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Avatar Fanvid - Liberation! - This isn't really a fanvid so much as a fan-made trailer, but it's close enough to put it in this section. And this is a really cool video to watch--fan-made trailers can be hit or miss with me, there are times when they're obviously fan-made and the clips chosen just didn't flow well together or the dialogue didn't mesh or whatever. But this one looks so smooth and stylish and like it really could have been an actual trailer for season two of the series, it's so epic, just as everything with Avatar should be. Totally worth the couple of minutes it takes to watch.

Avatar Fanvid - Faint - disordered_mess recommended this fanvid as I was getting close to running out of time for my 2008 recs goal and I'm really glad she did because I don't often go searching for fanvids anymore, mostly because I just don't have the attention span or the time for it, not unless I'm looking for cracky or funny ones. But this was kind of a really cool fanvid, despite my initial wariness about how well Avatar would fit with Linkin Park. But it actually was a really cool combination--the vid is set around so many scenes of characters being furious and fighting tooth and nail against each other, there's a lot of Azula and Zuko and Aang in Avatar Spirit mode and it's a really fast-paced video, I don't think I saw any recycled footage and just, wow. It was intense as it needed to be.

Avatar Fanvid - Prelude - Another link from disordered_mess and another kind of fanvid that I don't usually go for. I mean, I'm all for shipping vids (given how much of a shipper I am, obv. XD) but generally I don't find myself gravitating towards them that much because they rarely have that something extra special that makes them intriguing. But I somehow got sucked into this one and found myself also not minding the constant special effects on the video, somehow they matched the tone of the song, which was a really good fit for Zuko and Mai. The artist also made sure to put in a lot of action scenes which kept the pace up and la;sdkjflakjs jeesus Mai's gorgeous in this. Not that she's not always smoking hot, but she looked fantastic in this video. So, this is definitely recommended if you like the pairing, it actually worked really well.

Avatar Fanvid - Riot Girls: Mai and Suki - Another link from disordered_mess (you're probably going to hear that a lot XD) and I think what really makes this vid work is a couple of things--one, it's a fun, upbeat song and the clips chosen for it fit that. Two, no recycled clip usage! By the time this video ended, I was back in love with the girls of Avatar all over again because there were so many moments where they got to be so damn awesome. This song is especially fitting for Mai, which I am very obviously weak to. It's not very long, so it's easy to watch and just a fun little thing to round out my day. <3

Avatar Fanvid - What Have You Done - Another link from disordered_mess and I'm glad she did because I don't know if I would have stuck around with this fanvid if I had stumbled over the link on my own and watched the first few moments of it (setting aside that I usually head for the cracky vids first when I'm looking for fanvids) because the beginning felt a little off, the repetition of Katara's scenes put me off a little. But I kept with it because I wanted to give it a fair shot and I'm very glad to have done so because it really is a fantastic look at Katara's character and how massively epic she was in the course of the series. The artist chose a lot of really fantastic clips and the pace of them fit the music really well and seeing Katara being so badass in this fanvid kind of seriously made me want to go rewatch the whole thing all over again. *__*

Avatar Fanvid - The Rhythm of Battle - Another link from disordered_mess again and it's another kind of Avatar fanvid that I'm really fond of--the action scenes ones. Avatar has such great fighting sequences that you can watch a dozen different videos and hardly feel like you've seen the same scenes over and over again, which this video also avoids. The music isn't necessary on beat with the scenes (though, there are a few times it matches nicely), but instead what it does is captures the intensity of the series and, again, made me want to watch it the series over from the beginning. Plus, it has some really good variety, I think nearly every major bender got put in there, which I always like.

Avatar Fanvid - Remember the Name - I thought this video overdid the editing effects a little too much and I'm not sure the moments the characters were actually speaking were chosen that well (I liked the Azula one and the Toph one was okay, but the Aang one seemed kind of random and no one else got any?) but what this video did do beautifully was its main aim--to show off the action scenes and how much hardcore awesome there is in these characters. I do wish the vid had been a little longer, but it was so fast-paced and intense that it almost felt just as long as a regular one, which is fantastic. It's totally worth the minute and a half it takes to watch.

Avatar Fanvid - Water Bending: Concurso - Two things about this video that I really liked--one, it matched the tempo of the song, the slow parts were beautifully done, with the softer moments of bending in the series, watching Aang and Katara in the clouds was just lovely, and then when the music sped up so did the pace of the clips. I do wish you hadn't been so easily able to tell that a lot of them were just sped-up instead of finding clips that fit the faster pace, but I did like that they matched the feel of the song. The second thing, which I liked even more, was that it almost served as a trailer or a character study of waterbending, it's the kind of thing that shows why you should totally get into the show. <3

Avatar Fanvid - It's My Life - I kind of sat on the fence about the use of special effects in this video, but ultimately I think they're what made the video for me. Some of them were really cool and fit the beat of the song really well and just generally made the characters even more awesome--which was not in short supply in this video. It's half about the characters getting to kick ass, but also half about their determination and strength of will, which is a really good thing for an Avatar fanvid. I found myself getting sucked into this one far more than I expected, which is pretty much the mark of a good fanvid for me. XD

Avatar Fanvid - Nara - This was done as a sort of trailer for the first two seasons (in preparation of the third season starting to air) but I find that it also works as a trailer for the entire series and why it's such a beautiful series, all the gorgeous artwork and action scenes and moments in it, all of them were very well chosen here. I also adore the music, it was soft and pretty but intense when it needed to be and fit the feeling of... as much as Avatar is also a North American cartoon, it's also strongly influenced by Asian cultures and this video did a nice job of showing a lot of that.

Avatar Fanvid - Unstoppable - I've really been in a mood for Avatar fanvids this morning, haven't I? Well, I suppose I haven't gone looking in awhile and so there are more to find now than when I previously went through YouTube. Or maybe I'm just in more of a mood for it this time. XD Either way, this is another action-oriented fanvid and I still feel like I haven't seen the same clip over and over again, which is pretty impressive. My favorite thing about this one is the first thirty seconds or so where it's not about the lightning-fast action so much as... an unstoppable force, the sheer power of some of the people/groups in the Avatar universe. Combining that with the art made this a really cool video to watch and I loved the music choice, too. <3

Avatar Fanvid - Grease, Avatar Style: Summer Nights - Sometimes you see a video with a particular concept on YouTube and you just have to click on it. Summer Nights as done with Zuko and Mai? Shit, yes, I totally clicked on that. XD XD XD I'm glad I did, too, because it was a cute, funny little thing and it used the footage from the beach episode pretty well and I just. I laughed the whole way through. ....and maybe heartmarked a little because well. I'm a fangirl for those two.

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