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- Avatar - he spies by memlu - The summary/request for this fic reads as: Zuko, having just defected to our Happy Trio, is being forced to play I Spy. I adore this fic unreasonable amounts. I did not stop grinning (or laughing like a maniac) the entire way through because it is just filled with all these tiny little details that are either brilliant character insights or the kind of humor that actually make me laugh out loud, yet they're all bound together in this beautifully smooth narrative, for all that it's hilarious, I never felt that the author was trying too hard to be funny. And, honestly, even if it was humor/crackfic, it's one of those stories that left me thinking that the Zuko/Sokka was just so them, that it was just exactly how they'd react. I suppose I should feel guilty for liking the slash pairing so much, but it's this kind of fic that just makes the pairing so vivid for me. (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar - it happens by memlu - I was laughing the entire way through this fic, but it was the end that had me still laughing a good five minutes after I'd finished reading, because the dialogue and interaction between Zuko and Sokka was so pitch-perfect that I could just see and hear the entire thing. It's one of those stories that... well, as the author says, it's sort of connected to 'he spies', one of those stories that assumes Zuko is eventually going to join the trio (which I think is pretty likely as well) and plays brilliantly on the kind of dynamic Zuko and Sokka would have. And there are a million fabulous little moments from Zuko's thought process to Sokka's tea-making abilities to HAHAHAHA THE ENDING. Loved this. (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar - push by memlu - I liked this for the way... well, like the shiny Zuko fic above, it was written in little flashes that connected to a larger whole and the pacing came off really well for it, especially the progression of Sokka's character, to how he's changing, how the others are changing around him, too, how something is building with that Firebending prince. The imagery is lovely, getting across a sense of what Sokka's going through, rather than just simply describing it, something like the physical feel of your shoulders tightening instead of just reading about the characters. A bizarre rec, I know, shut up, I'm a little rusty this morning. (A little Zuko/Sokka, might not be entirely work-safe.)

- Avatar - that one's for your twin and the higher ground by memlu - As I seem to be saying with increasing frequency these days, this story has a concept (drunk!Sokka and Zuko helping him back to camp) that could have either come off as painfully flat or just bad, but the author kept that brilliantly snarky dialogue between them, all the little touches that made me laugh like crazy or coo because Zuko's adorable when he's cranky or Sokka's adorable when he's being... well, adorable, all of those things that make me sparkle. It's the kind of humor fic that... again, I can just hear it because it was so in tune with the characters. <3 (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Beautiful by sexy pancake - Okay, the thing about a fic like this is that it's not meant to be about characterization, it's meant to be about an image, about a moment where they come together with pretty words on the screen. So even if the author says that Zuko and Sokka are OOC here, I'm not precisely looking at it in those terms. Instead, I'm looking at it as a series of image flashes that are totally hot and make me sigh happily because it's pretty and I still have a thing for this pairing. (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Reaction by Wrath-Kun - The only time you ever seemed warm to anyone was when you were burning with hatred or anger. Another short Zuko/Sokka piece, one where I like the way Sokka looks at Zuko, the unrequited feelings that are never quite put into so many words, that are always tangled up with anger and hurt, not forgetting who they are or what's happened between them all in the past. I like it because it's a harsher take on the pairing, but not a depressing one. It's almost angry more than anything. An interesting read. (Implied potentially one-sided Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - A Note by squarewhore - Something about this really amused me and made me go ♥ more than I probably should have. I like that you can pick up on Sokka's being irritable about being attracted to Zuko as well as the implications that they burn down or scorch pretty much everything around them when they get together. Because that would be awesome. (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - untitled by squarewhore - *snort* Another shortfic but with a great little concept embedded in it--how does Zuko do, um, anything with all that fire shooting out of his hands? But it's really being able to picture Sokka's expression perfectly during the whole thing that won me over with this piece. (Zuko/Sokka.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toward the Center by Melospiza - You have no idea how hard it was not to keyboard mash over this fic, no idea whatsoever. It's one of those stories that reminds me that, oh, yeah, this was why I liked the pairing. Because the author is totally fabulous at portraying that dynamic that brings out the complete lack of anything remotely resembling cool in both characters, they get under each other's skin practically instantly and that never stops, not even when they share a moment of having to work together or something like understanding. Also, their fight scene was totally great and I love love love the dialogue and asdl;fjkalsdfj Zuko and Sokka in the swamp, brilliant characterization, and something I had zero trouble picturing in my head. I crrrrryyyyyyy because there's not more of this one. (This is gen, but Zuko/Sokka fans might find it of interest.)

Avatar: The Concept of Comfort by Ai Tennshi - You know, for all that I ship mostly het in this series, I keep coming back to the gay once in awhile because Zuko/Sokka was my first love and season three did contain some awesome stuff for them. What I really love about this fic is that it has Zuko being so awkward yet still trying and trying to figure out what to do, what's the right thing to say to Sokka, who is worried about his father being in prison. And he just. Sort of stumbles around, still not quite assured of himself or his newfound "good guy" status, until he finally at least gets somewhere, and it's totally worth a read through for the smile it put on my face. (Zuko/Sokka.)

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