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- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Five Threesomes Zuko Never Had by may_flyer - Holy crap. I pretty much only clicked on this one because, hey, maybe one of the threesomes would have Zuko and Mai in it. (I need to start reading author's notes better.) I had a craving. The first one was Zuko/Ty Lee/Mai and it was just... I expected it to be totally cracked out and then it wasn't, it was something I picture so well because the ending of it was perfect. And then the following four were Zuko/Mai/Ty Lee, all in different future universes (several of which were Zuko as Fire Lord and you have no idea how strong my kink for that is) and all with different ideas/reasons for the threesome and each one was flat out awesome. Everything resonated, the details, the emotions, the humorous ones, the painful ones, the brilliant characterization of all three of them (the author gets these characters, the potential for so much with them, both funny and painful), this was one of those fics that I had to force myself to slow down on because I wanted to read it too fast. I went in being skeptical and came out completely, absolutely, totally in love with this threesome. And convinced the author's a genius. (Zuko/Mai/Ty Lee.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Wingman by may_flyer - I had no idea how badly I needed Iroh&Zuko buddyfic until I read this fic and could not stop laughing/grinning. Oh, my god. Iroh is the master and no one should ever doubt that and Zuko being forced to serve tea to old lady mah jongg players who pat his hand comfortingly and make him vastly uncomfortable IS FULL OF WIN ON AN UNPRECEDANTED SCALE. I came out of this fic, once again, thinking that maybe the Avatar fandom won't crush my soul. *wipes away tear* This was beautiful. (....does Iroh/every lady around count? I think it counts.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Fortune Favors the Bold by may_flyer - You know how, everyone once in awhile, there's a fic that comes along that's like it could have been an episode with the way it slips between the frames of canon so perfectly? The way it has a story to tell, the way it reveals bits and pieces about the characters and their motivations and their relationships, the way it is delightful fun? Well, yes. That's what this fic is. You would be incredibly hard-pressed to convince me that this trip of Iroh and Zuko's to Aunt Wu's fortunetelling village wasn't canon, because it just fits so damn well. It's brilliantly written, the characterization is top-notch all around, there are even moments that sent me into absolute fits of laughter because I could see that so perfectly. Zuko is brilliant in this fic, all too serious for a boy his age and still such an incredible dork. Iroh is brilliant and good-natured and his relationship with Wu is something you'll never be able to convince me didn't happen exactly like that. Even if they're older and not as pretty anymore, this was gorgeous. And totally worth the abuse I'm giving the italics tag. The hints of Zuko's fortune being told, the little insights you get into everyone, the way it just... it felt like an episode. I know that's easy praise to throw out, but I really felt like this fic had a solidity that so few in the fandom have. And I still have fits of laughter every time I think of Zuko on that roof. That was the best moment in Avatarfic ever. (Some Iroh/Wu, but it's not really the point.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Drowning Years by may_flyer - I was a bit hesitant to read this fic, despite my love for the author, because I wasn't sure how I would deal with Fire Lord Zuko being married to Mai and Katara but had to eventually read it anyway. What impresses me so much about this fic is that it's kinda creepy but without breaking the characters to do so, it plays on the natural issues they have and how they could be rather unhealthy for each other, yet somehow balance out in this fic. It's a bit remarkable, really. But it's also the image of Katara and Mai in the same room and Mai looking down her nose and Katara being so... Katara about it. Really interesting fic. (Zuko/Mai/Katara.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - A matter of life and life by Sophia P - What a breathtaking Zuko story set in the time not too long after they'd gotten to Ba Sing Se. It's gorgeous for getting inside his head, how tempting the idea of making a life here is for him, how tempting it is to be happy, and how hard it is that it tempts him. It's everything Zuko was going through during that time, the little things that were becoming second nature to him, the people he was getting to know, the perspective he had on his old life... and one of the most brilliant things of all, the way he looked at what he wanted from his father, what kind of wanting that is. It's all framed in language that's so perfectly suited to the character that I can barely stand it, it's like reading canon. Sophia may very well be the best author in the Avatar fandom if she keeps giving me this sense of being floored every time I read one of her fics. (Shut up, I'm a Zuko fangirl, I'm allowed to be fangirly.) (Possible Zuko/Jin.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - And Then They Lived by Sadieko - I feel this annoying urge to disclaim myself all over the place after reading/liking this fic, about my whole stance on the idea of the pairing, but... you don't want to hear that, you just want the hilarious fic. I might suggest reading this post first, as it put me in exactly the right mood for the following fic (also, there is art of older!Toph who is smoking) because... the one thing I really love about the idea of Iroh/Toph (besides the brain-breaking Zuko would suffer through, which was used brilliantly in this fic) is that the fic wasn't really taking itself seriously at all, it was all about the lolz, yet the characterizations were fantastic. I... I enjoyed this a lot. XD (Iroh/Toph... what?)