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- Bleach/Naruto - Bee & Honey [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was the comics that made me cave, okay? I mean, the color art was really good and the very first one was just great, but it was the skill and detail and obvious discipline in the comics (in the sense that they could have been doujinshi) that made me cave. Well, that and Byakuya's pretty. I tend to be pretty easy when Byakuya is pretty. I mean, hell, even the oekaki of him have all these gorgeous lines that do the character justice. But it's also the hysterical Aizen/Gin comic where Gin tries to strangle him or Hitsugaya with the best flat expressions or Renji looking quite hot in the comics. I also have to recommend the site for the Naruto content simply because it has shiny Kakashi fanart. One of him with Sasuke, one of him with Yondaime, one of him chasing after Iruka as a chibi, cute little kiddie!Kakashi and it was just all really kinda pretty. (Some Aizen/Gin, maybe a little Gin/Hitsugaya, some random yaoi stuff, but there's also a lot of gen.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, my god, heLLO hot!Aizen fanart. Post-Soul Society Aizen with the hot new look (shut up, I totally fangirl Aizen, okay?) and this gorgeous almost sepia-toned style for her recent art and then there was Aizen/Gin and I was only three links into the gallery and HI FANGIRL BLISS RIGHT NOW, SCREW COHERENCY. And, no, not everything is perfect, you can tell the artist has improved over time, but those most recent images? The one of Aizen, Tousen, and Gin in military uniforms? Gorgeous. So gorgeous. There's an intensity to the art, whenever the artist draws Aizen, there's a powerful sort of sexiness to the character. Whenever she draws Aizen/Gin, there's this intense, almost raw quality to the sexual charge between them, it's not necessarily nice, but it's certainly drawing my attention in. Also, the artist's Grimmjow? Hot. Her Tousen? Also hot. Her other Arrancar? Smokin' hot. ♥ (Aizen/Gin, some Gin/Grimmjow, some occasional other yaoi pairings.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really tried to avoid recommending this site, mostly because there wasn't a lot of art in the gallery proper, there were way more comics (even if they were really beautifully drawn) and so I wound up just skimming the site... until I decided, oh, what the hell, I'll at least scan the first few pages of the artist's oekaki board. And that's where I was sunk, because I'm a sucker for pretty Orihime fanart and the artist draws these really super-cute illustrations with Orihime and kitty!Ulquiorra. The main gallery has some super-fantastic Arrancar illustrations (I love the sharp colors and clean lines ♥), but it was Orihime being pretty on the oekaki page that totally made me cave. There's also some very nice Aizen/Gin fanart tucked away into various corners of the site (that always makes me happy <3) and... well. It's not precisely my pairing yet, but the idea of Ulquiorra/Orihime fanart is growing on me, if it means getting pretty Orihime fanart like this. <3 Also, the site is totally worth it for the image of Aizen with chibi!Arrancar sleeping on him. SO. CUTE. (Ulquiorra/Orihime, some Aizen/Gin, some Tousen/Grimjoww.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Bleach/Gintama/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site didn't take me long at all to really come to like. Not all of the illustrations are perfect, but the artist has a style where she has very fine, detailed lines, the kind with the really fleshed backgrounds (or sometimes just really complex looking structures around the characters) or just really detailed looking clothing and it's a very cool style. And it's just even better that, while I came here for and really like the Dino/Hibari, the artist also seems fond of Gokudera/Tsuna! I reallylike the way the artist draws Dino's hair, too. *__* Her Bleach art is in much the same style and while I think it works better with other series, I find the art really cool-looking still. And ditto again for the Gintama and Naruto fanart, they're definitely worth visiting for those series as well. (Dino/Hibari and some gen for KHR. Some Aizen/Gin and some gen for Bleach. Some GinZura and some gen for Gintama. Gen for Naruto.)

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