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- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Fidelity by Rawles - Oh, man. See, I can never decide which Sokka ship is my OTP, because I adore so many of them. So a fic like this comes along, five times Sokka fell in love, especially when it's fabulous and has this brilliant theme of what makes each of these girls unique and filled with what makes each of the relationships shine, I fall in love with all of the relationships all over again. I also delight that one of them was Sokka/Ty Lee, because I loved their brief interactions and wished for more fic for them and this one was brilliant and totally perfect for how they would go. The Yue one was lovely, the Toph one cute, and the Suki ones nice. I just... I love. (Sokka/girls.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Shopping by sadieko - [Note: There might be a spoiler for a moment in 3x10, so if you're allergic to spoilers, give this one a pass for a bit.] The further season three gets along, the more I find myself really wanting to get on the Sokka/Toph ship. This fic is fantastic at showing why, because Toph obviously cares and likes him, but she shows it by being gruff and stomping around and/or hitting things. Plus, it gives some really fantastic depth to Sokka's character (which he has always had, but sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that a little) and has a great sense of humor the whole way through. *thumbs up* I mean, I read this for the potential ship, but I think this actually works better on just a pure character level. (Sokka/Suki, implications of Sokka/Toph.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Let them be Hard-Headed by whiteshark - I was journalhopping again and happened to stumble over a link to this fic and I'm often times hit-or-miss with the single sentence style of fic, but I think this author made it work pretty well. She gets across a lot of what makes Sokka and Toph's relationship what it is--at times simple and hilarious, at other times it's complicated and not exactly happy. There's a lot said with little gestures and Sokka is such a sweet-hearted guy even when he's a dumb boy and Toph is still a badass even when she's still kind of a girl sometimes. And there were totally some perfect lines in this fic. (Sokka/Toph implied, some Sokka/other implied.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Spoils of War by velvet_mace - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - Note: This is going to get tl;dr and soapboxy from me, I apologize for that in advance. I am one of those people who has a very tough time seperating the fic from the autho'rs opinions on a series, because that's so much of what shapes their writing in their stories. This does lead to me missing out on some really good fic, but I'm okay with that. The reason I mention this is because I disagree very strongly with some of the comments the author makes in the comments on the second post and it did boggle me that someone could write a fic I thought was so spot on and then disagree with so strongly two minutes later. And I mention this because others may feel the same way as me (and I would assume so if you find my recs to be of any use) and I want to point out that this is one of the rare fics that I'm going to make the effort to overlook that. (This is not an insult on the author's beliefs, we all have our opinions, no matter how strongly others may or may not agree, right?)

Because, so far in these first two chapters (I will admit to a lot of trepidation to read future chapters now, but I'm focusing on these two chapters at the moment), the story is some serious awesome. I've always liked the idea of Sokka/Ty Lee, but I wouldn't know how you'd be able to fit it into the timeline, it would take too much building in time that they didn't have. What this story is branch off from a point in season three, takes some of the darker themes from the series (like some of the creepier things the Dai Li were capable of) and spins off this amazing story from it. The characterization so far is spot on, I have no trouble putting this together with the canon series or even just picturing the entire thing in my head. Sokka's voice is fantastic in that first chapter, it's hilarious and sarcastic and amazingly well-done; there were so many points I laughed out loud when I was supposed to. The author's Azula is just pretty much perfect (like, seriously perfect, she is conniving and smooth and I can just hear her voice), her take on the Sokka/Ty Lee dynamic after Sokka's been brainwashed, and Ty Lee's friendship with/being scared of Azula are all just. This is the kind of fic that I've been wanting from Avatar fandom and that it's a pairing I've been waiting ages for only makes it better. It sucks to be wary of this fic, because it's goddamned awesome so far. (Sokka/Ty Lee.