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- Cowboy Bebop - Cowboy Bebop: The Mega-Happy Ending by Marigold Futura - Even I (who has 6 episodes of the series left to go) have watched enough of the series and read enough of the fic to find this hysterically funny. It's one of those vaguely meta stories that's perfectly done, just the right sense of humor and timing and pacing so that it ends up being an enjoyable little ride and never really lags anywhere in it. Plus? Much, much with the funny. (A little Spike/Faye, but parody, so.)

- Cowboy Bebop - Seguedille et Duo by Sabine - Going through 30 Kisses again this morning, happened to stumble over this one and really kinda liked it. I liked it because it was a very nice kiss, because it had that fun Spike/Faye dynamic, but didn't give them too much of a connection, especially placed early on in the series like this. It didn't feel forced here and I laughed like hell at the ending because that was such the Spike thing to do. XD (Spike/Faye.)

- Cowboy Bebop - Looking by Sabine - One of the things I like about 30_kisses is that it gets me to read fic for pairings that I like that I normally don't get to read much for because I don't have time for the long epics that catch my attention. It's also introduced me to several really good authors and the author doing the Spike/Faye themes has been one of those that sticks out in my mind the most--her use of the our distance and that person theme is just... it's really, really impressive. I mean, I would have expected it to sort of feel like a theme, but instead this feels like a story idea that was completely natural to the Bebop universe, it hit the Bebop style just dead center. Which is a bad way to put it, but I can't think of a better way to describe it--anyway, I'll just say that this was another really good Bebop fic, the theme was used brilliantly and, oh, this is Spike and Faye at their vaguely painful, vaguely dysfunctional, vaguely vague best. (Light Spike/Faye, almost gen.)

- Cowboy Bebop - Seeing by Sabine - All he has is that place, the world behind his false eye, the past bottled up. Nothing binds him there; he comes and leaves as he pleases. A beautiful little Bebop ficlet that manages to capture the character of Spike so perfectly that I just ache to read it. The Spike/Faye is just perfect, the way it has to be in a fic like this, there, but impossible. The striking imagery of the piece is marvelous, as is the way the world changes when Spike closes his eyes. This reminds me so very strongly of Bebop itself. (Some light Spike/Faye.)

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