recs here and there, a little bit of looking at the various Pokemon that were cute. But then along game HGSS and somehow... I just really fell in love with all the characters in this game! It hit me just right to really shove me into the deep end of the fandom... especially once I discovered a love for Green/Red omg. I still ship Kotone with pretty much everyone (I like Silver/Kotone, Hibiki/Kotone, and Hibiki/Kotone/Silver) but OH MAN GREEN AND RED, they are my forever ship in this fandom. I'm pretty game-centric in the fandom and I try to be somewhat even-handed about who I look at art for, but I definitely have my favorites. And there is A LOT of art for them all, holy crap.
    sailor moon
    As I've mentioned before, Sailor Moon is one of those fandoms where I keep going back and there's something about finding new fanart for it that really makes me happy and satisfies me, even years later now. It's an old favorite series that I still enjoy and pixiv is pretty good at helping me get a fix for that craving every so often. There's some really amazing stuff out there and, I admit, I want to find pretty much every single piece of it.
    suikoden tierkreis
    While I was playing Tierkreis, it was one of those games that snuck up on me and bit me really hard, until I was just utterly obsessed with it and constantly haunting the Tierkries pages on pixiv. I do a lot of j-fanart sites recommending as well, but clearly it wasn't enough. So, this section will probably be pretty healthy. Surprisingly, there's actually a good variety of characters and pairings!
    tales of the abyss
    The Tales of the Abyss section on pixiv is massive and there's no way I can go through all of it at this point. But I occasionally stumble over some images I really like or go looking for Saphir or Natalia art (two of my favorite characters, obv.) and I could probably at least get a person started.
    tales of vesperia
    I honestly didn't think I'd get enough Vesperia art to put it on its own page, because it's not like I seek it out very often! But... every once in awhile, I'll get sucked into looking for pretty art, start browsing favorites pages and suddenly I find myself with a whole lot of recs! I like the two most popular Yuri pairings--Yuri/Estelle and Yuri/Flynn--and I try to find a fair amount of standalone or group art, but. My heart really, really belongs to Yuri/Estelle in this fandom and that shows in how much amazing art I couldn't resist linking here!
    umineko no naku koro ni
    I'm actually a bit more of a fan of Higurashi's series (which is why I started on Umineko in the first place) but Umineko is more recent and tends to get a lot more really amazing art. Pixiv is a large part of the reason that I fell so hard for the series, I couldn't stop looking for more and more and more. I'm especially fond of all that pretty Beatrice and/or Battler art. Or the other witches.
    Yeah, I don't get why Vocaloid became popular in the first place, either. Except I get why there's so much momentum in the fandom now, because that much incredible art was hard to resist. I'm a fanart junkie and I'm a pixiv junkie, there was only so long I could last before I was inevitably going to cave. And, boy, did I ever. There'll be massive amounts of gorgeous art here.

    [ default/everything else ]

    I got hooked on tegaki art because of Suikoden Tierkreis, but eventually I started poking around and branching out into some of my other favorite series, both anime/manga and video games and... well, pretty soon it became really, really fun and I kept looking for more and more new series. This probably won't be as crazy as the pixiv section, but it'll provide you with a lot of links to get started.
    dragon quest v
    By the time I started browsing tegaki images, I was still pretty firmly stuck on DQV and so, naturally, I started looking here, too. There's not as much as I'd like and of course the art is a lot rougher, but I eventually managed to find some really neat stuff.
    Like the rest of fandom, the Durarara!! section of the tegaki art corner is kind of ridiculously huge and almost impossible to navigate. I didn't spend as much time here as I did on Pixiv mostly because Pixiv itself was so massive and I hardly had time to get around to tegaki as well. But occasionally I would come across something I couldn't resist--usually more Shizuo/Izaya, which is the main focus here.
    final fantasy dissidia
    As crazy as I go for Dissidia art on pixiv, I also went nuts for it on tegaki to a degree. Maybe not quite as crazy, but there's some really cute stuff to be found there and I want to link to a lot of it. I'll mostly focus on the heroes side of things and anything with the VII crew, especially if it's Sephiroth/Cloud related. Once again, I'll at least get a person started, though.
    katekyou hitman reborn!
    I didn't expect to have a KHR section for tegaki images, but... well, I hit a couple of Dino/Hibari sections and a few artists had a couple extra images tucked away on their accounts and before I knew it... I had a pretty big list of links. It won't be crazy insane big, but it'll be solid.
    one piece
    Oh, One Piece. I'm not sure any other fandom (outside of maybe Tenipuri) has eaten me quite so consistently and for such a length of time. Even when I'm not caught up on Pixiv's OP art, I'll still wander over here to grab a few more images just because there's some really surprisingly pretty stuff! Be wary of spoilers and rather obvious character/ship bias on my part.
    sailor moon
    As I've mentioned before, Sailor Moon is one of those series where I just keep going back to fanart for it and it's satisfying to me in a way I'm not sure how to express. I just. Really love it a lot. And there's something about the rough sketch style of tegaki art that works for me with Sailor Moon, so I imagine it'll be one of those that I keep obsessively checking back on and adding to this collection.
    suikoden tierkreis
    Oh, man, Tierkreis art. This is the reason I kept going back to tegaki art until I was totally hooked on the site and this section is going to be ridiculous. I fully intend to go through every single image on the site and obsessively rec everything I like because that's how much I loved the game and how much I loved the site. But at least I'm totally having fun with it. XD

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