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Male Bonding by rawles and ali_wildgoose - rubyd pointed this fic out to me recently and it was a fun, enjoyable read. I like what the authors did (though, I thought the swearing was unnecessary and broke me from the characters' otherwise very solid voices, which is a minor nit among a really well-written fic) with Zuko and Sokka's interaction here, the connections and contrasts they wove between the two characters really made a lot of sense. They don't precisely like each other, but they have a surprising amount in common and it's really neat to see a fic where they almost set aside their differences for five minutes to see how similar they are in some ways, what they've both been through. Add in some really fun Katara perspective (when she overhears some of their conversations) and it was a solid little fic. (Some Sokka/Suki, Zuko/Mai.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Dumbest. Custom. Ever. by Nashi Des - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] Sokka/Suki definitely grew on me in the second half of season three, to the point where I was really okay with them and how it meant my favored Sokka/Toph wasn't going to happen, but. I still have a fondness for it, so what better compromise than a Sokka/Suki/Toph fic? I was sort of wary of the idea, because OT3s to solve a shipping dillemma almost never work for me, but still curious enough to click and I'm really glad I did because this author did really well with the characterization, the little touches of detail (the clothing and Toph's earthbending and the makeup!), and some really spot-on dialogue. The ending totally, totally made me laugh just like it was supposed to and I was surprisingly charmed by how easy it was to imagine this whole thing in my mind's eye, especially the Suki - Toph interaction which was so necessary to make this work. :Db (Sokka/Suki/Toph, blink and you'll miss it Aang/Katara implied.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Love by icybright - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] One of the best scenes of the finale (well, they were all awesome, honestly) was in the Jasmine Dragon where everyone was happy and together and alive and at peace. This fic expands on that a little, has everyone drawn together occasionally, even as they move on with their lives, and there's so much happiness and peace and love in the little touches between the characters and how they've touched each other's lives, that it just. It makes me fall in love with everyone and everything all over again, this is one of those post-finale fics that I wanted so badly to read and I'm glad it was so lovely. (Some Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, and Sokka/Suki, but they're only half the point.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Fables of Our Lives by icybright - [Note: There MAY be some spoilers for the series finale in this fic and this rec.] This is such a clever, interesting idea! A handful of fairy tales remapped onto the Avatar characters in short little scenes that mirror the original tales so well. They each hightlight a quiet moment or an important moment or just a meaningful one or even just a silly little scene, and I adore what the author did with these. I love that she writes so many different characters and yet it doesn't feel crowded or glossed over to me anywhere, just a really awesome little thing. (Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Toph all in brief snippets, but sometimes gen as well.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Sum of Us by icybright - [Note: There are spoilers for the series finale in this fic and in this rec.] As I've mentioned before, I'm growing kind of fond of the idea of Sokka/Suki/Toph as a threesome (though, I imagine part of it is the novelty and high from the last few episodes of the series) and this fic came along at the right time for me with that. I like that it focuses on the Suki/Toph side of things, working in the Sokka/Suki and Sokka <-- Toph angles that were from the series and making it sort of... a more balanced potential threesome instead and it's just. Really cute! (Sokka/Suki/Toph.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: So Much for the Afterglow by JoJoDancer - This was just a short piece and it was very amusing, it had a fun ending that was just really all too easy to see happening. But what I really loved about it was the quiet half-conversation between Suki and Katara that was also just so easy to see them having. It was short, but fun and lovely. <3 (Implied Sokka/Suki.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Odd Man Out by Smart Alex - I was reading for other fandoms when I stumbled over a favorite that led me to this fic and... well. I haven't been so charmed by an Avatar fic like this in awhile, it's just so... cute and silly and fun. The author really nails Sokka's narrative voice, as he watches all the couples around him and misses Suki and then... notices that someone isn't in a relationship either. Also, Sokka's offhand observations on the couples around him are kind of seriously hilarious. This was delightful. (Background Sokka/Suki, Aang/Katara, Zuko/Mai. It's only half the point.)

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