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- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Holding Hands by Phoenikoi - I either picked the link for this up off friendsfriends or got the link off memlu's journal itself, but however I came across it, I just... I mean, I... I think I really did do a dorky little happy sigh at the end of this fic. Because it's so cute and charming and makes me want to curl up and go, "Eeeeee!" at how adorable young love is. And I can just picture this immediately after The Cave of Two Lovers, it could have dovetailed just wonderfully if the show was going to go with Aang/Katara at that point. It's just a short, adorable, sweet fic that made me melt. ♥ (Aang/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - You would think she is walking upon eggs and green bottles by tin - [Note: The author locks her fics, but friends back anyone who friends the comm, so I'm making an exception.] Tin has this way of writing fables and fairy tales into her writing that make them as fascinating as the fanfic characters themselves that she's writing, strewing the little details and having this moment after the tale is done where... I can just see the characters listening to the story being told within the story, picturing their reactions afterwards perfect. This was just so very pretty, I adored it to pieces. (Aang/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Dumb Little Beads by effie's head - I was just randomly surfing around FFNET and happened to stop on this fic and it's a bit like fate that I pretty much tripped over one of the few Aang/Katara fics that really caught me. (I love the pairing, but I'm usually content with canon because fandom is rarely sparkling enough.) It's the little details, the way Katara watches the dress, the way she doesn't quite touch it, the way Aang watches her looking at the dress, the way he thinks to himself about what he would do for her if he could. It's got this great little moment in time feeling to it and the characterization is so spot-on that it's lovely. Wonderful fic. (Aang/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - untitled by whirleeq - Well, after the last fic, clearly I had to go find more Aang/Katara fic. Randomly poking around the comm, I stumbled over another that I rather liked and this was a lovely piece about the way Aang and Katara's kisses change over time. Going from sweet and something like innocent to the heartbreak they suffer throughout the series to something more intense and deeper. The tone of it is perfect for these two, so much emotion but without overdoing the content so that I'd feel uncomfortable. They're still kids in my mind, but this fic smoothed the way towards progression for them in my mind, just enough. (Aang/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - untitled by whirleeq - [Note: There will be spoilers for the season two finale in this fic.] This is one of those neat little ideas, Aang unconscious/somewhere else spiritually and facing the spectres of the previous Avatars, having to stand up against their disapproval after what happened in the finale, and the fabulous way he holds his ground and such a great, warm-hearted ending. <3 (Aang/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Throne of the Soul by JoJoDancer - I almost sort of passed this fic up for the time being (to get around to later when I had time) because it was sort of billed as Aang and Katara making out on Zuko's throne and the idea didn't really hit anything with me right off the bat. But to read another story I wanted to read, it helped to have read this one, so, what the hell, I gave it a shot. It was better, more genuinely, sweetly humorous than I expected. And then about halfway through, I started LOL'ing and couldn't stop until the end. It's a great comedy of errors fic, the kind where one thing builds on another until it snowballs into a giant mess, beautifully timed by the author. Add to that, the rather hot Aang/Katara kissing and this was a fabulous fic that I loved terribly. (Aang/Katara, nothing else worth mentioning.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Escapades of the Blind Bandit and Meathead: Community Service by ArtemisRae - [Note: It's very beneficial to read the author's notes on this fic.] And I continue to be utterly charmed by this series of oneshots with Sokka and Toph. Again, it could be potentially romantic in the future, but in this story, they're just friends and they're drunk and they're at Zuko's birthday party and they're being the bestest trouble-makers that they so totally are. I just. I FLAIL at the characterization here, the lead-up to why they're stumbling around and over Aang and Katara, I am beyond delighted with the antics they get themselves into, the way the Sokka/Toph friendship plays out here. So, so much fabulousness. Also, the opening scene? With Toph's insults and Mai being threatening? Made of PURE AWESOME. (This is actually more gen than anything, but implications of Aang/Katara and Zuko/Mai.