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - solid ground is not a right by wingsofcharity - So. wintersjuly has been reading Avatar fic again and she mentions them in conversation sometimes and I get all curious and bug her for links and then she produces gems like these ones. This is a gorgeous look at Song and Jin five years into the future, there's something really sweet and gentle about these two girls, something really beautiful and thriving about the background world the author builds around the characters, but it was also harsh and painful at times. It's a lot like the Avatar series itself, especially in season three, where things aren't always happy but they still find a happiness of their own, even when there's something darker going on underneath. The writing is gorgeous and the characterization, both what we saw in canon and what the author builds for them, is amazing. I love how the plot still continues to move on, even when it's mostly a fic about quiet character moments. This was a good story. (Implications of Jin/Song, but it could almost read as gen, too.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Beginner's Guide to Making Lemon Tea by wingsofcharity - wintersjuly also linked me to this fic, promising an awesome scene with the kids at the end, so I had to read. And this was... it's not going to be for everyone, I suspect, it has a very different Azula in it and it's a divergent timeline sort of fic and it's not exactly a happy, sunshiney story. But I loved this fic because the characterization of Zuko was nothing short of brilliant, the writing is gorgeous, the pacing is fantastic, the world she builds for Zuko and Jin is both painful and still full of something very real and sweet. I can see Azula like this if the events happened the way they seemed to have in this fic, I could so easily picture this as being set in the Avatar world, and it's just-- I can't say how impressed I was with this story, how much of a punch it packed for me. If things had gone just a little bit differently, I could see this so very easily and it's an amazing story. (Zuko/Jin, it's not really the point, though.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Dumbest. Custom. Ever. by Nashi Des - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] Sokka/Suki definitely grew on me in the second half of season three, to the point where I was really okay with them and how it meant my favored Sokka/Toph wasn't going to happen, but. I still have a fondness for it, so what better compromise than a Sokka/Suki/Toph fic? I was sort of wary of the idea, because OT3s to solve a shipping dillemma almost never work for me, but still curious enough to click and I'm really glad I did because this author did really well with the characterization, the little touches of detail (the clothing and Toph's earthbending and the makeup!), and some really spot-on dialogue. The ending totally, totally made me laugh just like it was supposed to and I was surprisingly charmed by how easy it was to imagine this whole thing in my mind's eye, especially the Suki - Toph interaction which was so necessary to make this work. :Db (Sokka/Suki/Toph, blink and you'll miss it Aang/Katara implied.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Sum of Us by icybright - [Note: There are spoilers for the series finale in this fic and in this rec.] As I've mentioned before, I'm growing kind of fond of the idea of Sokka/Suki/Toph as a threesome (though, I imagine part of it is the novelty and high from the last few episodes of the series) and this fic came along at the right time for me with that. I like that it focuses on the Suki/Toph side of things, working in the Sokka/Suki and Sokka <-- Toph angles that were from the series and making it sort of... a more balanced potential threesome instead and it's just. Really cute! (Sokka/Suki/Toph.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Autumn Rain by Empatheia - I was FFNET hopping tonight and stumbled over this author, whom I liked for her Naruto fic. So, she had written an Ursa piece, which I was curious about. Ursa is a character we don't actually know that much about, but this fits together with what do know of her beautifully, while not presuming too much. I love the use of flowers and what she is saying with them while no one else really notices, I love the touch of details from the background world, and the gentle, intelligent grace of Ursa here. It's such a fascinating, insightful look at the character and is a really beautiful read. (Some Ozai/Ursa, implied one-sided Ursa/Iroh, but neither are the point, I'd consider this gen.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Lady of the Waves by rosehiptea - I was a little wary of click on a Katara/Yue fic, because they didn't really have any interaction and it would be difficult to get them together, I thought, but I'm really glad I did. This is a really lovely story, there's a sort of gentle strength to it that's perfect for these two characters and I really liked the mythology present in the story, it feels like it fits with the Avatar world. But most of all I love the connection between these two girls, it was lovely and perfect. ♥ (Katara/Yue.)

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