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- Cowboy Bebop - Sentimental Journey by Agent Orange - You know, I'm not sure what to say about this story, because Agent Orange is one of those fic authors that is a staple of the fandom and everyone recs the fics if they have a Bebop page. And it's not without good reason, they're the epitome of what Bebop fic should be--keeping in tune with the darker, more jagged-edged side of the series, that these characters are far from elegant or balanced or anything but royally screwed up. Yet, the little moments of humor or Ed's bouncing along to help out "Santa" or the final scene where she presents her "gift" (which had me rolling around practically clutching my sides with laughter) keep it from being a horrible mess of hurt and pain. It's not perfectly happy, but it shouldn't be, this is what I want from Bebop fic--funny, sharp, clever, I laugh out loud in places, I want to hug the characters in other places, want to smack them in others, and always feel that sort of faint sense of... 'Well, I suppose this isn't so bad.' togetherness by the time everything is done. Plus? Beautiful use of the background Bebop world, it all felt right, right down to the way things so often seem to be connected. It hit all the right buttons, dead-center. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Cowboy Bebop - Cowboy Bebop: The Mega-Happy Ending by Marigold Futura - Even I (who has 6 episodes of the series left to go) have watched enough of the series and read enough of the fic to find this hysterically funny. It's one of those vaguely meta stories that's perfectly done, just the right sense of humor and timing and pacing so that it ends up being an enjoyable little ride and never really lags anywhere in it. Plus? Much, much with the funny. (A little Spike/Faye, but parody, so.)

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