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Horizons by Aliora - I generally am pretty content with where Aang and Katara are in canon, so I don't have a strong urge to read much fic for them, but when I come across an author I like, I'll usually give it a shot anyway. And I'm glad I did, this was a really fantastic oneshot set someplace during the third season (though, before recent events happened, obviously, just think of it as a slightly deviated timeline) about Aang and the feelings he's had for Katara for so long now. What I like about the fic, other than the characterization being really solid (and Aang is especially fantastic and the whole piece reminds me of why I adore Aang ♥), there's also spiritual world elements and old legends and different cultures and the Avatar world all mixed into the fic. It was easy to picture the story happening, the gang stumbles upon a little fortune-telling shop and can't resist and then what unfolds from there, to hear the character voices. I really liked this fic and I loved how I didn't feel like it was superfluous at all. ♥ (Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Dumbest. Custom. Ever. by Nashi Des - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] Sokka/Suki definitely grew on me in the second half of season three, to the point where I was really okay with them and how it meant my favored Sokka/Toph wasn't going to happen, but. I still have a fondness for it, so what better compromise than a Sokka/Suki/Toph fic? I was sort of wary of the idea, because OT3s to solve a shipping dillemma almost never work for me, but still curious enough to click and I'm really glad I did because this author did really well with the characterization, the little touches of detail (the clothing and Toph's earthbending and the makeup!), and some really spot-on dialogue. The ending totally, totally made me laugh just like it was supposed to and I was surprisingly charmed by how easy it was to imagine this whole thing in my mind's eye, especially the Suki - Toph interaction which was so necessary to make this work. :Db (Sokka/Suki/Toph, blink and you'll miss it Aang/Katara implied.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Love by icybright - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] One of the best scenes of the finale (well, they were all awesome, honestly) was in the Jasmine Dragon where everyone was happy and together and alive and at peace. This fic expands on that a little, has everyone drawn together occasionally, even as they move on with their lives, and there's so much happiness and peace and love in the little touches between the characters and how they've touched each other's lives, that it just. It makes me fall in love with everyone and everything all over again, this is one of those post-finale fics that I wanted so badly to read and I'm glad it was so lovely. (Some Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, and Sokka/Suki, but they're only half the point.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Fables of Our Lives by icybright - [Note: There MAY be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] This is such a clever, interesting idea! A handful of fairy tales remapped onto the Avatar characters in short little scenes that mirror the original tales so well. They each hightlight a quiet moment or an important moment or just a meaningful one or even just a silly little scene, and I adore what the author did with these. I love that she writes so many different characters and yet it doesn't feel crowded or glossed over to me anywhere, just a really awesome little thing. (Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Toph all in brief snippets, but sometimes gen as well.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Blue Blossom Festival by Mariko Azrael - This is another really short piece, but I enjoyed it so much. There's something really just spot-on about Sokka's thoughts about girls and flowers, while Aang is so Aang in the background, and I... I still haven't gotten over Sokka/Toph yet, even if I know it'll probably never happen. So this was a really nice read for that, too. (Implied Sokka/Toph, background Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: More Than Words Can Wield by nebroadwe - This was a short piece that I really loved because it's such an interesting take on Aang and Katara. That they do approach their relationship differently, that they did come into this differently, but that each of them loves the other no less dearly for it. I love how Katara struggles to figure herself out and find the right words and how it's just not that simple for her, it's a gorgeous little piece that has a take I don't often see. (Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Signs That Canít Be Learned by ArtemisRae - [Note: There are SORT OF spoilers for the finale in this fic and this rec.] I think this was written well before the finale actually aired, but it still fits marvelously with what actually happened (mostly it's the pairings that ended up being canon and the connection between Fire Lord Zuko and Aang, all of which was obvious from a mile away) and is an incredibly satisfying post-finale piece for Aang and Katara. I love this Katara because