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- Avatar: The Last Airbender - untitled by jessieheart - I, um. I have my favorite pairings with Avatar and I tend to be a pretty boring shipper most of the time. But I have this weakness for the brother/sister pairings in Avatar--I don't want to see them done a lot, just... there's a sense I get once in awhile. So when a fic plays with the Sokka/Katara sense I have, doesn't flinch away from that they're brother and sister and that it's kinda really really wrong... well, I had to read. And I enjoyed it enough to rec. I'm still not that fond of the 1sentence format, I think this would have worked better in a different style, but that's not the fic's fault. (Sokka/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - 50 Sentences that Sokka and Katara Made for Themselves by wingsofcharity - One of the best things I've done recently is getting wintersjuly into Avatar, which would have been great in and of itself. But! She's been reading Avatarfic! And finding stuff I hadn't read! She found Sokka/Katara fic. Which is one of those pairings that I probably shouldn't ship, but I can't help myself because they'd be so gorgeous together. And this fic is sort of half about that something more between them and half just gen stuff, all of them these little moments that shows the connection and bond between these two characters, all of them beautifully written. It's one of the few fics where the 50 sentences style really works for me. (Several pairings implied/mentioned, but the focus is on Sokka/Katara.)

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