she still worries, because she has doubts and fears, but she also has so much love and trust and care in her, too. I love the thoughts that chase around in her head, while she's walking through the halls of the Fire Palace after waking up without Aang next to her, the way her thoughts turn towards kids and her fears, and the background of Zuko and Mai with a baby. And I-- I love that things aren't easy, they've never been without problems, but Aang and Katara work together and end up on the same page again, there's no doubt that they would, and the author just totally nails Katara's character and her relationship with Aang. Plus OMG BABIEZ I WANTZ THEMZ. LOTZ AND LOTZ OF BABIEZ. I love that this was sweet and warm-hearted without being pure fluff, this is what these two should be. ♥ (Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: You're My Only Home by pyjamafiction - Oh, this is lovely. Because Aang and Katara both were so young, their relationship was a complicated thing. They grew up faster, they were ready for something more, but, at the same time, they still must have had moments of the last remnents of childhood and this fic was really wonderful about it. You see how mature Aang is, how much he's had to grow up so quickly and how amazingly he's met those demands on him. Yet there's still a tired young man in there, who has lost so much and doesn't know how to "go home" anymore. The writing is simple, but powerful and the ending makes me want to keyboard mash at the loveliness of it. This was exactly the kind of fic Aang/Katara should have sometimes. Also, Zuko in glasses! ♥ (Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Morning After by JoJoDancer - I was browsing this recs post since it was recently updated and remembered this author from some of her other fic and I was intrigued by the summary of a morning breakfast with Zuko/Mai and Aang/Katara. What I didn't quite expect to get was a super fantastic and lolariously funny awkward piece that was just. Oh, man, the characterization was spot on and the comedic timing was perfect and the dialogue was fantastic and it was so easy to see and just. There were at least two or three moments where I had to pause just to quietly crack up for a bit. All things I want out of Avatar fic. *__* (Zuko/Mai, Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: A Temporary Insanity by JoJoDancer - a;lksdjfalskj eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ♥ It's... it's not that I've really been pining for Aang/Katara smut or anything, but they did grow older over the course of the series and they're going to grow up and that kiss was really nice at the end of the series and so. I just. Wanted something small and this fic was perfect. It was mature, but not graphic, it was just the right amount and as if that weren't enough, the characterization just sparkled again. Aang and Katara obviously love each other so much here, but they're still so much fun even when they get totally wrapped up in each other and it was as much fun for the characterization as it was for the humor of their circumstances. Just. a;sdkfja;slkj yes. (Aang/Katara, maybe not quite safe for work.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rising Wind by JoJoDancer - Okay, see. I have this thing about babyfic. With certain pairings I need it and you shouldn't judge me for it. *stares* Aang/Katara is one of those pairings where I totally want them to have kids someday and I want to read about it and as;ldfkjaslkj this is so freaking cute and adorable and so easy to see and I love everything about it. Everything. And this is exactly what I want for them, it's just so. Happy. And now I feel all warm and happy with fandom, too. ♥ (Aang/Katara.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Just Desserts by JoJoDancer - So I've mentioned the whole maybe not necessarily wanting out and out porn for these two, but some M-rated stuff wouldn't be entirely unwanted? Especially when they still have that wonderful dynamic that's so very much Aang and Katara, but you can tell that they're older here, just in the little ways they interact with each other. And it's a gorgeous fic, gorgeous writing with gorgeous characters and the two of them sparkle here as Katara attempts to bake a cake for Toph's birthday and they wind up making a bit of a mess. And a;sldkfjal;skjs oh god the ending. Beautiful. (Aang/Katara, maybe not quite SFW.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Odd Man Out by Smart Alex - I was reading for other fandoms when I stumbled over a favorite that led me to this fic and... well. I haven't been so charmed by an Avatar fic like this in awhile, it's just so... cute and silly and fun. The author really nails Sokka's narrative voice, as he watches all the couples around him and misses Suki and then... notices that someone isn't in a relationship either. Also, Sokka's offhand observations on the couples around him are kind of seriously hilarious. This was delightful. (Background Sokka/Suki, Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai. It's only half the point.)

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